5 Beneficial Techniques to Get Pink Stains Out Of Carpet

It is quite mysterious why pink stains appear on the carpet. You may see the pink-stained sofa or upholstery. Despite pink dye, what can cause the pink stain? Well, to know the causes, you need to go back to science school. If any liquid has an alkaline or acidic formula, then it can turn the carpet fiber pink. 

Mainly, this problem occurs when you clean your carpet with some acidic solution or leaves become wet with residue. When you spot the pink stains, most carpet owners get messed up how to get pink stains out of the carpet? This guide is all about the process of removing pink stains from the carpet. Go through the article and get rid of the problem forever.

The Reasons For Pink Stains On The Carpet

There is some obvious reason that can cause pink stains. If you can avoid these factors, you can prevent stains on the carpet. Here they are: 

Acidic Reaction: 

The most common reason for the pink stains is hydrochloric acid. If there is 1% of hydrochloric acid, it will stain the carpet. Kid or pet vomit is the basic source of this kind of acid. Stomach acid can make permanent stains. Another source is household cleaners. They cause pink pigmentation. 


Alkalis is present in the cleaners like ovens or drainage. If there is a little splash of cleaner drop on the carpet, it can lead to pinkish stains. Stains by Alkalis may cause varied colors according to the carpet dye. 

Benzoyl Peroxide:

Benzoyl peroxide is used in different chemical products and it causes discoloration of the carpet. Most foot cream contains peroxide and people walk on the carpet with the foot cream. It transfers to the carpet and causes pink staining. The impact of the peroxide is quite slow, it may take a month to set in. 

Bleach spots:

Many are familiar with the bleach spots on the carpet. Bleach stains are the most difficult stains. If you have polypropylene carpet, you will see purple or pink color stains, caused by bleach. 

Insecticides spray:

If you have sprayed insecticides in your home, it can fade the carpet color. The carpet has a pinkish faded outline on the edges on the carpet, it is caused by insecticides. 

Pet Urine:

If the pet urine isn’t removed properly, it can create permanent stains on the carpet. Pet urine stain color varies from carpet to carpet. Some are green, some are orange or pink. 

How to get pink stains out of the carpet?

Now, you are conscious of the factors behind the pink stains on the carpet. If you can avoid these issues, you can easily prevent pink stains. However, for now, the main problem is to get pink stains out of the carpet. There are several ways to remove Pink stains. Following the below processes, you can remove the light or tough pink stains easily. 

1. Vinegar solution

Distilled white vinegar is the ideal solution for removing the toughest stains from the carpet including the pink stains. You need to make a mixture of vinegar to apply it to the carpet. In a sprayer bottle, pour half a cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. Then blend them well. Spray the solution where needed to spot treatment. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to set and wipe it off with a damp towel. 

Usually, vinegar is a strong stain remover, so spray on a small portion of the carpet to make sure the solution is right for the carpet. Vinegar always works on most carpets but be sure before applying. 

2. Detergent-based treatment

Dishwashing liquid detergent is also an effective way to remove light stains from the carpet. When you are using the carpet, choose a clear liquid detergent. Make a solution with one teaspoon of dishwashing soap and one cup of warm water. A good ratio of detergent and water is required while removing stains. 

Saturate a cloth or sponge in the solution, then rub gently on the pink stains of the carpet. Blot the detergent with a clean cloth. You need to rinse the carpet with clean water as there is no residue left. Let dry the carpet and vacuum the area to fluff the carpet fiber. 

3. Club Soda

Sometimes club soda is an easy option to remove pink stains. You can simply get the stains out of the carpet. First, you need to soak a white cloth or towel with club soda, then blot the stains. You need to repeat the soaking and blotting process until the pink stains come off. When you are done removing the stains, dry the carpet thoroughly. As moisture can get stuck in the fiber and cause unpleasant odor, mold, and mildew.

4. Bicarbonate soda

Bicarbonate soda can cure the imbalance of PH that caused the pink dye on the carpet. It is not the baking soda that you use regularly. You won’t get the best result with baking soda. So you should use Bicarbonate soda. 

To make the solution, take one heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate soda and one cup of hot water. The water should not too hot, just enough to distill the soda into the water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, then spray the carpet fiber where you spot pink stains. A slight rub with a brush can fasten the cleaning process. After some time, you will see the stains disappearing in minutes. 

The original carpet color will back when the solution will dry. Some fabric needs one or two hours to remove the stains fully. 

5. Pet stains remover

There are many commercial stain remover machines are available that help to remove pet urine, odor, and other stains too. The machines work with carpet cleaner shampoo with steaming power. 

Steam cleaner is the best cleaning device to remove pink stains from the carpet. It gives the fresh smelling carpet and helps to extend its life of the carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does my carpet turn pink?

If you go through the whole article, you must aware of the causes of the pink stains on the carpet. The pink stains are more visible in the light carpet fiber. The acidic reaction is the common reason for turning pink on the carpet. Don’t worry about it, this guide will assist you to get rid of the problem.

2. How do you get a red stain out of a carpet?

Red stains are the most difficult stains on the carpet. If you have red stains on the carpet, you can follow the above processes. These processes are proven successful on pink stains as well as red stains. 

3. Does Vinegar discolor carpet?

Vinegar is a strong acidic product, so you have to be careful when you use it. The excessive ratio of vinegar can cause permanent fades on the carpet. Moreover, wool, silk, and other natural fiber are very delicate, so use the perfect ratio of water and vinegar while applying it. You need to test the carpet fiber before applying the solution. If there is no change, use the vinegar solution.  

Final Words

Pink stains on the carpet are a really unpleasant event. The pink stains may occur sometimes, but many get confused about why the carpet gets the stains and what is the right process to get pink stains out of the carpet. So here you already read the reasons and the best cure processes for the pink stains. If you attend them, you can certainly get rid of these issues.

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