Hoover PowerDash Pet Lightweight Compact Carpet Cleaner

If you are a pet owner, then pet messes on the carpet are a common incident in your home. Carpeted flooring gets worse with these pet’s dirty acts. Cleaning this dirt from the carpet is the most challenging task. Since the carpet fibers trap pets’ hair, urine, and odor, just vacuuming is not enough. That’s why you must have a reliable carpet cleaner.  

While choosing the best carpet cleaner, we will recommend picking the Hoover PowerDash Pet carpet cleaner. It includes smart features that can easily tackle pet hair, urine stains, and dirt. Check out the review to discover the awesome features. 

hoover powerdash pet lightweight compact carpet cleaner machine

Hoover PowerDash Pet Lightweight Compact Carpet Cleaner Machine

Hoover is a trusted brand for high-quality household appliances worldwide. Their high-tech vacuums and carpet cleaners are very popular among US consumers. Hoover PowerDash cleaner gives you a perfect result while cleaning the pet’s waste from the carpet.  

What is in the box?

You will get the Hoover carpet cleaner in parts, and there are needed to assemble the pieces. A trial size (64 oz) bottle of cleaning solution is included in the box to enhance the cleaning performance. 

In the manual, you get to know all the processes of assembling the parts. There are also detailed instructions for safe usage. There will be four parts: 

  • Main cleaner body.
  • 0.5-gallon dual water tank
  • A PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll
  • Removable nozzle
  • A 20-foot cord. 

The water tank, brush roll, and nozzle snap by clicking into place. Then connect the cord, and it will be ready to navigate. But read about the safety tips where they suggest preparing the room before running the machine. 


Hoover PowerDash Pet is made of durable plastic. It has a dual water tank system that keeps clean and dirty water separate and sucks from the carpet. But the gallons are slight, though, and there are no alarms when it gets over. So you must check frequently. This water tank is suitable if you have a small pet. You may need to refill the water tank three-four times to clean all the carpet. 

The bright side of the carpet cleaner is that it is portable enough. Portability is undoubtedly a significant feature. While cleaning the carpet, you need to move it around the room. If the cleaner is not portable and lightweight, no sooner had, it is gonna hurt your shoulder and back. 

Thankfully, Hoover carpet cleaner is the lightest and most compact carpet cleaner so far. It is only 12.5 pounds, and when the water tank is full, the whole weight won’t be more than 13 pounds. So you can easily make multiple passes with the cleaner. 

The cleaner has a 20-foot cord that allows you to clean a wide area. You can attach the cord extension to extend the line. For spot cleaning, the Hoover cleaner is the ideal choice for you. 

Cleaning performance

Although the carpet cleaner is compact and lightweight, it packs ample power to clean most stains, odors, and debris. It is not a professional-grade carpet cleaner but regular basis cleaning is great. It can remove the pet hair and debris effectively, thanks to its PowerSpin brush roll with powerful suction. 

You can effectively eliminate odor from the carpet with its oxy carpet shampoo. Move around the carpet three to four times as it is tough to clean the odor. This cleaner provides the superior performance that a normal vacuum can not make. 

Stain removal 

Using the PowerSpin brush, you can remove most stains and discoloration from the carpet. Along with pet stains, this is also effective in food or drink spills, grease stains, ink, or clay stains. So this is very handy to remove all sorts of stains. 

Hoover PowerDash Pet cleaner can remove even the older stains, probably one year older. It loosens the specks of dirt and the powerful suction takes them into the dirty water tank. 

Some cleaner leaves shampoo and water that cause stains when they dry. But this Hoover carpet cleaner has a HeatForce feature that dries the leftover shampoo and water quickly evaporates them. The carpet cleaner removes all sorts of waste without damping the fiber. 


Since Hoover carpet cleaner is compact and lightweight, you can store the cleaner in any corner of the house. You can transport it easily as it is a low-profile device. However, there is no need to move the furniture every time; you can easily maneuver it under the carpet and around high-traffic areas. 

Device maintenance is the most critical part which becomes its weakness of it. Here you can easily access the water tanks to clean them. But it is difficult to clean the nozzle, hairbrush roll, and suction tube, you need to unscrew them and clean and re-screw the parts. 

Make sure you clean the brush roll and water tank after every usage. The pet’s hairs and debris need to be cleaned; otherwise, it can clog the parts. Regularly clean the cleaner tube to get improved suction power. 

But there is no straightforward way to clean the water filter, which is not supposed to do. You can detach the filter from the cleaner unit, so it is tough to clean without removing it. 

Noise Level

The noise level is much higher while running the carpet cleaner. It is almost like a vacuum. So don’t turn it on in the early morning and evening; it will make others uncomfortable. Also, it scares dogs and cats. When it creates louder noise than earlier, understand the dirty water tank is full. 

Value for the money

This is a budget-friendly carpet cleaner that delivers satisfying performance. It cleans the pet hair and stains significantly and removes odor as well. Though there are some drawbacks, you will get the right value for the money. Moreover, you will get one year of warranty. So purchasing it won’t be a big risk for you. 


  • Affordable price range. 
  • Lightweight and compact design. 
  • Effectively clean pet hair and debris.
  • Removes most stains.
  • Eliminate odor.
  • Detachable dual water tanks. 


  • Maintenance is not simple.
  • Louder noise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best carpet cleaner?

From a wide range of categories, the Hoover PowerDash carpet cleaner is the best cleaning device. It is the best option for an affordable price segment. The performance is quite satisfying with the cleaner. It provides superior cleaning in the spot stains created by pets. The power brush catches hairs, and debris and the cleaning shampoo cut the odor. So considering the price and performance, it is the best carpet cleaner. 

2. How to use the Hoover PowerDash Pet carpet cleaner?

The Hoover Powerdash Pet Carpet Cleaner is really simple to use. After getting the parcel, you need to assemble all the parts following the manual. Then fill the water tank with water and a cleaning solution. Connect the included cord with an electric plug, and the cleaner will be turned on. Swipe the cleaner over the spots and do it for three or more to remove tough spots. You can control the suction power with a control button. So it is very simple to navigate. 

3. Why is my Hoover carpet cleaner not spraying water?

If the Hoover carpet cleaner doesn’t spray water despite having a full water tank, then there will be a problem with the hose or the pump. To fix the problem, you need to detach the hose and clean it if there is solid debris. Still, if the sprayer not working, you need to call a professional mechanic to fix the problem. 

Final words

Hoover PowerDash Pet carpet cleaner is an outstanding device at an affordable price. Pet owners must try on this cleaner because its performance will definitely fit your demand and budget. Moreover, its versatile usage makes it handy for most stains. So purchasing this one will be worth your money.

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