How to Remove Carpet Glue From Cement? [Step-By-Step-Guidance]

The task isn’t as simple as you think of removing carpet glue from the cement-made floor or hard surfaces. In that case, your first concern may be to find out how to remove carpet glue from cement or concrete.

The sticky and gummy glues found after removing the carpet from the floor are usually frustrating. Those glues can be removed from the carpet either by scrapping or using any sharp razor to eradicate them from the floor. Again, using any natural carpet glue remover or boiling water to remove adhesive from the subfloor is another majestic way.

Unlike this, in this blog, we will reveal some more effective ways to separate the carpet glue from cement.

5 Best Ways Of Removing Old Carpet Glue From Cement

We frequently hear from the homeowner that they have trouble scraping the glues from the cement. It’s because of the hardened concrete floor. That’s why below are some ways by which you can remove the old carpet glue from its core.

Way 1: Using Heat Gun / Warm Water

Whether you have tried your best to scrub the carpet adhesive from the subfloor, it may stick onto the floor tightly. In that case, you must melt away the glue. Pouring some warm water over the cement floor will get the job done for you. Without warm water or a heat gun, removing them from the hardened floor may be cumbersome. A carpet glue over the cement floor often looks like metal.

For this, the way you’re applying to remove carpet glues for cement is helpful for the metal. So you won’t need to panic in search of how to remove carpet glue from metal. However, once you notice the glue coming on its way, use any sharp knife to remove it from the floor.

Way 2: Concrete Cleaner & Mastic Remover

Another option to remove old carpet glue from cement is a concrete cleaner or mastic remover. Some people usually pretend to use the carpet glue remover or adhesive remover, known as Goo Gone or WD-40.

The additive part of this cleaner is very efficient to learn if you’re wondering how to remove indoor-outdoor carpet glue. Then the good news is those cleaners work on most surfaces, especially from the in-door to outdoor carpet glue adhesive. Follow the below steps one by one.

  • Wear gloves with both hands
  • Scrape the floor with a sharp knife
  • Spray some carpet glue adhesive to loosen those stubborn
  • Allow this to stay for 20-30 minutes
  • Finally, scrub the floor and rinse the floor with water

Way 3: Putty Knife To Erase The Glues

Removing old carpet glue from cement is tough to handle. But you can omit those adhesives with any putty knife. Use this to squeeze the adhesive from the roots of the cement. But a putty knife may not be enough if the glue’s consistency is too high. Meantime, try to use any homemade natural ingredients to soften them. You can use vinegar or rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to remove them from the concrete floor.

Way 4: With The Help Of An Ammonia Solution

Ammonia is a natural carpet glue remover; by this, the job of removing them from cement gets more accessible to you. Ammonia is also an excellent option to eradicate stubborn stains. So if you’re wondering how to remove carpet glue from concrete and the stains altogether, then this method will remove the stubborn stains that often omit the Grimsby and gummy dirt out of the concrete floor. It is a good alternative in case the above elements are not available at your hand. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Scrap The Glues From The Floor As Much As You Can

Use any stiff, sharp knife or scraper to rub the floor glue. While rubbing the floor, try to give as much pressure as possible. It will let you erase the loosened glues from the floor.

Step 2: Make A Dilute Solution To Erase The Excess

After finishing the first task, it’s time to make an ammonia solution to erase the excess. Mix ammonia and liquid detergent in a ratio of 2:1. Mix them into a bucket full of hot/ warm water. Whenever you’re finished making the blend rationally, you will notice it turns soapy and becomes easy to use.

Step 3: Pour The Solution Over The Floor & Wait For It to Melting Or Soften

Pour the solutions over the floor and wait for 20-30 minutes. Wait until you notice that all the glues are melted or coming out of the floor. Check twice if it’s coming or not.

Step 4: Scrub The Floor With A Bushy Brush

Start your job by scrubbing the floor with a bushy brush. You can use any laundry brush to scrub the floor. Once you’re done scraping all the glue adhesive from the floor, rinse it with soapy water. Leave it to dry for a while.

Way 5: Iron The Glue Adhesive Floor

If those above methods fail, you may not lose hope. This is the final way you can apply, which is an iron method. A low heat iron will help to soften the glue adhesive too intensely. Do the following process one after one with clarity?

Step 1: Clean The Dirt & Debris From The Floor

Using a broom, sweep all the dirt and debris off the floor. Mop the floor once to complete this task. By mopping the floor, you will be able to remove the glue with zero effort. So try to sweep or mop the floor at first.

Step 2: Place A Paper Towel Or Newspaper Over The floor

Place a paper towel or newspaper over the floor. Be aware that you spread them over the floor straightly, without any wrinkles. The paper towel must be straight, fully open, and free from crumpling.

Step 3: Turn On The Iron Machine & Run It Over The Paper

Now plug in your iron machine to run it over the paper. Keep your hand straight while doing this process. Try to follow the rules of straight gliding motion strictly. Repeat the process continuously if any glue persists.

Finally, remove the paper and scrape the floor with a long hand-held scraper or knife. Mop the floor and wash all the debris away from there.

How to Remove Carpet Glue From Stairs That Are Made of Cement?

You can remove the carpet glue from stairs made of cement or concrete. You might want to remove the glue adhesive from the basement or entire house. Removing sticky glue from concrete stairs is similar to the way we discussed above. But you can easily remove them by applying some dishwasher soap, warm water, and a scrubber.

Rub the floor with a putty knife, sharper tools, or anything which may work to scrape the glue. Then pour some warm water and wait for a couple of minutes to lose the glue consistency. After a while, rub them gently and clean the entire place appropriately.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How to Remove Glue From The Concrete Floor After Removing Carpet?

Eliminate the carpet glue after removing the carpet by using any sharper tools. You can use an old circular saw, knife, putty knife or floor scraper to clean the concrete floor. Then take any glue remover or natural solutions to soften the sticky glues from the carpet.

You might wait for 30-40 minutes after applying any glue remover or natural ingredients. Let it sit over the glue to make this task successful. After that, sweep all the glue dust and sand the floor nicely.

2. How to Remove Glued Carpet From Concrete?

You can usually remove the carpet glue from cement with the help of iron or boiling water. Before that, you need to clean the surfaces properly. Then use any sharp weapon to remove the glue from the carpet as much as possible.

Besides this, you can use any homemade ingredients to remove the glue, such as ammonia, baking soda, and vinegar. Some prefer to use hot water and rubbing alcohol to eradicate that from the floor. Also, switch to the reciprocating saw or sander to give the floor a last and even finish look.

3. How To Remove Yellow Carpet Glue From Concrete?

You can remove the yellow carpet glue from concrete with an oscillating tool with a scraping attachment. It is the best way to remove the yellow carpet glue efficiently. Before that, you must have adequately attached the scrapper with the oscillating tool.

Using any ammonia solution or everyday paper glue will help to do the job more facile. Those liquids will also help to soften the adhesive from the root. Another quickest way is to remove yellow carpet adhesive with a putty knife.

4. How to Remove Outdoor Carpet Glue From Concrete?

The best way is to remove outdoor carpet glue from any heavy-duty sander. Excellent and heavy-duty sandpaper must be installed inside the machine to avoid such stubborn glues. The outdoor carpet glue has become very stubborn since they’re being used for commercial purposes. You can also use lightweight tools for this task. Most carpenters feel comfortable doing the job with a sharp knife. Some use both hammer and scraper to finish the task rapidly.

5. How to Remove Carpet-Glue Residues From Cement?

You can use the coca-cola can to remove the glue residues from the cement floor for immediate purposes. As you know, Coca-Cola has bicarbonate soda and contains few alcoholic ingredients, so it becomes easy to soften the carpet glue. Take one or two coca-cola cans, and pour them over the floor.

Let it sit for 30-50 minutes. Next, rub the carpet residues with any heavy-duty tool. Lastly, don’t forget to clean the entire area.

6. How to Loosen Leftover Carpet Glue From Concrete Floor?

The quickest way to use the DIY method is to loosen the leftover carpet glue from the concrete floor. There you will find different elements used in different ways. Among them is muriatic acid, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and mineral spirits.

Scrape the floor at the beginning as usual. Then apply any of the ingredients from them. Scrape it further while it softens up. Finally, remove the carpet glue from the floor.

Final Wrap

Now you have learned how to remove carpet glue from cement, try one after the one mentioned above. If you’re still having trouble removing carpet glue from the cement, try to do some troubleshooting. If you do not have it, you can use the hairdryer instead of the heat gun.

Besides this, using the laundry iron is also very effective for decomposing the glues. The pressure washer is also doing a similar job since it had enough pressure to reduce the grim and glue adhesive. Mixing paints, paper glue, and watercolor sealer also conceal the adhesive and lessen the panic of removing them from the floor.

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