How to Get Pepto Bismol Out of Carpet? Fight The Stain

On the days of your upset stomach, if the savior syrup falls onto your carpet leaving a more awful stain, we know how it feels! That’s just ugly to see and hard to tolerate. On top of that, the smell that creates is nothing but awful.

But wait, this is not the end of your carpet, cause the stain is handleable. Today, we have gathered effective solutions on how to get Pepto Bismol out of carpet. The solutions are very easy to follow and even warm water can help you to clean the mess up. But in some cases, you might need to lean on some of the chemicals.

We hate to keep you awaited. Let’s move forward and know the carpet-saving solutions! But first, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s manual. That will state if your carpet is compatible with the ingredients you are going to apply or not.

How to Get Pepto Bismol Out Of Carpet?

So here are a bunch of ways that will show you the path of getting Pepto Bismol out of your carpet. Buckle up and keep on reading!

Way-1: Hydrogen Peroxide Works Fabulously

Put a very little amount of hydrogen peroxide on the Bismol area and start blotting the area with a white cloth. Don’t rub the area because that will hamper your carpet. Rinse the cloth in water again and again and continue smudging until you get a result that is satisfying enough.

Lastly, get a dry cloth and absorb the wetness. By now, you will be all done with the removal of Pepto Bismol from your favorite carpet!

Way-2: Club Soda, The Perfect Replacement For Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are out of hydrogen peroxide or you don’t consider that good for your beloved carpet, then there’s another thing that may help you with the Pepto Bismol. Club soda! Yes, this is the perfect substitute for hydrogen peroxide because of its chemical formulation.

Again start with placing club soda at the stain and let that sit for a few whiles and then start blotting with a white cloth. Don’t forget to rinse the cloth with water while blotting. I repeat, there should be no rubbing.

Once you can get all the Pepto Bismol out of your carpet, get a dry cloth and start absorbing the extra club soda or wetness. You will see your carpet looking all pretty again once that gets a chance to dry completely.

Way-3: Warm Water May Help You

The Pepto Bismol stain should be dealt with solutions as shortly as possible. Because the longer you let the stain stay the deeper it will become. So finding any kind of cleanser or any other solution might not be possible at that time or might just be a waste of time. So at that phase, you should go with the easiest solution ever. Warm water!

Just get a white cloth, dip that into the warm water and start blotting. Do not rub the area because rubbing will spread the stain and you will never be able to get that stain out. Continue blotting till the stain doesn’t seem to transfer into the cloth anymore!

Way-4: Professional Cleansers

If you have professional Pepto Bismol cleaners near you then that stain is a matter of time just. Pepto Bismol contains Red dye 22 and Red dye 28 which can be easily removed with some cleansers. These kinds of cleaners are available almost at every store.

So start with absorbing the extra Bismol with a dry cloth. Going forward to the stain, apply some cleanser in a cloth (white cloth should be better) and start blotting the stained area with the cloth. Continue blotting and applying cleanser until all stains are gone.

Once you’re done dealing with the stain, get another cloth dipped into cool water and gently rub the area to remove the cleansers. Lastly, take a dry cloth and absorb the extra water and wetness.

After absorbing as much as water you can, let the carpet dry in a room with proper air circulation. If you’re ready to spend some money on the removal process then it is the most effective one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will hydrogen peroxide bleach the carpet?

It depends on the concentration amount and the type of color dye your carpet is using. A hydrogen peroxide concentration of over 6% will very likely cause damage to both your carpet’s color and the texture. Although most cleaning solutions use 3% concentration, even that can damage your carpet if the dye is not compatible. So, it’s best to test your carpet beforehand.

2. What is the best DIY carpet cleaner?

There are plenty of ingredients you can use to clean your carpet. But the overall most effective and available option would be vinegar. Vinegar can wipe out the most common carpet stains with ease. Mixing one-fourth cup of white vinegar with one-fourth cup of water will create the cleaning solution.

3. Are Pepto-Bismol stains permanent?

Any kind of stain, if treated fast and correctly, will not be permanent. It’s the same with Pepto-Bismol. However, since it is a medicine for your stomach, there have been cases where it started damaging the carpet dye due to its chemical properties. Some of these cases led to the discoloring of the carpet. So, it is best to treat it as fast as possible.

4. How to avoid permanent stains on the carpet?

Taking precautions is the best way to avoid accidents like this. If there is an occasion or party where the chances of your carpet getting stained is pretty high, just wrap a clear plastic over your carpet. Additionally, try to keep ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and other carpet cleaners nearby so that you can react as soon as possible.

5. How long will it take to remove Pepto-Bismol from the carpet?

Depending on the damaged area and your procedure, it can take up to one hour to completely get rid of the stain. An effective approach and better ingredients can speed up the process. But with cases such as these, it is better to take your time. Since both the stain and the ingredients have chemical properties, leaving them for a while will provide you with better results.

Wrapping Up

Here we come to the end of our answers. By now, it should be obvious how to get Pepto Bismol out of the carpet. All the ways explained above work wonderfully to deal with this stain. Though we would suggest taking immediate action because this stain is prone to stick to your carpet if left for a long time. Among all the ways, we found using the cleanser more effective than the household ones.

The cleansers are meant specifically to deal with stains so they will reduce your efforts and do the magic. Yet you can follow our given household methods if you can’t have cleansers nearby. But for quick protection, you can use warm water so that the stain doesn’t stick to the carpet and later on you will find it easier to get rid of.

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