How to Sweep Carpet With A Broom? The Easiest Way Explained

It’s totally understandable if you can not sweep your carpet with a broom since there’s a first time for everything. People who don’t have access to vacuum cleaners often ask us how to sweep carpet with a broom? When you are one of them, don’t stress out! We have figured it out for you.

Although the tutorial on sweeping a carpet with a broom sounds easy to get, when you face reality, you will get to know that there’s no reliable tutorial available yet. Well, worry no more since we got your back. Read further to see what we have figured out for you!

How to Sweep Carpet With A Broom?

We’ve picked every little information you might need while sweeping your carpet with a broom and put it all in here. So keep up with us to know the whole deal. Let’s dig in!

  • Step-1: Although it might sound ironic, you need to go through some initials. Start with picking up the large debris such as paper, garbage, and other stuff.
  • Step-2: Now grab a traditional broom which is, of course, angled and household.
  • Step-3: Using short quick strokes would be your next step and pretty amazing for cleaning your house.
  • Step-4: Aim the dirt and just sweep that in one direction with your broom. Do not move the broom here and there, as it’s likely to make a mess. Start from one direction and slowly move to the other direction.
  • Step-5: Once you’re done cleaning up the whole carpet, scoop all the dirt up into a dustpan and proceed to throw them in the dustbin.

That’s the small procedure of cleaning your carpet with a broom. There are now many advanced technology brooms available in the market. But if you intend to go simple, then a traditional angled brush will do it all.

However, don’t include any solutions or cleaning sprays while sweeping with a broom since that will just increase your work. Nothing else! You can go with elbow grease if you want as well.

How Can I Dust My Carpet Without A Vacuum?

Well, if you think that a vacuum machine is the only way of having a nice fresh carpet, then obviously you’re wrong since there are many classic and traditional ways which can lead you to clean your carpet effectively.

For starters, you can always rely on the classic pair of broom and dustpan to clean your carpet. An angled traditional broom really makes cleaning your carpet easier and more effective.

Just include elbow grease while cleaning with your broom. First, remove the debris from the carpet and then proceed to clean with the broom.

However, it will be great if you get a broom with stiff bristles just like Lineman’s Precision Angle broom. That makes cleaning the corners easier. Moreover, the bristles go inside the carpet fibers well and you remove all the dirt, debris, and pet hair from your carpet.

But if you don’t do that one, that’s not really an issue since all the traditional brooms are perfectly capable of removing all the dirt from your carpet. Sometimes it works better than vacuum cleaners. So yes there are definitely other ways of cleaning a carpet without a vacuum cleaner and at the top of the list, brooms and dustpans exist.

How to Sweep Carpet Without A Broom?

We know that it’s better to sweep your favorite carpet with a broom, a traditional angled one. But misfortunes can come along such as your broom can get broken or something. So it’s better if you acknowledge a way of sweeping your carpet without a broom. Well, it’s understandable if that sentence sounds a little bit weird to you but trust us, it’s possible on earth.

Start with picking up the debris from your carpet. Now look attentively and check if there’s any pet hair stuck on your carpet or not. If pet hair’s a possibility then get a cleaning solution and spray it on particular spots of your carpet and try removing the pet hair with a brush. Don’t use too much spray and let the wet spots dry once you’re done.

Then get a slightly damp cloth and start rubbing the carpet with that cloth. Continue rubbing until your carpet looks fresh. Well, this is the least simple we could go with. You can always go with a vacuum cleaner if you want and own one. But all would be options if you don’t own an appropriate broom. A good broom is always the first answer when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to clean a carpet by hand?

It’s possible to clean your carpet with your hand. But that process would include a hand brush obviously. Just prepare a solution using a table teaspoonful of ammonia with a cup of water. Put that in a spray bottle and spray it on your carpet. Start gently rubbing and cleaning your carpet. Before jumping on this make sure that you pick up all the large debris. Lastly, give some time for your carpet to dry and you will be done.

2. How do I make my carpet Fluffy?

There’s a wholesome process that can help you make your carpet fluffy. Filling the indentations of your carpet with ice cubes and then using your finger to get your carpet fibers back to their place in the ice is melted helps a lot. Repeat the process again and again until you get your desired results.

3. Does a carpet sweeper work better than a broom on a carpet?

This is a common inquiry but honestly which would work better depends on the type of your carpet. Sweeper works greatly on heavy-duty rugs but while using that on a handmade one, we’re afraid your carpet might end up being ruined. That’s when you need a broom. So choose the cleaning equipment depending on the type of your carpet.

Final Talks

See? It’s incredibly easy to use a broom to sweep your carpet. Brooms have been used from ancient times as sweepers. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will require a vacuum cleaner to sweep the carpet when you don’t have one.

As we have shared the process to follow on how to sweep carpet with a broom, you can now happily clean the carpet. Do not let people fool you by saying that traditional methods don’t work nowadays. Follow our ways and you will surely find a satisfying result.

However, we can’t deny that a vacuum cleaner can make the procedure easier and take less time. But when you don’t have access to that, a broom can be your definite savior.

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