5 Potent Ways: How to Get Ramen Noodle Stain Out of Carpet?

It’s hilarious that even the tasty ramen noodles put a dark stain on our favorite things if that falls. Even if one drop of soupy ramen falls on your carpet, you can’t help avoiding that ugly stain. Most often fighting with that stain is quite hard because of all the sauces. But is the situation over your power of cleaning? Absolutely not!

Therefore, how to get ramen noodle stain out of carpet? Well, there are several ways to get rid of the stubborn stain efficacious. Even some at-home ingredients can help you handle the stains in a better way. Wondering what are the ways? Well, we brought 5 of the most effective solutions today.

Before applying any of the methods, don’t forget to check the manual of your carpet. Apply the method if your carpet fabric is okay with the ingredients that the method requires. Without any more ado, let’s get right into it!

How to Get Ramen Noodle Stain Out Of Carpet?

As promised, here are some solutions that might help you on your path! We have found all the given ways equally effective so you can pick any one of these as you like and you can also use a carpet cleaner.

Way-1: Salt & White vinegar pair well

For the first method, you will need 2 tablespoons of salt with half a cup of white vinegar. This is the easiest and safest solution. Because any carpet fabric can tolerate salts and white vinegar. They won’t harm your favorite thing.

However moving to the steps, first mix the salt and white vinegar together. Now take the scrubber and dip that into the mixture. Start rubbing the stained area and after a few rubs you will find the stain coming off with the scrubber. Repeat the procedure until all the stain goes.

Way-2: Fighting the tough one with borax

If you are dealing with a tough ramen noodle stain on your favorite carpet and household solutions are being unable to deal with that then you gotta move with a tough solution. The solution will require 2 tablespoons of borax along with half a cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of salt.

All you have to do is mix all these ingredients and start rubbing the stained area with a scrubber or harsh cloth dipped into the mixture. After rubbing for a couple of minutes you will find the stain coming off. But don’t forget to check if your carpet is okay with borax or not!

Way-3: Heavy-duty detergent may work

Heavy-duty detergents can always fight tough stains. So take a spoonful of heavy-duty detergent and mix that with water. It will be better if you get a scented one. Cause if you’re using a scented one then the carpet will smell good as well.

Just soak a cloth with the mixture and rub the stain with the cloth. Repeat the process until all the stains are gone. Now take a dry cloth and absorb water from that area. Lastly, let the carpet dry properly. Now you can see your carpet look all new and shiny again.

Way-4: Rubbing alcohol is an escape

We all know rubbing alcohol can work with all kinds of stains. First, place some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the rubbing alcohol on the stained area. Let that sit for 5-10 minutes. Now take a scrubber and start rubbing the area.

The next thing you will find is the ramen noodle stain is coming off with your scrubber. Repeat spraying and scrubbing until you get a satisfying result.

Way-5: Use Lemon drops along with baking soda

Lemon drops can be your great escape as well. You will need baking soda along with lemon drops to continue this method. Apply some lemon drops to the stained area and let that sit for 5 minutes.

At this phase, take some baking soda and start rubbing the area with a brush. Continue adding lemon drops and baking soda until all the stains are gone. Then take a cloth dipped in water and gently rub the area.

Tip: Once you are done don’t forget to let that area dry properly. Otherwise, your carpet can be hampered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the most effective ingredient for ramen stain?

The most effective ingredient which will vanish ramen stain in a couple of minutes is borax. Borax will make the ramen stain go. But there’s one thing which should be considered with great concern. Every carpet fabric isn’t capable of tolerating borax, so firstly, check if your carpet is okay with borax or not. And then you can follow our given steps to get rid of the stains.

2. Is lemon drops effective on ramen stain?

Yes, but lemon drops can’t do that alone. Lemon drops will need baking soda along with it to make the ramen stain go. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a heavy stain then the pair of lemon drops and baking soda won’t help you. You will need something tougher at that phase.

3. Is ramen stain permanent?

The answer depends on you as ramen stain can be removed if you apply solutions when the stain is still fresh. If you wait too long to take any measure then it will be hard enough to make the stain out of your carpet.

4. Can I use alcohol on my carpet to make the ramen stain go?

You can apply alcohol on your carpet to make ramen stain go if your carpet is capable of dealing with the alcohol. Most often carpet fabrics don’t seem to tolerate alcohol. However, rubbing alcohol can help you with many kinds of carpet fabrics.

5. Will ammonia work for making ramen noodles stain out of my carpet?

Most probably yes. But the most important thing is compatibility. The majority of carpet fabrics can not tolerate ammonia and get ruined by ammonia. But if your carpet fabric is capable of dealing with ammonia then you can apply ammonia to get ramen noodle stain out of your favorite carpet.

Wrapping Up

Even a droop of tasty ramen can ruin the look of your beautiful carpet. So hopefully, our given ways on how to get ramen noodle stain out of carpet have been entirely effective for you. As we have shared ways of using both home ingredients and chemicals, you can switch to any of these as you like. Our personal favorite among all these 5 ways is using borax to get rid of the stains.

Borax is an effective chemical that can make your work done in minutes. If you cannot find borax nearby, try finding it in pharmacies, cleaning, or chemical shops. Otherwise, other ways that we shared work magically as well. No matter what you do, do not use bleach unless your carpet’s fabric is tolerable to that. Good luck!

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