Powder Carpet Cleaner Reviews – Get The Best Cleaning Ever

Among all the different types of carpet cleaners, powder carpet cleaners have been very useful to clean every mess up. When you are not fond of regular spray or liquid cleaners, the powder cleaners will be like a savior to you.

If you don’t have much idea about the powder cleaners, and if you are wondering how to pick one; do not worry! Because today we will share powder carpet cleaner reviews with you after our self-tested experiment. We have picked the top 7 of the cleaners that seemed to be working with efficiency for us.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the main context to see what we have for you here!

Powder Carpet Cleaner Reviews- Top 7 Picks For You

Now we will share what we got in our bucket for you today. The below-mentioned cleaners have shown wonderful effective cleaning on carpets and even other surfaces. Keep on reading to know our honest opinion about the picks:

1. Capture Carpet Cleaner

Capture Carpet Cleaner

Key features

  • Protects your carpet from stains and odor within the shortest period.
  • Works on all types of carpets, you can call it a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Extends the life of carpets regardless of material.
  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Gets rid of deliberate and stubborn stains easily without much effort.

Supports Several Types Of Carpets

Although it does not happen often, getting the wrong carpet cleaner for your carpet and then using it is very risky as it can severely damage your carpet. It is also a big waste of money. So to combat this, the Capture carpet cleaner brings in support for most kinds of carpets.

Now your chance of getting a wrong pick is very low. And even if your luck doesn’t favor you and your carpet is not supported, the high-quality ingredients used in this powder will not severely harm your carpet. So you can rest assured either way.

Extends Carpet Life

Stains and moisture can majorly decrease the lifespan of your carpet. This is mostly because the germs and the moisture slowly grind away at the fabric, weakening it and eventually ruining your carpet.

Getting the most effective carpet cleaner and using it as soon as possible will result in the extended lifespan of your carpet, and the aforementioned task is exactly what this carpet cleaner does. Aside from that, the place where you applied the powder will stay protected from the same misery for quite some time.

Safe To Use

As carpet cleaner is a chemically active material, it is reasonable for people to be critical about them regarding their kids and pets. With this carpet cleaner, you don’t have to worry about any of that, the smell that the powder spreads is very light and transparent.

The powder itself gets absorbed quickly so there is no chance for kids and pets to get it into their mouths. You can rest assured without worrying about safety.

Stubborn Stains Say Goodbye

Stains like pet urine tend to be sticky and resilient. This carpet cleaner features very small powder particles which go deep into the carpet and work to remove the stains and the smell from the very core. It breaks down the dirt and other molecules that cause the stains and combines with them. Moreover, it also merges away into the carpet so it does not leave any marks in the process.


  • Fast and effective
  • Very reliable
  • Easy to apply
  • Wide support of carpets


  • Does not work properly in places with high humidity

Why we have chosen this product

Carpet cleaners are certainly a necessity if you have carpets and pets at home. Considering this, a good carpet cleaner that can remove both stains and smell is a blessing. We chose this product for its reliability and consistency in delivering satisfying results every time.

2. Bodhi Dog Natural Dog Odor Carpet Powder

Bodhi Dog Natural Dog Odor Carpet Powder

Key features

  • Removes pet odor from deep carpet microfibers.
  • Powder made from natural formulas meets safety standards.
  • Helps the vacuum cleaner clean more effectively.
  • Eliminates many kinds of odors other than just pet odors.
  • Helps remove fur and any kind of hair from the carpet.

Made From Natural Formulas

The powder material used in this product is made from corn cobs, which is a very natural solution for odors. While many chemical powders do a great job at removing smell and stains, they are prone to be quite harmful to your carpets and the ones around you. With this, you don’t have to worry about any of that as natural materials don’t cause damage to anything, but it is also just as effective if not more than the chemical ones.

Works Best With Vacuum Cleaners!

The natural cleaning powder works to loosen the smell from deep within the carpet microfibers. This makes vacuum cleaning a lot more effective as the loose dirt and smell can be picked up and sucked by the vacuum cleaner. It also does so that your vacuum cleaner can clean more of the carpet with less effort. The dirt stuck deep within the carpet cannot be removed just with the vacuum cleaner alone. So the powder does a great job at keeping the carpet clean.

Removes More Than Just Odor

The bodhi dog carpet cleaner powder does more than just remove odor. It can help remove fur from animals stuck very deep in the carpet by loosening it. Also, it can remove dirt and dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This significantly increases its value as most other carpet cleaners cannot do anything much other than remove stains and odor.

Pet Odors Are Not The Limit

This carpet cleaning powder is good for more than just getting rid of smells from the carpet. The powder acts as an air freshener too. It can remove the smells of cigarettes and other odors. Plus it is not just limited to being used on the carpet. You can use it anywhere imaginable! The bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, stairs, you name it! It can remove bad odors from anywhere. So, it can effectively be used as an air freshener or fragrance for a fresher breath inside the house.


  • Serves multiple purposes
  • Adds fragrance
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Safe for everyone


  • Cannot remove stubborn stains

Why we have chosen this product

A cleaner that can serve multiple different purposes at once always upholds its value to us. We found this one to do all of the cleaning necessities flawlessly. That is why it’s so beneficial. Alongside the strong pet odor removal, the fact that it can remove any kind of odor is a huge plus point.

3. Glade Carpet and Room Powder

Glade Carpet and Room Powder

Key features

  • Beautiful fragrance and smell fill the room, replicating the usage of an air freshener.
  • Eliminates and repels bad odors; no more suffering from pet odors.
  • Freshens up the fibers in the carpet from the depth.
  • Can be used on many surfaces alongside carpets.
  • The strong and heavy scent does not fade away easily.

Repels The Bad Odor

As the primary job for these room cleaning powders, removing the bad odor effectively is pretty important. But what happens if you do not know where the smell is coming from or if it is coming from outside? Well, this room powder is effective against just that. It not only removes odor from where it’s coming but also repels the ones that are coming from other places with its strong and beautiful scent.

Cleans the carpet fibers

This magical powder also works to clean up the fibers in your carpet so any potential dirt or light stains left by the odor will be removed right away. Using a vacuum with this is more effective. Using this on your carpet on a regular basis will result in a way more clean and refreshing carpet experience for your feet. It also makes it so that your carpet ends up picking up less dirt than usual because the powder creates a positive charge in the carpet that repels the dust particles.

Not Limited To Carpets

As the name suggests, it is not just a carpet cleaner. You can use this on the floor, in the bathroom, anywhere you want! It also applies the same results to where you put it, such as freshening up the surface and spreading the gorgeous scent. You can likewise put it in your car and other places you’d want to smell good. This versatility allows it to be more useful in common households and more valuable overall.

Unfaded Smell

The Glade powder uncovers a very strong fragrance that generally cannot be outdone by any other smell. But it is also not so strong as to annoy you or make your head hurt, the sweet smell will always impress you. So no matter how strong of an odor challenges it, it will always win and remain dominant in your room. It also lasts for quite a while so one session of applying powder should be enough to remove the odors for some time.


  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Refreshes the carpet
  • A small amount is needed for a strong scent
  • Very versatile


  • Cannot remove strong stains

Why we have chosen this product

A sweet fragrance is just the right thing to make your day. This powder features just that and more. Getting your carpets cleaned while also adding special fragrances to them just extends the aesthetics of your room. A good quality product fulfilling what it’s made to do, that’s what this is.

4. Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder

Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder

Key features

  • Safest for use around kids including pets; keeps the environment safe and sound.
  • Provides 5x better cleaning than vacuuming.
  • Discourages pets re-marking or re-soiling.
  • Spreads a light, clean and refreshing scent.
  • Removes the odor of cat urine effectively.

Ensures Effective Cleaning

Our super capable cleaning powder cleans 5x better than any vacuum cleaner. It not only cleans pet odor but also effectively cleans vomit, food stains, tracked-in mud, and whatnot. It cleans cat odor effectively as well, which needs no further explanation. Did you know cat odor causes frustration, stress, anxiety, and urinary tract infections in your cat? This eliminator removes pet odor efficiently. As a result, neither your pets nor your kids will be sick of the smells anymore.

Safe For All

You will be glad to know that this wonderful odor eliminator is safe for you all. You can use this without any hesitation since it is not only safe for adults but also for pets and kids. After using, once the product dries, your kids and pet can be around. But don’t spray this directly on your pets.

Multipurpose Usage

As we have mentioned earlier it not only cleans pet odor but also cleans vomit, food stains, or any kind of odor, it is for multipurpose usage in another way. We are happy to let you know that this discourages pets from re-marking and re-soiling. Have you ever imagined that a powder carpet cleaner will do so? The fresh, clean light scent it spreads in the whole room is priceless additionally. The bottom line is the refreshing technology it provides is the greatest.

Greatest For Deep Cleaning

When you ask about a reliable carpet cleaning powder, we can’t think of anything better than this one. This is the right choice for cleaning large areas deeply. It contains no phosphates or any other harmful particles which can harm your, your kid’s skin, your pets, or your carpets. The powder is super easy to use on the other hand.


  • Great for deep cleaning
  • Mesmerizing scent
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Not enough the quantity

Why we have chosen this product

We are here talking about a product that can remove pet odor, food stains, intolerable scents, and all. It can provide a sweet, light scent that will spread around the whole room. The cleaner is made with no harmful particles which can cause you trouble moreover. You can apply it on any kind of carpet or in any kind of humidity. All of those make getting rid of pet odor so easier in a wholesome way.

5. Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

Key features

  • Contains millions of tiny sponges which can absorb dirt effectively.
  • Includes 100% recycled, dermatologically balanced, and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Great for wool or stain-resistant carpets.
  • Refreshes your whole room with a fresh and sweet scent.
  • Will remain the same for long periods.

Absorbs All The Dirt

The cleaning powder includes millions of tiny sponges which are capable of absorbing dirt efficiently. You can clean any kind of odor with this eliminator. The greatest thing about this powder is that you can clean food stains or any kind of stains with this wonderful carpet cleaning powder. Actually, it prepares your carpet in a way that odors don’t cause any frustration, anxiety, or infection to your cat.

Provides Freshness

You can’t imagine how amazing this eliminator is. It not only refreshes your carpet but also the whole room with a fresh, clean scent. The smell of pet urine or any other irritating smell just vanishes if you apply a little bit of this wholesome eliminator.

If you struggle with odors coming out of your carpet even after deep cleaning, it’s the best time to rely on this cleaner. Afterward, we can assure you that you will see a visible change.

Stain Removal

Literally, it feels like a burden on our shoulders whenever we find a single stain on our favorite carpet. But take a chill pill since you have the greatest eliminator ever which can make your carpet get rid of the strains on your carpet. Food stains or the stain of urine, all can be dealt with by this eliminator.


Don’t you get just irritated when you find your eliminators ruining your carpets and causing the disease to your kids or yourself with harmful chemicals? You don’t have to face that anymore. This eliminator is good for any kind of carpet. However, you will be glad to know that high humidity is not a problem with this one anymore while other cleaners can’t be used in high humidity.


  • Offers great freshness
  • Reliable
  • Absorbs 100% dirt
  • Works in any humidity


  • Not specified

Why we have chosen this product

It’s a total waste of money if you get those useless cleaners that just kill the odor and smell for a few hours and then come back. What you need is a reliable cleaner that serves as an odor eliminator with incredible cleaning components. This eliminator is capable of being that super worker for you. From removing stains to eliminating odors, everything is made possible with it. That’s why whenever you ask for a good carpet cleaner powder we suggest this one without a doubt.

6. Capture Pre-Mist Soil Release for Carpet Dry Cleaner

Capture Pre-Mist Soil Release for Carpet Dry Cleaner

Key features

  • Can clean tough stains, whether the stain is old or new.
  • Removes all kinds of dirt, dust, odor, or stain.
  • Made with natural particles which aren’t harmful.
  • Most convenient, most effective, and safest solution ever for your carpet cleaning.
  • Can be applied easily and doesn’t take long to work.

Permanent Solution

Carpets can be a great hassle to handle. Can you imagine a cleaning solution that will be capable of cleaning any kind of stain, old or new? Yes, now you can have those facilities from a single carpet cleaner.

This carpet cleaner will clean all the dirt, dust, and odor from your carpet. Apparently, your carpet will feel like a new one with the touch of this wonderful product. Regardless of the stain type, it can deal with everything with ease of usage.

Fresh Scent Provider

Lifting out pet odor from your carpet permanently is a cup of tea when you have this carpet cleaner. We love the way it lifts out all the bad smells and odors of pet urine. That’s not all, you will also get a sweet, light scent on your carpet which spreads to the whole room later and literally makes the whole room smell like a garden. Isn’t that just a wonderful combo?

Convenient, Safe & Effective

Professionals consider this carpet cleaner spray to be the most effective carpet cleaner ever. It efficiently cleans our carpet and makes it feel like a new one. If you’re looking for higher safety standards then you got that here too since it is the safest cleaning spray for all. It is good to go with kids and pets. It won’t make you face any skin issues as well.

Comfort Of Usage

It is a carpet cleaner that replaces vacuum cleaners and is easy to apply as well. That’s what we praise most about this product. It just gives us relief from doing the most boring and irritating jobs of our day.

You just have to spray this and give this a few moments to dry. Trust us here, your carpet will be clean like it was ever before. And you are done with this simple process, you don’t have to sweep, vacuum, or do any other cleaning stuff to keep your carpet clean.


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Effective
  • Convenient & Safe
  • Easy to apply


  • Less pocket friendly

Why we have chosen this product

We love the way how easily it gets us a way of have a clean, fresh carpet without sweeping or vacuuming. Additionally, it doesn’t harm our skin, our pets, or our carpets since it is not made with harmful particles. So what you’re getting are all benefits and no side effects. So purchasing this will be a great idea to make daily cleaning fun and easier.

7. PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

Key features

  • Instantly removes all the odor and pet urine smell.
  • Can work profoundly on any sort of stain.
  • Contains natural but no chemical particles.
  • Works great on any kind of fabric or carpet material.
  • Safe and convenient for using daily.

Immediate Solution

How often do you find your pet peeing on your favorite carpet, want an instant solution to deal with that, and end up finding nothing? If you rely on this odor eliminator then you will get to satisfy your needs since it can work on those sudden incidents instantly and make all the smell and odor go away. Actually, we consider this to be the most immediate solution to pet odor ever.

Mesmerizing Fragrance

As we mentioned earlier this is an immediate solution, it’s kind of obvious that it comes with a heavy fragrance. But the fragrance is so good that you will forget all of your air fresheners. When you are someone who just hates the chemical-like smells of ordinary cleaners, this is the one for you to get. Your carpet will smell good and make the whole room smell like a flower garden. Isn’t that amazing?

100% Safe

This is the safest odor eliminator ever. You will be glad to know that it contains no harmful particles. Your pets and kids are safe around this odor eliminator. It is made with natural peels which smell awesome.

Because of the ingredients, this one is safe for any kind of fabric or carpet material. If you have allergic skin then you should get this one definitely since other pet odor eliminators aren’t good for allergic skin.


We are so happy to acquaint you that this wonderful odor eliminator is affordable even after offering so many great features. It is easy to use additionally. The lightweight packaging makes it the most effective portable cleaning solution ever. So say bye-bye to pet odor and stains on your favorite carpet since this cleaning powder has got your back.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Great fragrance
  • Long-lasting


  • It May act worse at high humidity

Why we have chosen this product

While we are tired of not finding a reliable pet odor eliminator, this one is offering all of our favorite features. The powder can work effectively on dirt and smell. Even stains will vanish if you clean your carpet with this one. The heavy but mesmerizing fragrance is wholesome.

Things to Consider While Getting The Best Powder Carpet Cleaner

If you own a pet then you know how difficult it is to deal with carpets at the same time. We just can’t stop our pets from peeing on those heavy carpets. So you can’t help finding a perfect way which can make all the bad urine smell and other stains and dirt go from your carpet. So let us find the most perfect carpet cleaning powder for you:


The carpet cleaning powder you’re buying must be effective and powerful enough to kill all the smell and germ that pet urine brings to your carpet. Otherwise, your pets and kids will fall victim to various diseases and infections.


Look for heavily scented cleaning powders. it will be much better if you get a cleaning powder that contains flavors like orange peel or lemon, flower accent, and much more. The fragrance and flavors will help to bring a refreshing smell to your room while removing the urine smell at the same time. Don’t dare to buy an unscented cleaning powder. But don’t buy those which contain harmful particles to bring scent, go with the natural peel ones.

Deep Cleaning

The cleaning powder must be good at cleaning effectively. The powder should be capable of providing you with deep cleans. You will find powders at stores nowadays which are capable of replacing vacuum cleaners.

Natural formulation

The most important fact you should know is your cleaning powder should be formulated with 100% organic ingredients and zero chemicals or harmful particles. You want your kids and pets to breathe fresh, right? So go with the naturally formulated ones.


Find a powder that will kill the smell permanently and will keep spreading the scent to the room for longer periods.


A cleaning powder will last 3-4 months if you use it daily. However, you need to find a cleaning powder that will last at least up to 6 months. Going to the store for a cleaning powder isn’t that fancy.


It will be a great mistake if you spend a lot of money on your carpet cleaning powder. There are nicer cleaning powders available at stores that are affordable yet offer great features which can fulfill all our desires.

Multipurpose usage

You will find carpet cleaning powders at stores that do a lot of work. Some of them literally replace vacuums and other cleaning solutions. Those are not that expensive either.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is carpet Powder bad for carpet?

No, but you have to choose carefully. Do not get those cleaning powders that contain harmful particles or chemicals in order to provide a heavy scent. Go with the naturally formulated ones. Those won’t cause any harm to your carpet. Moreover, they are great with any kind of carpet fabric.

2. Do dry powder carpet cleaners work?

Yes, obviously. Even some of them are capable of replacing vacuum cleaners. We just become amazed by seeing how incredibly they make our carpets get rid of all kinds of smell, dirt, odor, dust, and stains. They are pretty great for deep cleaning.

3. Will carpet cleaning powder harm my pets?

No. If you get the chemical-free one then there is no problem in using that around your pets. Follow the manual. But don’t ever spray them directly on your pet no matter what the packaging says. It’s always good to be on the safe side.

4. Why you shouldn’t use Carpet cleaning powders?

The only reason behind not using them should be getting the wrong one. If you can’t find one naturally formulated then it’s better to avoid the chemical ones. Those can cause harm to your allergic skin. Especially to your kids and pets. Get naturally formulated cleaning powders and you will be blessed.

5. Can I leave carpet powders overnight?

Yes, you can. If your carpet powder isn’t good enough then it will ruin your carpet anyway. So there’s nothing wrong with leaving them overnight. Anyway, the naturally formulated good ones won’t cause any harm to your carpet. So you can leave them overnight, that will make your carpet smell good.

Wrapping Up

We are done with our powder carpet cleaner reviews. By now you should get a better direction on the cleaners and hereby you should already set your mind on which one you should rely on. Whichever you choose, keep in mind that you have to check if the ingredients of the cleaner are compatible with your carpet’s material or not.

Also, keep in mind the considerations that we have suggested above. We are affirmative that the cleaners that we suggested will be greatly beneficial for you. However, it’s better to compare if you have any specific requirements. Hope you will find a better pick to rely on!

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