How to Get Hot Glue Out of Carpet | Proven Methods

Glues are required to fix and attach various things around your house. You may use the glue guns to shoot hot glue through it for those fixing and attaching tasks. For various projects, glue and a glue gun are crucial equipment. Though the glue gun is a useful tool, it can sometimes be stringy and messy. 

But things may become unbearable when hot glue falls on the carpet from the hot glue guns. When these types of incidents occur, you may have faced many difficulties on how to get hot glue out of carpet. Therefore, you must stay focused and get a proper grip on the solving process before you start applying it practically.

Things to Remember Before Eliminating Hot Glue Out of Carpet  

Getting puzzled is normal if you face the issue of hot glue falling on the carpet for the first time. Quick action comes in handy in almost every problematic situation, and it is a no different scenario. But that doesn’t encourage you to act without the basic knowledge about how to solve the issue.

Because lack of knowledge in this sector will not only lengthen the process but also can damage the carpet permanently. That’s why you should know the essential factors before going into the solution application process. Now the things to remember before you start removing the hot glue from the carpet are:

  • Get a proper idea first about the spilled hot glue condition, whether that is still hot or got cold when you noticed it
  • You also need to figure out whether the spilled glue is wet or dried up to attach the fibers of the carpet
  • Avoid taking the same approach of removing the hot glue from textiles or other fabrics when you are trying to eliminate it from the carpet surface

How to Get Hot Glue Out of Carpet – The Solutions to Apply Based on the Glue Condition

Before you start applying the solution method, it is a must to figure out the condition of the glue. If you have noticed within a quick period, the adhesive is still hot and wet. But when you are a bit late to figure out that some hot glue is spilled on the carpet, the glue will dry and become hard.

So, we can say there can be two situations, and you need to take action regarding that. As a result, there will be two solution method scenarios, and those are:

  1. How to Get Wet Hot Glue Out of Carpet
  2. How to Get Dried Hot Glue Out of Carpet

Now let’s go through the process of how to apply the solving methods to these two scenarios:

How to Get Wet Hot Glue Out of Carpet

Waiting for the glue to get dry is the best option to go with when trying to eliminate it from the carpet. However, though it is the best option, you may have noticed the hot glue on the carpet right after it has spilled. 

Then you can take action to remove it while the glue that came out from the glue gun is still wet. Whatever you do, never touch the hot glue with your bare hands while cleaning it. The steps you need to follow in this matter are:

Step-1: Gather the Necessary Equipment

To eliminate the hot and wet glue from your carpet, you will require some tools and equipment, and those are:

  • Hand Gloves
  • A butter knife or a scrapper
  • Vacuum cleaner

After collecting these tools and equipment, you need to keep them aside to access them whenever necessary.

Step-2: Scrape the Hot Wet Glue Off

Choose either the butter knife or the specialized scrapper you kept beside a while ago. Any of these two tools will do the job based on which one is available to you or easier for you to collect. Any other objects that come with a flat surface and edge are also capable of doing the job. 

So, take any of these and carefully slide it under the spilled hot glue on the carpet. Then you will have to scrape the wet glue off in a quick sweeping motion to leave no trace of the glue.

Step-3: Vacuum the Entire Carpet

Sometimes, even quick sweeping with the scraper may not entirely eliminate the glue. The loose residue of the hot glue gun glue may still remain on the carpet. That’s why you will have to vacuum the entire carpet after the scraping job is done. 

It will make sure the hot and wet glue that came out from the glue gun is no longer on the carpet. 

How to Get Dried Hot Glue Out of Carpet

Now, this is the phase where you will have to deal with the dried hot glue gun’s glue. In this case, the process will be pretty different than the previous one. You might wonder why we can’t just pull the dry glue off the carpet as we did with the wet glue.

Because as the hot and wet glue gets spilled on the fabric surfaces like carpet and then dries, it starts adhering to the fibers. If you try to pull the dried glue at that time, then there is a high chance for you to end up pulling some threads from the carpet.

It can even lead you to rip the carpet off, and that’s why we are here with a better solution. Here are the steps how you can get this job done:

Step-1: Grab Necessary Tools and Equipment  

Like the previous case, you will again have to collect some necessary tools to work with. But you will require some more tools compared to the other scenario. So you must collect those tools and components before starting cleaning the hot glue that came out from the glue gun.

Now the required tools and components are:

  • Scrap piece of fabric
  • Steam iron  
  • Hand Gloves
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Vacuum

After collecting all the equipment above, you need to keep those close to your reach as you can access them easily.

Step-2: Place the Scrap Piece of Fabric on the Glue Affected Area

Before using the scrap fabric, you must ensure that the glue gun glue is thoroughly dried and not hot. Then take the scrap piece of fabric you have kept aside and gently place it on the glue-affected areas of the carpet. But not all the fabrics are perfect for this job, and you need to choose wisely.

Because the fabric should be capable enough not to melt under high heat during the ironing period. That’s why you need to avoid using nylon, velvet, or such fabrics. Instead, try using simple cotton rags, which will be ideal for putting on the dried glue while ironing the affected areas.

Step-3: Hit the Iron and Press it on the Scrap Piece of Fabric

You need to heat the steam iron through electricity in the next phase. Plug the iron, turn the switch on, and start warming it up carefully. Avoid overheating the iron, and keep the iron temperature within medium-high heat. Because high heat can damage the carpet and fabric by burning those.

There won’t be any tension regarding that if you keep the heat within a medium-high range. As a result, the iron will provide the necessary heat without burning the carpet and fabric over the glue. However, you shouldn’t back and forth the iron as it will spread the glue into more areas of the carpet which is never expected.

Instead, you need to just press the iron over the fabric that is above the glue-affected area. Because of the heat, the glue will start meting gradually under the scrap fabric. By doing so, the glue will keep adhering to the scrap fabric, and within some time, it will completely adhere to it. 

As a result, it will become way easier for you to lift the hot glue up from the carpet surface. While removing glue attached fabric, don’t forget to wear gloves to ensure the safety of both your hands. 

Step-4: Check Whether All the Glues are Transferred to the Fabric or Not

After some time, the glue will gradually get attached to the scrap fabric, and you need to check it continuously. Try checking it in every 5-7 minutes to make sure the glue is coming off or not. If you don’t check, you won’t know whether the glue is adhering to the fabric or not.

As a result, there is a high chance of the fabric and carpet getting over-heated, which can even lead to carpet burning.

Step-5: Repeat the Process Until the Hot Glue is Transferred to the Fabric

If the glue remains on the carpet for a more extended period, it will become way stubborn to eliminate. In addition, the scraped fabric may get wrinkled after some time, and if that is so, you need to replace it with another one. Performing the process above once may not be able to transfer all the glue to the fabric.

It mainly happens when the glue is old, dry, and stubborn, and then you need to perform the process multiple times. Keep performing the process until all the hot glue gun glue is transferred to the scrap fabric.

Step-6: Clean the Carpet with A Carpet Cleaner or A Vacuum

After removing the chunk of hot glue gun glue, some glue particles may still remain on the carpet fibers. You need to eliminate those residues immediately off the carpet by using the carpet cleaners. In this matter, try using the Hoover Carpet Cleaners which will be highly effective.

This specialized machine will make your carpet cleaning task easy after eliminating the hot glue. You can also use the vacuums to clean the entire carpet area to ensure that all the glues and remaining particles are no more.

Consult A Carpet Specialist

Sometimes the hot glue may be way too much stubborn to eliminate from your carpet for you. If you are unable to do so, don’t over-try, as you might end up damaging the carpet in the process. That’s why, in these types of situations, you should consult with a carpet specialist to solve the issue.

Though it will cost you some money, the professionals will highly ensure the safety and cleanliness of your carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is hot glue gun glue going to remain on my carpet permanently?

Hot glue is not likely to remain on your carpet permanently in every scenario. But if the adhesive remains on the carpet for a more extended period, the temperature may reach below the melting point. If that happens, then a solid bond will form between the hot glue and carpet fibers.

It will make the glue removal task a bit tough, but that doesn’t mean the glue will stick on the carpet forever. 

2. Do I need to cut the glue affected area of the carpet to eliminate the hot glue?

No, there is no necessity to cut the glue affected area of the carpet. All you need to do is follow the right instructions with the proper equipment to perform the glue removal task with the steam iron. 

If you are unable to complete the task or getting puzzled about it, you should hire a professional to remove the hot glue gun glue.

3. Is there any chance of the carpet getting burned by the steam iron?

The steam iron won’t burn the carpet as long as the heat is within the tolerance level of the rug. While the iron is plugged in, you shouldn’t overheat it before pressing on the fabric over the glued area. Keep it within medium-high heat, and avoid pressing the iron on the fabric for too long.

By following these instructions, you can keep your carpet safe from getting burned while eliminating the hot glue gun glue off it.

Final Thoughts

While working on any project, hot glue gun glue can accidentally spill on the carpet. If the glue gets enough time to sit on the carpet and dry, it will create a strong bond between the carpet fibers and glue. That’s why you shouldn’t get puzzled about how to get hot glue out of carpet and keep calm.

Try to eliminate the glue before it goes below the melting temperature level. You may need to apply heat through the iron multiple times to make the dry glue wet. If it goes beyond your reach, hiring a professional is the best possible option to go with for preventing further damage to the carpet.

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