Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner VS Bissell Proheat 2x | Analogy

The carpet needs deep cleaning every month. It is even recommended to clean the carpet with professionals every 12-18 months. Calling professionals every year can cost you lots of money.

So investing in a carpet cleaner is worth it for you. Rug Doctor and Bissell are the most popular names in the market for producing high-quality carpet cleaners. If you want professional-grade cleaning, you can trust these brands. Initially, a deep carpet vacuum’s price is high but it is beneficial in the long run, for both economical way and carpet care. 

To get the perfect outcome, you need to purchase the best deep carpet cleaner. Deciding one of these two popular brands is tricky. Go through the comparison article on Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner VS Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution to choose the best one. 

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner vs Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution: Comparison Table

Rug Doctor cleaner vs Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution are both quality cleaners and they relatively provide excellent performance. Let’s find out the key specs of these cleaners. 

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet CleanerBissell Proheat 2X Revolution
Form Factor
Upright Upright
16.25 L x 22.8 D x 42 H inches15 L x 12.5 D x 43.5 H inches
56.8 lbs18 lbs
Water tank capacity
1.5 Gallon1 Gallon
Included Shampoo
Oxy Deep carpet cleanerBissell Pro Max cleaner
rug doctor deep carpet cleaner vs bissell proheat 2x

Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner is a commercial-grade cleaner and many professional cleaners use it for the ultimate result. On the other hand, Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is also a powerful cleaner and much more user-friendly. Here we will show you similarities and dissimilarities in a cross round through their features. 

Appearance and size

Many people hire Rug Doctor Deep carpet cleaner for a professional-grade cleaning. The cleaner has 56.8 lbs of weight which is heavy to carry around. The rear wheels and chunky handle make it easy to move. You can float up or down the handle easily and fold it for compact storage. The main reason for the heavyweight is the 1300W motor which delivers ample suction power to lift dirt, grime, or other stains from the carpet. 

Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution has a sharp and simple design that is very easy to assemble and operate. It is only 18 lbs which is three times lighter than the Rug Doctor cleaner. For sure, it is handier to move around the house. The cleaner has an 800W motor, less powerful than the Rug Doctor. Still, Bissell provides ample power to get satisfying results. 


Rug Doctor features a 26 cm brush-bar roller which is large enough and the bristles are placed in a cross-motion. It is placed in a floating chassis that automatically adjusts the height according to the depth of the carpet pile. There is also a row of brushes that swing in back and forth motion for better cleaning. 

Bissell Proheat has a special DirtLifter PowerBrushesi with 12 cleaning rows of cross brushes. The brushes enter the piles and lift dirt and odor. Combining with Heatwave Technology, the brushes give a superior cleaning. The heated cleaning mixture emitted from the head spray nozzle. The brushes softly scrub the piles and remove dirt and debris from the carpet. 

Water Tank

There is a 1.5 Gallon water tank in the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. It needs premixing the included cleaning shampoo for better cleaning. The brand recommends using 60 ml of shampoo for regular cleaning and 120 ml for heavy stain cleaning. The dirty water tank is placed at the front of the floorhead. 

Bissell has a bit smaller water tank than the Rug Doctor. The size is 1 Gallon. The clean water tank is placed in the front and easily can remove and fill water. The dirty water tank is snappy to remove and clean. You need 74 ml of solution for deep clean and 34 ml for Express clean mode. 

Power Modes

Rug Doctor cleaner contains a power switch with a trigger on two levels. The power switch controls the entire settings. It controls the vacuum, spray, and cleaning brushes simultaneously. The high power for stubborn stains and deep cleaning. You can switch to the lower power while using the accessory tools and hose. If you need to tackle tough stains then you can turn on the Super Spray Boost. You can see it on the rear of the machine and it works with the main wash spray. 

The Proheat 2X has two cleaning modes: Deep clean and Express clean. There is a red button and you can shift to these modes by popping it. For tougher, stained, and heavy dirt areas, you need to use the Deep Clean mode and it takes almost 4 hours to dry. The Express clean is for lighter cleaning and its improved technology allows it to dry the carpet in just 30 minutes. 


You will have a motorized handheld upholstery cleaner tool in the package. Attached with a hose that is a breeze to clean area rugs, upholstery, mattress, furniture, dog bed, auto interior, and much more. This motorized tool also has a nozzle to spray the solution on the dirty spots and sucks dirty water. 

There is a 48 oz Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner included with the package. The clear’s Oxy formula removes any stains from the carpet. It is also a grime extractor that loses grime, and grease from the carpet fiber.  

Bissell cleaner includes two accessory tools with the cleaner a pet stain tool and a 3-inch tough stain tool. The pet stain tool is a great attachment for pet owners. It is helpful to clean kitty litter, dog beds, etc. the 3-inch tough stain tool has scrubbing brushes with suction power to remove all the stubborn stains. But these tools don’t spray cleaning solutions, they just vacuum the surface. There is no motorized tool added with the cleaner. 

In the package, you will get two bottles of Bissell Pro Max Clean and Antibacterial Formula. You will get trial packs of 8 oz. Both formulas are great to get the perfect cleaning and disinfecting of the carpet. 

Cleaning Performance

Rug Doctor carpet cleaner has a more powerful motor, so it gives more suction power than Bissell. But customers are extremely impressed by both cleaners. Both deep clean the carpet and effectively remove dirt, grime, stains, food spills, pet mess, and so on. You will have a professional cleaning result from both of these cleaners almost in a single pass. 

Though Bissell has a less powerful motor, it may fail to clean the most stubborn stains. On the contrary, Rug Doctor can do the task easily. Rug Doctor has a wider bush path and bigger water tank so you can easily clean an extended area. 

Price Segment

There is a big difference in the rate between these popular carpet cleaning machines. Rug Doctor carpet cleaner is more expensive than the Bissell ProHeat. Because of its ultimate professional-grade cleaning power. Bissell also provides satisfying performance and perfectly cleans the carpet.

Pros & Cons

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet CleanerBissell Proheat 2X Revolution
1. Powerful motor gives professional-grade cleaning.Perfectly cleans the stains, dirt, grime, and other pet messes.
2. Motorized cleaning tool can remove tough spot stains. Lightweight body.
3. Wide power brush with automatic adjustment.Less expensive price
4. 48 oz cleaning shampoo included.Two accessory tools are included. 
5. Bigger water tank capacity.DirtLifter Powerbrushes clean stains and odor.
1. Heavyweight.Less powerful motor
2. Expensive price.Smaller water tank capacity

Verdict: Which One Is The Best?

After comparing the features it is clear to you which one is suitable for you. Rug Doctor is a commercial-grade cleaner and includes motorized spot tools for better performance. It cleans the carpet more quickly with minimal pass and it makes the cleaning process faster. But it is heavy to carry and the price is also high. 

Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is very handy to clean the carpet. If you need instant cleaning then you can get the cleaner quickly and clean. For regular usage, it is a great cleaning machine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do professional carpet cleaners use to clean carpets?

Many professional carpet cleaners use the Rug Doctor cleaning machines. They are industrial-grade machines that remove tough stains and break down bacteria and odors. So if you want a similar result, then you can go with the Rug Doctor Deep carpet cleaner. 

2. How can I deep clean my carpet myself?

If you want to deep clean the carpet by yourself, then you must need a powerful carpet cleaning machine. The above two cleaners are able to deep clean the carpet. They are effective and make the cleaning process faster. 

3. What is the best steam carpet cleaner?

Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution is the best steam carpet cleaner on the market. It is very lightweight and handy to get the perfect spotless carpet. The special power brush enters deep into the carpet and breaks down the bacteria. In turn, you will get spotless, deodorized, and odor-free carpet. 

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a carpet is a tough task but carpet cleaning machines make it easier for you. We have compared Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner VS Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution so that you will have a clear image of these features and usability. Now, you can make a wise decision by balancing the price and performance. Furthermore, if you want the most powerful one then try the Rug Doctor cleaner, and for regular handy cleaning Bissell will be the best.

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