How to Vacuum Carpet Under Bed – The Straightforward Way

Even though it seems like there is no way that dirt can get under your bed and reach your carpet, you will notice that it still reaches that area and makes the carpet look dirty. That’s why, over time, the carpet under the bed needs proper cleaning. So, if you got the best vacuum for a small apartment, we are going to share the rest of the task with you.

As vacuuming under the bed is not frequently done, we often forget to do the cleaning. But, here, we will share how to vacuum carpet under bed in our detailed and most straightforward ways. Right now, it might feel like a lot of tasks for you, but it’s elementary.

Let’s get right into it to know what we have figured out for you!

How To Vacuum Carpet Under Bed?

Step-1: Prepare The Vacuum

The vacuum hose needs to be long enough to reach under the bed. So pick a vacuum with a long hose that is small in size. Otherwise, you can also pick a vacuum with a convertible hose that can benefit you while cleaning under the bed.

Move any items stored under the bed. If your bed is too low to reach the carpet under it, you have to remove the bed. In the case of folding beds, try folding it up until you are done with the cleaning.

Step-2: Make Sure Of The Power Source

The power source needs to be easily accessible as you are trying to vacuum under the bed. If your power source is not nearby, try using other devices to connect the vacuum. Devices like a multiplug will help you in that case.

Step-3: Vacuum

Now the main task begins. You have to place the hose under the bed to vacuum. Connect the vacuum to the power source and turn it on. Afterward, start the vacuuming with long, straight, and overlapping strokes.

You need to start from one corner of the bed and then finish in another corner. Don’t move the vacuum here and there because then it can feel messy. Keep the steadiness to reach every area properly. After vacuuming once, repeat the same procedure to make sure that you have reached every part of the carpet properly.

Step-4: Check and Finish

You are almost done! Now you have to give the final check. Therefore, kneel down on your knees and look under the bed. Try to use a torchlight if possible. Look carefully if there is any dirt or debris present or not. After that, place all the items and furniture in place.

Other Ways to Do Carpet Cleaning Under Beds

Suppose you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, no worries. We have got your back with the substitutes. Now we will share more ways that you can follow in cleaning under the carpet without the help of a vacuum cleaner. Let’s move forward!

Way-1: Use a broom

A broom can deal with any kind of loose dirt and debris. So, you have nothing to worry about if you got a broom at home (which almost everyone does). Broom handles are long enough to reach the end of the carpet under your bed.

Just take the broom and sweep under the bed. You will notice that it is taking all the dirt and debris from the carpet. If you are not satisfied with the first approach, try repeating it.

Way-2: Use a duster

A duster can also help you in this case. Take a duster with a long handle, and you are all ready to go. Dusters can sweep all the dry dirt out of the carpet under your bed. You can find dusters in any shop that sells household stuff.

Way-3: Duct tape

Duct tape can help you collect all the dirt out of the carpet. Attach duct tape to your broom and sweep under the bed. The tape will attach all the dirt with its stickiness. You need to replace the tape after it’s done collecting dirt up to its stickiness.

Way-4: Take out the carpet and brush it

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, you can simply take out the carpet and brush it using a brush. This will let you have a better cleaning. Also, you can reach all the areas properly without much struggle.

Way-5: Use a lint roller

A lint roller can save your back when you want an alternative to the vacuum cleaner. You can attach the roller to a handle to reach the hard-to-reach areas more efficiently. All it needs is just a few sipes back and forth, and you will see wonders happen.

Why Does Under The Bed Get So Dusty?

Our bedrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house, but we always keep them open for better air circulation. Thus, the bedroom has a higher tendency of getting all the dust stuck under the bed on the carpet.

Alongside, as we spend most of our time in the bedroom, the carpet gets covered with hair, cloth fibers, dust mites, and microorganisms. Sometimes, when you sweep the floor, the air takes away the dust, and the dust gathers on the carpet under your bed.

In addition, if the ventilation system of your bedroom is blocked, the filter will spread the dust all over the room, and that will mostly gather under the bed.

The cloth fibers and book fibers can fall down on the floor and gather on your carpet. Also, the skin flakes and hair travel through the air and get stuck in the carpet under your bed. Over time, those small particles gather up and create specks of dirt under the bed.

When and Why You Should Clean The Carpet Areas under the Bed?

Admit it, we often ignore the areas under the bed during our usual cleaning. As the area is hard-to-reach, we neglect cleaning it. As a result, when we attempt to clean it, it becomes huge trouble due to all the accumulated dirt.

But if you don’t clean the carpet under your bed as a routine task, it can bring serious health hazards. Issues like asthma, breathing issues, and other respiratory problems can affect you and the children. In addition, as we spend most of our time in our bedroom, it appears to be very dangerous if there is dust present underneath the bed. Inhaling the dust continuously can even lead to lung cancer.

Everyone should clean their carpets underneath the bed at least once or twice a month. When you make it a routine, it will feel easier to clean because there won’t be much dirt bothering you. On the other hand, if you don’t clean the carpet underneath your bed regularly, it can even ruin the carpet, giving you no choice but to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should you vacuum under your bed?

You should clean your carpets underneath the bed at least once or twice a month. Thus no dust can accumulate there to cause you a problem. If you have a cleaning routine for your house, include cleaning this area in the routine. When you attempt to clean the carpet under the bed as a routine, dirt doesn’t get the chance to accumulate there, often making it harder for you to clean.

2. Can you vacuum bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be super hard to deal with. With a sense of sadness, we must say that you can’t completely deal with bed bugs using your vacuum cleaner. You need to try other methods.

3. What happens if you never vacuum the carpet under the bed?

If you don’t clean the carpet underneath the bed, it can convey severe health threats. Health issues like asthma, breathing problems, and other respiratory difficulties can affect you and the children. The dirt can even lead to lung cancer.

Wrapping Up

We are done suggesting how to vacuum carpet under the bed. By now, we hope that you got a clear idea of what to do. We recommend you take this cleaning as routine work, and it will lessen your hassle multiple times.

Leaving the carpet under your bed uncleaned for a long time can bring many health issues. The secret to keeping the bedroom fresh and perfect is to ensure proper maintenance, and cleaning the carpet under the bed is vital to have optimum care. 

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