How to Clean Old Hardwood Floors Under Carpet | Clever Ways

The amount of struggle which is required to clean hardwood floors under the carpet is a headache. Only those people understand the pain who have carpet on their hardwood floors. Also, you need ways that won’t ruin the sensitive hardwood floors. So you must find an effective yet easier way to do the work.

So today, we brought some solutions on how to clean old hardwood floors under carpet mentioned below which might help you! The ways we have mentioned can be followed using materials that are available at home. The several ways will help you to choose your better-suited option.

Without any more faraway procrastination, let’s get risen with the solutions!

How to clean old hardwood floors under the carpet?

Now we will share the ways elaborately. Buckle up and get ready for effective solutions. Point to be noted, we have maintained the serial depending on our favoritism, but you can use any one of these as you like.

Solution-1: The most powerful one

If you want your house to look aesthetic and give a deep clean to the hardwood floor under the carpet then you can try this solution. First, you have to remove the carpet and thoroughly vacuum or sweep so that all the extra dust and dirt on your floor go away as much as possible.

Once you are done removing all the dust and extra dirt you have to start with the mopping. But don’t forget to apply a cleaning solution on your floor before starting the mopping. The mopping will make all the streaks and stains go away.

The final step is polishing which will require your household mop, a polishing cloth, and a shine solution. Trade the regular cloth of your mop with the polishing mop, apply some shine solution to your floor, and start polishing. The shine your floor will give after doing all these is priceless!

Solution-2: Vinegar is a simpler alternative

A very easy way of cleaning the hardwood floor under the carpet is vinegar. All you have to do is mix a cup of vinegar with a bucket of water and mop the floor with that water. But before starting the mopping process you must vacuum or sweep all the loose dust and dirt from the floor. Otherwise, your struggles will become double.

Solution-3: The mineral spirit is the deepest cleaner

To give a deep clean under the carpet you will need mineral spirit. After removing the loose dust and dirt spray some mineral spirit all over the hardwood floor under the carpet. Now take a hard cloth and start rubbing the area until all the stains are gone.

Repeat adding mineral spirits after every few rubs. After being done removing the dirt and stains, wipe the area with a dry cloth and you will be all done with your hardwood floor cleaning under the carpet.

Solution-4: Apple cider vinegar cleanses vigorously

For cleaning your hardwood floors with apple cider vinegar you have to pour a bucket with ¼  apple cider vinegar. Now take a cloth and dip that into the vinegar. The cloth has to be a little harsh. Start rubbing your floor with a cloth. After a few rubs, you will find your floor shining again.

Solution-5: The household method

For this solution, you will just need a powerful detergent and a harsh scrubber. Just mix some detergent in a bucket with water and start scrubbing the area under the carpet with a scrubber dipped in the detergent mixture.

You can add vinegar to that mixture if it’s possible. That will make the job even easier for you as scrubbing with only detergent will take more time and more energy.


  • The most important task which should be followed by you to keep the hardwood floor under the carpet clean is the daily maintenance of the hardwood floor. Try to sweep and mop the floor every day. That will be helpful to avoid all the complicated solutions.
  • If you are using the 5th solution, do not scrub harshly on the wood. It may scratch off the color and make it look awful.
  • Do not try bleach or any other chemicals to clean the hardwood floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Vinegar enough for cleaning the hardwood floor under the carpet?

Vinegar is a wise decision for cleaning hardwood floors under the carpet. You just have to mix a cup of vinegar with a bucket of water then rub the floor with that water. Vinegar will magically vanish all the dirt, grime, and stains.

2. Is it hard to make the hardwood floor under the carpet clean?

It’s very easy and there are many solutions that will lead you to a clean hardwood floor. If you sweep or vacuum regularly then you won’t find any dirt or dust under your carpet. Moreover, you can easily give a deep clean by using vinegar, dish soap, shine solutions, clean solutions, and so on.

3. How can I restore the shine on the hardwood floor under the carpet?

Restoring the shine on your hardwood floor isn’t a tough job. After sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping, use a shine solution all over the floor. The next thing you will find is your floor is sparkling and super clean. But you have to make sure that your floor is clean enough to deal with the shine solution.

4. Should I use chemicals to clean my hardwood floor under the carpet?

No, you shouldn’t. Using chemicals may help you with the cleaning and make that happen in the shortest possible time but the effects they have are irreparable. So try household and simple solutions to clean up your hardwood floor.

5. Can dish soap work on the stains of the hardwood floor?

Dish soap works on the stains. If you try dish soap on your floor with a harsh scrubber then it definitely will show you the best results. All the stains and dirt will be gone in a couple of minutes. It’s easy to find and easy to clean with!

Final words

As you know, we have shared multiple ways how to clean old hardwood floors under carpet. All the ways are equally effective and can save you a lot of time. The ingredients we suggested are also available in most households. So the trouble will be lessened in many ways.

Just follow our lead and pick up whichever way you feel like. Our personal favorite and all-time effective one is the first solution. Remember the tips for a better experience. Also, if you are using a scrubber, do not scrub harshly because it can peel off the outer wooden layer. Hopefully, you can make everything clean and perfect!

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