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Clay is a stubborn material that can be stuck in your carpet for years. Kids love to play using clay, and they love to ruin the carpet with their playful clay games. Well, it might be entertaining for them but not at all for us, right? Come on, who loves to ruin their pricey carpet for silly clay!

If you are familiar with this kind of irritating condition, we have brought our solutions on How to remove clay from the carpet. And the good news is, not only one, we brought multiple solutions that you can follow at home. The ingredients are widely available so you won’t have to worry to find those as well. This means you can clean those stubborn gross clay within no time using our further given methods!

Can’t wait to know? We know you want it quick. Hop on and read the ways we have found out. You will get a lot of additional information as well. Let’s get started!

How to remove clay from the carpet?

We have figured out a few ways for you. We will share one by one depending on your personal favorites. But you have no bindings, so you can pick whichever seems convincing to you. Let’s get introduced to the ways!

1. Rough Exposure

To start, it is worth trying to remove clay particles by rough exposure. Here you should use a knife with a sharp blade. Spot the areas where your carpet has the clay stuck. Use your knife and scratch over the areas. You can try pulling the clay out afterward. Finally, if the little relic of the object remains stuck in the depths of the nipple try to clean the area using a sponge with household detergent.

2. Detergents and scrubbers

Detergents are such a product that works like a savior in any kind of clean-ups. You know, the clay leaves tallow marks on the surface. Thus, it is the most sterling scheme to work with degreasing compounds.

A worthy modification to solving the crux in the first minutes after the incident is to use a soap solution. In it, you need to moisten the brush, and then carefully tramp through the contaminated bounds. You need to repeat these actions several times.

Afterward, wash the specks on the carpet with plenty of warm water. As an alternative to a soap solution, you can use a special cleaner to clean the carpet.

3. Chemical compound

If the clay is red and has radiation remnants, dissolve the oxygen bleach, and water following the package instructions. Serve the stained bounds and allow the solution to work for at least an hour and then rub away. Keep the area to be dried away from sunlight. You can vacuum to lift the carpet fiber.

Tips: If you can’t find the oxygen bleach, try any lab or pharmacy for it.

4. Freezing

Is there a piece of ice in the freezer? Well, take it, wrap it in a thin napkin and apply it to the clay for 10-12 minutes. After this period, gently break up the pieces and collect them. This should be done quickly until the dough has not had time to thaw. Till now, we found this one to be the most at-home technique to follow within the least time.

Tips: No ice in the freezer? Don’t worry. Any frozen material will do. Everything in the freezer is quite capable of chilling clay.

5. Thermal effect

Sometimes little sculptors have time to smear the clay on the surface of the rug. In that type of occurrence, the scheme of freezing is merely not effective, especially if the product has a long nap. It is purely a contradictory form of cooling that will come to the rescue. You will need to use an iron and a napkin or paper towel. Stages of cleaning with thermal effects:

  • Turn the mat and lay it on the surface the wrong side up.
  • The napkins are spread out in the field of formation of a point (on the front and the wrong side).
  • Take iron and heat it by placing up the regulator.
  • Once the desiderate temperature has been reached, the soiled bounds should be thoroughly ironed with a hot iron.
  • It is recommended to change the napkins evermore so that during the melting of the clay its leftovers are plunged. This type of cleaning discourse is repeated until it is possible to completely remove the clay from the surface.
  • In the last, rub the stain-forming stain with compounded alcohol.

6. Soda Solution

Are all the manipulations ruined? Try the last remedy – thick soda solution. Apply hot to clay stain and allow drying. The vacuum to remove the soda grains. And only after that, the entire stain should be thoroughly washed with clean water to permanently remove all traces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you remove dried clay from the carpet?

First, you have to scrape or brush off the extra dry clay with a paint scraper or soft bristle brush. Now take a paper towel and wipe the area by spraying water and making the area wet. If you still find any stains then repeat the process.

2. How do you get red clay out of the carpet?

Getting red clay out of the carpet will require a mixture of oxygen bleach and water according to the package directions. Put the mixture on the red clay area and let the mixture work for at least one hour and then blot away. Dry that area with direct sunlight. Lastly, vacuum the carpet fibers.

3. How do you remove the clay stain from your carpet?

Removing the clay stain from the carpet is pretty easy. Mix regular detergent and water. Take a harsh cloth and rub the stained area with the mixture. Once you are done rubbing the area, let the area dry and the next thing you will find is the stain is gone.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, our entire solution on How to remove clay from the carpet has been helpful to you. We have suggested maximum at-home ways to save your back. All these ways are equally effective to remove the stubborn clay from your carpet. You can lean on the first one the most because that’s where most of our favoritism goes.

If you cannot find any of the mentioned ingredients, try grocery shops for those materials. Also, super shops and pharmacies can help you trace the chemical components. Also, we have suggested different ways that you can follow even with things that are present in your home. So no further hassle is needed to find those. Don’t forget to clean up the stuff with soap and water and dry the carpet after the cleaning. Therefore you can keep your carpet clean and free from gross smells. Good luck!

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