How to Protect Carpet During Party? We’ve Got Your Back!

How many times have you found your carpet in an uncomfortable condition after a party? We’ve been through that and we don’t want that to happen ever again. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

All it takes is a spilled drink or some dirty shoes to damage your high-quality expensive carpet. Yeah, that’s scary but we have plenty of ways not to let those happen. So, today we have found all the ways how to protect carpet during party.

Let’s see the easiest ways that we have figured out for you!

How to Protect Carpet During Party?

First of all, let’s let you know some common issues your carpet might face during a party:

  • Stains
  • Water damage
  • Dirt and dust on your carpet
  • Carpet tears
  • Carpet burns and so on

Now that we know our issues, we can think of proper ways of defeating them, can’t we? So let’s get started!

Way-1: Install carpet protectors

You won’t have to spend an entire day scrubbing your carpet after a party anymore. Nowadays there are plenty of carpet protectors available at stores which are cheap as well. Basically, you can now save your expensive carpets with the help of a pocket-friendly product, carpet protectors!

Carpet protectors are transparent invisible temporary shields for your carpet that will save your carpet from spills and other misfortunes. Installing them is pretty easy as well. All you gotta do is remove the tape below and stick them to your carpet.

Way-2: Use carpet shields

If you’re worried about tears and punctures then you should consider getting carpet shields. They contain slip-resistant material on the bottom to prevent dirt, dust, tears, and punctures.

Way-3: Do a little trick with runners

This might sound a little bit weird but yes you should install carpet runners on your carpet during a party. Carpet runners are practically meant to be used for carpeted stairs. But if you use double-sided tape, then you can install them on your carpet as well. It will work like a savior. You don’t have to ask your guests to take off or wipe off their shoes before entering as well.

Way-4: Get more and more rugs

If runners don’t sound like a decent idea to you then the ideal thing you can do is put a rug at each door so that guests can wipe their shoes on the rugs.

Way-5: Use cute notes

Another wise trick you can apply is leaving cute notes on noticeable areas, put one on the door that says wipe off or take off your shoes to your guests. Use them to ask your guests to be careful with foods that can leave a stain on your carpet as well.

Way-6: Close the unwanted doors

Along with saving the carpet of your party room, save every carpet of your house. Close the doors of the other rooms where the guests don’t have to go. You don’t have to install any carpet protector or shield in that case as well.

Way-7: Save from kids

Kids can offer a great threat to your carpet, they move furniture around sometimes, and also they can tear your carpet while playing as well. So the wise thing to do would be to keep kids away from your carpet and create a separate playing area for them.

These are some gestures you can take to protect your carpet. But if you don’t feel like applying any of them then the wiser option would be to remove the carpeting before the party. 

Potential Hazards For Your Carpet During A Party

Throwing a party with a carpet in the room is never hassle-free. No matter how careful you act, you can’t help going through extreme messes. We won’t say there’s no solution to this issue. There is, but haven’t you got to find out the potential hazards for your carpet during the party for finding out the solutions. So here we’re before you with the possible mishaps your carpet might face during a party.

Massive Stains

Parties are meant to offer wine, soda, or fruit punch. It will take a second with a tipped glass or bumped table to leave a massive stain on your favorite carpet and ruin your carpet. On the other hand, at parties where many people walk around with spillable drinks, there’s a rich chance that someone will spill the drink.

Water Damage

It would be wrong if we mention drinks only when it comes to carpet stains. Water can also lead you to a great carpet mess. Like drinks, water can be spilled by someone as well. If the mess isn’t handled immediately the water may also leave stains. Not to mention water can invite mold and unfortunate smell as well.

Dirt On Carpets

The whole issue starts with shoes. If someone forgets to take off or wipe off their shoes then your carpet will be filled with deeply embedded dirt if you’ve thrown a party on a sunny day since people would be coming with dust on their shoes and be walking in and out constantly. The dirt they track in can be pressed into the carpet as well.

On the other hand, if the party is on a rainy day, people would have mud on the bottom of their shoes. As a result, your carpet will become muddy if they don’t take off their shoes.

Carpet Tears

This isn’t a common issue but there’s a slight possibility that your carpet might get ripped off during a party. Someone might move furniture around or kids can do that while playing.

How to Throw A Party With Carpet?

Along with the fun parties, they can also tag along with some messes that can immensely damage your carpet. But if you spend some time taking some preparations before throwing a party, your carpet will get saved from those misfortunes. So let’s learn how to throw a party with a carpet.

1. Go With Runners

Runners can come out to be great protectors for your carpet. Along with runners put some extra rugs at the entrance, maybe inside and outside the door. Use a cute sign that says wipe off your shoes before entering, this can be a really cute yet effective gesture.

In high traffic areas, consider installing a runner. If you can’t do so then you can ask your guests to take off their shoes before entering.

2. Separate Food Department

Foods can stain your carpet. So be very careful while choosing the foods for your party. Avoid serving dark red foods and drinks like red wine, beets, tomato sauce, and so on. If you think these are mandatory then serve them in a safe area where there’s no chance for them to get spilled or other accidents to occur.

3. Throw A Contained Party

Try not to use a larger area for your party. Try to keep the doors of bedrooms, guestrooms, or other rooms closed where the people have no reason to go.

4. Install Garbage Cans In Every Room

If you don’t want your guests to throw away trash then prevent that by placing trash cans in each room. That way the guests won’t throw garbage on your flooring. The consequence would be pretty satisfying in that case.

5. Rely On Stain Guards

A very simple yet pocket-friendly way of saving your carpet is applying a stain guard on your carpet. You can find them in any nearby store, that’s an amazing way not to let stains sit on your favorite carpet.

How to Clean The Carpet After A Party?

The answer really depends on the messes your carpet has gone through. If that’s dealing with strong spills, sprinkle baking soda and rub the area with a cloth so that gets all the spills along with it. On the other hand, if you’re worrying about deeply embedded dirt then our answer to your question would be vacuuming thoroughly.

Wet/dry vacuum at least twice to get all the dirt out of your carpet. But before going to the vacuum cleaner, you must pick up all the debris laying on your carpet. If possible, try to clean your carpet with a dishwashing detergent. Party messes can be handled with that.

Lastly, spray a refreshing freshener to get rid of the odor and bad smell on your carpet. These are the basics, but if you find any extreme condition on your carpet which can’t be handled with household remedies then consider asking for a professional hand for your expensive carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can I use to cover the carpet at a party?

To protect your carpet you can use the stuff mentioned below to cover your carpet:

  • Protection Board (Sheets).
  • Breathable carpet Protection.
  • Correx® Protection Board.
  • Fleece Protection.
  • Carpet Protection Film.
  • Hard Surface Protection Film. (Although it’s for hard flooring they do work well with carpeting as well.)

2. How can I protect my home carpet after a party?

4 steps for keeping your carpet clean and fresh even after a party:

  • Get doormats or rugs for every entrance
  • Clean off the stains and spills right away
  • Take off or wipe off your shoes before walking on the carpeting
  • Vacuum thoroughly at least twice after the party

3. How do you clean a disgusting party mess on carpet?

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 cup Oxiclean Stain Remover (NOT Oxiclean Detergent)
  • 1 cup Febreze
  • and 1 cup white vinegar

Pour all the ingredients into the vacuum machine along with hot water to the fill line. This strong solution not only cleans the carpet but also helps you get rid of all the bad smells.

4. Why do carpets get so dirty during a party?

Mostly it happens because of food. People tend to accidentally spill drinks and food. Parties mostly include dark red food and drinks like tomato sauce, red wine, beets and so on which are most likely to leave stains on carpets. Besides, there are carpet tears, carpet burns, water damage, etc.

5. Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets after a party?

While choosing between them you should keep the fact in your mind that steam cleaning is always the best way when it comes to deep cleaning. Since a carpet goes through some massive dirt conditions during a party, you should go with steam cleaning.

The Ending

So, by now, you have got a lot of information on how to protect carpet during party. Now having a party and keeping your carpet safe and sound from all the messes won’t be an issue anymore.

Follow our given tips properly and you can have a sigh of relief to see the aftermath of how good these work. If you want our suggestion, simply use carpet protectors or runners over the carpet to keep everything mess-free!

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