Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner – 5 Safest Picks For Pet-Owners

Owning pets is just like raising babies, you need to be extra careful while picking up every product. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, it becomes more difficult. Because nowadays, most cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can harm your little pets.

Therefore, you need to choose a pet friendly carpet cleaner for your pets. The choice is difficult, but we made it easier for you. We have picked the 5 best pet-friendly carpet cleaners that will just blow your mind.

No more being sad about not getting the right cleaner; let’s dive deeper to know what we have found for you!

Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaner – Key Attributes

  1. Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover Bagged HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner – best pet friendly carpet cleaner considering everything
  2. BISSELL CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner – safest pet friendly carpet cleaner       
  3. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum – noiseless pet friendly carpet cleaner        
  4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum – pet friendly carpet cleaner with strong suction power
  5. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – super versatile pet friendly carpet cleaner

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner – Detailed Review

1. Kenmore Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Key features

  • Designed to clean all kinds of areas, incredibly versatile
  • Comes with a motorized attachment for lifting up pet hair easily
  • Features 2 motor system, can be changed real quick
  • The extendable wand it includes is lightweight

Extraordinarily versatile

We love how this carpet cleaner never forgets to be versatile for you. It’s designed with bagged canister vacuuming that makes it capable of cleaning your whole house, as in different corners and areas of your house. Not only in areas, but you’re also welcome to use it on every kind of surface as well.

The carpet cleaner is designed with a 2- motor system which is super helpful and allows the carpet cleaner to clean carpets as well as hardwood floors. Handling the whole deal isn’t difficult as well, perhaps switching the modes wouldn’t take more than a second.

Pet friendly

The cleaner comes with motorized attachments. We must tell you that the attachments are capable of blowing your thoughts. That thing literally lifts up stubborn pet hair in less than 30-40 seconds. Not only pet hair but all the messes a pet can make can also be dealt with by this wonderful carpet cleaner.

No more days with stinky pet urine or pet odor on your carpet since this carpet cleaner is here to deal with all of them. Especially the cleaner cleans in a way so that your carpet remains safe even with a pet around.

Heavy-duty suction power

A cleaner with no reliable suction power is such a waste of time. But that’s not happening with you here. You can enjoy different levels of heavy-duty suction power with our incredible carpet cleaner.

You can go with the automatic or manual setting according to your requirements. The variety of suction power helps you enjoy versatility again. You can literally clean all kinds of carpet or rug material with this ultra-knowing carpet cleaner.

The suction power obviously puts a great impact on pulling every little pet hair out of your carpet’s fibers. You just won’t be able to get over the fact that this carpet cleaner always ends up helping you more and more.

Convenient cleaning

You should consider the fact that you need a carpet cleaner that can be used easily yet clean efficiently. This cleaner comes with a lightweight expandable wand that not only offers superior reach but also makes the whole cleaning job easier for you. You can reach hard-to-reach areas with the expandable wand of this cleaner.

The materials carpet cleaner is made of are heavy-duty, strong, and durable. So you can go all the way with this carpet yet this would be the most convenient thing you’ve ever owned.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • For deep cleaning


  • Not specified


Finding a good carpet cleaner that would always clean up the messes your pet creates really is something that requires time, energy, and consideration. But on your behalf, we would like to make you choose this carpet cleaner that’s by all means worthy of being tried at least once. Believe us, once you get to know all the features of this cleaner, you won’t agree to leave this carpet cleaner.

Main reasons to pick this one

  • The suction power is incredibly good to get every bit of dust and dirt out of the carpet. So if you are looking for a heavy-duty cleaner, this is the one.
  • With the multi-functional approach, you can clean literally any surface. This is a huge plus point for people who don’t want to spend extra money on different devices.
  • While looking for a time-saving approach to your cleaning, this is the perfect solution.  The broad Powermate pushes itself which makes extensive area sweeping effortless.

2. BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Key features

  • Picks up pet hair efficiently with triple action brush
  • Capable of cleaning edge to edge properly
  • Easily maneuvers around furniture with swivel steering
  • Includes an easy empty dustbin that makes cleaning easier

Tough on pet messes

Owning a pet really is a handful around a carpet. None of us wants our carpets to get ruined, do we? That’s why you should get this cleaner that won’t leave your side when it comes to saving your carpet from extreme pet mess situations. So dealing with those unpredictable extreme situations that pets create on your favorite carpet isn’t impossible anymore.

The triple-action brushes of this cleaner go deeper into the fibers of your carpet to get every single pet hair out of your carpet. Stains, odors, pet urine nothing can beat the power of this carpet cleaner.

Easier activities

You’ll be amazed by seeing that this incredible carpet cleaner includes such a tool that makes cleaning your carpets convenient. Moreover, the dustbins from this cleaner are removable and come with ease of emptying for your pleasure. On the other hand, the swivel steering makes the cleaner easy to maneuver and move around furniture

The lightweight of this carpet cleaner makes carrying it room to room, upstairs easier, reaching hard to reach areas is easier with this cleaner. So you can intend to clean your carpets more often nowadays.

Smartly designed bristles

We can’t get enough of the fact that the cleaner comes with a triple power brush which acts like the softest bristles ever to be gentle to your carpet but eventually works harshly on dirt and grime depending on the innovative brush design.  There are a lot of things about this carpet cleaner that would keep attracting you.

The brushes legitimately clean all the dirt, debris, and dirt from your carpet. Actually, we can say that the brushes are the main thing that’s so exclusive of this cleaner. They don’t let any kind of dirt or debris stay on your carpet.

Advanced technological support

Cleaning the messes that a pet creates isn’t something that can be done easily, that’s why you can’t help relying on enhanced technological support. The cleaner has got such technological support that the cleaner will never let you down. The features this cleaner includes are really unique and help you get through all of the extreme situations your carpet might go through.

The suction power of this cleaner is something we really adore. You will be able to clean your carpet efficiently and effectively. It comes with such a stair grip that makes it convenient for using it on the staircase.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great suction power
  • Great for stairs


  • Average durability


Planning on cleaning carpets with pet messes really leads us to great trouble, doesn’t it? Well with traditional cleaning tools it isn’t really appreciable to clean the carpets. The high-quality materials make it durable and even more powerful. We are so excited for you to get this carpet cleaner because of its enhanced cleaning features, advanced technological support and it’s a super durable carpet cleaner.

Main reasons to pick this one

  • No one likes the awful smell that comes from the cleaners after using that a few times. But once you get this one, you won’t be troubled by this problem.
  • If you own a big house or office, the lengthy cord will save your back. You can take it wherever you want effortlessly.
  • The large dustbin accumulates more bags of dust into it within the shortest possible time. This feature saves a lot of time in cleaning. 

3. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum

Key features

  • The extra-long extendable wand can help you with reaching any place you want
  • Chemical-free natural cleaning on most flooring kinds keeps you safe
  • For your better experience, it comes with versatile standard accessories
  • Designed innovatively to provide you with heavy-duty performance

Safer by all means

Pet messes on our carpet are the most irritating thing you’ve ever had to deal with, ain’t it? But relying on commercial solutions that contain harmful chemicals would be the stupidest idea ever. That’s why you should plan on getting this pet-friendly carpet cleaner which helps you get rid of the pet messes without showering your carpet with chemicals.

So now you can clean your carpet with natural deep cleaning without any chemical use. The natural cleaning from this carpet cleaner would literally get all the dirt, dust, and debris out of your carpet in just a few seconds.

Incredibly versatile

We totally love the fact that this cleaner comes with such versatile tools and accessories that can ease all of your efforts and struggles you go through just because of your pet. The different tools lead you to different facilities. The motorized attachment from this carpet cleaner is so capable of lifting up pet hair.

Cleaning around every corner of your house becomes easier with this cleaner since it comes with such accessories. This cleaner can be used on any kind of flooring, all you gotta do is switch the modes. So you’re getting a carpet cleaner that would go to any step to clean your carpet.

Larger capacity

Let’s talk about the cleaner’s extra-long extendable wand for a moment. This cleaner can reach any place, under the furniture, around the furniture, on the staircase, in hard-to-reach areas, and where not. The wand can be extended but when it comes to being stored, this cleaner doesn’t take a lot of space.  It can be folded and stored in a very small place.

Dustbins and tanks that can be emptied easily are included with this great carpet cleaner, that’s the greatest thing about this carpet cleaner since the larger capacity of those tanks and dustbins make the whole job easier.

Superior support

We know how difficult it is to go through the extreme conditions that pets cause to our carpets. So we can’t think of any other carpet cleaner that can make your journey easier than this carpet cleaner. Pet hair, pet odor, and pet urine all are just nothing when you clean your carpet with this cleaner. Even the oldest stain would just vanish with a single cleaning session with this carpet cleaner.

The suction power, unique features, and benefits this cleaner tags along are really convenient and will always work for making you go through an easier yet more wonderful journey with your carpet.


  • Versatile
  • Great Maneuverability
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Sometimes it gets a little difficult to use


Pets can mess up with our carpet real bad. That’s exactly why we don’t want you to waste another moment with those useless carpet cleaners that let you down at every point. You should get this cleaner which can make your journey convenient while keeping your carpet clean. You get all of those at a very reasonable place moreover.

Main reasons to pick this one

  • If you are looking for a heavy-duty cleaner on a cost-friendly budget, this will be the best one to get. The power is incredible to clean everything out of the carpet, even the stubborn pet messes.
  • When you don’t like to buy machines continuously because they don’t last long, you can forget that if you get this one. The extended durability is a great savior.
  • If vacuum noise troubles you, this one will give you peace. The noise level is nearly zero so you can work peacefully without waking everyone up.

4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Key features

  • Comes with anti-allergen complete seal technology that traps 99.9 percent of dust
  • Especially situated for deep cleaning and gentle bare floor cleaning
  • Super versatile and clear all kinds of flooring, hardwood flooring
  • Super versatile, can clean all kinds of flood

Smartly designed accessories

Wouldn’t you love the vacuum that deep cleans itself? Well, that’s what this cleaner does. It comes with self-cleaning brush rolls. So there’s no requirement of cleaning the cleaner. However, the cleaner is designed to pick up more and more debris than any other carpet cleaner.

Even it picks up hair from the deeper of your favorite carpet fibers. Dirt, dust, debris, and even stains disappear when you turn to this carpet cleaner.

Advanced Technology

The cleaner comes while featuring different greater qualities that can blow your mind. The dual brush roll system from this cleaner deep cleans your carpet. Leaves you with professional-grade results and a polished floor. So you can clean other surfaces along with carpets and rugs with this carpet cleaner.

It also features noise reduction technology that reduces noise and softens pitch. Generally, plush carpet cleaners produce a lot of noise. So noise cancellation is really important.

Innovative tools for a better experience

Most carpet cleaners disappoint us when we ask them to clean under furniture, around the furniture, or in hard-to-reach areas, But this cleaner comes with an extra-long cord, an advanced swivel steering that goes under furniture to bring out every little amount of dirt and debris.

It’s 100% safe to carry upstairs because it comes with a reliable stair grip at the staircase. The tools this cleaner includes are highly capable of providing you with deeper cleanings every time you want.

Wiser option for pet owners

We know it’s so difficult to clean off the pet hair that sticks to our plush carpet. You need to rely on heavy-duty suction power while cleaning your carpet to get rid of the pet messes. Thus we recommend this cleaner that’s capable of cleaning off pet hair, pet odor, and pet urine from your plush carpet.

Since it includes mo harmful chemicals it is safe to use around kids and pets. The bristles are gentle to your carpet fibers and harsh on germs and dirt.


  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Enhanced technology
  • Great suction power


  • Average durability


If you wanna embrace your carpet with natural cleaning without any chemicals then you should switch to this carpet cleaner for your plush carpet. The cleaner lets you clean your carpet easily but effectively. You can enjoy advanced technological support with smart features while cleaning with this carpet cleaner.

Main reasons to pick this one

  • When all the hairs are bothering you because they are stuck deep inside the carpet making it hard to get rid of, this one will make the process a piece of cake for you.
  • People with dust allergies can leave a sigh of relief after getting this cleaner because when it is around, no dust can escape.
  • The strong suction works equally on carpets, carpeted stairs, and even rugs. So no need to buy anything else when you have this one.

5. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

Key features

  • Cleaning around furniture and obstacles can be super easy with its swivel steering
  • Specialized pet tools included
  • You can get closer to the wall with its edge to edge cleaning feature
  • Easy to assemble yet offers incredible suction power

Get your carpet efficient cleaning

A carpet cleaner that has brushes that can deep inside the carpet fibers of your carpet is very important for eliminating pet hair and dirt from your carpet. However, the great thing is the brush head of this carpet cleaner rotates in a way that you can clean off every bit of dirt, dust, grime, and grease from your carpet and that will take you just a few moments.

The brush really does a good job since it can go under furniture and clean all the areas properly. The cleaner comes with a good stair grip that lets you wait at the staircase while cleaning your furniture. And obviously quality makes cleaning stairs easier.

Multi-purpose cleaning

Nowadays carpet cleaners tend to be very versatile. They can be used on any kind of flooring including vinyl, tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, and whatnot. So it would be really disappointing if you settle for less when our carpet cleaner can be used on any kind of flooring, carpet, and rugs. You can clean stairs and hard-to-reach places with this pet carpet cleaner as well.

However there are some deals that this carpet cleaner offers that are really wonderful, they make cleaning pet messes from your carpet really easy. You can rely on this carpet cleaner for cleaning pet messes easily. Pet urine, and pet odor, all will go with the use of this cleaner.

Convenient cleaning

You shouldn’t walk past the fact that you need a carpet cleaner that not only wants to offer you efficient cleaning but also makes your job easier in many ways.  Our carpet cleaner features an extra-long customizable wand that can help you go under furniture and hard-to-reach areas easily. The handle comes with a lightweight to make the whole deal comforting for you.

The materials of this carpet cleaner make the cleaner heavy-duty, strong and reliable so that you can enjoy a long-lasting journey with your carpet cleaner. You can use it roughly yet it would offer you the best performance.

Say goodbye to hassle

We find no good reason for which you would compromise with your carpet cleaner while you can own this one to go through an absolutely great experience. It’s a carpet cleaner that’s easy to use, easy to carry due to its lightweight, and easy to maneuver under furniture or around furniture.

It requires no explanation that the cleaner undoubtedly cleans deeply, taking all of the dirt, dust, pet hair, pet urine, pet odor, and grime out of your carpet. The extra-long wand and cord, easy functions, and good extra tools all work for making the cleaning job easier.


  • Versatile
  • Great for cleaning up hair
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable and


  • Not specified


If you want your carpet cleaner to be your efficient, ultra-durable and heavy-duty cleaning solution then considers going with this super versatile, convenient, and wonderful carpet cleaner that brings you every possible facility that can help you eliminate pet hair, pet odor, pet urine from your favorite carpet. It comes with advanced technology, heavy-duty suction power, deep cleaning features, and reliable construction and all of that make this carpet cleaner perfect for our satisfying cleaning sessions.

Main reasons to pick this one

  • The first and foremost reason is the advanced technologies that it offers. Nowadays, everything is smart, so why not a vacuum cleaner?
  • Not only hair, but it also deals with odor and stains, which will give you the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • It offers fantastic performance on hard floors and carpets, in all the areas. So the versatility will surely impress you.

Things to consider while selecting the best pet-friendly carpet cleaner

Maintaining a carpet around a pet has never been easy, there’s always something that can pull you back unless you own a super convenient carpet cleaner that can never let you down. Finding that kind of carpet cleaner isn’t easy but we gotta find a way, right? We did the job on your behalf and made a wholesome guide that will show you the path to the most incredible pet-friendly carpet cleaner that can be your companion for dealing with pet messes.

  • Innovative brushes- don’t forget to get a carpet cleaner that has a good rotatable brush head and goes under furniture and hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, look for brushes that can go deeper inside carpet fibers to get pet hair out.
  • Extra-long wand- look for an extra-long extendable wand.  Otherwise, you will face difficulties while cleaning with the carpet cleaner since you won’t be able to reach hard-to-reach areas with a not-so-long wand. Try to get one that has a foldable wand so that you can store that easily.
  • Heavy-duty suction- you definitely should get a carpet cleaner with decent suction power to clean off all the dirt, grime, and grease. Since you’re looking for a carpet cleaner that can lift up pet messes then you gotta go with one that comes with heavy-duty suction power.
  • Lightweight- in order to avoid back pain, wrist pain, or hand pain, look for a carpet cleaner that’s light enough. Just get yourself one that would be easy to carry so that you can go to any corner of your house, upstairs, or any other place to clean with that cleaner.
  • Non-noisy- if you don’t want a carpet cleaner that would give you headaches with excessive noise then you should obviously look for the non-noisy feature. A carpet cleaner that would come with a noise reducer and offer you a peaceful cleaning session is really important.
  • Standard accessories- a carpet cleaner that includes standard accessories would allow you to clean with different methods, clean different flooring kinds, and things that would make your cleaning experience even more comfortable.  So look for extra versatile tools when you wanna get yourself a pet-friendly carpet cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is Bissell Carpet Cleaner Safe For Pets

Yes, Bissel is a brand that always ensures pet safety first. So, you can undoubtedly use a Bissel carpet cleaner for your carpet when you have pets at home.

2. Is Hoover Carpet Cleaner Safe For Pets?

Yes, the answer is affirmative. Hoover always keeps pet-lovers in mind while making their cleaners so you can use one from Hoover when it comes to your pet’s safety. 

3. Is Carpet Cleaner Toxic To Cats?

Some carpet cleaners can be toxic to cats as they may contain harmful chemicals. But cleaners that are specially made for pet owners are safe to use. Especially the cleaners that contain natural ingredients are the safest for pets.

4. Is Foam Carpet Cleaner Safe For Pets?

Foam cleaners can be amazing to get rid of pet messes. But if the foam cleaner that you are going to use contains harmful chemicals, it won’t be safe for pets. Therefore, you need to pick one that has a pet-safety tag and is formulated with natural ingredients.

5. How Do I Make Carpet Cleaner Pet Friendly?

You can prepare a pet-friendly carpet cleaner at home using DIY methods. In that case, mix one cup of purified white vinegar with one cup of water. Then add two spoonfuls of baking soda into it. Store the mixture in a spray bottle and you can use it as a cleaner. These ingredients are safe for pets.

6. Are Carpet Cleaners Safe For Carpet?

Yes, mostly if they don’t contain any harmful chemicals in the cleaning solution. Bleach can ruin your carpet’s fabric. Nonetheless, you should check the ingredients list before picking your carpet cleaner.

Drawing To Closure

We are delighted because now you can get the best pet friendly carpet cleaner for you. All the choices that we have given are meant to serve you the best outcome. We know how hard it is to get the perfect vacuum cleaner with a heavy-duty performance, but considering your specific needs, all our given choices are equally perfect. So now the rest is up to you. You can pick whoever you like and whichever matches your requirements. Before that, read the concerns that we have mentioned carefully, and you will not regret purchasing the best one for you.

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