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Having a cat in your home means you have cat litter as well. But it is very unfortunate when the stinky litter falls upon your carpet. No one does it intentionally, but it can happen anytime. The most problematic fact is, that not only does it make your carpet look dirty, but it also creates an odd smell that’s hard to stand.

Now if you are struggling with cat litter on your carpet, no more repentance! We got your back! Today, we figured out ways how to get cat litter out of carpet. We are going to share several ways and alongside other vital information in this regard that can save your time and carpet both.

Forget the thought of replacing the carpet and let’s get right into the main context!

How to Get Cat Litter Out Of Carpet?

As promised, no more further talk. Buckle up and dive into the ways. Pick any one of these as you feel like because all of the ways are equally effective!

Way-1: Dish Scrubber Is The Most Effective One

To move forward with this method your need to follow some steps respectively. First, collect litter from the carpet as much as you can with the help of your hand. You should wear gloves to avoid your hands from getting dirty. If the litters are wet then let that dry out at first as they easily come off if they are dry.

Tip: You can use a vacuum to dry the litter off. It makes the work much easier.

In case the litter is not wet then start scrubbing the area with a dish scrubber and make the dry cat litter go away from the carpet fibers. Forthwith take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the little area.

Vacuuming should make the majority of litter go away at the first attempt. But if you still find litter then continue vacuuming until all the cat litter is gone. Lastly, wash the area with any kind of cleanser.

Washing the area is pretty important as that helps to get the smell out. The smell is unpleasant enough, so you must wash your carpet and let the carpet dry properly.

Way-2: Lemon Drops Will Do The Advantage

Only getting off of the cat litter out of your carpet visually won’t be enough. You need to get the smell out as well. We all know lemon drops can fight with every smell and every dirt. But you can’t jump with lemon drops in the first place.

First, you have to vacuum the litter area if the litters are dry. If the litters are wet then let them dry out first. Repeat the vacuuming until all the litter is gone.

Now put some lemon drops on the area and let that sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Now take a harsh cloth, dip that into the water and gently rub the area. Lemon drops will make all the smell out as well as kill the germs.

Way-3: Handle With Vinegar And Baking Soda

If you’re in a hurry and you must get all the cat litter out of your carpet even when it is still dry, you should try this method. Collect the extra litter from your carpet as much as you can. Now take a bucket and mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water and one cup of baking soda. Take the scrubber and soak that into the mixture.

Start rubbing the litter area of your carpet. The next thing you will find is the wet cat litter coming out from the carpet fibers. Once you meet the satisfying result stop rubbing and open all the windows and doors of the room and let the carpet dry as soon as possible. The mixture will deal with the smell as well.

Way-4: Heavy-duty Scented Detergent Can Help

The heavy-duty detergent will get the litter out which is stuck with your carpet fibers. Plus if the detergent is scented then the smell will go away as well.

First, get a bucket and mix the detergent with water. Then take a cloth and soak that with the mixture and start rubbing the litter area properly. Continue dipping and rubbing until your carpet looks all clean and shiny again.

Once you are done with getting the litter out, take a dry cloth and start absorbing the water from your carpet and let the carpet dry as well.

Way-5: Shaking And Blowing- Easy Peasy

If your carpet is light enough then take the carpet outside and shake that to blow all the litter out. If there is still litter left, then spray some vinegar and rub the area until the stuck litter is gone. Afterward, if there is any smell, you can spray some scented cleaner over the area.

Way-6: Oil Acts Better On Cat Litter

All you have to do is dip a cloth into oil and absorb the cat litter with the cloth. But the issue is oil won’t help with the smell. You can use lemon drops for the smell after washing the oil off the carpet.

We do not suggest this way that much because oil can be hard to remove and it can leave stains as well. So if you prefer to follow this, try to use less concentrated oil like baby oil or olive oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it OK to vacuum cat litter?

It’s okay to vacuum cat litter out of the carpet. Vacuum cleaners can deal with small particles of cat litter as long as they don’t make a lump of clay on your carpet. Once the cat litter becomes large by getting mixed and ends up making a clay kind of thing out of them, your vacuum cleaner can’t deal with them anymore.

2. Is oil effective on cat litter?

Obviously, 100%. Absorbing cat litter with a cloth dipped into oil is an easier process. But oil won’t help you with the smell. You have to rely on other constituents for the smell. On the other hand, after using oil you have to wash the carpet. That’s why people don’t seem to like the oil method much.

3. Is cat litter safe for carpet?

Not much. Cat litter will invite insects on your carpet. On the other, they create an intolerable smell which is ridiculous. But many people use cat litter to absorb the water from wet carpets. Except for that, there are no other good sides.

4. Can lemon drops make cat litter out of our carpet?

No lemon drops can’t. Lemon drops only can help with the smell. Lemon drops will make the smell out of your carpet in a couple of seconds. But before using lemon drops for the smell you have to vacuum the carpet to make the cat litter go.

5. What is the most effective way of making cat litter out of my carpet?

The most effective one should be the vacuuming and cleansing method. Collect cat litter from your carpet with the help of your hand as much as you can. Then vacuum the area until all the cat litter is out. Lastly, use cleaning products to get rid of smell and germs. This method is very helpful and effective.

Final Words

Getting cat litter out of the carpet can be an annoying problem to deal with unless you know the proper ways. So hopefully the ways that we showed you today on how to get cat litter out of carpet have been effective enough for you. Each of the procedures is very easy to follow and you won’t need many ingredients to proceed with.

We like to vacuum and use a cleaning product to clean the litter out of the carpet because it takes less time. After removing the litter, you might have to deal with the smell as well. So try to use lemon drops or clean the carpet using a detergent for removing the smell. It’s better if you wear gloves and a mask cause it will save you from irritation from the smell and the weird feeling of holding cat litter. Good luck!

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