Follow 6 Rules To Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

At home, high traffic areas mean valleys, living room, foyers, stairs, and around the door. Carpet in these particular areas gets dirty rapidly. No matter how regularly you clean the carpet, it gets matted and dirty faster in high-traffic areas. You need to take steps to protect the carpet.

Even if you have a new or old carpet, you can keep them like new by following some simple protective rules. To revive carpet fibers, professionals charge a lot of money. Here you will learn the requirements to protect carpet in high traffic areas. So if you want to save your money and keep your carpet cozy, then manipulate the tips below. 

Carpet for high traffic areas

At the moment, you have made up your mind to buy a carpet, you must think about its usage and where you are gonna place it. For high traffic areas, you should consider these two things.

Choose dark colors

As high traffic areas get dirty quickly, you should choose a dark tone. The color shouldn’t too pale or bright. Though you may like white, cream, or beige carpeting looks, the colors aren’t ideal for high-traffic areas. Make a better selection in burgundy, blue, gray, green, or brown. These dark tones won’t reveal that much dirt and stains as brighter shades do. 

Pick carpet with durable fiber

Carpet fiber type is the most important fact to consider. It makes a huge difference in the carpet’s longevity. When you are choosing carpet for hallways or living rooms, choose rugged, tough, and durable carpet. Select fiber between wool, nylon, or loop pile. Short piles pick less dirt and debris than a long pile. 

How to protect the carpet in high traffic areas? 

Just got the new carpet! Then you must take steps to protect your new carpet. Many people can not focus on maintaining the new carpet well. If you have a new carpet or older following simple rules, you can enhance the longevity of the carpet. The carpet needs protection yet it is a charming and cozy addition to your home.

Below we have allotted the best ways to protect your carpet: 

1. Vacuuming and cleaning

In the high-traffic areas, vacuum on a regular basis. If you live with a big family, then you should vacuum at least twice a week. And if you have a few family members then vacuum it once a week. Vacuuming ensures proper cleaning of the carpet. It cleans dirt and debris. 

Use a small handled and lightweight vacuum so that you can clean easily. Frequent vacuuming cleans regular traffic wear and extends the carpet’s lifespan. Overall, it improves the air quality at your home.

2. Spot cleaning 

Sooner or later, the carpeting floor gets stains and spots for different reasons and you can not avoid it. If you have pets or kids around, carpeting mess will be a common issue. Whenever you spot stains and spills, you should instantly work to remove them. On the contrary, it will go under the fiber and create hazardous mold. 

Many people serve coffee, tea, and wine in the living room or make parties. The kids are also seen to have food in the living room. So food spills on the carpet are quite normal. In case of liquid spills, blot the spot, don’t rub until it gets properly dry. Rubbing the carpet makes the spills larger and pushes the filth more down and becomes impossible to clean. 

For spot cleaning, homemade DIY projects are great, or you can use steam cleaner or pet stains cleaner machines. With a proper homemade remedy, you can lift tough stains from the carpet. Always choose a mild cleaning solution that is safe for your carpet. The cleanser must neutralize odor and greasy spills. 

3. Keep your foot clean

You always try to keep your foot clean while trolling in the room. As carpet catches more dirt than a hard floor, you should keep dirt away from the carpet. Moreover, wear socks or slippers. Keeping your feet clean is a good habit though. 

4. Keep a doormat

You can not stop your guests from coming with dirty shoes or socks. You have to figure out how you can stop this dirt and debris from coming in with them. The most effective way is to place a welcome mat in front of your door to keep away dirt and debris.

It is a great idea to include a doormat. According to carpet expertise, you can make humble requests to your guest to wipe off their feet on the mat. Indeed it can not prevent all the dirt, but it can stop solid particles on their shoes. Make sure you regularly clean the floor mat. The best advantage is you can wash in the washer when it is dirty. 

5. Keep away shoes from the carpet

If you or other family members enter the home with dirty shoes, mud, and waste will wear the carpet. So it is necessary to train kids and other family members to take off their shoes before entering. Excessive usage of shoes can wear out the carpet gradually. A shoe-off policy is a great way to protect the carpet from wearing and tearing. 

6. Use a commercial carpet protector

In the market, you will find a variety of carpet protector sprays. Along with vacuuming, spraying this protector spray can save the carpet from various harsh usage. However, make sure the spray is suitable for your carpet fiber. Test in a small section before applying. You may harm more by choosing the wrong carpet to protect your spray. 

After cleaning, the protector is applied to the carpet. It creates an invisible shield over the carpet fiber that stops discoloring. It also protects from bringing a victim to soil abrasion. You can resist stains using the protector. If you apply the spray, it resists stains from sticking with the fiber. This ensures you can easily clean and maintain your carpet. Choose a non-toxic and safe carpet protector that leaves no residue and odor.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I protect my carpet in the entryway?

The entryway is a high-traffic area. You can place a small bench that indicates to take off shoes before entering. Moreover, you can follow the steps above to protect the carpet. For the entryway, you can especially place a high-quality rag under the carpet so that it doesn’t shift or slide. 

2. What is the most durable carpet fiber for high traffic areas?

You need high-quality and durable carpet fiber for the high traffic areas. Carpet fiber such as nylon, triexta, polyester, or olefin is the ideal choice for high-traffic areas. These fibers make a stronger carpet that can resist wear and tear. Many have stain-resistant features.

3. What is the best way to protect your carpet?

In this article, we have told six ways to protect the carpet. But the most efficient way is cleaning and vacuuming. Carpet traps mush dirt, and dust in high traffic areas, and you should clean the carpet regularly. We have mentioned cleaning two or one times cleaning a week. But if you feel the carpet needs cleaning and gets dull, then you should increase the cleaning time. Especially, after coming guests or kids’ parties, you need to clean the carpet thoroughly. The carpet protector is also great for the carpet. 

Final words

Above we have given you the different options to protect your carpet in high traffic areas. These steps are essential if you have organized new carpet flooring. You may think, there is a lot of work but the outcome is really worth it. Though these steps are not able to keep the carpet fluffy for a long time, they are quite efficient to enhance carpet lifespan. If you go through the steps, you can enjoy a beautiful carpet for an extended period.

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