Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Review (Self-Tested)

A good cleaner is what we always look for. But among all the so-called popular ones, finding a truly effective cleaner is a real hassle. But the hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner is going to change what you believe about the usual cleaners for sure. With its sophisticated design and amazing effectiveness, you will see a new way to clean the carpet and make everything look like a newly bought one.

So from the urge to provide you with something amazing, we have brought our complete hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner review. We have dissected every little feature and tested the carpet cleaner, hereby everything we will share is based on our self-tested experience.

Complete Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Review

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Key features

  • The easy push and pull cleaning method saves a lot of time
  • Comes with a 1-step removable nozzle that makes it time-saving to clean the brushes.
  • Delivers powerful extraction that helps to dry out the carpet quickly.
  • Removes deeper dirt without much of a force.
  • Lightweight to be able to move it around the corners without any hand fatigue.

Easy cleaning service

The automatic cleaner can lessen your efforts in cleaning multiple times. You can have peace of mind and the best cleaning at the same time. All you need to do is just turn it on and move forward to clean the carpet. After cleaning, you have to move the machine back to dry it off. As simple as that.

The advantage of it being an automatic cleaner truly helps if you are a working individual. It will save a lot of time. It can provide the outcome of a professional cleaning without putting much effort into it. You will get a better clean-up if you use warm water instead of cold water. Also, a single run using it will be enough, no need for repeated cleanups. So far, you will find it to be the one to clean the carpets better than any other machine.

Comes with a removable nozzle

When the cleaner offers everything, but a tough to remove nozzle which makes it harder to clean the brush, all the values go in vain. You won’t have to face this annoyance from this machine. The one-step removable nozzle lets you clean the brushes within the shortest possible time. Moreover, the auto-clean motion sensing design helps your clean-up more profoundly.

As the brush is easy to clean, you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Uncleaned brushes won’t let you have the optimum cleaning experience. So it’s highly appreciated that this machine offers all that flexibility.

Powerful drying method

Drying up the carpet after you have cleaned it is a lot of hassle. If you don’t dry the carpet on time, it will create an awful smell that is hard to tolerate. Alongside, the whole cleaning will go in vain if you don’t dry the carpet properly.

Luckily, this cleaner dries up the carpet once you have cleaned it. All you have to do is just move it backward. With a single click on the button, you can dry the carpet within the shortest possible time. The heating technology given in this cleaner is praise-worthy. It is powerful enough to do its job in the least possible time. So no more foul smell will come from the carpet because of the wetness.

Smart technology

The smart title is not included in its name for just marketing purposes. It works smartly. It senses all the places in the carpet where strong cleaning is needed and operates accordingly. From tough stains to hard-to-remove dirt, you can clean everywhere within a while using this magic weapon. So if you are tired of all the popular brands that claim to offer smart technologies but barely do, you can rely on this one.


  • Mixes up the detergent and water automatically
  • Better cleaning within the least possible time
  • Dries up the carpet quickly
  • Easy to use


  • The cord may feel a little small to some users

Why have we picked this?

We dare to say that we have a strong reason behind suggesting you this machine. As we all know, finding the perfect cleaner for your carpet is not an easy piece of cake. But once you start using this one, it will actually feel like an easy piece of cake to you. All the features that it offers at such a reasonable price are beyond the imagination.

First of all, we were impressed by the automated operating system of this machine. It’s hard to believe that it can actually detect the places and give optimum cleaning accordingly. So even if you don’t believe it, you can try it out yourself. It works way better with warm water. You will never need professional cleaning again once you buy this one.

Again, the drying method is a form of supremacy. We all know how hectic drying a carpet can be, especially if you live in a rainy region. But this one will lessen all your hassle and dry the carpet up within a moment. You are saved from putting in a lot of effort from drying up the carpet manually.

One big fact about this machine is that it gives deep cleaning and it can detect the areas where your carpet requires more cleaning. As a result, you won’t have to force the cleaning as it spreads the cleaning solution mixed up with water in the correct areas.

Is the hoover smartwash any good?

Yes, it is an incredibly powerful machine to rely on for your carpet cleaning. Once you get it, you won’t feel the necessity to rely on any other machines, not even professional cleaning. The way it handles the cleaning speaks of its quality. Also, the durability is much more convincing and you will get better usability with ease of usage. Overall, this machine is a top

How to use the hoover smartwash?

The using procedure of hoover smartwash is quite straightforward and less time-consuming. Let’s see what you need to do:

  • As it is a corded cleaner, you need to plug it into the power source first.
  • Then start from a corner of the carpet and press the button to release the cleaning solution from the tank that’s mixed with water. Then you have to aim and push the button to pre-treat all the spills and stains.
  • Give several minutes for the solution to absorb into your carpet’s material and then move it back to dry the area up. That’s it!

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Wrapping Up

We are all done with our hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner review. By this time you know that we weren’t joking when we said that this is one of the best carpet cleaners that you will ever find. The features that it offers at such a low cost won’t disappoint you at all.

So when you want a smart cleaning substitute for your regular cleaner, this is the one! It will ease all your fears and procrastination about cleaning the carpet. If you are a lazy cleaner, you need to get this as soon as possible. It saves a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, your money. So be fearless than ever and get it to make the cleaning easier than ever!

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