How to Wash a Tent Carpet : Easy Step-By-Step Guidelines

Tent carpets in our houses are the items we use the most every day to clean our feet. The way it cleanses our feet, we too need to clean them. But a question arises, “how to wash a tent carpet.” Don’t worry if you don’t have any clue about this. We will teach you the simplest yet most effective ways to wash your tent carpets.

Following our cleaning procedures, you can clear all the dirt from rugs and keep them damage-free. So, let’s not waste more time and learn the correct plus pro ways to wash your tent carpet.

How to Wash a Tent Carpet : Simple Steps

Cleaning your tent carpet in the washing machine is not a good idea. The best is to wash it by yourself. If you think cleaning them takes a lot of effort, you have a wrong conception. No matter how stubborn the grimes are, it’s possible to remove them from rugs.

The following steps will help you get your tent carpets clean and nice. But if you want to get pro results, wash your tent carpet following the actions we have mentioned in the second section. So, let’s dive into it right away.

Step 01. Winnow the Tent Carpet

Give the rug a fine winnow by brushing the dust off or shaking it. Before you start washing it, make sure there is no loose dust. Now, spread the tent carpet over your lawn. Check the place before placing it and ensure there is no mud.

Step 02. Start Washing

With the help of a garden hose, start washing the rug. Let the water flow at full speed. The flowing water will remove the easy grimes. However, the stubborn stains will remain, which we will take care of next.

Step 03. Add Cleaner and Scrub

Use a carpet cleaner or use soapy water as a cleaner. You can also clean the rug with shampoo. Use any mentioned cleaners you have. Add some and with a soft brush, start rubbing gently but firm. Try rubbing in a circular motion. Rub slowly and make sure not to miss a single stained part.

Step 04. Leave in Warm Water

Fill a bucket with warm water. Put your tent carpet inside the bucket. Leave the rug for only half an hour. It will separate any stampeded dirt from the carpet surface.

Step 05. Brush and Wash

After half an hour, take out the carpet from the bucket. The stubborn grime has separated within time. Now, for the last time, brush again but gently. All the dirt will come off by now. Rewash the rug until all the foams with soil are gone. The water should look clear at the end of the cleaning.

Step 06. Dry The Rug

After cleaning, it’s time to let the tent carpet air dry itself. Hang it in a place where the air can reach it. When it’s dried out completely, you are ready to use it.

Pro Ways to Wash a Tent Carpet

Depending on the tent carpets, the cleaning methods like a professional are different. Let’s find out how the three kinds of rugs are washed like the experts.

Triple Layer

These kinds of tent carpets are very sturdy. They have more layers but are small in size. For this reason, throwing them into the washing machine for cleaning can damage them. The backing can get removed.

The best is to clean them directly using carpet cleaner and water with a high-speed flow. Follow the earlier mentioned steps, but avoid step number 04. Such thick carpet layers loosen if dipped into the water for an extended period.

Single Layer

Earlier, we said not to put your rug into a washing machine to prevent damage. Washing them with your hands will clean them well. But here’s a fact, if you operate your washing machine the way we recommend, rinsing your tent carpet in it will bring the best results.

Just ensure your machine cycle is relatively mild and slow. This way, the rug will be perfectly cleaned while not being damaged a little. Remember, wash the single-layer tent carpets only if the label mentioned it to be machine-wash compatible.


Vango tent carpets are rarely seen. But if you own one, you should know the proper cleaning process. Such rugs are not suitable to wash in the washing machine. You need to wash and rinse them with care. The stains will go away only by blotting them with damp clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use a steam cleaner on a tent carpet?

Well, you are allowed to steam clean tent carpets. But you must avoid using a steam cleaner for a long time. First, separate the loose grimes on the rug to keep your hands away from a muddy mini bath.

2. Can I put a tent carpet in the washing machine?

You can’t wash any tent carpet in the washing machine. There is only one kind of rug that is machine-wash compatible. Rugs with only one layer are okay, and the other carpets will instead get damaged.

3. How do I make my tent carpets last?

Taking good care of your tent carpets can make them live longer. Follow these tips and get your rug to serve you longer.

  1. It would be best if you gave them a good winnow every day.
  2. Air them out every day before using.
  3. Store them somewhere where air can reach them.
  4. It would help if you prevented the mildew from growing on them. To do so, store them in a dry and cool area.
  5. Do not fold the PVC-backed tent carpets; instead, roll them when storing.

Closing Remarks

Now that you know the right ways of “how to wash a tent carpet,” try to wash them often. Cleaning the rugs frequently will keep them safe from stains that go deeper inside the fabrics. Whatever the type of your tent carpet, wash them with care.

Don’t miss any step to give them a proper cleaning. Take a small tip: maintain your tent carpets by doing what manufacturers have instructed.

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