How to Remove Paint From a Carpet With Home Remedies

Were you painting over your carpet and accidentally got some paint on it?

It happens with many of us, and it’s a common scenario whenever you use paints, whether it’s an emulsion, primer, fresh, black, or red paint. With some simple techniques followed at home, you can get your carpet cleaned like before.

Hence, let’s learn how to remove paint from a carpet with home remedies. Here we will discuss the methods of removing a couple of paints. So, let’s get started.

How to Remove Paint From a Carpet With Home Remedies

Here are the easy-to-follow methods of getting various kinds of paints out of your carpet.

How to Remove Emulsion Paint From Carpet

how to remove emulsion paint from carpet

Getting rid of emulsion paint off your carpet is pretty easy since it is water-based. All you would need is any branded soap detergent and water. So, here are the steps for removing emulsion paint with water and dish soap.

Step 1. Remove Paint Manually

After you get your carpet messed up with the emulsion paint, try removing it as much as you can use a spoon, scraper, or spatula. If you find it hard to remove paint with these tools, you can collect paint by bolting away with kitchen rolls.

Step 2. Making and Applying the Solution

Take some soap detergent in a bowl and add the required water. Mix them well to create the solution. Now take a clean kitchen roll or a cloth. Wet the cloth or kitchen roll into the solution and apply it to the paint.

Wait for a while and see if the stain is coming out. Also, remember not to use the same cloth area again on the stained place if you don’t want to slow down the process.

Step 3. Pull the Dried Paint Up

If the paint is dried, try to pull most of it up using a pin or knife. Of course, you still would have to add a solution to the stain in order to soften it.

Step 4. Using Steam Cleaner

If you already own a steam cleaner, you will not need to go through the steps above. With the help of only the steam cleaner, you can take out emulsion paint from the carpet.

How to Get Black Paint Out of Carpet?

how to get black paint out of carpet

If the black paint you dropped unintentionally on your carpet is water-based, you can follow the first method. But if the paint creates hard-to-clean stains like acrylic paint, you would need to remove it slightly differently. How? Let’s find out.

Step 1. Wear a Pair of Gloves and a Mask

In this technique, we will be using acetone, and therefore it’s important to wear gloves and a mask. This way, you keep your hands clean and save yourself from harmful chemicals.

Step 2. Spray Warm Water

Take a sprayer and fill it with some warm water. Now, spray water on the stained area in order to loosen up their spots over the carpet.

Step 3. Blot

Blot the place with a clean cloth, and you will see the colors are getting off. However, it will take the whole day if the paint has completely dried up.

Step 4. Add Acetone

Acrylic paints can make strong stains which are much removable with acetone. So, add some acetone to the warm water you have in your sprayer.

Step 5. Spray and Blot

All you have to do is keep spraying and blotting until you see that most of the paint has vanished from the carpet. Of course, don’t forget to use the part of the cloth that has not been used to take off the color.

Step 6. Use Spot Remover

You can use any branded spot remover, but make sure it’s useful. After successfully removing most of the spots, put some spot remover on the remaining stains and brush them off. Rinse it and do the process again.

Step 7. Repeat the Process

It’s a time-consuming procedure, and so you need to keep repeating adding spot remover, brushing them off, and rinsing the spot until you find out all the paints are removed from your favorite carpet. When your carpet gets cleaned, let it air dry or use a vacuum cleaner to dry it up sooner.

How to Get Fresh Paint Out of Carpet

The simplest way to remove paint stain from the carpet is when it is fresh. It means the paint has not dried yet; if you try cleaning the paint when it’s fresh and the latex paint, you would need nothing but some water and a clean white cloth. Here is how to remove fresh paint from the carpet.

Step 1. Take Preparation

The first thing you have to do is prepare to clean the carpet up. So, get a little bucket filled with water and a fresh white cloth.

Step 2. Start Cleaning

Dip the cloth in the bucket and squeeze it only a bit. Saturate the stain and start dabbing the place with that wet piece of cloth.

Step 3. Repeat the Action

Keep dipping the cloth in water, squeeze it a little, don’t stop dabbing, and when most of the color is coming off, scrub the area with effort. Scrubbing with a wet cloth will speed up the paint removing procedure, and soon your carpet will get rid of the spots.

How to Get Primer Paint Out of Carpet

how to remove primer paint from carpet

Before we jump into the technique of removing primer paint out, let us first understand what kind of paint is in this. Primer paint is a little different.

While other paints have no coats, primer paints have coats under the color. Seems hard to think about removing it, right? Well, it’s also removable and takes a little of your effort to get it to vanish from your carpet. Let’s learn the method.

Step 1. Check the Type of Paint

Your first job is to determine what type of primer paint you have dropped on the carpet? Is it water-based or oil-based? If it’s water-based, you’ll need to follow the first method again and if it’s oil-based, go through the steps below.

Step 2. Use Both the Cleaning Solution and Carpet Cleaner

Oil-based paints make strong strains since they are made of either natural or synthetic oils. However, it is also water-resistant to water. So, mix up the cleaning solution and carpet cleaner and spray over the spots to saturate.

Step 3. Blot

Take a clean wet cloth and keep blotting the spots. You will see It’s breaking and slowly fading away. The more you blot, the more the stain will go, and of course, it will completely get removed.

How to Get Red Paint Out of Carpet

how to remove red paint from carpet

The red color is pretty, but when it messes up your yellow, green, or any color carpet, you must panic to remove it as quickly as possible. You can get the red color out of your carpet using two things. Follow these steps mentioned.

Step 1. Pour some Alcohol

After trying to remove most of the stains from the carpet using water, there might still be stubborn red paint remaining. To remove it, pour some alcohol into the spotted area.

Step 2. Scrub

Take a toothbrush and bristle brush and scrub the alcohol gently. It will take longer, and you might have to repeat the process quite a few times. When the stain is gone, let the carpet air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does white vinegar remove paint from the carpet?

If the paint is oil-based or latex, the white vinegar will soften the paint, especially when it’s not totally dry. You better not mix the vinegar with water in such a case but pour some directly over the spots.

2. Does WD 40 remove paint from the carpet?

The WD 40 is a lubricant, and it has some elements that can loosen the paint off of a carpet. This way, it will help you get most of the paint removed. However, after lifting the dried paints off, clean any remaining stain with a detergent and water mixture or a carpet cleaner.

3. Will baking soda get paint out of the carpet?

Baking soda can help you remove many stains, but when it comes to cleaning paint, it will rather worsen the situation because baking soda will leave the paint with residue, which will harden the paint even more.

4. Can I use paint thinner to remove paint from the carpet?

Using a paint thinner is a pretty good idea to remove paint from carpets because they can naturally soften and take out paints. You can use turpentine (one kind of paint thinner) or other suggested paint thinners. Check the level of the paint to find out the recommended paint thinner.

Final Notes

It’s pretty common to get your lovely carpet to look ugly with some undesirable paint stains. Whether it’s wet or dried, you don’t want to have those spots any longer, so you are here.

Try these helpful techniques for taking out various kinds of paint from your carpet. Our recommended methods in the “how to remove paint from a carpet with home remedies” article will help you.

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