3 Simple Methods To Fluff Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a loop-style carpet that has become a popular type of carpet at present. There are used tightly looped fabrics and that’s why Berber carpet holds onto dents longer than any other plush or sharing carpet.  

Dents can be caused for many reasons. However, no one likes dents on the carpet. Dents are not permanent on the carpet. If you assume the proper steps, you can quickly regain the fluffiness of the carpet. Here we will give you some simple remedies to fluff Berber carpet. You can successfully eliminate blemishes on the carpet. 

How to Fluff Berber Carpet?

Nowadays, it is becoming an inclination to install the Berber carpet in the home. Because of its high endurance level, people choose this type of carpet. It is a low-pile carpet and woven tightly. Since the fabrics are quite dense, the carpet has better resistance to stains, wear, tear, and withstands heavy foot traffic.

Moreover, you can easily maintain it with the best vacuum for Berber carpet. However, like any other carpet, Berber carpets also evolve depressions over time. There are a few reasons behind it. For example heavy pieces of furniture and intense foot traffic. 

Without fluffiness, the appearance does not look tidy. Below we have shared simple and effective methods to fluff the carpet. They are so cost-effective, even if you don’t need to go to the market. Using household stuff, you can accomplish the methods. Here they are. 

Method 1: Melting Ice

If there are dents in a small spot, then the method of melting the ice cube will be an effective way. 

Things You Will Need

  • Ice cubes
  • Towel 
  • Spoon 

Step 1: Set An Ice Cube

After moving a piece of heavy furniture, there are dents in the legs. So grab some ice cubes from the freezer and leave them on the dents of the carpet. Place at least one cube on each dent. Leave the ice on the dents and allow it to melt entirely. It may take half an hour or less to melt the ice cube depending on the room temperature. 

Step 2: Blot With A Towel

Place a white towel over the dents to absorb the ice melted water. Press the towel gently, not with so much pressure that can make dents again. Choose a white and clean towel so that there is no color transparent in the carpet. 

Step 3: Fluff The Carpet

Use a spoon or dull knife to fluff the carpet. Also, rub with your hand until the dented area stands up as it should. You should keep trying to fluff the carpet with the edge of a spoon. After some time, the dents will be shallow. 

Method 2: Using A Hair Dryer

When you want to fluff the carpet in a large area, the ice cube process will be time-consuming. Such as dents of high foot traffic. In this case, you can quickly fluff the carpet using a hairdryer. Here is the process:

Things You Will Need

  • Towel
  • Water
  • Hairdryer 
  • Dull knife

Step 1: Wet A Towel

In a bucket, take hot water and soak the towel. The towel should be cleaned and white in color. Ring the excessive water from the towel so that the carpet does not get drenched and cause damage in the long run. So wring the towel as you can but make sure the towel is damp, not sopping wet. 

Step 2: Place The Towel

Lay down the wet towel on the dented area of the carpet. Slightly dab the towel to give some moisture to the dented carpet. Don’t press the towel too hard as if the carpet becomes sopping wet. 

Step 3: Utilize A Hairdryer

Turn on your hairdryer on the highest setting. You need to wait until the dryer reaches its maximum heat. Be sure, you hold the dryer above the towel almost five inches away. 

Step 4: Keep Heating 

You need to give maximum heat to the towel for half of a minute to work on the dents. Don’t decrease the heating level of the hairdryer and also maintain the specific distance in the entire operation.

Step 5: Lift The Towel

Lift the towel from the carpet. You can see a little improvement on dents after giving a hot treatment to the carpet. 

Step 6: Fluff The Carpet

Fluff the carpet with your fingers. It is a very easy task. As an alternative, you can use a spoon, or dull knife to fluff the carpet. The dents should have disappeared in this way. If you won’t get the expected fluffiness, you need to repeat the process until the Berber carpet gets fluffed properly. 

Method 3: A Steam Iron

If you have a Berber carpeted floor, then you can easily fluff the carpet with a steam iron. Steam iron helps to remove the depression of the Berber carpet. 

Things You Will Need

  • Steam iron
  • Clean cloth
  • Spoon 

Step 1: Heat The Steam Iron

Plug the steam iron and let it heat on the high steam and temperature settings.

Step 2: Lay Down A Cloth

Lay down a clean and colorless cloth on the dented carpet. Placing a cloth is important because it prevents burn spots from the high heat of the steam iron. 

Step 3: Iron Over The Dented Area

Iron all over the dented carpet. Press gently and be careful that you are not holding the same spot for a longer time. 

Step 4: Fluff The Carpet

Fluff the carpet with a spoon. By swiping the spoon edge the carpet will be fluffy again. You can use a soft brush to fluff the carpet. 

How to Maintain The Berber Carpet?

  • Without proper maintenance, the Berber carpet loses its fluffiness. It is made for a crowded home. However, over time it also dents and doesn’t remain fluffy. So here is a remarkable piece of advice following to get rid of these dents. 
  • You need to vacuum the carpet regularly. There is a rotating brush in the vacuum cleaner, avoid using these kinds of brushes because it will damage the loops. Only use the suction power to clean the Berber carpet. Vacuum the carpet at least twice a week. If possible increase the number of vacuuming in the high traffic areas. Because dirt, debris, and dander dent the carpet
  • Remove the spot stains. Because the carpet can be moldy with food spills and moisture. So work on them well and ensure there is no moisture lock in the carpet. Most stains can be removed simply by blotting with a cloth. If there are stubborn stains, then use some commercial or homemade cleaner to clean the carpet. 
  • Use furniture coasters which are put under the furniture legs. It distributes the weight in a larger area and prevents furniture dents on the carpet. It is a cost-effective way to prevent furniture dents on the carpet. Using these small tools, your carpet will be in good condition for a long time. 
  • Use carpet pads under the carpet. Especially use it where the furniture is or in the high traffic area. It absorbs much pressure caused by high foot traffic. So you can prevent the flatness of Berber carpet using carpet pads.  
  • Install the carpet with a professional. If you don’t install the carpet properly, there will be wrinkles on the carpet. As a result, the carpet does not stay in a stable position. So you should hire professionals to install the Berber carpet. Moreover, you need to treat the carpet with a professional at least once a year. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you restore the matted Berber carpet?

We have shared 3 effective methods that help to restore the matted Berber carpet. If there is a small area that gets matted, you can use the ice cube process. For the bigger area, utilize the hairdryer or steam iron. 

2. What causes carpet matting?

The carpet gets matted by dirt, dust, and mud. With high foot traffic, the carpet gets worn out and loses its fluffiness. So you should vacuum the carpet regularly. Vacuuming also helps to revive the matted carpet

3. Are Berber carpet indentations permanent?

Carpet indentions are not permanent. With the proper treatment, you can remove them successfully. You can follow our guide to remove these intentions.

4. How do fix flattened barber carpet?

The flattened Berber carpet does not look tidy. You should fix them up. To lift the pile of the carpet, you need to slightly moisture the carpet, then heat it with a hairdryer and lift the fibers with a spoon. 

Final Words

Fluffiness in the Berber carpet provides a cozy appearance. However, it requires effort to maintain the carpet like a new one. The carpet gets dents for several reasons. But the dents are not permanent. With a proper technique, you can fluff the carpet like a new one. 

We have described the methods to fluff the carpet. These methods are very effective and simple to utilize. Still, these methods are time-consuming. So you should take steps to prevent the dents on the carpet and keep it in a clean condition.

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