How to Get Kinetic Sand out of Carpet without Any Hassle

Kinetic sand is a trendy toy that children often love to play with indoors. Again, sometimes adults also play with this sand at home. However, the sand is not too messy on its own. Kinetic sand is usually found sticky with the combination of silicone oil. So whenever it falls out of your hand, you can quickly gather them together.

But if it goes into the intense part of the carpet, you should take some necessary steps to get it out. Using this article, we will show you how to get kinetic sand out of carpet with and without home elements. So let’s get started.

How to Get Kinetic Sand out of Carpet – 5 Best Ways

Getting all the sand out of the carpet may be challenging if it gets wet. On the contrary, removing the dry kinetic sand is easy for you if the cloud is too big. You can pick those clouds with your bare hands and dispel them from the carpet.

Furthermore, if the kinetic sand gets damp, here’s the way by which you can gather them from the carpet.

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Method 1- Remove The Sand as Much as Possible with Any Sharp Tool

You should start at first with a long spoon to scoop the sand from the carpet. As those sand will congeal together when it gets dry. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether the sand will be dry or wet. If it is dry, try to remove them as much as possible. Again, if the sand is too wet, try scooping them with any sharp spoons. Next, try to mop the carpet with your regular cleaning accessories.

Some people love to do this with vacuum cleaners. When you’re conducting the cleaning, ensure that you do not put too much pressure on the cleaner. Hence, it may break down all the more significant pieces of the sand. Once you’re done, now move to the next step.

Before moving to the second way, let us clear you one thing. Below, we attached the possible elements that can help you remove the kinetic sands from the carpet appropriately. Those elements are proven by many familiar carpet cleaning experts and house owners. With this, you can use those ways if you fail to finish the first one.

Method 2- Try to Remove The Sand Using Club Soda

Club soda is very effective at removing the kinetic sand from the carpet. Club soda usually comes with very active ingredients like potassium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate, and sodium citrate. With these active elements, this sort of ingredient can easily remove the sand as well as the carpet stains.

However, to remove the sand, you first need to take a container. Take half(½ cup) of club soda into a container and add one cup of freshwater. You can choose any spray bottle to do this job. Now pour the solutions into the bottle. Shake it very well.

Afterward, spray the solutions over the carpet—especially the particular area where the sand will be sucked very strictly. Now take your regular steam mop to suck that stubborn sand out of the carpet.

Method 3- Expel The Kinetic Sands Using Vinegar Solutions

The third way is about using any vinegar solutions. But if the second one works for you, then avoid these solutions. In general, vinegar is widely used to clean any dirt or to remove the impurities from deep. As vinegar contains the natural acetic acid, kinetic sands will not quickly get stuck with those ingredients. Anyway, keep this up with the following proclamation

  • Hence, white vinegar plays a crucial role in removing the sand from each carpet corner. You need to collect ⅓ cups of white vinegar with 2-3 cups of plain water. Filled the spray bottle with the solution. Now spray it all over the carpet. Let the solutions sit inside it.

Important notes- It is worth mentioning that using plain water is not recommended in this procedure. Rather than this, you must have used the distilled water if you wished to get a better result.

  • However, now keep it up to do (spraying over the carpet). It will dampen the entire carpet very soon. On the other hand, damping the carpet properly is necessary to carry away the kinetic sands from its core.
  • Now take a white, clean cloth to wipe those solutions from the carpet. To do this skillfully, keep the cloth over the carpet and pressurize. By doing this, you can remove the vinegar solutions from the carpet as well as the kinetic sands.
  • You need to make a detergent solution at the end of this process. As usual, you clean any dirty garments or laundry. So mix up some detergent with warm water. Remember that the solutions might not be too thick or too thin. Now blot them over the carpet, especially where the kinetic sand is firmly seated.
  • In the meantime, pour a bit of water over the carpet areas. It will improve the efficiency of the vinegar as well as the detergent. Please do the same process we advised you to do for blotting the carpet with vinegar and detergent solutions. Similarly, you need to rinse the water out of the carpet.

Once you complete all these actions, it’s time to dry the rug quickly. Some love to use their regular hair dryer to dry the carpet. But we suggest you use natural air or silica gel for this. Hence, silica gel is more workable than the fan.

Method 4- Try Out a Lemon Juice too

Surprisingly, you can use lemon juice to remove those elastic sand balls from the carpet. For doing this phase, all you need is just a clean bowl of water. You can use any bucket or container.

Henceforth, you can add half a portion of white vinegar or apple cider here. Apple cider or white vinegar is very mild and won’t cause any harm to the carpet. Or you can use a cup of baking soda as an alternative to vinegar. Now make a paste with those ingredients. Put them over the carpet, rub them, and rinse with water.

Method 5- Vacuum The Carpet

You can use these procedures if the above ways don’t work for you. Sometimes using different cleaning processes to reduce the kinetic sand from the carpet will ruin its aesthetic. Again, it may show some wrong impacts, like the long piles coming out of the carpet. If you notice this inconvenience, you may need to use the vacuum. It will work to fix your carpet’s original appeal.

Perhaps, if your carpet looks as good as before while using those above methods, you don’t need to vacuum the carpet.

kinetic sand out of carpet

Some Things to Be Aware of to Get Kinetic Sands out of Carpet Quickly

There are some tips and important notes for you to get rid of the kinetic sands out of the carpet. You should keep in mind that kinetic sand is a non-toxic, silicon base formula. In that case, you can easily remove them from the carpet if you follow some strategies tactfully and apply them wisely.

Note 1- Always Roll up The Kinetic Sands to Remove

Always start to remove the kinetic sands by rolling. Roll the existing stands with both your hands.

Note 2- Dispose of It Quickly by Creating a Little Ball

Try to create a little ball with the sand, making the job much more convenient for you. Again, it also saves your time and energy.

Note 3- Make a Steadfast Remedy with Kitchen Dishwasher

While you’re in a hurry, your little kid will suddenly dismount the sand over the carpet. Nothing is as straightforward as the solutions you use to wash your regular plates and dishes to remove them rapidly.

Make a clean solution with your kitchen dishwasher soap and average / lukewarm water. If you want to clean the carpet stains, squeeze some lemon juice over it. This solution works great and shows the result within a minute.

Note 4- Use The Spray Bottle Instead of The Regular One

Use any spray bottle to remove the kinetic sands, as it will not dampen the entire carpet. Using any spray bottle also works to dry the carpet as early as possible. An average bottle didn’t make the job as straightforward for you as any spray bottle could.

Note 5- Do Not Wash The Sandy Carpet into The Washing Machine

Some people think that flushing the sandy carpet into the washing machine may clean them quickly. If you’re the one, it might bring a big disaster for you. It’s because the washing machine didn’t remove the sand properly. Meanwhile, all the sand will get stuck straight in the washing machine.

Note 6- Comb The Carpet Fabrics to Clean It Deeply

Run your regular hair comb over the carpet. Because of this, the dry sands inside it will come off spontaneously. This trick is also applicable if the sands stick to your skin and hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Remove Kinetic Sand Stains from The Carpet?

To remove kinetic sand stains, everyone suggested following the direction of home cleaning DIY. But you can rely on the vinegar and lemon juice method. This method has many advantages, and you will get the best result.

Just collect a cup of white vinegar or regular vinegar that you usually use to cook fish or meat. It will help to remove the stains from the origin. You can also use baking soda or mild bleach, as they both help remove any colors stuck in the material.

2. Do Kinetic Sand Stain Your Carpet?

Kinetic sand may stay longer over the carpet if you don’t remove them properly. In most cases, it shows that it will stay more than an extended period. There is a high chance of getting a permanent stain or scratch from the sand.

On the other hand, the colorful kinetic sand could transfer some of its dye colors to the rug. It may sound horrific, but you can similarly deal with this problem. And the most common way of this issue is white vinegar solutions.

3. How Long Does Kinetic Sand Last over The Carpet?

Kinetic sand will usually last more than 2-3 months. But it can extend the density of the color of the sand. But don’t worry, the sand will not sit over the carpet permanently.

If you remove them as far as they fall over the carpet, they will disappear soon. On the contrary, colorful kinetic sand will last longer than usual. It may last up to 5 months if you don’t try to remove them from the rug.

4. Does Kinetic Sand Hold Germs?

It is a common question to all the new mothers if that kinetic sand holds germs. Hence, those are only used for the kids. You need not worry about this. Kinetic sand is 100% safe and doesn’t bear any typical virus or bacteria.

Most importantly, those sands are less messy than the regular sands. So you can fundamentally let your kid play with those sands.

Last Words

Kinetic sand is not a severe issue compared to the other tenacious stains. It can be removed thoroughly if you acknowledge all the basic things. Also, keep in mind the vital notes that we described above. Finally, we don’t want to annoy you as we beat around the bush.

The above process about how to kinetic sand out of carpet will help you in the long run. You can rely on those methods or ways as they’re very straightforward and helpful. Hopefully, you won’t be bothered about this affair further after finishing the entire article. If you still have any queries, inform us via comment.

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