How to Remove Static Electricity From Carpet? 4 Easy Ways

Winter is almost here, so we thought, why don’t we discuss one of the most stressful issues that winter makes us face, Static Electricity! Lately, we’ve felt that static electricity on the carpet is a common problem we all face, yet we don’t find any reliable way of getting rid of that issue.

The annoying occurrence literally makes every little object stick to your carpet, and we hate it. If you’re going through the exact same thing, then we would like to share the ways we are relying on to get all of us out of that problem.

So let’s drop the further discussion and provide you with the fantastic methods on how to remove static electricity from carpet that will help you to get rid of static electricity from your carpet.

How to Remove Static Electricity From Carpet?

Without any further talk, we would like to focus directly on the methods that have helped us. So let’s see what we have got here.

Way-1: Rely On Humidification

We’re here talking about one of the most effective ways of removing static electricity from your carpet. Since humidification means adding water to the air circulating in your home, the way works on the carpet. Humidification can be done in many ways. You can use a humidifier, for instance.

If you don’t own a humidifier, you can always put a pot of water on the stove to evaporate and add moisture to the air of your room. That evaporation will effectively remove all the static energy on your carpet.

Way-2: Fabric Softener

While you can rub dryer sheets on your furniture to get rid of static energy, there’s a fabric softener on which you can rely to protect your carpet from static energy. Fabric softener works like magic to remove static energy from your favorite carpet.

Way-3: Going With The Commercials

Did you know that there are many commercial sprays available in the market? The static sprays are super capable of making static energy go from your carpet. But honestly, you need to pick one very carefully. Some of the commercial sprays can damage your carpet, which is not what we want.

Way-4: Keep Up With Cleanliness

Keeping up with cleaning your floors and carpets is essential. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping regularly really helps with reducing static energy. So continue doing those both on your carpet and flooring.

Why Is My Carpet So Static?

When you walk on your carpet, your feet, and the carpet work with a rubbing motion, making electrons go to the carpet from your body. The carpet includes a negative charge hence. That’s the main reason why your carpet’s so static.

But if you give it a little thought, then you might discover that you go through the static energy issues during winter the most.

One might wonder why static energy bothers one during winter but not in the summer. The reason is the lack of moisture in the air.

During winter, your home’s air would be really dry, which will eventually lead you to carpets with static energy. To get yourself out of that situation, you might want to rely on the humidification process since that’s one of the most effective ways of bringing moisture into the air.

However, you could rely on some ways to get rid of that static energy. So if you ask for a valid reason behind your carpet being so static, we would say it’s happening because of either the dryness of winter or the negative charge in the carpet.

Can You Use Febreze Fabric On Carpet?

Obviously, you can. Febreze fabric is a reliable fabric that makes your carpet serve you in the best possible ways. Surprisingly, Febreze fabric on the carpet will make the room’s air musty and stale odors-free; isn’t that incredible? The fabric type is great for removing odors yet safe in all possible ways.

If you’re bothered by static energy, a great way to avoid them is by putting Febreze fabric on your carpet. The material works great to save your carpet from the misfortune static energy leads it to. But you should know that the fabric doesn’t purify the air; it masks the odor. So still, Febreze is the best of all times.

Why Do You Get An Electric Shock From Carpet?

When you rub your feet on your carpet or rug of yours, you pick up a lot of electrons and store a decent amount of negative charge in your feet. As we all know, electrons move quite faster from metal to metal or other elements.

The tiny shock you feel whenever your feet touch any metal or other objects after going over a rug or carpet results from the electron movement.

The shock you feel occurs because of the quick movement. And the level of that shock is really uncountable hence. This mostly happens during the winter.

During the winter the dryness of the air creates more and more static energy. And static energy is the reason why you feel the tint shock.

However, many ways can save you from that particular situation.  If you don’t like the tiny shock thing and totally abhor the static energy issue, then you should consider applying those ways on your carpet for the best results.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can static electricity make you sick?

Mostly static energy doesn’t make you go through any sickness or disease. But in some rare cases, unfortunately, static energy ends up being the reason for people’s headaches, dry mucosa, itchy skin, and so on. However, these diseases aren’t big things to worry about. Just work on the static energy.

2. How do you make anti-static spray?

There are a bunch of ways you can follow to make an anti-static spray. But the most effective one would be mixing two tablespoons of fabric softener with one cup of warm water. The solution is really effective and efficient to remove static energy from your favorite carpet.

3. Does Hairspray work as anti-static?

Only aerosol hairspray. You can’t imagine how magically aerosol hairspray works for removing static energy from your carpet. Experts call it the most effective anti-static spray. But regular hairsprays often end up not being good enough for removing static energy from your carpet.

4. Can alcohol remove static?

Obviously, it can. We can say that alcohol is one of the most remarkable ways of getting rid of static energy from your carpet. Just spray a decent amount on your carpet regularly, especially during winter, and you will be done—no more static energy issue days for your favorite carpet.

5. What can I use if I don’t have a static guard?

There are many household appliances you can rely on to get rid of static energy on your favorite carpet. Those are actually capable of saving you from that situation just like static guards-

  • Fabric softener mixed with warm water
  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Aerosol hairspray
  • Commercial anti-static sprays and so on.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the exact ways how to remove static electricity from the carpet. We have prepared the methods and solutions based on our experience. Static carpet can be so irritating, especially during winter. So if you follow our given solutions, you will find some ease in the irritation.

If you are troubled with static electricity while walking over the carpet, you can use a quick trick here. The trick is to moisturize your whole body with lotion or other moisturizers. That will reduce attracting the static charge to your body.

You can also attach a safety pin to your curtain if the curtain is adjacent to the carpet. With this, the pin will remove all the electrons that cause the static charge. Follow all the ways and let us know the outcome!

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