How to Remove Melted Plastic from Carpet | Complete Guide

Melted plastic on the carpet is a disheartening situation. Whether the reason is the melted plastic doesn’t look good. Melted plastic on a hard surface can take off easily. But if the plastic drops on the carpet, it is very tough to eliminate and you need to wipe out the plastic immediately. Here is the question that arises how to remove melted plastic from carpet. 

If you don’t know the accurate way to remove plastic from the carpet, it may cause stains and this will be very hassled to remove. But you don’t need to worry there are some simple solutions for you that will work every time. Utilizing the methods you can remove the melted plastic as well as the stains. Let’s start the procedures.

How to remove melted plastic from the carpet

When the melted plastic is dried, it gets harder and becomes more challenging to wipe out. You can try out these two effective methods:

Method 1: Using iron

Using the iron you can remove melted plastic. You will need two tools for the process. 

  1. Brown paper bag
  2. Iron

The steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Preheat the iron 

Plug the iron and preheat it to the highest level. You can check an outlet to ensure the perfect heat that you need for removing the spot. Remember you need dry heat for the DIY so turn off the steam function of the iron. 

Step 2: Use the brown paper

Put the brown paper on top of the melted plastic. You need to use only one layer of brown paper. But not too thin; otherwise, it can scorch the carpet fiber. 

Step 3: Place the iron

Place the hot iron on the upper surface of the brown paper. Avoid burning; keep moving the iron slowly with light pressure. If you push the iron with too much force, then the melted plastic will go a distance and stick with the carpet fibers. The main goal is to stick the plastic with the paper. 

Step 4: Take off the paper

When the paper is warm after ironing, take off the paper slowly, like peeling off. The plastic should stick with the paper and clean the carpet surface. 

Step 5: Clean properly 

You need to repeat the process until there are bits of plastic stuck with the carpet. Now you can use a carpet cleaner or rubbing alcohol. 


  • Only use brown paper. The best alternative to brown paper is using wax paper. These types of paper are ideal for carpet cleaning. If you make experiments with other paper it can create a huge mess. If you use newspaper, there will be ink transparent on the carpet. In the case of white writing paper, there are heavy chances of burning as they are too thin. 
  • Never use the iron without suitable paper. On the contrary, the plastic will melt to the iron’s hot surface and have a bigger jumble. 
  • You can use this method to take off the plastic from fabrics.

Method 2: Using an ice cube

When you are using the icing method; things you will need:

  1. Ice cubes
  2. Dull knife

The steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Bring some ice cubes from the fridge. 

Step 2: Directly apply the ice cubes to the melted plastic and rub it. The ice cubes will freeze the plastic. 

Step 3: Now break the plastic and use a dull knife. Scrub the plastic with the knife. The plastic should be removed with it. 

Step 4: Use a brush to pull off the remaining plastic.

How to remove plastic stains from the carpet

After removing the plastic, it can leave slight or deep stains on the carpet and it looks terrible on it. So by finishing the task, you can utilize the stain removing process. If you have a carpet stain remover, then simply use it and the stain will be wiped out. On the contrary, if you don’t have one, you can make a DIY solution for the process. You need vinegar and a water mixture to remove the stain. Follow the guide below:

  • First, take a bucket and mix equally white vinegar and water. Pour them into a spray bottle for easy application. 
  • Apply the solution to the plastic stains. 
  • Take a white towel and dab it the stain.
  • After a few times, the stain should come off with the towel.
  • Repeat the steps if there is still a stain on the carpet. 
  • Now use a brush or comb for losing the carpet fibers. 
  • Dry the carpet properly and you can use a carpet dryer for quick soaking. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How to remove melted plastic from the fabric?

 You can remove the melted plastic from the fabric with ease. In this article, we have mentioned two helpful methods for removing plastic from the carpet. You can apply the same techniques to your fabric. Moreover, it is easier to get off than the carpet. 

2. Can I use chemicals to remove melted plastic?

Acetone is an organic solvent that is widely used to remove melted plastic. But the chemical is very flammable so don’t use it near the stove or oven. You can remove the nasty stains with this chemical and you can get it in the local pharmacy. Before using the acetone, apply it to a hidden spot on the carpet to test whether it will adjust or not. If the carpet is alright, then apply acetone to the plastic spots and scrub the plastic with a dull knife. 

Wrapping up

If you want a clean and stainless carpet surface then this article will give you the proper solution. Cooking mashup in the oven or dropping wax from a candle can be the reasons for melted plastic. You should be careful about these causes so that you never had this mess.

If the carpet gets melted plastic, unfortunately, then you must follow this way of how to remove melted plastic from the carpet. By completing the methods, you will get a clean carpet every time.

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