How to Get Paint Out of Carpet? Helpful Methods

We unintentionally spill it on the carpet whenever we try to do DIY with paint. In such a case, it’s better to learn how to get paint out of the carpet? And know the helpful methods instead of panicking.

Today, we will discuss the removal process of different paints. The best part of today’s tutorials is that you can follow any shared techniques using things in your home. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Things to Consider When Removing Paint from Carpets

Before jumping right into the paint cleaning techniques, we should take a glance at some things in order to ease the process even more.

1. Acting Quick

The moment you spot the paint on your carpet, take action right away.

2. Paint You Are Cleaning

Since there are a variety of paints and each requires different methods of paint removal, you better check the type of paint you have dropped on the carpet. This way, you can quickly find out the effective cleaning process. Here are the different types of paints.

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Acrylic paints
  • Latex paints

3. Testing the Cleaning Solution

Some cleaning solutions are harmful to your carpet. Using a strong paint remover might discolor the carpet’s color. Therefore, test the cleaning solution before using it as a precaution.

4. Prevent Damage to Your Carpet and Yourself

Most paint remover processes include chemicals that can harm your skin and eyes or make breathing a difficult task. Hence, you must wear a face mask, glass, and gloves for your safety.

5. Taking Professional Carpet Cleaner’s Help

If the spots on the carpet are too stubborn and it’s not vanishing using home remedies, you better take the service of professional carpet cleaners. They will clear any mess and stain from your carpet.

How to Get Paint Out of Carpet? (Wet) (Dried) (Old)

There isn’t much difference in the procedures for getting wet, dried, or old paint out of your carpet. If the paint is wet (any type), the main thing to do is immediately clean most of it off.

If it’s dried or old, you need to soften the color by wetting that stain and following the further steps. So, let’s find out what next you have to do to remove various kinds of paints, whether it’s wet, dried, or old.

How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Carpet?

Required Things

  • Utility knife
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Clean cloth, paper towel, or rag
  • Scrubber or bristle brush
  • Laundry detergent
  • Acetone
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Wet vacuum
  • Mask and gloves


Step 1. Scrape the Dried Paint Off or Blot the Wet Paint

Take the needle-nose pliers and start scraping the dried paints off. If it’s fresh paint, take the clean cloth or rag directly and keep blotting. You will see most of the paints have come off the carpet fabric.

Step 2. Blot With Your Cleaning Solution

To remove the stains, you must create a cleaning solution using detergent and water. Dip the wet cloth into the solution and blot the stained parts again. You might have to blot until all the paint stains are removed.

Step 3. Using Acrylic Dissolving Agent

If the acrylic paint is stubborn enough and is not coming off, get an acrylic dissolving agent and apply that to your paint. It will break down the bond, and you will be able to remove the paint easily. You can also use acetone instead.

Step 4. Applying Carpet Cleaner

If you have a carpet cleaner, you should use it in the final step and make your carpet appear new. You can also avoid using it if you don’t have one at your place. Generally, colors come off with the blotting of soapy water on the paint.

How to Get Latex Paint Out of Carpet?

Required Things

  • Wet cloth
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent
  • Putty knife
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum cleaner


Step 1. Removing Excess Paint

If the paint is fresh, remove other paint from the carpet with the help of a putty knife. If it’s dried, remove the old paint using a needle nose plier.

Step 2. Making Solution

Detergent with warm water is truly useful when it comes to cleaning old stains. Hence put some mild dishwasher or detergent and mix that with warm water. It will create a solution.

Step 3. Dapping Paint

Now, wet the stained area by spraying the cleaning solution. Spray as much as it needs to loosen up the paint. Let it sit and soften the remaining hard paints. Damp the spotted place as many times as you require to get the spot completely out of your carpet.

Step 4. Vacuuming

When you are done removing the paint, you will find the area is wet. If you want to use the carpet right away, start vacuuming and dry out that area to make it look fresh.

How to Remove Oil-based Paint Out of Carpet?

Required Things

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Clean cloth
  • Turpentine
  • Mild dishwasher
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Protective gears


Step 1. Scraping Off

Using a needle nose plier or a blade, you must scrape off the paint if it has dried. Please don’t do it with fresh oil-based paint; instead, take a spoon and try picking paint up as much as you can from the carpet.

Step 2. Dabbing with Turpentine

Turpentine works as a paint thinner. Hence, apply it to the paint mess and let it break the bond of the pain. It will loosen the color.

Step 3. Rinsing

Next, rinse that messy area after you find no spots there.

Step 4. Drying

Since you have finished removing the paint and cleaning the area properly, it’s time to dry it. Generally, people dry out the rinsed carpet with a vacuum cleaner but if you like drying it naturally, then leave it. The carpet will air dry itself.

How to Get Water-based Paint Out of Carpet

Required Things

  • Dull knife
  • White clean cloth
  • Wet vacuum cleaner
  • Hot water
  • Dishwasher


Step 1. Removing the Dried Paint

For paint that is already dried, take a dull knife and scratch over them. You will have to do it gently. Gradually the hard paints will come off.

Step 2. Blotting

Now the remaining paint will easily get soft, and by blotting, the color will start to fade away. However, all these processes will take pretty good time to remove paint stains properly, but they are worth it since you can save money and improve the quality of your carpet.

Step 3. Vacuuming

Water-based paints will easily fade away, so you don’t have to rinse the area after blotting. Simply vacuum the area and get the place dried when the paint is gone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to get matt to paint out of carpet?

If you made a mess on your carpet with matt paint, don’t panic! We have a super simple solution. First, take out the dried flakes of the paint.

Second, mix a cup of hot water with one or two spoons in the dishwasher. Third, apply the solution. Fourth, blot the stained place with a cloth and finally rinse to remove the matt paint completely.

2. How to get green paint out of the carpet?

Whether it’s a green color paint or red color, removing it is so simple. You have to take a clean cloth and dab on the spots until you find the area is clean like before.

3. How to get finger paint out of carpet?

To remove finger paint, you need to take a clean cotton ball and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Dab the cotton with alcohol on the stain to fade most of the color.

Mix in a bowl a little water and dish soap. Pour a bit of the solution onto the spots, and don’t stop dabbing until all the paint is removed. Finally, rinse the place.

4. How to get eggshell paint out of carpet?

Removing eggshell paint is easier with acetone or rubbing alcohol. You can use any of it. Apply one of these paint thinners and rub with a clean sponge. Depending on how tough or light the stain is, it will take at least 5 minutes to at most 10 minutes to remove the paint.

5. How to remove tempera paint from the carpet?

When it comes to removing tempera paint, white vinegar will be most helpful. You don’t need extra things to remove it except white vinegar and warm water. So, pour a few drops of distilled white vinegar onto a cloth or cotton and blot on the spots. Continue until the eggshell paint has vanished.

Final Notes

No one wants their carpet to look ugly with some different color paint. Whether it’s a huge mess or small, cleaning those paints is pretty effortless. Few cleaning agents and procedures actually work great at removing paint from carpets. You have already learned in this article about how to get paint out of carpet. We hope you will try these techniques out with patience to get the expected results.

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