5 Best Prespray for Carpet Cleaning – Get Spotless Carpet

Homeowners always make an effort to make the home neat and clean. However, the carpet is such stuff that is cozy and beautiful. The real struggle starts while maintaining the carpet. People buy many carpet cleaning machines shampoo or treat in homemade ways. Sometimes the stain is gone, and sometimes not. 

That’s why you need a pre-spray to pre-treat the carpet before the deep cleaning. Pre-spray helps to remove spots, spills, stains, grease, dirt, and odor. Actually, if you want a professional-grade cleaning, then you must use the pre-spray. 

Installing a carpet is fairly expensive, and you don’t want to destroy the microfiber due to poor cleaning methods. The best pre-spray is recommended for this purpose. Here we have disclosed the 5 best pre-spray for carpet cleaning so that you can buy the ideal one. 

How does the pre-spray work?

Pre-spray is applied before the deep cleaning. Actually, it prepares the fibers for deep cleaning. The pre-spray contains special cleaning power that instantly and permanently eliminates stains and odor. There are many types of cleaner, but the oxy and enzymatic pre-spray are relatively popular among users. These cleaners clean the carpet from the depth and work from the source of stains. 

Our Top Picks 5 Best Prespray For Carpet Cleaning

Pre-sprayer is not as popular as carpet cleaning shampoo. If you once use the cleaner, then you will stick with the solution. In our top picks, we have selected those pre-sprays that provide you with the expected cleaning experience. All the pre-sprayers have gotten numerous positive reviews from the user. In reality, they deliver a satisfying outcome. 

1. Best For Tough Stain: Hoover Oxy Spot And Stain Remover

Hoover Oxy Spot and Stain Remover

Hoover Oxy stain remover is called the carpet saver. This pre-spray spot and stain remover are one of Hoover’s best creations. It wins life’s toughest stained messes and saves your carpet. It does not matter to this stain remover if the stain is pasta sauce, red wine, ketchup, coffee, pet messes, or other accidents. 

This pre-spray cleaner works like magic. It can break down older and newer stains from the carpet. Not only stains, but also it is effective to remove the bad odor from the carpet. Pet owners usually face odor problems from their pets.  So this is the ultimate cleaning solution for your expensive carpet. 

How to Use?

Hoover pre-spray spot cleaner can remove any type of colorful stains like foodstuff, pet mess, and other household spots. Hoover’s special oxy deep cleaning formula quickly activates and dissolves the soil and stain. This formula is prominent for its fast action. 

This is a no rinsing cleaner which means you don’t need to wash after applying. You can easily drizzle the cleaner on the carpet with the attached spraying nozzle. The spray spreads a generous amount of solution that a few sprays are enough to rinse the spot. 

Spray the cleaner to the affected spot. Wait for 5 minutes for fresh stains and 10 minutes for older stains. You can see bubbles while working on the spots. Then blot with a towel and you can see the magic. The stain will disappear. You may need to apply the cleaner two times or more for the stubborn red spots or older spots.

You can use Hoover spot cleaner with the carpet cleaning machine. Just you need to pour the mixture into the machine’s cleaning water tank and operate the machine. It leaves only spotless and fresh carpet without any residue. After cleaning with the cleaner, you will never spot previous pet pee stains and odor. 


Not only the carpet but also you can use the cleaner on upholstery, auto interior, carpeted stairs, and rugs. Colored stains always create big messes, but you can still make it disabled with the cleaner.  

The cleaner has a floral scent that is not overpowering at all. It helps to remove the odor but don’t think the scent covers the odor, it eliminates it fully. The next day of applying the cleaner, the scent fades and gives you a fresh feel. 

You can permanently remove stains from the carpet using this oxy solution. The stain-fighting power is satisfactory and this is why we pick it as our first choice. It is an excellent option to enjoy a clean and fresh carpet. 


  • Powerful oxy formula
  • Cleans tough and colorful stains 
  • Effectively removes pet mess and odor 
  • Doesn’t leave any residue 
  • Can be used with a carpet cleaning machine 


  • Some users report that it makes the stubborn stains lighter but doesn’t fully remove them. 

2. Best For High-traffic Areas: Bissell Pretreat Carpet Stain Cleaner

BISSELL Stain Pretreat for Carpet

Bissell pretreats carpet stain cleaner is one of the heavy-duty cleaners of the brand. The retreat formula is widely used in the high-traffic areas of the house. You can see a thick layer of soil and debris on the carpet of high-traffic areas. So this retreat solution will work best in those areas. Moreover, the cleaner gives a powerful treatment for spot and pet accident cleaning. 

Bissell brings out a lot of products for pet owners. And this pretreat formula is also eligible to knock off the pet stains. The great news is it is entirely safe for pets and children. The brand claims the cleaner comes with a 3x improved formula for tough stains. 

The cleaner can eliminate ground-in-soil, coffee spills, mack-up, grease, and other tough stains from the carpet. It doesn’t stop with the carpet, it delivers a satisfying result on upholstery, couches, auto interior, stairs, cushions, area rugs, and so on. So its wide compatibility makes it the best pretreat cleaner. 

Applying process 

Bissell pretreat cleaner comes in a 22 oz bottle with a spray nozzle. You need to apply the cleaner before shampooing the carpet. First, scrape off the smudge with a tidy cloth and remove maximum stains from the carpet. Then turn the nozzle on the spray mode and spray a generous amount of solution to evenly saturate the stained area. 

On the spray nozzle, you will find a stream position for the heavy ground soil or stubborn stains. Wait for 3-5 minutes to sit. And then give a good deep clean to the carpet with a carpet cleaning machine. If you don’t have one, you can blot the stains with a cloth and remove the stain residue. Then shampoo the carpet following your way. 

After cleaning the carpet, make sure you dry the carpet completely. Besides, it is recommended to test the cleaner on a hidden spot of the carpet. Testing is important as there is a chance of discoloring the carpet. 

Value for the money

Bissell carpet cleaner is available at an affordable price. According to the price, the stain cleaning power is top-notch. With one pretreat solution, you can clean many items. It eliminates spots and odors caused by pets. Furthermore, it is the perfect formula before deep cleaning the carpet. 

The natural fragrance of the cleaner is not overpowering and helps to remove bad odor. You will get only fresh and clean carpet using the solution. The price is also cheap that anyone can afford. 


  • Perfect pre-spray before the deep cleaning. 
  • The best solution for high-traffic areas.
  • Removes deep-seated spots.
  • Gives a fresh fragrance and feel. 
  • Can be used on many surfaces. 


  • May not give the best solution for ketchup stains. 

3. Best For Pet Owners: Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus

Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus

Pet owners have to go through many problems while maintaining a clean carpet with pets. Pet’s and kid’s vomit, urine, and food spills can make the worst situation beyond your imagination. Though you can clean such debris from the carpet, the real concern starts when it is time to remove the stains. 

That is why we pick Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus as the best solution for pet owners. It instantly removes any types of older and fresher stains from the carpet. This pre-spray permanently eliminates the stains as they never were. So if you are one of the pet owners, this is the ultimate choice for you.

Works In 30 Seconds

Bissell Pet Plus works instantly on the carpet and the brand claims that it can permanently remove stains in 30 seconds. You may need more time though. The cleaner features an oxy stain destroyer formula that activates on contact with the stains. It mobilizes, lifts, and penetrates the stains from the source and gives you an immediate result. Furthermore, pretreat is important to improve the performance of deep cleaning.

It can tackle dirt, mud, food spills, pasta sauce, ketchup, and so on. Further, many pet owners face difficulties removing blood from the carpet. But if you have this Bissell pre-spray then you don’t need to worry about such stains. Whether it is small or large, it can give you a spotless carpet. 

Prevent Resoiling

We have seen on many pet cleaners that they only cover the pet odors and it comes again after some time. In the case of the pets, they attract by the urine smell and release themselves in the same spot again and again. If the cleaner doesn’t remove the stains, and odor, pets will keep making accidents on the carpet. 

This oxy destroyer removes the tough pet odors from the carpet so that pets get discouraged from resoiling. It does not cover the odor, it eliminates odor from the root. Moreover, the cleaner has a nice fragrance that offers a fresh feel to you. 

Using Direction

It is necessary to follow the using direction of the product to get the expected outcome. The cleaner is safe for kids and pets. First, blot up the excess debris and waste from the carpet using a cloth and keep doing it until any more liquid is transformed. Set the sprayer in the stream position and thoroughly soak the stained area. You need to soak the stains twice the size as they may enter the backing of the carpet. 

Let sit the formula for one or two hours for stubborn stains. Then absorb with a wet rag to wash the carpet. You still see visible stains on the carpet, then repeat the process.

If you are removing older or tough stains and it does not come out easily, then heavily saturate the affected area. For vomit and feces, be sure you remove the mess as much as you can. Don’t spread the stain by rubbing, start working from outside to inside.  


  • Powerful oxy formula for removing pet messes
  • Remove pet odors and discourages them from resoiling. 
  • Instantly gives the spotless result. 
  • Safe for kids and pets. 
  • The fresh fragrance feels excellent. 


  • The spray nozzle needs improvements.

4. Best For Regular Care: Capture Pre-Mist Soil Release 

Capture Pre-Mist Soil Release for Carpet

Capture Pre-mist soil release is an advanced carpet pretreated spray that features boosting cleaning power. This pre-spray lift-off new and older stains without any harsh chemicals. Capture pre-mist is an ideal small kit for carpet dry cleaning. In the box, you will receive 2 bottles of liquid Capture solutions. But this liquid pre-mist is made to work with the Capture powder that is sold separately. Both sprayer and powder deliver an excellent cleaning experience. 

This Capture cleaning solution is a handy cleaner for pet owners. You can easily overcome the regular big and small pet messes. It works like magic on stubborn dog and cat stains and neutralizes odors. Since you don’t need to steam or shampoo the carpet after using this pre-pray, this is relatively a quick solution for pet owners. 

If you don’t have a carpet cleaning machine, then this cleaning kit is great for you. You can get the same shine and freshly clean feel that a cleaning machine does. Only you need a vacuum. So it is a user-friendly cleaning kit that leaves a soft and fresh carpet. 

Wide Usage

Capture pre-treat is a powerful cleaner that is formulated for flat and woven fabrics. It has wide usage compatibility. You can use it on the area rugs, upholstery, couches, car seats, and so on. Capture separates the cleaning stuff into three codes. For W code, you will use the pre-mist and powder together, for S code use only Capture powder and no pre-mist; and don’t use Capture for X code. Before applying Capture on any cleaning stuff, read the label and find the stuff code. 

The cleaner provides professional quality carpet cleaning without any extra effort and money. It features thousands of tiny particles that actually work like super sponges. These sponges absorb dirt and stains from the depth of the carpet fibers and the outcome is like a professional cleaning. 

Removing soiling from heavy traffic areas is difficult but this dry cleaner helps to eliminate soil and mud, spills, and stains from the carpet maintaining its original appearance.  

4 Easy Steps TO Apply

In just 4 steps, you can get professional-grade cleaning. For lighter soiling, spray the affected area with Capture pre-mist and in heavy traffic areas spray a generous amount of pre-mist and gently rub with a brush. This liquid loosens the soil, tough and dry stains.  

Then sprinkle the Capture powder for deep cleaning. For a favorable outcome, you must utilize the powder. Lightly brush the powder, no need for scrubbing or hard brushing. It activates to contact with the stains and it keeps them contained as it dries. 

You have to set it for 30 minutes and then vacuum the powder. After vacuuming the carpet, you can instantly walk over it without any worry. As it has no harsh chemicals, it is safe for kids. These easy steps make it more convenient to use. 


  • Removes soil, stains, and spills from the carpet
  • Super easy steps for application
  • Provides professional-grade cleaning
  • After dry cleaning, instantly can walk over the treated area
  • Quick and handy carpet pre-spray for pet owners. 


  • Powder clogs the vacuum
  • Powder needs to buy separately.

5. Best Enzyme Pre-spray: Hoover Paws and Claws Spot And Stain Remover

Hoover Paws & Claws Spot and Stain Remover

Hoover Paws And Claws spot stain remover is formulated especially for pet stains. Though it focuses on pet vomit, feces, and odor, the pre-spray works great in almost all types of stains, including food stains. It works excellent in both older and near stains and best spot cleaner before shampooing the carpet. 

If you have a lighter-colored carpet, then you must apply the cleaner for regular cleaning. You can maintain a cozy and fresh carpet all year round with the cleaner. Pet owners will love this handy cleaner because the product can be used as a spot cleaner or used with the cleaning machine. 

Enzyme Formula

Enzymatic cleaning formula is becoming more and more popular. Enzyme pre-spray tends to clean the stains and odor effectively with its cleaning power. This Hoover cleaner has active enzymatic ingredients to break down the stain and odor-causing compound. The enzyme activates with contact with organic substances. 

Pet’s organic messes like urine, feces, and vomit still leave stains and odor after regular cleaning. Pet’s urine has crystals and uric acid. When this compound dries, the carpet smells. You can easily remove the protein and amino acids from the carpet using Hoover Pet and Claws spot cleaner. 

How to use it?

Pre-spray cleaner helps to get perfect cleaning. The application instruction is very straightforward. In just three steps, you can remove stains and odors. Spray the pre-spray on the stained area and wait for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can see the stain is getting lighter when the enzyme starts working on the stains. Then blot with a rag to absorb the liquid from the carpet. 

The cleaner has a quite strong smell, but it fades after some time and feels very fresh. Sometimes the scent feels good when you want to get rid of nasty pet odors from the carpet. But the ingredients are not allergic. Still, you must read the label and read the ingredients. 


Hoover Paws and Claws provide deep enzymatic cleaning. Frankly speaking, this cleaner is a great pre-spray for pet stains and odors. It effectively works on fresher pet stains like paw prints, mud, urine, vomit, blood, etc. if you want to get rid of the pet stains, then this pre-spray provides you a fresh carpet every time after deep cleaning. 

However, it is weak to remove stubborn food spills like ketchup, fruit drinks, or coffee. After application, it lightens the stains but it can not remove the stains fully. You will get such kind of result for older stains. This situation occurs when the carpet color is light. If you have pets, you can effectively get a clean and odor-free carpet. 


  • Enzymatic cleaning power
  • Removes odor and pet stains
  • Used on upholstery, sofa, and carpet
  • Super easy to apply the cleaner. 
  • Pet owners are the best users


  • Strong fragrance

Buying Guide For The Best PreSpray For Carpet

For beginners, it is confusing to get the best pre-spray from several options. So here we give you the ultimate buying guide to get the best product. 

Active Ingredients 

The best carpet pre-spray contains active ingredients like biocompatible. These active ingredients are mild for carpet and gently lift the stains without damaging the fibers. You must care for the carpet fiber if you want to use the carpet for an extended period in a good position. 

Choose a pre-sprayer that is not abrasive to the carpet. Biocompatible cleaners ensure fiber’s durability and new-looking aspects. They thoroughly clean the carpet. The effectiveness is also a matter to consider. Oxy ingredient is effective to remove soil and grease from the carpet. The enzymatic element is ideal for removing pet stains and odor. 

Easy application

Next, you need to consider the easy application of the product. Surely, you don’t want to consume hours cleaning the carpet. The pre-spray usually tends to simple application. It quickly removes the stains and soil. In our review, we picked those cleaners that have pretty easy usage. 

Just spray the pre-spray, sit the cleaner, and blot with the cloth. The stains and odors come off with the cleaner. You need to match the cleaner with your carpet type. So you should test the pre-spray in a hidden spot. Then apply the affected areas. 


Many people overlook the matter of sanitization. But this factor is the most important. It is also a serious matter to consider. If you want to make the home a safe place for your kids and pets, then you have to ensure the carpet is free from microorganisms. Many pre-spray also sanitize the carpet and make the environment healthy.

In stained areas and pet accidents, bacteria grow quickly that are harmful to you and your family members. It is not that complicated to sanitize the carpet. Only, you need to consider the best pre-spray that contains sanitizing elements. The oxy cleaners have pre-sanitizing capabilities. 

Tackle new and older stains

A high-quality pre-spray can lift any type of stain whether it is newer or older. Most cleaners can eliminate fresh stains but they provide poor performance while cleaning the older stains. So you should pick a powerful pre-spray that can clean all types of stains. 

Effective cleaning in the high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas get dirty and stained quickly by soil. Moreover, the foot traffic also damages the carpet fibers. Many cleaning machines can not entirely eliminate the soil from the carpet. The pre-spray can easily remove soil from high-traffic areas.  


The fragrance is a common feature of the pre-spray. Some have mild and some are strong. Strong fragrance won’t be a big problem if you don’t have any allergy problems. Still, strong fragrances can irritate your pets. So pick a mild scent. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What cleans carpet the best?

There are numerous cleaning shampoos and gadgets to clean the carpet. They are used for deep cleaning of the carpet. But they leave stubborn stains on the carpet and can not remove them from the source. Pre-spray is the only method to remove the stains and odor from the depth. So pre-spray is the best way to clean carpet. 

2. How do I pre-clean the carpet?

Pre-clean means the usage of pre-spray. The instructions used are different according to the type of cleaner. But you can see similarities in using the process of our top picks. First, lightly saturate the carpet with the solution, wait to work, and then blot the carpet. In this way, you can use the pre-clean carpet.

3. How do you clean dirty carpet without a machine?

If you don’t have a carpet cleaning machine, you can still clean the dirty carpet. Using a pre-spray you can get a super clean and spotless carpet. This cleaner dissolves the dirt, soil, and other debris and lifts it while blotting with a cloth. This is a cheap and user-friendly way to clean the carpet without a machine.

Final Thoughts

The best pre-spray makes your carpet spotless, fresh, and odor-free. But you have to get the best one that gives better performance. It is necessary to match the cleaner with your carpet type. Our top 5 best pre-spray for carpet cleaning tend to match almost all types of carpet. So you can get one of the cleaners to enjoy a new-like carpet.

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