How to Fix Cigarette Burns in Carpet Instead of Replacing It

We don’t have any control over accidents. It can happen at any time and by anyone. Unlike the falling cigarette from your hand on the carpet, it may occur unconsciously. But it can’t be hidden like other stains. The bigger the burn holes, the more everyone will notice. You may think of changing it otherwise.

Anyway, there is still hope by which you can fix them without switching to the new one. Our blog post will show you some possible methods of how to fix cigarette burns on the carpet and many more.

How To Fix Cigarette Burns in Carpet

To fix the cigarette burn in the carpet, measure the dimension of the burned holes. It is essential because you will know how to proceed next by recognizing the sizes. The remedy is varied from large, small, and medium-burning stains. We have designed them into three sections to make your task easier. Glimpse them all and try them one by one.

Method 1: Use Sandpaper to Hide The Midsize Burns

Sanding the burning area will help you to burn the stains rationally. But you will have to move your hands quickly. The fibers will also remain in the carpet. Follow the entire step attentively described below.

Things you’ll need-

  • A towel
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Sandpaper
  • Hydrogen peroxide solutions (1:10)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Sand The Burning Area

First, take sandpaper. Place them on the burning area and gently rub them using your hands. Use your right hand to hold the carpet tight, and your left hand for constant sanding.

Step 2: Vacuum the residue & Cut off the remaining excess with scissors

Now vacuum the residue to clean it properly. If you still notice any leftover black fiber, use scissors and cut it out.

Step 3: Make A Hydrogen Peroxide Solution to Remove The Scorch Marks

After cutting the excess, you may find a minor scorch mark. Don’t worry; it can be lighter by using peroxide solutions. To make this, use a plastic container and fill it with 10 cups of distilled water. Now, add 1-0.2% hydrogen peroxide and shake the bottle well.

Take an old cloth or rag and soak it in the solutions. Now press it over the stains and move it back to forward. Keep it up for about 40-60 seconds. Later on, blot the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner or another dry towel.

Method 2: Cut out The Small Burns & Sew The Area with The Older Ones (for Both Small & Large Burn Areas)

The method is usually known as patchwork, which we use for regular garments. If the carpet areas look so horrible and awkward, use this method to hide them from others. If there’s a need to trim the carpet before transit, make sure you’ve done it beforehand. As a result, nylon and polyester carpets cannot be treated this way.

Things you’ll need-

  • A cutting scissors
  • Additional cloth from the carpet
  • Sewing machine
  • Measure scales or tape
  • Electric iron
  • Hot glue (alternative)

Step 1: Cut off the Burning Areas with Scissors

A clean area was created by extending the carpet. Burn marks were then observed. Determine the size of your eyes. Otherwise, use a measure tape or scale to calculate the measurements correctly. If it has never been burned before, remove the entire area from the fire. Trim any areas visible to others on a new carpet or garment.

Step 2: Place the pieces Carefully on the particular area & Sew Them with Hand-knitting Or A Machine

However, now place the cutting pieces over the carpet carefully. You are then sewing the area with your hand-knitting or machines.

Step 3: Put On The Strong Glue Over The Burning Areas

You can use strong glues here. Just put a good amount of glue onto the cutting holes and fill them with the trimmed clothes or tools. Dab it with your hands and gently rub the areas to set it down.

Next, cut off the excess from those areas with scissors. Then, press the areas with iron to complete the job. Heat the iron to a medium temperature and frequently push it over the site.

Important Note:

While glue works very well at hiding cigarette smoke, it’s not perfect. You may feel stiffness in the area with bare feet. But it won’t show any glaring burn marks that come off other sizes and colors of carpet. The process works on rugs and runners too. Again, knitting the area will not feel stiff, nor will other individuals notice the marks.

Method 3: Fill Up The Small Cigarette Burns With Soft Fibers

Things You’ll Need-

  • Manicure scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Undamaged carpet strains
  • Hot Glue
  • Heavy objects
  • Hair Comb
  • Dark Pencil or Marker pen

Step 1: Find Out The Small Damaged Areas In The Carpet

So start by finding the small damaged areas in the carpet. Then cut off those burning parts with the manicure scissors. Meanwhile, in case the size is too short and filthy. Use a tweezer to tear those parts from the root. Be aware that you won’t damage the good arenas.

Step 2: Cut off Some New Fiber From The Undamaged Areas

Now, use your manicure scissors again to cut off some new fiber from the undamaged areas. The amount must depend on how many burns your carpet has. Next, place those fresh fibers on the plates.

Step 3: Apply Some Regular / Hot Glue Over Those Particular Holes

Pick up your tweezer on hand and put some hot/regular glue over those holes. Don’t leave it for more than 1-3 seconds, as there is a tendency for those glues to dry off quickly.

Step 4: Put On Those Fresh Fibers to fill the gap

Now put on those fresh fibers to fill the gap. Then gently dab them to sit correctly. Use a tweezer to place them adequately. Afterward, place heavy objects like a book, showpiece, engraved metallic embodiment, whatever is available near to hand. Just put them over the carpet to sit properly for 2-3 hours.

Step 5: Comb The Areas With A Wide- Tooth-Comb

Finally, comb the areas with a wide-tooth comb to level up the damaged nook. Now see, your carpet is looking so renewed and damage-free. All the burning spots have vanished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Restitch The Carpet?

If your carpet is loose or lumpy, you can easily restitch it. By buying a few rented tools and guidelines, restitching the carpet is possible to convert into a new one. Pull the old pad off the mat and pull the straps from the wrench. Then remove the old tack strips and replace them with new ones. Finally nailed down the old one and exchanged it for the new one.

2. How Do I Repair A Cigarette Burn in A Microfiber Couch?

Unlike any carpet, your microfiber couch-made furniture may get damaged by cigarette splits. A little trimmed cloth with a similar color and rule will fix the issues quickly. Just grab some similar color fabric. Then cut off the burned arena with scissors. Vacuum, the excess, and filth remained there. Now put a small amount of glue and fill the fabric hole. Dabbed and pressed it to set up nicely.

3. How Do I Soften The Burnt Carpet?

To soften the burned carpet, sand the carpet with sandpaper. Use a vacuum cleaner to make the areas clean and tidy. Remove the burned pieces or block fibers by cutting them out with scissors. Comb the place with a broad toothcomb brush. It will help the settlement of the woolen threads. Now blend it with other carpets.

4. What Is The Quickest Way To Eliminate The Burn?

Soak the carpet with cold water or let the water run throughout the burned area as early as the incident occurred. Don’t let the burn sit on the carpet for long. Let the rug bathe under cold water for a minimum of 15 minutes. The cold water will work to prevent swelling and inflammation on the carpet. Apply a tape or bandage to seal the burning holes after being brought out of the water.

Final Wrap

So the overall preview of how to fix cigarette burns on the carpet recognizes the burns’ sizes. Filled or touched the minor burns with chewing gum for a quick fix. For medium to more extensive cigarette burns, use the patchwork method. Cut out the particular burn area with scissors and bring good straps near the wall or inside a closet. Fill the hole with glue or sew them with needles.

The ancient method is to fill the burning holes with paddy or wool. Pour the glue over it. Let it dry for 24 hours. With these simple methods, you can burn marks on the carpet.

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