How to Get Washable Paint Out of Carpet?

Washable paints are excellent for wall painting, especially on heavy traffic walls such as hall rooms or stair areas. If you have kids who like to draw, washable paints on the walls are the go-to option for you. Choosing washable paints over other paints gives many benefits such as cleaning walls with simple water rather than repainting when there are any stains or scuff marks on the wall.

While painting the wall, we cover the floor and carpet areas with plastic sheets or covering clothes. But sometimes, accidentally, a small amount of paint drops on the carpet, and a single drop spill is enough to ruin the beauty of the beautiful carpet. To get rid of such a situation we are sharing some tips on how to get washable paint out of carpet.

How to Protect Carpet When painting?

Nobody wants to face the nightmare of cleaning paint from carpet. If the paint is washable, the hassle is even more as washable paints are not water-soluble and hard to remove from the carpet. So, you have to make sure that the carpet is well protected while the wall is being painted. Several things can be used to protect the carpet from running paint spills. These are

Plastic Dust Sheets

Plastic dust sheets are most commonly used to protect the carpet while painting. Simply cover the dust sheets on the carpet, and it will make sure that paint drops or spills are not falling on the carpet. You can use these sheets to cover your furniture as well.


If you are just repainting a small part of the wall, you can simply use newspapers to cover the area. Though newspapers are not an excellent option, sometimes it gets the job done. If a significant amount of paint drops on the newspaper it can go all the way through the carpet and ruin it. So be careful if you are using newspapers.

Carpet Covers

You’ll find dedicated carpet covers in the market to cover the carpet during painting. These types of covers are ideal while doing large redecorating projects. Most of the carpet covers are waterproof and they stay firmly in their place.

How to Get Watercolor Paint Out of Carpet

Watercolor is an excellent choice for wall painting as it gives many benefits. But if you end up with a stain of watercolor on your carpet while doing any project, it becomes a cause of headache. Removing watercolor from carpet is harder than any other paint as it is not water-soluble.

Watercolor stays wet for a significant amount of time on the carpet before drying. The best way to remove watercolor paint out of the carpet while the paint is still wet. Once the paint gets dry it becomes a hundred times harder to remove it from the carpet.

So, try to treat the carpet while the stain on the carpet is still wet. By doing that you can clean the carpet facing less hassle and spending less time. Even if the paint gets dry, you can remove it from the carpet just you have to put some extra effort.

Things Needed To Get Watercolor Paint Out Of Carpet

To get rid of stains from your carpet you’ll need several things. Depending on the condition of paint you can need simple to advance cleaning agents. Some of the necessary things are-


You’ll need a clean and dry towel to blot the stain and remove it from the carpet. As an alternative, you can also use paper towels, though a fabric towel is more effective


Using the spoon you can easily scoop the wet paint from the carpet and in doing so you can get rid of most of the watercolor paint.

Vacuum cleaner

Bloating produces great results but vacuuming the carpet gives an even better result. If you have a vacuum cleaner that can be used on wet carpets, you should certainly use it instead of bloating. Do not use a vacuum cleaner that is instructed to use only on dry carpet.

Warm water

For rinsing the carpet warm water is required and it gives better results.

Club soda

Club soda is basically carbonated water and an excellent cleaning agent. It works effectively on most stains. Even if it alone is not capable of removing the stain, it increases the effectiveness of other cleaning agents. Club soda also does not remove any residue; thus no need to rinse the carpet after using this.


For carpet, you should choose a detergent with no bleaching properties as bleach can harm the carpet’s fabric. Prepare a solution of detergent and water using 1 tablespoon of detergent and 3 tablespoons of warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide

You’ll get hydrogen peroxide at your local grocery store, and it is an excellent cleaning agent. But it contains a little bleach, so if the carpet has an intense color, you should avoid it. Prepare a solution of peroxide and water using 1 tablespoon of peroxide and 3 tablespoons of warm water.


For getting out dry watercolor paint from the carpet, ammonia is an excellent cleaning agent. Take ¼ cup of ammonia and mix it with 1 cup of warm water.


Take ¼ cup of vinegar and mix it with 1 cup of warm water, and using this solution, you can clean persistent stains from your carpet.

Step-by-step Process of Getting Watercolor Paint Out of Carpet

Removing watercolor paint out of the carpet involves a series of steps. All these steps are quite simple, and if you have the necessary things near your hand, you can clean the carpet in a concise time.

Step-1: Use a Spoon

Cleaning the carpet while the paint is still wet is the easiest method. Take a spoon and scoop out as much paint from the carpet as possible. By doing so, you can get rid of most of the watercolor paint from the carpet. Even after scooping the paint from the carpet, there will remain a little paint.

Step-2: Handwashing

After scooping the wet paint out, use warm water and handwash the portion of the carpet that got stained. Most of the time this step will give a good result. If the paint is dried and the stain is persistent, this step will not work.

Step-3: Club Soda and Warm Water

Dazzle some amount of club soda on the spots on the carpets that contain stains. You can use club soda directly on the color without any worries. Wait for 10-15 minutes and see the result.  Most of the color should be removed and give the carpet stained spots. Now blot or vacuum the spots and rinse with warm water for a more effective result.

Step-4: Use Detergent

We all know that detergent is an excellent fabric cleaning agent. But it also works effectively on watercolor. So, you can use detergent to get watercolor out of the carpet.

If the paint is still wet use the detergent and water mixture on the color directly and wash it with warm water.

But if the paint is dried, use a blunt knife to get the dry paint out of the carpet. Now use the detergent solution that you prepared before on the residue paint.

Wash the carpet stained areas 2-3 times with the detergent and that should remove most of the paint from the carpet.

Step-5: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Treating the carpet with detergent should remove most of the watercolor on the carpet. But even after that if there remains any paint you should treat the stained spots with hydrogen peroxide. Apply the prepared peroxide solution directly to the stain and gently rub it. Let the peroxide solution stand for 30 minutes.

For getting better results use a towel to block on light to reach the peroxide applied spots. Darkness helps to produce better cleaning results with hydrogen peroxide. After that, rinse the spots with warm water and see if the watercolor is gone or not.

Step-6: Apply Ammonia

Try the ammonia solution on the stained areas of the carpet. Let it stand for some time until you see the loss of color. Blot the areas with a towel or you can also use a vacuum.

Step-7: Use Vinegar Mix

After applying the hydrogen peroxide, use vinegar on the stained areas. Make use the carpet is not soaked while applying the vinegar mix. Use warm water to rinse the carpet and blot the excess color out.

At this point, all of the watercolor paint should be removed. Now dry the carpet using a vacuum.

The seven steps we mentioned above are capable of removing any type of watercolor stain including the persistent ones. But in case there are still watercolor remains, you should use turpentine or paint thinner.

Step-8: Use of Turpentine and Paint Thinner

After removing the excess paint, use turpentine on the stained spots and scrub those spots using a brush. Let the solution soak overnight and wash it after that with water. This will surely remove all watercolor out of the carpet without revving any residue.

How to Get Spilled Paint Out of Carpet

Most of the wall paint is water-based and based on your quick response you can remove the paint from carpet easily or toughly. If you respond quickly and don’t let the paint dry on your carpet you can remove the paint out of the carpet easily.

But if somehow the paint gets dried, it becomes hard to remove. Depending on the two different scenarios you have to use different methods, tools, and strategies to remove the paint out of the carpet.

Process of Removing Wet Spilled Paint Out of Carpet

If the paint just dropped on the carpet and still gets, you can remove the paint from the carpet quite easily. All you need is-

  1. Spoon
  2. Knife
  3. Towels or vacuum cleaner

Step-1: Get Rid of Wet Paint From Carpet

Use a spoon to scoop out as much paint from the carpet as you can. You can also use a knife to perform this task. Remove the paint gently from the carpet and avoid rubbing the carpet or else the paint may spill more.

Step-2: Blot The Paint Spilled Areas

Use a damp paper towel or fabric towel to paint the pains where the paint was spilled. You can also use a wet vacuum cleaner to effectively clean those areas. Bloating those areas will help you to get rid of the paint from the carpet, transferring the paint from the carpet to the towel.

Keep blotting the stain areas until you get all the paint out. After that, let the carpet dry for a while and use a vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet.

Process of Removing Dried Spilled Paint Out of Carpet

When the paint falls on the carpet and is dried, it becomes quite tough to get it out from the carpet. You’ll have to put more effort to remove dried paint than wet paint from the carpet. It is tough but not undoable. The necessary steps to follow are:

Step-1: Soften the Dry Paint

As the paint is in dry condition, softening will make the removal task easier. So, you need to take a small bowl and create a mixture of warm water and a few sprinkles of dishwashing liquid. Use this solution to saturate the paint stain, and let it sit on correctly by leaving it for about five minutes.

Step-2: Blot the Stained Areas

After five minutes the dried paint should soften and you can deal with the paint easily now. Use a spoon to scoop the softened paint from the carpet as much as possible. By doing so, the paint will gradually release from the fiber and make sure to scrape gently.

Right after that, take a wet paper towel or cloth. Use either of these two to blot the stained section, and apply more of the hot soapy solution if required. You will have to keep blotting or wiping that section until the paints are transferred into the towel or cloth.

Step-3: Apply a Little Bit of Heat

Even after following the previous step, the paint stain can be stubborn enough to remain on the carpet. If that’s the case, you need to add heat to the stained section to soften the paint stain. Using the cloth steamer is the best in this matter, with a blast for softening the stubborn paint stains.

While blowing this cloth steamer, stay alert about not taking it too close to the carpet as it can melt the carpet fiber.

Step-4: Finishing Touch

The above step should eliminate all the paint from the carpet. Now, use a vacuum cleaner to ensure no loose particles of paint are on the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How To Get Behr Paint Out Of Carpet?

Behr is a famous paint manufacturing company and is well known for its high-quality water-based paints. The washable Behr paints are a good option for painting walls. But if Behr paints fall on your carpet it is quite hard to remove.

Use warm water and liquid detergent mixture to soften the paint on the carpet. Another good thing to use for softening is pine sol. After that use little heat using a hair steamer to get the Behr paint out from the carpet. You can also use vinegar or ammonia to get Behr paint out of the carpet.

2. How To Remove Semi-Gloss Paint From Carpet?

Mostly gloss paints are oil-based and to remove the paint from your carpet you need to use paint thinner. Turpentine and paint thinner are the best options to remove semi-gloss paints out of the carpet. Apply a little amount of turpentine to the stained areas and let it stay overnight. After that vacuum, the carpet and the paint should go.

3. Can I Use Ammonia to Clean Paint Out of My Carpet?

Ammonia is an excellent cleaning solution and very effective against paint. So, yes you can use ammonia to clean your carpet. But ammonia contains bleach and that can cause the color of the carpet to fade so use carefully and only use the instructed appropriate mixture.

Final Thoughts

An accidental spill of washable paints on the carpet is a nightmare that nobody wants to have. Even after following precautions before painting the wall sometimes cause an accident like these. Paint on the carpet is obviously a matter of concern but knowing how to get washable paint out of carpet can ease it.

To get rid of paint from your carpet you can use the methods mentioned in this post. All of the methods are proven and work effectively.

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