How to Get Dish Soap Out of Carpet | (Best Cleaning Method)

Following the multitude cleaning process, you may use the liquid dish soap or it may fall accidentally. But it becomes stressful when the dish soap is stuck with the carpet. Although many try to remove it by adding water, it ends with a massive mess.

To get rid of this problem, you have to know the proper strategy. Otherwise, it may be a bigger cause of replacing carpet. So we have come up with the best and most effective solution to get dish soap out of the carpet. Read further if you wish to extinguish this headache. 

Why should you get dish soap out of the carpet?

If you accidentally drop the dish soap and leave it uncleaned, then it will cost extensive damage. Because the liquid dish soap has moisture and when the moisture lock in the carpet fiber, it causes mold and mildew. Moreover, there is a severe chemical present in the soap that can weaken the carpet fiber. 

When you are cleaning with dish soap, you should properly wipe out the dish soap residue as it is a source of moisture that attracts mold. In the end, it causes permanent damage. So never leave the dish soap on the carpet. 

How to get dish soap out of carpet?

Usually, dish soap is reserved in the kitchen, and it creates lather when adding water. While removing the soap from the soft carpet using water, it turns into a perfect storm. The fiber may discolor excessive dish soap so you rapidly deal with this issue. Here is the method of removing dish soap that prevents permanent damage. 

Things you will need

  • Absorbent material like kitty litter
  • White or light-colored towels
  • Spray bottle
  • Household vacuum
  • Warm water

These elements will help you to remove dish soap when it is wet and fresh. This is the first stride you can make.

Step by step instruction

Step 1: Absorb the dish soap

Kitty litter is a highly absorbent product that promptly soaks up moisturizers from the surface. When you slipped the dish soap on the carpet, immediately pour kitty litter over the spill. If you do this rapidly, you will get better results and lastly, you need to remove the residue.

Step 2: Remove the loose components

When the kitty litter absorbs as much dishwashing liquid, you need to withdraw the lenient material. But be careful about pressure. Don’t dab with high pressure while removing the kitty litter into the carpet. Use a towel and dustpan with a slow brushing motion while removing it. Repeat the process as much as required. 

Step 3: Spray warm water

Grab a neat drizzling bottle and fill it with warm water. Now spray water on the dish wash stains. Just sprinkle water; it shouldn’t be drenched. The carpet fiber should be wet enough to blot up but not excessive water to soak. It will not spread the soap further and cause suds. 

Step 4: Use a dry towel

Use a dry towel and dab the area. The towel will soak the warm water as much as it can. Do not rub or blot down harder as the dish soap will go deeper in the carpet fabric.  

Step 5: Repeat 4 & 5

If the dish soap looks thick, repeat steps 4 and 5 until the dish soap comes off. Be patient and add water and wipe gradually; otherwise, you won’t get a good outcome. 

Step 6: Utilize a vacuum

Utilize a vacuum to eliminate liquid and tiny particles from the carpet fiber. A vacuum is a powerful tool to remove tiny flooring elements. You need to attach a suitable extension to expand the sucking force. Then wet and vacuum the area suck these aspects forcibly. Repeat the process until you see discoloration on the carpet. 

Step 7: Air dry

Formerly when you are satisfied that there is no dish soap on the carpet, let it dry. You may use a fan to dry the area quickly. Or leave the area overnight without foot traffic. 

How to get dry dish soap out of carpet? 

If the dish soap spills dry up, it gets hard and sticky to the carpet fiber. To get off the dish soap, first, you need to dry the stain. Follow the instructions:

Things you will need

  • White vinegar
  • Clean white towels
  • Warm water
  • Wet vacuum
  • Portable fan


  • Pour white vinegar directly on the carpet. The amount should be ample for the stain not too excessive. 
  • Leave the vinegar for 10 minutes to set. 
  • Rinse a towel with warm water. 
  • Blot the vinegar and stain and slowly work from the edges. 
  • When the outer edges will soak up work on the center. 
  • Rinse and wipe the area with a towel as needed. 
  • Now use a vacuum to suck the water and residue. It would be better to use a wet vacuum. 
  • Dry with a fan or leave the area overnight without foot traffic. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can dish soap make stains?

Dish soap is a solvent of several chemicals and you will find dyes in it. So when the dish soap leaves the carpet fiber, it can cause stains. If you don’t take an immediate step against it, the stain may be permanent on the carpet.

2. How to remove laundry detergent from the carpet?

Usually, you can see laundry soap in powder or liquid form. If it is in liquid form, you may use the same strategy that has been described in this article. And if it is a powder form, then first remove excessive powder using a gentle brush and dustpan. Then use a wet vacuum to suck the residue on the carpet. You can also read our simple guidelines to remove detergent from the carpet.

3. Can I use Vinegar in a vacuum cleaner?

Vinegar is a powerful ingredient to soak the dish soap. So you can use white vinegar in the vacuum cleaner. But you need to mix it with clean water to work properly on the dish soap spill. 

4. How to remove soapy water from the carpet?

During the cleaning process, if the dish soap gets lather, then you may take some steps immediately. First, use a paper towel to soak the soapy water. Then spray the vinegar and water mixture into the stain to remove the residue. Next, gently wipe out with a clean dry towel that removes the carpet’s vinegar and soap. Thus, you can remove soapy water from the carpet. 

Final words

You are not alone in who face of the dish soap spill on the carpet. So relax and put together all the ingredients that we have recommended laid in this article. Following the step-by-step instructions for getting dish soap out of the carpet, you can restore your carpet back to normal. If you have a confidence issue, then consult a professional to get the results as you expected.

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