Best Foaming Carpet Cleaner – Unbelievable Cleaning Power!

Foaming carpet cleaners are a new addition to the cleaning sector. These magic wands wonderfully handle any sort of stains that you can even think of. From tea spills to pet wastages, nothing will cause you any more trouble once you rely on these magical cleaners.

As always, we never suggest something without self-testing. To an utter surprise, the foaming carpet cleaners that we are going to suggest today are promising in their service. You are in the right place if you are tired of finding a solution to bad odor and stubborn stains and replacing the carpets frequently because of those.

Buckle up, shortly we are going to share some super effective products that will change your total view on carpet cleaning and save your money, and value including time! Let’s get right into it!

Best Foaming Carpet Cleaner – Prompt Overview

Have a look at the basic features that our today’s picks offer. It will make your decision easier.

Product NameVolumeSmell TypeCleaning Strength
Febreze Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam88 fluid ounces.Doesn’t have chemical smells, and comes with a fresh smell type.Clears odors like tobacco, pet, or lingering cooking smells, and removes any sort of tough stains.
Shout Carpet Aerosol Stain and Odor Foaming Spray with OXY Power 22 fluid ounces.Fresh scent.Eliminates spots left by pets and eradicates smells.
Woolite 08209 Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam Cleaner Stain Remover88 Fl Oz.Comes with a clean smell.Great for spot cleaning or small areas, deals with pet messes.
Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain RemoverNot mentioned.Fresh scent.Cleans upholstery, carpet, fabric.  
Resolve Pet Expert High TrafficNot mentioned.Light, clean scent.Removes pet stains like urine, vomit, excretions, and tracked-in grime. Cleans hallways, stairs, living rooms, and carpets.

Best Foaming Carpet Cleaner – Everything You Need To Know

Here comes the real deal. Now we will let you know about the effectiveness of the foaming cleaners. Of course, we are brutally honest here, so without any kind of doubt, dive into the main context!

1. Febreze Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam

Febreze Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam

Key Features

  • Cleans more dirt than your strong vacuum cleaner.
  • You can clean the surface and carpet within the shortest possible time, just leave and rinse makes it easier to use.
  • It helps you bring peace from the foul odors trapped in your carpet like pets, tobacco, and lingering cooking smells.
  • Protects the carpet fabric because there is no use of harsh chemicals here.
  • Leaves you with a clean, fresh-smelling carpet without any sticky substance.

Maximum Cleaning Capacity

If you are tired of blaming the cleaner because it doesn’t show as much effectiveness as it claims to, here is your relief. This foam cleaner has the strength of maximum cleaning. It deals with stubborn stains and odors. So you no longer have to worry about changing the carpet whenever the slightest mismatch arises. You can always save your back using this one.

Deals With Foul Pet Odors

When your cat or dog pees/poops on your carpet, even after cleaning it, the smell doesn’t go away easily. It can cause embarrassment in the whole house because the smell is too strong to tolerate. On the other hand, without a strong cleaning component, you cannot get rid of the smell that easily.

That’s where this cleaner comes in handy. It has multiple effective properties inside to fight all the foul pet odors, therefore it leaves a fresh smell on your carpet which lifts the mood instantly.

Stronger Than Vacuuming 

In some cases, this cleaner shows way more strength than vacuum cleaners. When we used this one, the sticky substances were unbelievably easy to deal with whilst it was impossible to clean that stubborn sticky dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Here this one deserves a round of applause.

Leaves A Fresh Scent On The Carpet

Most cleaners tend to leave a chemical-like smell on the surface which can irritate you. Especially if you have kids or pregnant women at home, it can be a matter of annoyance. Hereby you will get a fresh scent from this cleaner which will provide a clean and fresh atmosphere way long after the cleaning is done.


  • Easy to use
  • One container covers up to 170 square feet
  • Quick-drying foam does the work within 20 minutes
  • Smells great


  • The smell doesn’t last longer

Who should buy this:

  • If you need optimum cleaning within a short period.
  • If you don’t like the usual chemical smell that comes from a cleaner.
  • When you don’t want to ruin the carpet fabric with harsh chemicals.
  • Better for people who love fast cleaning and who have pets inside the house.

2. Shout Carpet Aerosol Stain and Odor Foaming Spray with OXY Power

Shout Carpet Aerosol Stain and Odor Foaming Spray with OXY Power

Key Features

  • Eliminates any kind of pet odors and dirt off of your carpet.
  • Let’s you clean the furniture and keep everything fresh always using a single cleaning method.
  • Gentle on the carpet fabric and your furniture as there is no use of harsh chemicals.
  • Easily applicable and absorbs into the stain for 3-5 minutes; works almost instantly.
  • Doesn’t remark on the carpet, and leaves no sign of any substance.

Powerful Cleaning Properties

The cleaning properties of this cleaner are ultra-strong to handle all sorts of dirt and odors. You can just spray and boom, it will give you a clean area. Pet owners suffer more because of their carpets because those little animals tend to make the carpet dirty a lot. In case you are searching for a reliable cleaner to deal with any kind of dirt and odor, this one stands out to be super dependable for a longer period.

Usable On Furniture

Yes, you heard it right! Alongside the carpet, you can use this cleaner on your furniture too.  As a result, when you want to stick to one principle when it comes to cleaning, it lets you do that. No more hovering around to buy multiple spray cleaners for individual surfaces. Now you can clean every surface up using one cleaner.

Easy To Use

Undoubtedly, spray cleaners are way easier to use than any other form of cleaning. We love how effortless the spray cleaners make cleaning for us. Especially when it comes to this cleaner, you can spray it and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then all you have to do is to rub and scrub; your work is done. What can be more effortless than that?

Doesn’t Leave Any Marks

Most often, people complain that their cleaner leaves a mark on the carpet which is clearly visible. Therefore, you will have to rely on another form of cleaner to remove that mark as well. So what’s the point? But as a piece of good news to you, this cleaner doesn’t leave any mark on the surface after the cleaning. So there are no worries about leaving anything behind with this one.


  • Easy to apply
  • Works within 10 minutes
  • Usable on furniture
  • Doesn’t leave any marks


  • Some packages may show mismatches

Who should buy this:

  • People who want a multi-purpose cleaner can rely on this.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to ruin the carpet with another mark created by the cleaner.
  • Busy workaholic people who love fast and effective cleaning.
  • When you don’t want to ruin the carpet using harsh cleaners.

3. Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam Cleaner Stain Remover

Woolite 08209 Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam Cleaner Stain Remover

Key Features

  • Versatile cleaner to clean not only the carpet but also heavy traffic areas.
  • Cancels out any sort of pet odors, no matter how old is that.
  • Does not only cleans the carpet but also softens it.
  • Contains the StainProtect formula to protect against stains and soils on the carpet.
  • Easily applicable on the carpet and takes very little time to work.


The versatile application of this cleaner blows our minds. We used it in high traffic areas where the cleaning is required to be stronger than usual and it successfully passed the test. Alongside, it showed good results in handling the dirt in both professional and personal areas. So even if your prior choice is to get the cleaner for your carpet, it will show effective results in the other areas too.

Handles Every Sort Of Dirt

From pet wastages to food spills, this beast will handle everything that you want it to deal with. There is nothing that this one cannot deal with. When you follow the application directions properly, you can expect a wonderful result that you never had before.

No More Bad Smell Guaranteed

Tired of the foul smell that comes from the carpet? Sometimes it becomes extremely hard to deal with the smell. Even the strongest cleaners at times fail to clear the smells out. Mostly when you have a pet at home, a foul smell is inevitable because those little creatures love to pee or poop on the carpet.

At that phase, this cleaner is going to act as your savior for sure. The properties of this one are enough to fight against all the odd smells. Also, it leaves a strong smell that can powerfully overlap any foul smell and last for days. As we aspire you to feel stimulated whenever you put your heels into your carpet, this one is the perfect pick to serve you such comfort.

Softens The Carpet

Very few cleaners care about the carpet and this one is one of those. After using the cleaner, you will notice that your carpet is more fluffy and soft. We felt like walking on a new carpet because the cleaner literally cleaned everything and made the carpet like a newly bought one.


  • Softens the carpet and makes it look better
  • Versatile
  • Usable in high traffic areas
  • Smells great


  • The smells may last longer than necessary

Who should buy this:

  • People who want a versatile cleaner to clean high traffic areas with the carpet.
  • Anyone who loves to get a soft and fluffy carpet after using the cleaner.
  • Whoever needs extended cleaning protection with modern technology.
  • If you love a strong smell that stays after cleaning.

4. Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain Remover

Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain Remover

Key Features

  • Fresh scent to make you feel refreshed long after the cleaning.
  • Comes with a unique lift and removal cleaning technology.
  • Successfully removes stubborn pet stains like urine, vomit, mud, and feces.
  • The included fabric-safe brush keeps the carpet material protected.
  • The versatility offers to use on fabric, upholstery, and carpet.

Refreshing Smell

First of all, we could not help but praise the smell of this cleaner. It deserves wide attention and we just loved it. Also, as we have a big house, we prefer the cleaner smell to stay a little longer so that the foul smell gets enough time to go away. This cleaner met our expectations in that case. It lasted longer than 30 minutes which helped the odor to leave properly.

Eliminates Every Stubborn Odor And Stain

As previously mentioned, it deals with the odors pretty effectively. But here’s another point, not only the odor, but this wand also eliminates the stains. From food, marker, pens, snot, poop, puke to every mess that you can ever think of, it takes care of anything. After using this cleanser, you will never feel that your carpet was dirty before.

Comes With A Fabric-safe Brush

When you attempt to clean the carpet, it’s necessary to look after the carpet’s material. Often many of the carpet materials don’t show enough compatibility with the cleaner’s properties. So how will you feel if the cleaner you are going to purchase comes out to be compatible with every carpet material for its extraordinary build?

Well, it might sound like you are expecting quite a lot, but trust us, you are not. At least, when this cleaner is here, you can expect to have the necessary protection for your carpet. The spray bottle is made with a fabric-safe brush which takes care of the carpet’s fabric like no other cleaners.

Unique Technology Used

Not only is the carpet safe brush, but it also contains way more interesting technologies to serve you a better cleaning. For instance, one thing that we most liked about this cleaner is that this one has a lift and removal technology built into it. It lifts the dirt and removes those within the shortest period. The method is super helpful to deal with all the stubborn dirt that we have to deal with every day.


  • Usable on fabric, upholstery, and carpet.
  • Smell lasts long
  • Includes extra safe fabric-safe brush
  • Affordable in price


  • It May cause stains on a light-colored rug

Who should buy this:

  • People who have dark-colored carpets or rugs.
  • Anyone who loves multi-purpose cleaners to clean fabric, upholstery, and carpet.
  • Whoever requires extended cleaning protection with unique lift and removal technology.
  • People who love the cleaner’s smell last longer after cleaning.

5. Resolve Pet Expert High Traffic

Resolve Pet Expert High Traffic Carpet Foam

Key Features

  • Usable in multiple areas like hallways, stairs, and living rooms.
  • Works 3x better than a vacuum cleaner.
  • Contains freshening agents and a special conditioning substance to keep the atmosphere refreshing.
  • Safe to use on fabrics like wool, nylon, and stain-resistant carpet.
  • Saves the carpet from all the messes that the kids and pets create.

Multiple Usabilities

Nowadays, who loves to go in a one-directional way? We know that you hate that too. That’s why this cleaner can provide you with multiple cleaning suitability. Not only the carpet, but you can also clean the hallways, stairs, and living rooms using this cleaner. It works everywhere as effectively as it does on the carpet. Therefore you can save your money spending on one product only.

Safe For Different Fabrics

Oftentimes, our carpet fabrics do not show compatibility with the cleaners that we buy. In those cases, your carpet will be ruined if you do not pay any heed to it. Therefore this cleaner is safe for almost all carpet materials and fabrics. Apart from the carpets, you can also use them on fabrics like wool, nylon, and stain-resistant carpet.

Better Than Vacuum

We bet you didn’t even think that a cleaner can be better than a vacuum. Well, it’s happening here. This cleaner provides 3x more reliability than your vacuum. So you can easily imagine how powerful it is to use.

Once you use it, you will realize that even the toughest of stains can be handled within minutes using this cleaner. As a result, you won’t have to waste extra minutes cleaning.

Cleans Pet And Kid Messes

If you have both pets and kids in your house, it is very hard for you to keep patience while cleaning. Both of the parties are experts in making the carpet and areas dirty. Especially when you have pets, they urinate and poop here and there to add up to your annoyance.

But once you grab this cleaner, you will be saved from these sorts of messes for a lifetime. Whenever you notice dirt or messes on your carpet, you can instantly take care of those areas using the cleaner.


  • Compatible to use on hallways, stairs, and living rooms.
  • Subtle smell
  • Safe for all kinds of carpet materials
  • Better than vacuuming


  • Average popularity

Who should buy this:

  • People who want to have a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Anyone who needs a cleaner for wool, nylon, and stain-resistant carpet.
  • Whoever requires extended elimination against pet odors.
  • People who hardly get time to clean the carpet, and need a quick cleaner to work promptly.

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Foaming Carpet Cleaner

As an essential part of the house, carpets are really sensitive as they easily get stained. Removing a stain from the carpet is a hard task to do. To ease the pain, foaming carpet cleaners are specially made for these cases. So, here are what you should look for after you have decided to give the foaming carpet cleaners a try:

Carpet type: All your excitement about using a dry foam cleaner will get washed away if the carpet type doesn’t match the cleaner. It is because different types of carpets are made of different fabrics and other elements. So, your carpet might get ruined if you use a dry foam cleaning method without knowing the effect.

Therefore you can pick the foam cleaners after knowing the compatibility of the cleaner with your carpet’s fabric. However, nowadays most cleaners are compatible with every kind of fabric, yet it’s better to check and be sure.

Ingredients of the cleaner: Knowing the ingredients of the foaming cleaner that you chose for your carpet will also help you to find out if the cleaner is going to fit the carpet type or not. It will also reveal the pros and cons of the chosen cleaner, and help you out in deciding whether you should approve the cleaner or not.

Quality: The quality of the cleaner is an important point to consider before buying. It is because the time range of your carpet getting dried after cleaning depends on the quality of the cleaner. The better the quality is, the faster the carpet will dry after cleaning, which will avoid the carpet from getting dirty while being wet as carpers get dirty easily when they are washed. 

Odor handling: almost all foam cleaners come with an odor-controlling feature. Why would you lag behind? So do not fall for a cleanser that doesn’t eliminate odors. In this case, pick the cleaner based on your smell choice. You can pick subtle or strong smelled cleaners depending on your taste.

Leave a mark or not: If you are unfortunate, the cleaner can leave a mark on the carpet. So don’t fall prey to the problem. Be careful enough to check beforehand if the cleaner leaves a spot behind or not.

Budget: This is a common point for every product. Who doesn’t want a product which fits in the pocket and also fills up the need? To ensure this happens to you while buying the perfect foaming cleaner for your carpet, try to fix a budget range that you would prefer at first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do foam carpet cleaners work?

In most cases, it is proven that foam carpets don’t work in removing stains on the carpet. Rather, many homemade remedies work better in removing stains compared to foam carpet cleaners. The foam carpet cleaners are said to attract dirt more than cleaning them. 

2. What is dry foam carpet cleaning?

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a cleaning method containing very low moisture. It consists of 90% air and 10% liquid, which is most likely to be water or detergent. To clean every fiber of the carpet, the brush of the cleaner forms a bubble of foams.

3. How do you use heavy traffic carpet cleaner foam?

To use heavy carpet foam, one needs to shake the container of foam properly before using it and then apply the foam to the carpet. Use a mop to spread the foam and clean each corner of the carpet. After the foam is dried, the carpet needs to be swept to remove the dried foam.

4. How long does it take for a foam carpet cleaner to dry?

The approximate time that a carpet takes to get dried after cleaning depends on the quality of the cleaner. If the cleaner is good in quality, then it won’t take too much time for the carpet to dry. The average time range for the carpet to dry is between 1and 12 hours, but it may vary depending on the properties of your cleaner.

5. How do you make carpet foam?

The ingredients needed for homemade dry foam cleaner are 12 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of dish soap. The dish soap needs to be poured at the end to avoid creating too many bubbles.  These ingredients need to be mixed well together and then poured into a soap tank. In this way, you can make your carpet foam at home.

Final Verdict

Our detailed discussion over the best foaming carpet cleaner is over now. Therefore by now, you should get a vast idea of which one you should pick and which you should avoid. In this case, comparing your requirements with the given models will save you a lot of time and future trouble.

However, try to remember the things that we suggested to take into consideration. Specifically, you should be concerned about the carpet compatibility with your cleaner’s properties. If you follow every direction mentioned in the packaging accurately, you will get a clean and new-looking carpet within the least possible time.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab soon and let us know the feedback of your experience! Good luck!

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