How to Clean Mattress with Carpet Cleaner | Effective Method

“Can I clean my mattress using a carpet cleaner?” is an often asked question by many house owners. The simple answer is ‘yes.’ You can clean the mattress with a carpet cleaner.

Your bedding needs high care because a good condition mattress is essential for better sleep. Dirt on the mattress is very disturbing. Usually, mattresses are thick and heavy; as a result, it is quite a tough job to clean. Though there are various cleaners and tools available in the market, you can also use a carpet cleaner to clean the mattress. If you ever do not try carpet cleaner, then here we will guide you on the right way of cleaning a mattress using a carpet cleaner.

How to clean mattress with a carpet cleaner

To keep your mattress fresh and keep away from unhealthy spores of mold, you need to steam clean the mattress once or twice a year. The temperature of the house can attract various kinds of pests and insects. A steam clean is the best way to keep away these unwater creatures from breeding in the home.

Better sleep is the prime condition of sound health. So, you must avoid breathing issues and allergies by cleaning the mattress properly.

Step one- Remove the bedding

You should never try to clean your mattress together with the beddings. All of these items are different from each other, and you also wash them separately. You can wash bed sheets and pillow covers using a washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Mattresses store lots of dirt under them, and you need to pay proper attention. Very naturally, you cannot get under to clean if it is covered. In that case, you need to place it in different positions, so make it free of other irrelevant things.

Step two- Use vacuum first

In this step, you need to vacuum the whole mattress. Install the proper hand-tool attachment onto the vacuum, then plug in it. Hold the hand-tool attachment of the vacuum on all sides of the mattress. You just need to ensure that all dust mites and builds of dirt are removed thoroughly.

Step three- Change the mattress position

You need to clean every side and corner of the mattress. Otherwise, dust and dirt may remain hidden in different corners, and you cannot clean them properly. The easy to clean all the sides of the mattress is to stand it against the wall. This position will also make you comfortable vacuuming. At this step, you should aim to vacuum dust from all sides of the carpet completely.

Step four- Clean the mattress

It is a little bit tricky to clean a mattress using a carpet cleaner. During dusting and vacuuming, dust can be stuck up, which can be transferred back to the mattress surface. Even it can become a cycle of dusting if you are not conscious enough in cleaning.

Clean the water reservoir tank on the carpet cleaner to make sure the dirt cannot transfer back to the surface.

Once you clean the water reservoir, fill it again with clean water. You can use about one cup of cleaning solution with the water. Each carpet cleaner has specific instructions to mix, follow the carpet cleaner manual, and make the solution.

Step five- Clean on side

You may have added the right amount of cleaner into the water and have made the solution. You may have kept the mattress standing on the wall. So start cleaning the front-facing part but be careful not to wet excess of the mattress.

When you decide to clean the mattress, give the highest interest to dry it as foams are taken much time to dry. You need to use the right amount of water to clean because excess water can be causing mold and mildew and a musty smell after some time. This sprinkle of water may be enough to clean the surface.

Step six- Clean another side

Keep unturning the front-facing side until it is completely dry. You may have to wait for a few hours to dry completely. When it is done, you need to go to clean another side. Turn over the mattress and clean with a carpet cleaner. Now it may be easy for you as you have done already the other side.

You should follow the same procedure of cleaning that you have already done for the other side—no need to use much water and make the same cleaning solution.

Step seven- Clean the around of the mattress

Now you need to clean the four sides of the mattress. You may overlook these sides during cleaning work, as many people think that these parts do not play a role in the quality of sleep as the top do. But is it a completely wrong thought?

Your mattress may be still standing against the wall; if yes, then you can easily start cleaning the sides. After cleaning one side, allow it to dry, then rotate the mattress to clean the next side. In turn, clean all four sides and corners of the mattress and dry them also.

Cleaning a mattress using a carpet cleaner is not tough but obviously time-consuming. But you can leave it in the middle of the cleaning because it can damage the mattress completely.

After removing the mattress from the bed, do not forget to dust the space on the bed as bugs can hide in the corners. You can use a clean mattress protector for the bed so that it prevents mites from feeding on dead skin cells.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use an upholstery cleaner on the mattress?

If you have a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment, you can use it to clean the mattress.

2. Can I use 409 carpet cleaner on the mattress?

You should never put your mattress in the washing machine. You should use a bathtub or a hose. For regular cleaning, a quick scrubbing with formula 409, an all-purpose cleaner, or other regular household cleaner is the best.

3. What can one spray on the mattress to clean it? 

Make a solution using an equal amount of water and white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the stain and blot with a clean cloth. Continue doing the process until the stain is removed.

4. How does baking soda clean a mattress?

Sprinkle baking soda on the spots and allow it to sit for the whole day and see the magic the next day. Baking soda with removes smells by drawing moisture and dirt. You need to vacuum the mattress to remove residue soda and clean the mattress.

5. Can carpet cleaner clean under the beds?

It may be quite difficult to enter a carpet cleaner under the bed. After all, your carpet cleaner cannot act as a maidservant!

Wrapping up

A mattress is a little bit heavyweight foam, so you may need to ask help from someone to move and rotate it. As cleaning a mattress is time-consuming work, choose a day to clean it where you will be free all day. The expert advised cleaning the mattress at least twice a year. It will ensure better condition over the year. However, carpet cleaners really work well in cleaning mattresses. So, follow the above-listed cleaning method and give your mattress a new, fresh look.

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