How to Remove Eyeliner from Carpet | Amazing Process

Nowadays, makeup has become fundamental for women. Women used makeup to look gorgeous when they go to work or for ritual affairs. Among the makeup kits, eyeliner is one of the beauty kits for women, which is used on the border of the eyelids to look the eyes more attractive and appealing. This beauty tool affirms the beauty of eyes and reforms the eye much pretty and classy.

Usually, makeup on your face makes a beautiful glance, but definitely, it’s not pretty on your carpet. The negative impact occurs at the time when you unintentionally coat it on your carpet. The eyeliner mark is complex to rescue from the rug.

However, don’t worry about the eyeliner stain on your carpet, and in this case, you need to cool your mind. At this moment, we are here to assist you with how to remove eyeliner from your carpet. In addition, you will get some easy tips and tricks that will bring your mat a fresh and clean look from the following direction.

How to Remove Eyeliner from Carpet

In order to get eyeliner stain from your carpet, the following materials are significant to you. These things will help you with how to remove eyeliner from your carpet.

1. Makeup Remover: Dissolution of the eyeliner stain

Primarily makeup removers act to dissolve the eyeliner stain. Because makeup remover is exclusively made for removing makeup kit’s stain, take a white towel with liquid makeup remover, or you may take makeup remover wipes. Now press it on the spot of eyeliner. 

On the other hand, you should be more careful that you don’t rub it, whereas it’s a chance to spread the spot. Now use another dry towel for soaking up the liquid remover away from the carpet. If the stain is not out from the carpet, follow the procedure until the stain is removed.

2. Shaving Cream: Remove tough and greasy Stains from Carpet

Shaving cream is a budget-friendly solution for removing stains from the carpet. Almost every home has this item, and it is beneficial to get rid of any tough and greasy spots. First, add some shaving cream to the carpet where the eyeliner spot is appearing. Then rub the shaving cream on the eyeliner stain with a circular motion. With warm water, wash it, and soon after mark the eyeliner stain area.

As far as when the stain is melted, repose the shaving cream in the same way. Usually, it can have to deal with three times of shaving cream and water, the operation to get the eyeliner stain.

3. Dishwashing Soap: Highly Foaming Mixture of Surfactant

Dishwashing soap has many other informal applications. It is also the simplest way of removing eyeliner stains from the carpet. Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and a half cup of warm water and mix it well. After that, take it into a spray bottle that will help to do this work perfectly. Now spray the mixture directly on the eyeliner stain.

With a wet white towel, blot the mixture into the carpet and carry away this by dabbing a dry white towel into the carpet. Try to do it, again and again, this process until the eyeliner continues to lift out of the rug. 

4. Ammonia therapy: Popular Cleaning Agent

Typically, ammonia is one of the effective cleaners for removing eyeliner from the carpet. Not only for carpet cleaning, but it is also suitable for cleaning different areas in your house. So, if you want to save your money for cleaning purposes, you can undoubtedly apply ammonia. Moreover, you will have great results in removing eyeliner marks from the carpet at a low price.

So, to clean your carpet from eyeliner stain, you require to make a mixture that includes ammonia. Combine a teaspoon of the product with a cup of warm water and mix it well. This liquid mixture is your instrument for removing eyeliner spots from the carpet. It is effortless to use as you spray it on the stained area. Take five to ten minutes to soak it into the affected area. After that, you can take a paper towel and blot the spot.

5. Baby wipes: Amazing at getting out stains

Generally, for removing makeup, models at every step use baby wipes and especially for removing eyeliner. For a reason that baby wipes are working so well for removing eyeliner. It is also excellent for getting out blemish from pretty much any aspect. In addition, baby wipes will help you clean eyeliner marks from your carpet as a universal tool.

Getting blot a baby wipe on the eyeliner stain instantly, you will see that the color starts to move. This is because not only do they get away from the liquid but also clean it from the depth.

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6. White Vinegar: Universal Agent for Removing Stain

White vinegar is treated to be a universal assistant for removing the stain. It is slightly acidic and gets rid of various types of colors. If by mistake eyeliner falls on your carpet, then no need to budge. Just follows one teaspoon of white vinegar within one cup of warm water.

Once again, dab the blending into the carpet with a sponge on a cloth and blot it back out to take out the eyeliner.

7. Dry Cleaning Solvent: Highly effective cleaning Solvent 

Dry cleaning includes liquid; however, clothes are drenched in a water-free liquid solvent. Whenever all your techniques fail to remove eyeliner stain from the carpet, in that case, you try dry cleaning solvent. This is a highly effective cleaning solvent. But these solvents can be risky to carpet backing. When you permit it to enter through the carpet, then use them with full attention

Always impose this dry cleaning solvent slightly onto a wiper and blot it onto the carpet and avoid pouring the solvent directly on the stain. Repeatedly dab a clean and dry cloth on the carpet to remove the solvent and stain. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What catches eyeliner from the carpet?

One of the best ways for catching eyeliner from the carpet. Shaving cream, warm water, and a dry white clean towel. Bestow a few portions of shaving cream to the towel and massage it into the eyeliner’s spot. Next, wash the towel with warm water and blot the area of the stain. Until the stain disappears, rehash this process again.

2. What things clear away makeup from the carpet?

Hydrogen peroxide is a helpful item to clear away makeup from your carpet. Apply some drops of hydrogen peroxide directly to the eyeliner stain. But not try to brush or scour because it can enclose the eyeliner stain in the carpet. After that, rest for at least five minutes. Then blot clear it with a dry cloth on the towel.

3. Which stain cannot be removed from the carpet?

Water-based stains, oily stains, coffee, tea & urine stains, pet urine stains – these are the toughest spots that are very troublesome to eliminate from your carpet.

4. What is the best procedure to remove eyeliner from the carpet?

You will be surprised to hear that oils are the best choice to remove eyeliner stains. You can use some types of oil like – Coconut oil, Olive oil, or Jojoba oil to break down the eyeliner from the carpet. Oil can dissolve the liner; that’s why you can easily remove it from your carpet.


Eyeliners are makeup kits made of chemical ingredients and are intricate to get rid of the cause they usually have a dark color. When you use your makeup on a daily basis, then accidentally, it may fall on your carpet. When you are standing beside the carpet for doing makeup, in that case, our advice is, to place a towel over the carpet that will help to counter the eyeliner from the mark on the carpet. These helpful ideas about how to remove eyeliner from your carpet, and you’ll know the tricks and tips that help you to get eyeliner stain out of the rug without detrimental carpet fibers.

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