ILife v7s Pro vs v7s: What Makes Them Different?

What are the main differences between ilife v7s pro vs. v7s what makes them different? Today, these two ilife products are the main concern for us. If you look for the best robotic carpet cleaner on amazon or other online platforms, you might end up having these two recommendations.

Although these products are indeed highly similar and can serve the same purpose, they still have many differences in functionality and other aspects. However, the entire comparison and details will be given in this write-up and give you clear ideas that will ultimately help you make your final decision.

ILIFE v7s pro vs v7s- A Quick Comparison

Mainly, ILIFE has come up with the two most budget-friendly cleaning robots compared to its rivals. If you compare them, you will get some common things in both the cleaners. Among them, remote controlling, cleaning system, vacuum & mopping are the most similar parts. If you go in-depth into these two, you will find the original differences.

iLife v7s ProiLife v7s

The ILIFE v7s pro has some more features than the v7s.

Mainly it is the upgraded version, and more like professional instructions are there.

It can mop and clean the floor using the optimum amount of water.

The v7s pro is a more ready-to-use cleaner for all the hard surfaces.
In contrast, the v7s is a general robotic cleaner.

It’s the better version of v3 and v5. It also has all the functions, and it serves the people better than the v7s pro since it was introduced earlier than the pro version.

Timed Scheduled Cleaning and Remote Control with 4 cleaning modes.

In our next section, we will give you a detailed comparison and show you all the differences between these two robotic vacuum cleaners.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Details: The Key Differences Between ilife v7s pro vs v7s

Like the robotic vacuum cleaners, the ILIFE v7s pro and v7s have some distinct differences, although they are similar. It’s time for them to get the best ideas about these two robotic vacuum cleaners. BTW, do you know Robotic Vacuum also known as Dual Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning?

Efficiency: The v7s pro is more efficient in using water and cleaning the hard floors than the v7s. Mainly, it has i-dropping technology, which makes it more intelligent and efficient. The pro version of the ILIFE will use the optimal amount of water and clean and dry the surface together without creating any mess.

Whereas the v7s is a regular robotic cleaner, it doesn’t have advanced technology; therefore, it won’t use the water appropriately. It might give you the normal cleaning experience, nothing special. It’s true about the v7s that it was the prior version of the pro, and there must be some differences so people will shift from it to the pro version.

Battery Life: As a pro version of the ILIFE, the v7s pro has more battery life than the v7s. Typically the regular one will give 110-120 minutes of battery backup. On the other hand, the v7s pro will provide you with 120-130 minutes of battery life. It is an expected performance from the professional version.

Since you are investing more in the pro version of the ILIFE, you must enjoy more facilities; therefore, the battery life will surely satisfy you more than the regular one.

Dustbin Detection: It was a previous bad experience that their old version of the ILIFE won’t detect the dustbin properly. And, it ends up having some dirt around the vacuuming or mopping area. Some users also claim that they need to clean the surface again after vacuuming or mopping it. In fact, the v7s also can’t detect the dustbin if you fail to set up the dustbin properly.

In contrast, the v7s pro will use robotic intelligence to detect the dustbin accurately. If you forget to set it up, it won’t scatter the dirt and debris here and there. That means it will give you the best experience in collecting dirt and cleaning the surface within a while.

Wheels: One of the best and biggest differences between the v7s pro and the v7s is the wheel size. The regular one comes up with small wheels, and it won’t give you the best experience in moving. And, you know the small wheels sometimes make things complicated, and you cannot just move it as per your demand.

ILIFE has solved the problem with their pro version cleaner. They introduce the big size wheels with v7s pro. That means you can move it fast and control it better. In particular, this will allow you to give a better controlling experience than the previous one.

What Advancements ilife V7s Has?

ILIFE v7s has some more advancements than all the previous ILIFE robotic cleaners. It will give extra facilities and other factors that you will miss in other robotic cleaners of ILIFE. Mainly, the ILIFE v7s pro will provide you with the best cleaning experience for spacious hard floors.

It will give you a better dustbin and dirt collecting experience and mopping experience. Therefore, you won’t need to think about its mopping quality. Since it will use a minimum amount of water and deep clean the surface, you don’t need to worry about the leftover water on the floors.

Pros and Cons of ilife v7s pro

ILIFE v7s pro is an excellent robot cleaner that will give you the best cleaning experience over any hard floor and carpet. It has both vacuuming options and carpet cleaning options that will be enough for any regular user. The ILIFE pro has more battery life and controlling power than its previous version of robot cleaners.

Indeed, you won’t get the top-notch robotic performance that you expect from high-quality intelligent robotic cleaners. Some users also claim these issues while using it. But from my personal cleaning experience, I find it pretty well since the price is reasonable and budget-friendly. If you have more budget and want to experience better robotic performance, you should go for other cleaners.

Let’s look at the pros & cons of ILIFE v7s pro. It will help you to decide if you want this cleaner or not.


  • 120-130 minutes of Battery Backup, which is more than enough?
  • Better dustbin identification.
  • Best budget-friendly & value for money product.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Suitable for both hard floor & carpet.
  • Great Mopping experience.


  • No voice command option is there.
  • Can’t deep clean as you expected.

Pros and Cons of v7s

If you want a reliable and user-friendly ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner, you should go with the ILIFE v7s. It’s a stable cleaner compared to the others, and it will give you a manual cleaning experience which is better than the v7s pro. The pro version won’t allow you to use it manually; you need to remote control and automatically do most of the tasks with your pro cleaner, whereas the v7s are slightly better compared to this fact.

It will also depend on you, if you like manual cleaning with a robot, you may go for the ILIFE v7s, and if you choose the automatic cleaning option, you should consider buying the v7s pro. Apart from that, the v7s have sufficient battery backup and a quality cleaning experience.

Apart from that, it has some drawbacks which we will discuss in the cons section. Let’s first get all the pros & cons at a glance, then make your final choice.


  • Remote control robot cleaner.
  • 0.5L Water Tank.
  • Both mopping & vacuuming options.
  • Clean all the hard & carpet surfaces.
  • Best budget-friendly robotic vacuum.


  • Mopping would be challenging.
  • Dustbin set-up issues are there.

iLife v7s pro vs v7s: Which One Is Worth Buying?

The ILIFE v7s pro and v7s are two compatible and budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaning options for small apartments. It will give you the best solution within your limited budget. However, both have some pros and cons; therefore, it’s not easy to suggest the best one for you.

First, you need to ask yourself what you want from the robotic cleaner according to your budget. Do you need a big size wheel, a more intelligent robot cleaner, and an easy-to-operate cleaner? If that’s all your concern, you should go for the ilife v7s pro robotic vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, the ilife v7s will give you the manual cleaning option, including the best cleaning experience on both carpet and hard floors.

In other words, if you buy the v7s pro, you will get some more features and lose the manual cleaning choices. You should read all the pros and cons of these products, and then you decide which one would be better for you.

Considering all the significant facts, I think the v7s pro will give you the best cleaning experience, and it’s worth buying the pro version of ILIFE than the regular one.

Can iLife Robots Clean Carpets?

iLife robots can clean carpets and vacuum them properly. The robots have both vacuum cleaning and mopping features. Therefore, you can use them on the carpet and vacuum the surface quickly. It might take a few minutes to properly clean the carpets and collect all the dust and debris.

The robots will collect the dirt and debris and put them into the dustbin or the tank you placed or set up with the robot’s vacuum. You cannot just switch on the cleaner and expect it to clean the entire surface. You have the remote, and you can control the robot. If needed, you can clean the carpet twice.

But the fact is collecting debris. If you have v7s, deep cleaning the carpet will be challenging. But the v7s pro will give you the best cleaning experience to detect the dustbin and put all the dirt and debris into it.

Which One is Better for Carpet?

The pro version is better for carpet cleaning. It has an automated vacuum cleaning option. On the other hand, the v7s pro has a better mopping system which means it will use the minimum amount of water. If you want a deep cleaning experience on the carpet, you can use the pro.

The v7s pro will use the water and mop a certain area; then, it will vacuum the surface that can dry out the surface quickly. You can also vacuum the surface and then mop the carpet. Whatever the process you follow, you will find it more accessible since the controlling system is better than the v7s.

This pro robot will identify the dustbin and put the debris, which was difficult for the v7s. Also, the pro version has a bigger wheel and better battery life. You can clean the carpet for a long time.

How to Use iLife v7s?

Using iLife v7s is not a difficult task. You can charge the battery before starting cleaning with the robot. It will help you if you read the user manual. In that case, you find the manufacturer’s instructions and charging methods and the best ways.

You need to place the battery on the remote and then turn it on. Before that, you will find a button on the robot cleaners; you have to turn that on, and then the remote will help you move the cleaner from here to there. After setting up the entire v7s, you are ready to use them on the hard floors. Don’t try out the carpet first. Clean the hard floors, then go for the carpet.

How to Use v7s?

Both the v7s and the v7s pro come up with a similar user experience. You will find the on/off buttons on the cleaner and remote. First, turn on the robot and sell if it requires the charge. If you find the battery is low and the robot is beeping, you need to charge it for a couple of hours as per the instructions.

Then, could you turn it on and set up the remote? You have options to turn on/off the remote. Once you are on the remote, the robot will be ready to clean the surface within a while. You can use it both on the hard floors and carpets. Select the mode of vacuuming or mopping, then start cleaning your cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s The Core Difference Between The iLife v7s Pro & v7s?

The core differences between these two robotic vacuum cleaners are battery capacity, automated cleaning, i-dropping technology, and controlling power. You will get better performance from iLife v7s pro than the v7s.

2. Will You Get Better Performance From The iLife v7s Pro Than v7s?

Yes, you will get better performance from the v7s pro than the v7s. The best part would be i-dropping technology. It will enable the iLife pro to detect the dustbin and clean the surface better than the v7s.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have tried to cover all the differences between iLife v7s pro vs. v7s and showed you what makes them different. If you go through the comparison part and the pros and cons of these two robotic cleaners, you will end up making sound decisions wisely. I like the v7s pro as a competitive fit for the vacuum cleaning and mopping experience. You are getting extra battery life, updated technology, and a robotic cleaning experience from the pro version. But, if you like the v7s for the manual cleaning option, you can buy it. It also gives you nearly all the features and cleaning experience.

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