How to Clean Broken Glass from Carpet? (Best Tricks)

If you don’t have any superpower, then you may often face errors like broken glass. Incidents like this happen all the time around the house which also affects the carpet. Broken glass on carpet can come from shattered wine glass, vase brakes, or light bulbs. As soon as you spot the broken pieces of glass, you need to remove them; otherwise, you may face a hazardous situation. 

While you nicely tackle the carpet stains, you need to be careful with the broken glass. It may lead to permanent damage or carpet replacement. You can clean broken glass from carpet with ease by following this guide. Read further to know the whole procedure. 

How to clean broken glass from carpet?

Never neglect the broken glass on the carpet. If you aren’t careful, it will end up with costly repair because of causing rips and tears on the carpet. Sometimes the carpet fibers can hide the shards of glass that injured you or your family members while walking barefoot. 

Depending on the cause of dropping, you need to clean a few shards of glass or massive amounts of glass. If there is a drinking glass or small item like this, you need to pick very few shreds. In some difficult events like broken lights or windows, the glass may spread in more extensive areas. Before cleaning the surface, carefully examine the area and carpet to observe where you need to clean. 

Things you will need

  • Shoes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Vacuum 
  • Container

Come after the steps thoroughly

Step 1: Protect Yourself 

Safety is the first priority. While cleaning the glass, put on the necessary safety kit so that the sharp edges don’t hurt you. So wear thick rubber gloves on hand that you wear for gardening, washing dishes. Wear a set of shoes to preserve your feet while stepping on the carpet. A piece of shredded glass can lead to a stitch on your hand. So this step is vital to perform for your safety. 

Step 2: pick a container

Get a plastic container or garbage can to keep the broken glass in it. Don’t take the glass on the plastic bag; it may rip the bag and drop through the bag, and spill all the glass back over the carpet. Then you have to clean it all again. So choose a trash can for easy disposal and ensure it won’t break so that you don’t have to touch the broken glass again. 

Step 3: take the larger pieces

After wearing the gloves and shoes, pick up the largest piece of broken glass with your hand. The gloves and shoes protect you from the pok of sharp glasses. Take all the visible shreds of glasses, and put them into the bin. Thoroughly clean all the large pieces from the carpet. 

Step 4: Vacuum the area

After cleaning the larger pieces of shred glass, a wide range of small parts are lying in the carpet fiber, which is the most dangerous and difficult to remove. They are hardly visible with naked eyes. It will take more time, and effort and also be inactive if you clean with your hands. 

The final cleaning step is cleaning with a vacuum machine. It will clean the remaining glass pieces from the carpet. You hear the glass-sucking sound while using the vacuum. Utilize the vacuum until you hear the glass sound is stopped. Now it is time to clean the vacuum bag. Vacuum the whole area once again to make sure that is no glass left. 

How to clean broken glass from the carpet without a vacuum?

Many have no vacuum cleaner to clean the broken glass, or many don’t want to hurt their vacuum as there is a chance of damage while sucking up the glass. Then how to clean broken glass from the carpet without a vacuum. 

Well, there are a few methods to clean the carpet without a vacuum machine. Below steps are alternatives to the vacuum machine. You need to perform the above 1, 2, and 3 steps.

1. Clean broken glass with duct tape

  • Here you can use a 1-foot long strip of duct tape. 
  • Hold on to each end with your hand and place it on the top of the carpet. 
  • Now, stick and lift the duct tape; you can gather glass pieces with the tape where it is hard to reach with your hands. 
  • Apply the tape throughout the affected area. 
  • Take another badge of duct tape to clean appropriately and dispose of it in the garbage container. 

2. Clean broken glass with bread or potato

  • Take a bread piece or a thick slice of potato. 
  • Then press the item on the surface of the carpet.
  • The broken glass will stick with bread and potato. 
  • Apply another new piece of bread and potato until you ensure all the glass is removed. 
  • Seal the bread or potato in a container and dispose of it. 

The above two methods work for small area cleaning like a broken drinking glass or wine glass. These methods take more time but are effective if you do them thoroughly. The large space is difficult to clean with these methods. You need to use a vacuum cleaner for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the best way to clean the broken glass from the carpet?

Firstly, you need to take safety steps so that you won’t get hurt while cleaning. Cleaning with a vacuum is the best way to clean broken glass. This is effective and less time-consuming.

2. Can I remove the broken glass bare hand?

The answer is certainly yes; you can pick broken glass with a bare hand. But it is risky to remove with a bare hand. There is a high risk of cutting hands with broken glass. The sharp edges of shredded glass can cut your hands and create a few stitches on your hand. So it will not be right to pick up broken glass with bare hands. You always need to maintain safety to ensure further damage. 

Final Words 

Broken glass on the carpet is an unexpected event. So always ensure a great grip on the drinking glass and vase so that this incident doesn’t become a headache in the future. Whenever this incident takes place immediately, save your kids and pets from the affected area.

Lock the room and clean it quickly. Hope these above methods will work for you and you properly clean the carpet. Using these methods, you won’t have any damage to yourself, your kids, and your pets.

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