How to Remove Carpet Glue From Tiles [Clear Guide for All Types]

Although, it may not expect you to mess up the whole floor tiles with carpet glue. Carpet over floor tiles looks fantastic as they protect the entire surface. But reducing or omitting them from the root to fix the floor issue is quite troublesome.

Sometimes you may not like to spend lots of time eradicating the tiles. But don’t worry; whether the glue is fresh, gummy, or quickly dried up, there are some practical ways to remove them. It’ll become easier for you if you’re familiar with this problem before.

Anyway, let us discuss three simple methods to remove carpet glue from tiles effectively.

3 Easiest Ways to Remove Carpet Glue From Tile

Below, we discussed the three easiest ways by which you can gently remove carpet glue from tiles. For your particular query, we divided each way into three steps. Also, it is better to mention that all of these processes can be applied to tiles made of ceramic, porcelain, stone, and granite.

Way-1: Using The Process of Scraping

Scraping is an excellent way to remove carpet glue from tile. They work very efficiently to eradicate the glue’s adhesive. But you might keep in mind that the surfaces must be clean and dry enough to make this process successful. Below are the detailed steps of this.

Step-1: Prepare Yourself to Do The Job

First, prepare yourself for doing the job. You will work with the dry glue adhesive, which may mess up the floor. On the other hand, the powder dust you get from sanding may go into your eyes. That’s why it’s safe to wear goggles or safety glasses before starting the task. You can also wear any old t-shirt for the task to avoid any drawbacks.

Step-2: Start Scrapping Righteously According to The Tiles

You are scraping the tile floor worth the task very cleverly. You need to be aware that you’re following the right strategy for suitable tiles. Remember that the way you can apply the intricate stone-made surfaces cannot be applied to the ceramic or porcelain tiles.

For Granite & Stone Tiles

To omit the glue adhesive from any hard surfaces like granite or any stone tiles, you can scrap the glues from those surfaces. Take a scraper or sharp putty knife, grab it and drive it over the floor with the help of your left hand. It is easy to dispel the glue from the loosened tiles. The work may be too time-consuming for the attached tiles, and you need to be patient in this regard.

Another issue you may fall while scraping the tile floor is damaging them by applying unnecessary pressure. It is a crucial concern that you need to be very careful.

For Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

If you’re to use this process to remove glue from the porcelain or ceramic, try to do it as carefully. Scrapping those tiles may ruin the glaze and leave scratches over them. Don’t forget to cover the edge of the putty knife with a clean rug. To remove the glue from large areas, you can use a stand-up scraper.

Step-3: Clean The Floor & Give It A Fresh Look

After finishing all the processes, check if any tiles are left unfinished. Then sweep the entire area and vacuum the floors. If you’re using the loosened tiles, you can clean them one by one. Besides this, some home experts suggest rinsing the entire floor properly to get a stunning look. It will help to get the floor ready for the next project.

Way-2: Using Natural Cleaning Solutions

Using the natural cleaning solution is an alternate way for people wondering how to remove carpet glue from tile without the hassle of scraping. It is worth mentioning that this process is less time-consuming than the first one.

In the meantime, this process didn’t need much labor from you. You need to wait for a couple of hours to find the solutions. Here are the steps of this process which you have to do correctly. But it depends on the area and the size of your working area.

Step-1: Take Some Nail Polish / Glue Liquid Adhesive Remover on A Cotton Pad

There are numerous ways to reduce the sticking glue from the tile floor. But nail polish remover is cheap, very common, and available in almost every house. Although it is easy to get this solution, you can use this only on the little surfaces. For removing glues from the large areas, you need to take help from any liquid adhesive remover.

However, take a cotton pad or a clean rug. Pour some nail polish remover on this; you can directly put a few drops of the remover over the tile floor. Take a clean cloth to cover the large areas with liquid adhesive remover. Dip it into the liquid, then cover the tile floor with these solutions. After doing this, let the solution work onto the glue for a minute. Nail polish remover is also a good solution for removing tattoo ink out of carpet.

Step-2: Remove The Piece of Cloth from The Glue-Covered Area

Try to tug them one after one once you notice that the sticky glues are coming out of the surfaces. You can use any metal coin to pull them out of the tiles. Besides this, you can also use the putty knife for this step, but be sure that you finished the task without damaging the tile’s glaze.

Step-3: Mop The Tiles After the End of The Work

After cleaning away all the glue one after one, it is time to give them a clean and tidy wash. You can use the dishwasher soap liquid solutions to wash away the scrapping dirt. A high-profile mop cleanser is also very effective in taking aside all the remaining glues from the floor.

Way-3: Using DIY Solution

You can do your cleaning job by reducing tiles floor glue adhesive with some DIY solution. Some are very common, like warm water, a diluted vinegar solution, citric acid, baking soda, dishwashing soap, and water. Follow the below steps; whatever DIY solution you’re using for this, all the steps are the same.

Step-1: Make A Thicker Paste

If you’re using any individual tile floor, clean them properly. Then make a thick paste using vinegar, baking soda, or dishwasher soap. The paste consistency depends on how many glues the area has emerged over the floor. Add a drop of lemon juice and a half portion of baking soda, or make a dishwasher and vinegar paste.

Step-2: Apply Them over The Floor Or Heat The Glue

Apply the paste over the floor. Please wait for a couple of minutes to soften it properly. The vinegar solution or baking soda will melt away the glues quickly. Once you notice that the glues are coming out of the floor, pull it out and use a brush to rub the excess.

You can also put a newspaper over the tile floor and iron the floor by keeping it on low heat. The slow heating iron procedure will let you melt away the glues. The glues will produce moisture and come out of the floor.

Step-3: Clean The Area Entirety

Once you have finished removing all the glues from the floor, ensure no excess remains over the tiles. Now clean away all the dirt from the floor, and vacuum the entire area. Sweep it away and rinse them with clean water to prevent all the stickiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Do You Get Carpet Glue out of Tiles?

To get the carpet out of tiles, you may use any procedure. The best and quickest way to remove carpet glue is using a hot water shower. It will help to dissolve the glue out of the tiles very quickly.

Besides this, you can also use some DIY solutions: vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Apart from these, you can buy any DIY glue adhesive remover. It is also convenient and helpful to the eager people to spend some money on it.

2. How to Remove Dried Glue from Tile?

To remove dried glues from the tiles, you can use a putty knife or sharp metallic blades. As those tools are very keen on sanding any floor, they’re very efficient in removing dried adhesive. To avoid the sharp edges of the tiles, don’t forget to cover the knife with a clean rug.

The clean rug will make a way to dull those edges. Once it was removed, repeat the similar process for the other side. Finally, wipe the glue dust and vacuum the floor to clean it fruitfully.

3. Is Vinegar Safe to Use on Porcelain Tiles?

Using vinegar to remove the glues from the porcelain tiles is very operative. As vinegar is natural alcohol, it helps to kill germs too. Vinegar solutions can easily be prepared by using any ingredients.

On the other hand, vinegar is less harmful to glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles. They often omit the stubborn stains from the floor. You can use them as a natural tile cleaner too.

4. Is Acetone Damage The Ceramic Tiles Floor?

Acetone is a common element usually found in nail polish remover. This kind of liquid effectively removes the carpet glues from the floor. Although acetone has a little chemical, it didn’t cause any harm while used on the ceramic tile floor.

Along with these, you can also use this product over some other types of tile floor. Among them are unseal porcelain tiles, porous soapstone, granite, and marble tiles. Acetone implies the effects of glues from the floor, which may not get stuck into the cracks.


Carpet glues come in different variations. Somewhere you may find asphalt, gummy, sticky, and somewhere those are used to be very lightweight and cement-based. This is why removing them from tiles wasn’t predictable on how often those glues come out of the tiles.

But you are learning the procedures of removing carpet glue from tiles to help you get some relief from this trouble. Besides this, if you don’t use any glue remover solvent, try out the above DIY solutions. Solvents are suitable, but sometimes they could be challenging to handle, especially volatile solvents. So, it’s better to pretend to be a home DIY method or any floor sander.

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