How To Remove Pet Hair From Carpet? 12 Most Effective Ways

Vacuuming or using a carpet cleaner alone won’t always help you to get rid of all the stubborn pet hair out on your carpet. Be it pet hair or human hair, this is something that requires extra care and effort. So if you are searching for ways how to remove pet hair from carpet, here we are to save you from all the chaos!

Getting irritated with your carpet cleaner just because it doesn’t pick up all the pet hairs is not something new. That’s why, this time, you need to think outside the box. Hereby we made our precise arrangement with a handful of household tricks that you can attempt to get rid of the stubborn pet hairs. Trust us, you will never feel the same about your little pet’s hair anymore.

Without any further ado, let’s go ahead and see what we have in our bucket for you today!

How To Remove Pet Hair From Carpet? Top 12 Ways

Don’t be hopeless, we have found a lot of ways to get rid of all the stubborn pet hairs on your carpet. You can pick anyone or multiple of them depending on your convenience. Here are the ways:

1. Wet cleaning

Who doesn’t know that a wet towel can attract all the dirt and hairs in it? Well, that’s the method we are going to try here. All you need is a wet towel and your hands! Just wipe the carpet using a wet towel, especially where you notice more pet hair. Vacuuming the carpet before proceeding with this method will ease your efforts.

However, if one attempt doesn’t be that much effective, you can repeat the procedure. But clean the towel well before doing so. It’s better if you keep a bucket full of water with you while doing this to avoid going to the washroom again and again.

2. Sponge mop

Our second method is another effortless one that can be really effective. Grab a sponge from your kitchen, you can grab the dishwashing sponge as well. After vacuuming your carpet, use a wet sponge to wipe it. It will collect all the pet hairs leaving your carpet fresh and clean. But it may take repeated attempts to entirely clean the area. Once again, keep a bucket full of water to clean the sponge over and over again after collecting the hairs.

3. Fabric softener

If you don’t want to rely on household stuff entirely, a fabric softener will come in handy for you. Take a bucket full of water and mix one-third of the fabric softener in it. Then, take the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet’s surface. The softener will help to loosen the hairs from the fabric of your carpet. Therefore vacuuming after doing this procedure will help you get rid of all the extra hairs.

4. Baking soda

When it’s to any kind of cleaning, baking soda never disappoints! It’s truly a blessing for everyone who struggles to clean their house. Hereby, all you have to do is- take the baking soda and sprinkle it all over the carpet.

After that, leave the baking soda for about 20 minutes. When the mentioned period is over, simply brush all the powder off the carpet. Baking soda will successfully loosen up all the hairs and brushing the carpet will remove those.

5. Carpet rakes

Carpet rakes are amazing tools to remove all the pet hairs from your carpet without giving much effort. Buying a carpet rake will save you a lot of time from trying out other household stuff. The bristles go through the carpet’s fabric and pull out every hair. When you need the deepest and most effective cleaning, this is the one that you should rely on.

6. Rubber Squeegees or gloves

If you didn’t know this before, let us tell you, rubber can attract hair like a magnet. So you can use rubber squeegees or even wear a rubber glove and use that to collect all the pet hairs from your carpet. The adhesion will accumulate the hairs and collect those.

If you are using a squeegee, simply wiping over the carpet using that will help. And if you are using rubber gloves, make sure to use thick ones. Wear gloves and rub your hands over the carpet to collect all the hair. You can also use a rubber groom to make the procedure easier.

7. Hairbrushes

Hair Brushes are not only effective to comb your hair, but they also collect all the hair too. You can simply brush over the carpet and remove pet hair from it. But it might not be very effective for small hairs. In that case, vacuuming alongside using the hairbrush may help you to get a better outcome.

8. Lint rollers

Both of these are incredible tools that you can use for your pet hair removal. The lint roller rolls over the carpet and collects all the pet hair. You can simply roll it over your carpet and get all the pet hair-free.

9. Velcro curlers

Velcro curlers contain enough adhesion to collect all the pet hairs from your carpet. You have to simply roll the curlers over your carpet and you will see it collecting everything. The bending facility of these curlers makes it easier to reach every corner to have an effective cleaning. However, make sure that your curler does not pull out your carpet’s fabric. You can test it on a small area first before you attempt to clean the whole carpet.

10. A balloon

It may sound like a silly idea, but it works! Have you ever noticed how a balloon attracts your hair when you take it closer to your head? As balloons contain static electricity, it attracts hairs like a magnet. Let’s get something out of this physics, simply use a balloon to collect hairs from your carpet.

This method may not work very well if you have a lot of hair to deal with. In that case, following other methods will be reasonable.

11. Duct tapes

Another savior in the town! These little duct tapes can successfully clean your carpet from all the pet hairs. Press the adhesive side of the tape on your carpet and press firmly. Then just lift the tape and you will see the result. The only downside is, that you have to change the tape again and again because the adhesion lessens over time.

12. Dryer Sheets

Here is our last savior method. When you have dryer sheets in your house, you have nothing to worry about. Pull out a sheet and wipe the carpet using the sheet. After wiping your carpet, you will notice that the sheet has collected a lot of hairs from the carpet making it hair-free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What picks up dog hair from carpet?

Vacuuming can collect any sort of hair from the carpet. But vacuuming cannot show you the best result by removing every single hair. Hereby you can use tools like carpet rake or lint roller. Also, household stuff like baking soda, duct tape, or even a sponge can help you here. We have shared the ways above!

2. What is the easiest way to remove hair from the carpet?

Vacuuming and using a carpet rake is the easiest way to remove pet hair from your carpet. If you don’t have enough time to deal with all the DIY methods or manually clean the carpet, you can depend on a carpet rake to help you. These are specially designed for gathering all the pet hairs. Besides, a lint roller tool will also work.

3. Does professional carpet cleaning remove pet hair?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning can help you to get rid of all the pet hair. If you don’t want to waste your time cleaning the carpet, you can seek professional cleaning. But if you have time, you can try out our given methods.

4. Does a steam cleaning carpet remove pet hair?

Steam cleaning dampens the carpet and makes the pet hair easily visible. Therefore you can clean that hair effectively afterward. We all know, that when you can see it, you can take action more profoundly!

Final Words

Now you already got a bucket full of ways how to remove pet hair from carpet. We would suggest you take an attempt and use our given ways depending on your necessity. Also, buying tools like carpet rakes or lint rollers will help you save time.

If you don’t have enough time to spend here cleaning the carpet, you can always seek professional cleaning help. Professional cleaning can remove all the hairs from your carpet giving it a new look. But as it may cost you a lot, we suggest you try the given methods and then decide. Good luck!

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