How to Protect Carpet From Dogs? 10 Ways to Save The Carpet

Owning a carpet and a pet at the same time. The whole process for you can be a handful, we understand. However, keeping your carpet looking clean all the time becomes an insatiable desire, doesn’t it?

Owning a cat might not make you go through a lot of problems since they are indoor animals and don’t pee here and there once s/he is trained. But if you own dogs or any other pet, then we’re afraid your carpet is in great trouble unless the dog is trained well. Also, the dog can cause further issues that may ruin your carpet.

We have to admit, no matter which pet you own, getting rid of the pet odor or pet urine smell from your carpet isn’t easy. But we got your back, and we’re here with the ten most amazing ways how to protect carpet from dogs as well as other pets. So let’s know what you can do!

How to Protect Carpet From Dogs?

1. Scotch Guarding the carpet

If your carpet is a few years old and is non-stain resistant, you should scotch guard the carpet to protect your carpet. That will work as a protective guard on your carpet. The process should be done repeatedly after specific periods to help the fibers of your carpet to maintain its structure. As a result, your carpet won’t let any stains stay on it, and you will be able to get that stain out of your carpet easily.

2. Dealing quickly

Pet urine is one of the hardest things to deal with. To protect your carpet, you need to work on that instantly rather than waiting for a while. To deal with the urine spot, bring 4-5 pieces of paper towel, put them on the spot, and step on the paper towels a few times so that the urine doesn’t spread. Then make a solution that includes one teaspoon of ammonia and 1 cup of water. Use the solution to clean up the area.

3. Trim nails regularly

Your dog’s nails can lead your carpet to serious damage. That’s why you should stick to trimming your dog’s nails regularly. Otherwise, your carpet will get scratched while your dog will run around, mostly when he’s excited. That scratching will definitely leave you with spots on your carpet and surely a less fluffy carpet that you wouldn’t love. You can try another thing, just try putting nail files on your dog’s nails.

4. Hardwood entrance

Whenever you take your dog for a walk and you get stuck in the rain or snow, there’s a good chance that your dog will try scratching your favorite carpet in order to get rid of the snow or mud and ruin that. To save your carpet from that particular situation, leave a hardwood or tile entrance so that your dog can use that as the rug.

5. Vacuum frequently

Even if your dog doesn’t pee on your carpet, the pet dander will always be there to bother your carpet and weigh it down. Pet odor and pet hair literally travel from here and there which is irreparable. That’s why you have to vacuum your carpet, of course removing all the furniture property twice a week at least. To stop dog hair from being stuck on your carpet, you should also vacuum your dog’s play areas properly.

6. Carpet powder is a great escape

Some carpet powders are available at the stores, which are great for protecting your carpet from any kind of misfortune. Just sprinkle them all over your carpet, leave them for the suggested period, and vacuum thoroughly twice. Are you thinking about what that would possibly do? Well, that powder will bring out all the pet dander and hair and will deeply save your carpet fibers.

7. Steam clean

If you have never done it, you probably don’t know how helpful steam cleaning is for a carpet. You can’t even imagine how effectively that works to protect your carpet from pet odor, urine, dog hair, and so on. No stinks, no fading away; steam cleaning does it all.

8. Deter dogs from peeing

A great way to protect your carpet would be to use different particles and scents to deter your dog from peeing on your carpet. That would include essential oils, lemon juice, orange peels, and so on. Many commercial scents are super capable of keeping your dog from peeing on your carpet.

9. Household one

A great but simple way of protecting your carpet from your dog is regularly spraying water and vinegar solution on your carpet. That solution works for not letting pet hair stick to your carpet’s fibers. It works on the odor too.

10. Dusting

Don’t forget to dust your carpet regularly with a good broom. Dog hair and dander go away with brooming.

How to Stop A Dog From Chewing The Carpet?

Does your dog chew on your most expensive and beloved carpet when you’re not around? After all, we all know that dogs love to chew. You have given her enough toys to chew, but your carpet seems to be your dog’s dear thing to chew. Well, rest assured we are here with you to guide you with a solution.

Chewing itself is normal behavior for your dog, but he might sometimes end up chewing your favorite carpet. Some activities of yours will help you repel him from chewing your carpet. Start with telling him firmly that the carpet isn’t a thing to chew on. Providing him with plenty of chew toys would help.

Using taste deterrents is very helpful. There are a lot of commercial taste deterrents that effectively work on not letting your carpet chew on your favorite carpet. Provide him with an increased period of regular exercise. Moreover, supervise your dog and visit the vet with him to know the reason for his chewing on the carpet.

There are some scents that dogs hate, and they can repel your dog from chewing on your carpets, such as orange peels, lime juice, and vinegar. Once you get to know the actual reason why your dog chews your carpet, you will be able to find the solution all by yourself. You can also use dog deterrent spray for carpet to keep your dog away from chewing it.

How Do I Train My Dog To Use The Carpet?

To keep your carpet safe and sound, you need to train your carpet and take some measures to make him gentle to the mat. First, start deterring your dog with a simple solution, including vinegar and water. That will keep your dog from peeing on the carpet and won’t let the urine smell sit on your carpet.

Retraining your dog is also a beneficial process. Train your dog with frequent potty breaks. Search online, and you will get to know that there are a lot of commercial carpet solutions available in the market which work effectively on pet urine, for removing pet hair, and so on. Besides, crate our dog when you aren’t around.

Spray lemon juice daily on your carpet, don’t let your dog out of your sight when you’re around, and tell him gently not to pee on your carpet and not to scratch the carpet. Doing all these is considered a good training session for your dog to protect your carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do dogs ruin carpets?

When dogs are excited or run around, they might scratch your carpet—especially puppies which haven’t gained their grown-up balance yet. But well-trained dogs will never scratch your carpet. On the other hand, a dog might pee on your carpet sometimes if that hadn’t been trained.

2. Will dog pee ruin my carpet?

The dog urine stain ruins your carpet real quick. It’s tough to get that stain off; literally, even the most effective ways don’t work on that unless you work on it quickly. Moreover, it makes your carpet smell awful. So yes, dog urine ruins your carpet; we can’t deny it.

3. What is the best type of carpet if you have pets?

Synthetic carpets would be the best choice for pet owners. Although neutral fibers are more environmentally friendly, synthetic fibers are practical and durable. No matter how your dog scratches your carpet, the carpet will remain like a new one.

4. What does it mean when your dog licks the carpet?

Licking the carpet is actually your dog expressing his anxiety, depression, and stress. Expressing boredom can also be the reason why your dog’s licking your carpet. These are the basic reasons. But if your dog does that a lot then you should take him to the vet to know if he’s doing so because of canine dementia, physical discomfort, neurological problems, or not.

Wrapping Up

Now you already know everything about how to protect carpet from dogs. Of course, we know how much you love your pet, but considering the longevity of the expensive carpet is also a thing because you won’t want to ruin it. However, as we have discussed all the practical ways, you can now make a good call to keep the carpet secured from your dog.

Follow everything that we have said, and you will notice a big difference. Unfortunately, continuous patterns can lead your dog to do the same thing again and again until you break the habit. So, take proper actions whenever your dog does anything you don’t like and try to repel it. Good luck!

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