How to Remove Carpet Staples from Hardwood Floor | Best Way

Wall-to-wall flooring carpet becomes a trend to style the home for centuries. During the trend, many people are covering their beautiful woods under the carpet. But time changes, people are eliminating carpeting as they are old or ugly or some don’t want to decorate the floor. 

Removing carpet is quite easy and can be stripped from the whole home in a couple of hours. After peeling the carpet from the floor, you will find pounds of staples adhesive on the floor. Staples shouldn’t leave behind because they can damage new flooring and even poke through. 

So you have to clean the staples from the wood. If you don’t know the proper way, it will take away lots of time and hurt your knee. Here is the perfect DIY to remove carpet staples from the hardwood floor. 

How to remove carpet staples from the hardwood floor?

Staples on a carpet play a vital role in sticking it to the floor. But when you are removing the carpet layer, these staples become stressed if you don’t know the proper way—most people a straight blade screwdriver to remove the staples or a pry bar. But most time, this trick doesn’t work out and extremely slows the process of removing the staples. 

Some staples get older, rustier, or more fragile. As a result, the staple breaks off, and one leg remains on the floor. These staples are more difficult to remove. There are some ways to remove the staples from the hardwood. Especially if the floor is made from oak-type hardwood, it gets difficult to remove them. Here we will describe two effective methods to remove the staples from the hardwood. 

Method 1: Using staple remover

Staple remover comes at an affordable price tag. Usually, they look like an office-style staple remover. This remover can easily remove the staple from the hardwood, so it will be worth your money. Here is the process:

Things you will need:

  • A heavy-duty staple remover
  • Pliers


  • You need to start with sliding the end of the staple remover under the carpeting staple.
  • Push down with your thumbs, and the staple will pop out from the hardwood.
  • As we said, if the staple breaks and one leg is stuck with the wood, you need to use the pliers to pull the staple from the floor. 

Using staple remover is an effective and simple way to scrape off the staplers from the hardwood. Though this method can create soreness in your hand, there is much less twisting and pulling than using the screwdriver. Some staples need more press to pop up the staples. 

Staple remover may isn’t a part of your handy tool, and if you may not have a remover in the office, in this case, you need to buy one. As you have hardwood on the floor, it needs more pressure to pop up, and you may feel swelling in your knee. 

Method 2: Traditional 

The traditional method means removing staples using basic tools. This also works effectively to remove staples. It may need more pressure to remove from the hardwood. 

Things you will need 

  • Pliers
  • 6-in-1 painter’s tool or flathead screwdriver


  • Slide the end of the 6-in-1 painter’s tool or flathead screwdriver under the staple. It helps to lift the staples from the floor. 
  • If the staple is lifted up, then use the pliers and pull up the staple to fully out from the wood. 

This is so simple, right? This traditional way has been manipulated to tackle the daunting job. It’s a straightforward way to remove the staple from the hardwood. These tools used for this DIY are basic elements in your toolbox. You don’t need to buy anything separately. 

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Which method should you follow?

There are some disadvantages of the traditional method. For example, this process takes so much time to lift up the staples. Here you require more twisting and pulling than staple remover. 

Again, staple remover pops up the staple with ease, but in the traditional way, your hands may be uncomfortable, especially your wrists, and blisters on your fingers may be sore. So traditional processes need more hard work to remove the staples. 

The traditional way can hurt your hardwood finish. When you are sliding the flathead tool under the staple and aligning to lift it up, the flathead tool can scratch the wood finish. If you are going to padding again, this won’t be a big problem. 

At last, both methods work efficiently to remove the staples from hardwood. Among them, the staple remover is the easiest way, but you need to buy one if you don’t have it earlier. And if you don’t want to spend a little money, you can follow the traditional way. This way is also very beneficial.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to remove staples from the softwood?

It’s so simple to remove staples from softwood that is made from plywood or pine board floors. You can use the staple remover or utilize a long-handled scraper. The sharp edge of the scraper will force the staples to come out. In this way, you can remove the staples without hurting your back. With pliers and screwdrivers, you will need hours to clean the floor. So scraper is the easiest way for this purpose. 

2. How do you remove heavy-duty staples from wood?

Heavy-duty staples are required much effort to remove from wood. Here you must need staple remover to lift up. First, take a stack of paper or durable wood near the staple. Then insert the staple remover tooth under the staple’s center. Hold the staple remover down with one hand and hold the paper steady with another hand. Press down the staple remover and let the weight on the paper. In this way, you can remove the staples without damaging the wood. 

3. What are the tools used to remove staples?

Several tools are used to remove the carpet staples, such as pliers, flathead screwdriver, 6-in-1 painter tool, and staple remover. If you have staple remover, you do not need other tools, but a plier always needs to pull up the broken staples, which one leg stuck in the hardwood.  

4. How do you get old carpet glue off hardwood floors?

Carpet glue is very sticky, stubborn, and difficult to remove. First, you need to rinse a towel into boiling water and then place it on the glue. Let set the towel to soak the glue. The glue will be melted, and then use a glue remover on the floor. 

Final words 

Carpeting is a stylish top-tier on the floor. But you need to make a replacement or renew the carpet if they get damaged or older. Or, if you want the beauty of hardwood floors, the carpeting should be removed. But this is not as simple as one might think it is. There are several matters to tackle. Removing staples is one of these carpeting withdrawal processes. Heeding the correct method, you can save a lot of time and energy.

In this article, you have learned the two ways of removing the staples. You can follow one of them which is suitable for you. Staples on the floor can be a hazard, so don’t ignore even one staple. Thoroughly remove all of them, and you will get a fine hardwood floor.

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