Best Lightweight Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaners

Are you tired of pushing around the usual vacuum cleaners? Cleaning a big house by pushing around the vacuum cleaner is a big hassle and also it can bring you muscle soreness within no time. As a result, the upgraded lightweight self-propelled vacuum cleaners act as a savior in this case.

The wonderful facilities of these innovative vacuum cleaners include that you won’t have to push around the cleaner to clean the surface. Instead, you can direct it through the way and the powerful motor will clean everything using the wheels themselves. As a result, no walking around pushing the heavy cleaner is needed anymore. Say goodbye to muscle pain!

However, finding a good cleaner can make your head spin out of confusion. We are here to get you out of it. Now we will share a few of the best self-propelled vacuum cleaners that we found out to be awesome by our self-testing. Let’s have a look!

What Is a Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner?

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner moves and cleans, unlike regular vacuum cleaners. It gains power from a tiny motor, and through its drive mechanism, the wheels are automatically turned on. It means you no longer need to push the vacuum across your floor and carpet.

It’s an ideal device for those who have physical issues. It will not require your energy or effort; however, you still have to guide it with directions. Older people are getting the best of it. Some think that self-propelled vacuums don’t work well, but the truth is that they work the same as a normal vacuum.

Lightweight Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaners – A Quick Overview

What features make the best self-propelled vacuum? These are the best vacuum cleaners that will make your life easier and help you create a more efficient cleaning routine with self-propelled technology and powerful suction. Additionally, these models also offer advanced technology such as self-cleaning brush rolls, swivel steering, and large dust bin capacity.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the core specifications quickly for your convenience:

Product NameCompatible SurfaceWeightCord Length   
Kenmore Du2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerDual Action, Hard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet.14 Pounds  30ft
Oreck Xl Commercial Upright Vacuum CleanerCarpet, Wooden Floor, Laminate Floor, Bare Floor, Tile Floor  9 Pounds35 Foot
Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged VacuumDual Action, Hard Floor20 Pounds  35ft
Shark Az2002 Vertexes Duoclean Powerfins Upright VacuumHard Floor, Carpet  21.6 Pounds30 Feet
Eureka Lightweight Powerful Pet Upright Vacuum CleanerDual Action11.5 Pounds25ft    

Lightweight Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaners – Introspection

At this moment in time, we are going to share what we found out about the vacuum cleaners after using them. Be aware! Some of the features are going to make you speechless! Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into it!

1. Kenmore Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum 2-Motor Power Suction Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Key features

  • Includes 4 different cleaning tools for providing effective cleaning.
  • Offers a HEPA filter system that is absolutely stunning to clean 99.7% of the dirt.
  • Provides powerful cleaning with a powerful 2 motor system.
  • Super handy and comes with a lightweight to use without any muscle pain.
  • Capable of cleaning many kinds of floorings.

Extensive Features

The Bagless upright vacuum is unlike any other regular vacuum cleaner. It offers such features which are capable of blowing your mind. Removing pet hair, all the dirt, dust, and grime is no anymore impossible. So if you are troubled with handling the pet hairs, now is the time to let go of that tension.

As it has the enhanced HEPA filter system for trapping 99.7 % of dirt efficiently while reducing pollutants as well, you can rest assured that nothing will be left uncleaned. Without pushing the cleaner forcefully, you are going to have a way cleaner surface within the least possible time.

2-Motor-System And More

The incredible 2-motor-system of this vacuum cleaner is priceless. With the help of that feature, you will get to clean different carpet weights, fabrics, and whatnot! It cleans the compatible surfaces without sacrificing airflow or cleaning efficiencies.

Moreover, the suction power of this vacuum cleaner will definitely impress you. Do you know that this vacuum cleaner offers a feature called the Swivel Steering System? That feature leads you to glide around corners and furniture for a deep and efficient clean. As a result, you will no longer have to struggle to clean the edges or corners anymore! What a relief!

Handy To Use

We know how hectic cleaning is, especially when the vacuum cleaner is too heavy. But you will be glad to know that this vacuum cleaner comes with a very lightweight of under 14 lbs. Have you ever imagined how handy a vacuum cleaner with that weight would be?

Although it comes with so many multifunctional features, it is super easy to use. Actually, you will no longer have to face back or wrist pain because of working with heavy vacuum cleaners. Cleaning has never been easier, trust us!

Our 50 years old grandmother has been dealing with back pain for years, yet she needs to keep everything clean. Whenever she uses any vacuum cleaner, she struggles with back pain, but who can stop her? Luckily, she is using this cleaner now and she finds it very pleasant because it doesn’t cause even a bit of pain!

Versatile With A Lot Of Surfaces

Since we all are tired of finding a vacuum cleaner which cannot clean our carpets and floors at the same time, we would like you to meet this one. Any kind of flooring can be cleaned with this amazing vacuum cleaner since it is super versatile.

This 3-in-1 combination tool will clean hardwood floors, multi-floor, and multi-surface along with your carpets. You will be amazed because the maneuverability and stretch of this vacuum cleaner are worth the price as well. Be it your floor, carpet, or kitchen, you can now clean everything using it without the need for a secondary cleaner.


  • Super handy
  • Versatile
  • Offers multifunctional features
  • Shows great maneuverability


  • Average durability

Why have we chosen this product?

We want you to be able to give a deep cleaning to your floors and any surface you like. The extra-large capacity of this vacuum for cleaning the whole floor is amazing, we must say.

The most wonderful thing about this vacuum cleaner is it comes with a lightweight design. So if you are especially searching for something that comes in a lightweight with all the necessary features, this can be the one. Moreover, the 4 versatile tools and Swivel Steering System will impress you as well.

2. ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Key features

  • Suitable for frequent transportation from room to room or upstairs.
  • Comes with powerful suction to offer efficient cleaning.
  • An ergonomic handle helps to bend and twisting of the wrist in order to do some easier cleaning.
  • Goes inside every tough corner of the house to clean every bit of dirt.
  • Made with high-quality, durable materials to serve you for an extended period.

Easy To Carry Around

The lightweight of this vacuum cleaner is very helpful, it comes at a weight of 9 pounds which makes transporting it easier, from room to room and upstairs. You won’t have to take the hassle of carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner here and there to have the awful backache later.

While we have all been looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner that can be transported from room to room and upstairs for years, this vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution if you want a vacuum cleaner that can be moved frequently. On top of that, you don’t even need to push it harder to clean. All you have to do is, just show the way and it will clean everything on its own.

Powerful Suction

This vacuum cleaner offers the highest speed and suction power. Additionally, the balanced, double helix brushes of this vacuum cleaner spin at a maximum of 6500 RPMs, isn’t that awesome for keeping your floorings and carpets ultra clean? When we used this, the suction power truly amazed us. It literally cleaned every dirt and debris within a while.

Worry no further because this wonderful vacuum cleaner will not only clean dust and dirt but also will clean pet hair from the hardest corners of your house. The powerful suction and speedy movement deserve applause.

Multifunctional Features

Oreck vacuum cleaner is actually a great one that can provide you with great features. It offers a 12-inch cleaning path, 35-foot power cord, edge brushes, high-speed roller brush clear, non-marring bumpers, disposable inner bag, and whatnot. All of these make this vacuum cleaner perfectly capable of keeping your house neat and clean. While you are looking for a truly ergonomic design, this suits the purpose the best.

Versatile & Durable

The vacuum cleaner is surely versatile. The built materials are high quality and as a result, this vacuum cleaner is super durable. All kinds of flooring and surfaces can be cleaned with this vacuum cleaner. So whether you have a hard floor or carpet-covered surface, you can rely on it anyway.

Moreover, you can now clean the places which are hard to reach. Pet hair, dirt, dust, and grime all will vanish with the touch of this incredible vacuum cleaner. Reaching the corners will never be a problem anymore!


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable & Versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for frequent movement


  • May not tolerate heavy usage

Why have we chosen this product?

It is too difficult to find a perfect vacuum cleaner that can efficiently clean our house. The lightweight of this vacuum cleaner makes it easier to assemble and carry. It is great for moving frequently from room to room and upstairs.

When you ask for strong and reliable suction, we can’t think of anything else but this wonderfully capable, powerful vacuum cleaner. You should not delay in purchasing this masterpiece.

3. Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged Vacuum

Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged Vacuum

Key features

  • Features a triple HEPA filter system that traps 99.97% of trash.
  • Comes with a 3D inducer motor which combines the power of 3 motors.
  • Includes special brushes which are air-driven and are super powerful.
  • Offers 20% more air power than any other expensive vacuum cleaner.
  • Comes with a lightweight which makes it easy to carry, use and assemble.

Incredibly Powerful

When you want a powerful cleaning outcome, worry no further. It is a bagged upright vacuum that makes you meet 3x better performance. Do you know what that means? That means you get to enjoy 3x better cleaning and your house becomes 3x cleaner. The high RPM makes it more efficient to clean everything properly.

It offers advanced HEPA Filtration for trapping the toughest pollutants and dirt from the hardest corners. No more suffering from dust and debris, you can now sleep in peace!

Reliable & Handy

Can you imagine this wonderful vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-Level Height Adjustment? Well, it may sound unrealistic but it is true. Wherever you want to clean, you can reach the place now. The lightweight telescoping wand is 10 feet to reach all the tough corners easily without any effort.

Another amazing feature that we would like to introduce you to is the LED Dirt Sensor and Headlight of this vacuum cleaner. The given sensor is an innovative approach that helps you to detect invisible dust and dirt. Isn’t that amazing?

Powerful Performance

This ultra-powerful Vacuum Cleaner comes with a motor that combines the power of 3 motors. Also, this vacuum cleaner gets 20% More Airflow for you. The inducer motor of this vacuum cleaner does so. You should know that the more the airflow, the easier it will be to clean the surface. So the rest you can imagine how it will serve you.

On the other hand, the Double-wall smart design makes it powerful. It gives higher speed, better suction, and reliable performance. 4 versatile tools are attached to this amazing vacuum cleaner which makes it multifunctional and greater than any other vacuum cleaner. It offers you flawless floor transitions and easy access controls at the same time.


Do you own a pet and never find a vacuum cleaner that can keep your house clean? We understand your pain and that’s why we would like to suggest to you the most pet-friendly vacuum cleaner ever! It brings pet hair out from every tough corner.

If you are bothered by the pet hairs sticking inside the carpets, you can clean the carpets using this cleaner as well. Having a pet won’t be an issue anymore if you do a quick purchase and get this amazing yet affordable vacuum cleaner home.


  • Versatile features
  • Durable
  • Incredible suction power
  • Great maneuverability


  • It may show some design flaws.

Why have we chosen this product?

We can hardly compare any other vacuum cleaner with this one because of the extraordinary features this offers. The versatile tools, durability, great features, reliable height adjustment, and maneuverability- everything all together makes this an awesome vacuum cleaner that can not only clean all kinds of flooring but also carpets.

Pet hair, dust, dirt, and grime can be brought out from the hardest corners of your house with the help of this amazing vacuum cleaner. When we used this, we truly felt like the money had been paid off.

4. Shark Vertexes DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum

Shark AZ2002 Upright Vacuum Vertex DuoClean PowerFins

Key features

  • Offers incredible suction and innovative cleaning technology.
  • Comes with self-cleaning features to reduce your cleaning struggle.
  • Can pick up all the pet hair from the toughest corners.
  • Features HEPA filter technology which helps to trap 99.9 % of the dirt.
  • Includes LED lights which help to find hidden debris.

Innovative Technology

Nowadays, we try to seek innovations everywhere. The vacuum cleaners are not left behind from this as well. Here this one offers amazing innovative features to you that come out to be super handy in cleaning.

We know you would prefer a vacuum cleaner that can offer you unique and innovative features. The Shark Upright Vacuum cleaner comes with self-cleaning features. The incredible suction power it offers is priceless additionally. Because of the powerful suction, cleaning any surface will seem to be effortless.

No More Hidden Dirts!

How would you feel if you got LED lights to see the unseen dirt that you always tend to ignore? When we found out about this feature, it blew our minds! This wonderful vacuum cleaner includes LED lights that bring hidden debris in front of you.

Yes, no more struggling with the hidden dust and dirt while you have this great vacuum cleaner. You can now reach all the hard-to-reach places with the height-adjustable handle. Subsequently, the versatile tools that this vacuum cleaner includes are very helpful for making cleaning easier.

Cleans All The Pet Hair

We always fail at cleaning pet hair from the hard-to-reach corners and carpets and those end up affecting us and our kids with several diseases. That’s why we would like to suggest to you this wonderful opportunity of getting all of those pet hair out of your house. The ultra-powerful vacuum cleaner is highly capable of cleaning all the dirt, dust, and pet hair easily.

Makes Cleaning Easier

We know how hard it is to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room. When your priority is to get a lightweight vacuum cleaner, the dream will come true with this one. You should no longer be wasting your time and energy with those heavy vacuum cleaners because it is very light in weight.

As a result, this one is super easy to carry from room to room, even upstairs. It is actually great for frequent movements, and stairs and it is easy to assemble. People of any age can move this around for cleaning spontaneously.


  • Innovative features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great maneuverability
  • Reliable suction power


  • Less durability

Why have we chosen this product

We love this product mostly because of the innovative features it offers. It is great for keeping our house neat and clean. It removes pet hair effectively additionally. It’s a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can be carried easily from room to room and upstairs.

Despite offering so many features, it is affordable as well. Also, the smooth maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner will impress you. You get to enjoy a powered lift-away, duo clean, anti-allergen complete seal, and whatnot!

5. Eureka Lightweight Powerful Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

EUREKA Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet

Key features

  • Features upgraded cyclone system to find out and clean bigger to microscopic dirt from anywhere.
  • Offers 5 levels of height-adjustable handle for better flexibility.
  • Includes various versatile tools which make cleaning easier.
  • Goes with all kinds of surfaces or areas- be it cars, curtains, ceilings, or door frames.
  • Features great suction power and maneuverability.

Smart Features

The cyclone system is truly innovative when it comes to vacuum cleaners. For extended cleaning, this feature helps a lot! This amazing vacuum cleaner offers an upgraded cyclone system.

Using the cyclone feature, you can undoubtedly fight against all the large debris and dirt. Even the smaller dirt and debris will vanish with this vacuum cleaner. The innovative technologies it features are priceless in every way.

Cleans Any Surface

The 5 levels adjustable handle of this vacuum cleaner helps you reach the hardest corners of your house and clean all the dirt. Moreover, you can clean any kind of flooring with this vacuum cleaner.

You can clean carpets, hardwood floors, and vinyl with this vacuum cleaner. You just have to turn the dial to clean low to medium and you will be able to clean all the areas. This flexibility is truly appreciable when you are looking for a single vacuum cleaner that can help you in every way.

Lightweight Construction

The weight of the vacuum cleaner matters, we all know! Although it’s a vacuum cleaner with the strongest construction with high-quality materials which is durable as well, it is light enough so that you can carry it from room to room easily. Because of that, it is great for frequent movement. Carrying it upstairs is easier as well. 


We are here not only talking about not only prices but also maintenance. This vacuum cleaner offers so many features yet comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a lot of maintenance. It can be used with zero maintenance, isn’t that amazing? So purchasing this vacuum cleaner will be the greatest idea ever since it can make cleaning easier, more effective, and more efficient.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Smart design
  • Pocket friendly


  • Not specified

Why have we chosen this product?

Finding something reliable yet affordable is not a cup of tea nowadays. We end up with a product that is neither good enough nor worthy. But here you are getting something which can do the best cleaning, offer you the best features yet which comes at a reasonable price. Isn’t that everyone’s dream come true combo? By thinking of all of those possibilities we suggest that you should purchase that wholesome vacuum cleaner as soon as possible.

Things to Consider While Buying The Lightweight Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the whole house sounds to be a job of no fun yet great hassle, doesn’t it? Cleaning the house, however, brings a different level of difficulty if you own a vacuum cleaner that is heavyweight. So getting a lightweight vacuum cleaner that will be able to offer good features is the only solution. Here’s how to get one-


Since you’re getting this to make your cleaning tasks easier and faster, a vacuum that is not versatile will make your job harder so there is no point. Make sure that you are getting a vacuum cleaner that is capable of offering you innovative, unique features to make the whole cleaning job a little easier.


You must get a vacuum cleaner which comes with a lightweight. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are easy to carry, easy to assemble, and easy to use as well.

Handle Height

Nowadays you will find vacuum cleaners in stores that come with 5-level adjustable height handles. Trust us here, those make cleaning easier when it comes to cleaning the places hard to reach.

While choosing, try to pick a vacuum cleaner that includes a handle that is easy to grip. Some vacuum cleaners have rather thick handles which are hard to grip. Check the joints to make sure they won’t come off easily, that’s super important.

Multifunctional Approach

Look for a vacuum cleaner that can go with all kinds of flooring. You will find such vacuum cleaners which are capable of cleaning the floors and the carpets at the same time. So it’s a total waste of money if you go with one which can hardly clean hardwood floors and vinyl at the same time.

Ease Of Cleaning

Like any other cleaning utility, a vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned. So it is important to get one that can easily be cleaned. Look in the catalog for what can be used to clean the vacuum cleaner. Get one that offers self-cleaning features, those offer other good cleaning features as well.

How Does a Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner Work?

A self-propelled vacuum absorbs electricity and converts it into mechanical energy. Hence, the vital thing it requires to work is electricity as the power source. It gains that power with the help of either a plugged-in extended cord or a battery.

If yours has an extended cord, you need to plug it into a socket. When you turn the switch on, the electricity starts running, and it arrives at the internal motor through the electric wire. The motor then sends signals to the fan, filter, and rotating brush to work.

The fan’s job is to suck up various debris and dust from carpets and floors while the vacuum brush is sweeping. When the mess goes inside and arrives at the filter, it separates the dust (small particles) and debris (large particles). Usually, most models come with one dustbin, but some special versions offer two bins for keeping dust in one and debris in another.

The motor is powerful enough to move the vacuum itself. However, you still need to guide it to your recommended directions. This way, you save yourself from getting tired since you don’t have to keep pushing the cleaning device anymore.

Self-Propelled Vacuums vs. Traditional Vacuums

There are many differences between a self-propelled vacuum and a traditional vacuum. If you don’t compare them, you will not know which one is better overall. So, let’s find out which is better.


The main difference between them is the motor. While the self-propelled vacuum contains two powerful motors, a traditional vacuum has only one. The self-propeller comes with two motors because it needs extra power for propelling, which is done by the second motor.

Ease of Work

If you compare the ease of work, a self-propelled vacuum will win because it can move forward and backward while collecting dust and debris. All you have to do is change its direction after some time. You need to push a traditional vacuum for cleaning. So, if it’s heavy, you will soon get tired.

Dust Collecting Capacity

Generally, self-propelled vacuums have less capacity for collecting dust than traditional vacuums, unless that is too expensive.

So, we can say, a self-propelled vacuum is better in many ways than a traditional one. The vital fact is that a self-propelled vacuum provides ease and cleanliness but is not as clean as a traditional vacuum. Hence get yourself a traditional vacuum if you want a 100% cleaned environment, and if you prefer effortless cleaning, then a self-propelled vacuum will be better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner Good For Cleaning?

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner does a good job of cleaning, but it takes longer than the traditional vacuums. It needs to go back and forth 3 to 4 times to suck up dust and debris from that area. Still, it’s a great pick since it will not require much. Your only job is to change the directions of your self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

2. Do vacuum cleaners really work?

They do. Vacuum cleaners help us clean our house in easier ways. There are various kinds of vacuum cleaners. You should get the self-propelled lightweight ones. Those are easy to carry and easy to work with. In short, they help you clean your house without any hassle.

3. Will vacuum cleaners clean pet hair?

Yes, they will. If you get good quality vacuum cleaners that are capable of cleaning carpets and hard-to-reach places then you will be able to clean your pet hair with your vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, low-quality vacuum cleaners do not clean pet hair.

4. Are Heavier vacuums better?

If you give it some time then you will notice that there is no connection between heavier weight and a good vacuum cleaner. Heavier vacuum cleaners make it difficult to clean and carry it from room to room. So it’s way better if you get one which comes with lightweight.

5. Are lightweight vacuums bad?

Obviously not. You may think lightweight materials will be bad at quality. But actually, lightweight vacuums are the best for doing great with cleaning. We can easily carry the lightweight vacuums from room to room and upstairs as well. But if you go with heavyweight vacuums instead then you won’t be able to carry that easily.

6. Are self-propelled vacuum cleaners good?

There are various kinds of vacuum cleaners. But professionals consider the self-propelled ones to be the best since they work more efficiently than brooms. They take cleaning to another level. You can do cleaning easily with them and they offer many other innovative, helpful features.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about lightweight self-propelled vacuum cleaners. Therefore, at this phase, it has been easier for you to choose the best one you like. So compare the requirements properly and stick to the one that seems to be the most useful for you. As we have shared all the best vacuum cleaners with our self-tested investigations, you won’t regret your choice for sure.

Before you pick one, remember to notice the motor power and efficiency of the cleaner along with the other considerations that we have mentioned above. Hopefully, you will find the perfect working vacuum cleaner for you as your needs.

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