How to Get Sharpie Out of Carpet | 7 Simple Ways You Must Try

Sharpies are commonly found in every house. Because you can write down things using them on different surfaces. Sometimes accidentally, our carpets get stained with permanent markers. The kids in our families mostly cause this. Many think it’s impossible to remove the spots when such situations arise.

However, the truth is if you know properly how to get Sharpie out of carpet, you can, without any hassle, clear away the stains. Today we will share various ways to remove permanent markers from your carpet that 100% work. You can try out any suggested methods to get the expected results. Hence, you better stick with us from the beginning to the end. So, let’s dive in.

7 Easy Methods of How to Get Sharpie Out of Carpet

We will share various methods to remove the sharpies on your carpet because you don’t need to have the same one or two cleaning materials in the house.

We want to ensure you get the problem solved by any means. Hence, try the method that mentions materials you already have in your house. So, let’s begin.

Method 01: Applying Nail Polish Remover

Step 1: Soaking Cotton

Get some cotton balls and the nail polish remover. Soak the cotton round in any brand of remover you have.

Step 2: Blot the Cotton

Start blotting it over the marker-stained area after soaking the cotton round in the remover. Keep blotting hard and firm until you think most spots are removed.

Step 3: Replace a New Cotton Ball

The spots will not go away by using one cotton ball. The stain is strong enough. When you see the cotton round in your hand has stopped absorbing spots, replace it with a new one. Don’t stop blotting until you see the stain has vanished completely from your carpet.

Method 02: Using Hand Sanitizer

Step 1: Squirt Sanitizer and Dab

It would be best if you had hand sanitizer in the house. Please pick it up and directly squirt the sanitizer over the sharpie stain. Take a cotton round to start dabbing gently and rubbing lightly into the spotted area.

Step 2: Add More

To get the stains of Sharpie totally out of the carpet, you need to use a good amount of hand sanitizer. Don’t lose your patience, and keep following the process until you successfully remove the spots.

Method 03: Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1: Dip in the Cotton

Alcohol is a good cleaning material. It will take out the stain, but it will take a long time and reek. If you have no better option, take some alcohol and soak a cotton ball. Rub and blot the place where the stain exists.

Step 2: Rub More

You should change the cotton ball and keep rubbing the place. It may take even 5 to 10 minutes, but of course, it will vanish the smudges.

Method 04: Spraying the Hair Spray

Step 1: Spray Well and Blot

If you have a hairspray that is non-oil-based only, you can try this method. Spray the hairspray well on the stained area. Do not wait for a second and start blotting with a clean cotton ball right after spraying.

Step 2: Blot Hard

Hairspray is not strong enough to remove the marker if you don’t put in the effort. It would help if you blotted hard and firm. Suppose the stippled area is a small blot and round the cotton ball. Rub the area only if the stained place is large. Repeat the process and make sure the streak has disappeared.

Method 05: Sprinkling Baking Soda

Step 1: Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as a powerful natural stain remover. It can remove strong spots alone or other natural stain remover substances. So, please take out the packet of baking soda and sprinkle some of it over the marker stain.

Step 2: Scrub With Brush

Scrub the baking soda on the area of spots with an old toothbrush. If you think the streak is stubborn, take a piece of cloth and wet it in the water. After scrubbing, you can wipe the stain with that wet cloth. It will, of course, do the trick.

Method 06: Pouring White Vinegar

Step 1: Pour White Vinegar

The distilled white vinegar will work like magic. It takes quite a time but does the job. You have to pour a little amount of distilled white vinegar on the Sharpie and allow it to sit for at least 3 minutes.

Step 2: Damp on the Stain

You can use either a clean cloth or cotton rounds. In the second step, all you have to do is keep dumping the cloth or cotton ball in a circular motion and see for yourself that the spot is wiping off.

Method 07: Using Detergent with Toothpaste

Step 1: Make a Paste

Both detergent and toothpaste are effective cleaners. One is used to clean clothes, and the other is to clear our teeth. Add them together to make a thick paste (use a little water if necessary). It will make a powerful solution.

Step 2: Apply the Solution

When the solution is ready, apply it to the place where the color of the Sharpie exists with the help of a spoon or toothbrush.

Step 3: Rub the Place

After applying, immediately start rubbing the area with wet cotton balls or cloth. It would help not stop rubbing until the stain disappeared slowly. Take your time and keep rubbing; it will go away soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Sharpie Stains be Removed?

Sharpie stains can be removed. With the help of some strong cleaning solutions, it’s possible to vanish the sharpie stain, whether it’s large or small. You can wipe it off using homemade cleaners or cleaning solutions found on the market. You can try our homemade easy sharpie stain remover methods for effective results.

How do you remove dried Sharpie?

There are several effortless ways to remove a dried Sharpie. The hand sanitizer, toothpaste, alcohol, nail polish remover, etc., works amazingly to remove the permanent marker stain from any fabric. All you need to do is apply any cleaning materials mentioned and blot the spot with clean wet clothes or cotton rounds.

How do you get permanent markers off the carpet without rubbing alcohol?

Alcohol is widely used for removing spots from various places. You can even use it to get the Sharpie off the carpet. However, if you don’t prefer alcohol, there are other ways. You can go for carpet cleaners found at the stores or use other natural cleaners like baking soda, white vinegar, detergent, etc.

Closing Remarks

No need to fear the sharpie stains anymore. Even if you don’t have a carpet cleaner at your place, it’s possible to remove Sharpie off the carpet completely using our suggested methods. We didn’t miss a single-use cleaning material in the article.

Everyone must have any of the mentioned factors above. So, whatever you have stored in the house, use it and solve the issue. Share this “how to get Sharpie out of carpet” with others as well to help them know the fruitful ways to vanish permanent markers from the carpet.

Getting Sharpie spots on the carpet is a usual issue in every home. One should know how to remove them completely. Try these methods and see amazing results.

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