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Nowadays, innovative enzymatic cleaners are becoming popular for their decisive cleaning action. Many pet parents use multiple commercial cleaners, but the enzyme carpet cleaner is more suitable to deal with the dog’s urine, feces, and vomit. These cleaners break down organic materials and effectively clean your pet’s mess. 

Pets bring a lot of joy to our lives, but accidents happen. Muddy paw prints or potty accidents are usual suspects to the pet owners. Regular water and soap can not tackle this tough mess. So you should purchase a reliable cleaning solution. Moreover, the homemade cleaning product is time-consuming, but enzyme cleaners can remove these stains in just a few minutes. 

You will disclose countless cleaners on the market, but it is difficult to get authentic enzyme products. That is why we compile a list of the 5 best enzyme carpet cleaners for dog urine. Check out our genuine review and get the right cleaning stuff.

How do enzymatic cleaners clean the dog’s urine?

There are different types of enzymes in the environment. Actually, they are macromolecular biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions and break the organic protein-based nucleus. Enzymes are also found in our body, but the cleaning enzymes are processed differently to tackle multiple purposes. For example, when the enzyme cleaners get connected to the stains and odor, they crush the crystal and remove the odor. 

Our Top Pick 5 Best Enzyme Carpet Cleaner for Dog Urine

Pets are very sensitive, and harmful chemicals affect them deeply. So for their health, you should pick a gentle yet effective cleaner for your carpet and home. Moreover, you also need to understand the carpet’s condition. If you are in the hassle of getting the ideal enzyme cleaners, look at these best enzymatic cleaners. These cleaners are a perfect choice for instant cleaning. Also safe for your pet, adults, and kids.

1. Overall Best Enzyme Cleaner: Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Whenever you search for the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine, you will find Rocco & Roxie as the top brand. It comes with professional cleaning strength that helps to restore the stained place and peace. Whether you have pet urine stains or other stubborn smudges, this professional cleaner is right for you. 

Powerful Bio-enzymatic Formula

This carpet cleaner is developed with a powerful bio-enzymatic formula that helps to clean the carpet from depth. Ammonia is present in the dog’s urine and other organic materials that cause odor. The cleaner releases active bacteria that feed on ammonia residues. That means it eliminates on only the tough stains but also the odor from depth. When there is no odor on the carpet, your dog won’t release itself on the same spot. 

Multiple usages

Rocco & Roxie cleaner is popular for its versatile usage. This cleaner is suitable for carpet, hardwood floors, furniture, upholstery, litter box, clothing, carriers, and other pet living areas. It works on organic stains like vomit, gross stuff, and feces along with pet yellow stinky pet urine. 

Certified Safe 

The cleaner is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as it is safe and effective for the carpet and upholstery. This cleaner works great on most carpet fibers because of the chlorine-free and color-safe formula. Still, you should test it before using it on your expensive carpet. 

The cleaner is also conserved to employ around kids and pets. Since there are no hazardous chemicals, it is gentle on the floor but tough for the stains. Many cleaners left residue behind that can trap dirt and debris later, but you won’t face this problem with this cleaner. 

Applying process

Rocco & Roxie stain cleaner comes in a 32 oz bottle, including a spray nozzle for easy application. For tough stains, spray enough cleaner to penetrate both the carpet and underlying pad. The brand prefers that the amount of stain and odor eliminator will be equal to the urine for the best outcome. This allows entering the deep of the stain and odor and gets contact with the urine. 

Then sit the cleaner for one hour to work with the stains and odor. If you leave it overnight, the spot will penetrate well and give you a better result. After the ending pitch, place a towel with a heavy object over the treated area. This helps to wick the residual liquid out of the carpet. 

When the towel absorbs most of the liquid, dry the spot and later run over a vacuum. However, fresh stains are removed with one application. You may need repetition for the older stains and odor. 


  • Most effective dog urine cleaner so far. 
  • Safe and gentle for carpet and upholstery.
  • Easy application
  • Absorbs odor from the depth. 
  • Safe for kids and pets. 


  • The smell is not pleasing. 

2. Best Pet Odor Eliminator: BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaner better treats the organic stain and removes the fresh and older odor. Being a pet owner, if you want to tackle the pet odors better, then Bubbas is another excellent pick. The specialty of the cleaner is that it contains the more potent enzyme-active bacteria. This is a powerful urine destroyer that is suitable to replace your present cleaner. 

Ease of use

Bubba enzyme cleaner is safe for any type of surface, including carpet, upholstery, hardwood floor, or outdoor textiles. The cleaner is available in two different packages: the 32 oz spray bottle and the 1-gallon size. The eco-friendly pet owner may choose the gallon size, but you won’t get a spray nozzle with the big one. You need to use another spray bottle for spot cleaning. 

First, blot the urine and apply a liberal amount of cleaning solution. Let’s sit in the affected area for 4 to 10 minutes. If the stain is older, they also penetrate the carpet pads. Then put on a towel with a weighted object and let it absorb the remaining liquid. Run a vacuum when it is dry enough. 


The cleaner comprises more strong and natural dormant bacteria, which activate upon hitting the dog’s urine. The billion active bacteria eat up the organic substitution. The cleaner has a minty fresh scent that is not overpowering at all. You can apply it to any organic source like blood, urine, vomit, feces, or humane waste. It is suitable to apply in any corner of the house – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more. 

The bright point is you don’t need to wait for a long time after using the product. It only takes 5-10 minutes to work on the tough stains and odor. Being a no-rinsing product, you don’t need to wash the spot after cleaning. To clean a more extensive area, the cleaner will make your work easier. 

Gentle product 

The product is made in the US and certified by Carpet and Rug Institute. This premium enzyme spray ensures a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means if the product is ineffective on the stain, they will back your money. So it is worth buying this top-rated cleansing. 

According to the label, all the ingredients are safe for kids, pets, and any surface. The combination of an advanced biological blend and non-ionic surfactant knocks off pet odors and prevents remarking. 


  • Features natural dormant bacteria for effective cleaning. 
  • Acts quickly without harming the carpet surface. 
  • Top-rated pet odor cleaner. 
  • Ensures satisfaction guarantee. 
  • It helps to discourage pets from resoiling. 
  • Made of a non-ionic surfactant and biological blend. 


  • The gallon-size container doesn’t include a spray nozzle, so you need to buy it separately for applying. 

3. Best of Old Stains: Sunny & Honey Pet Stain And odor Miracle 

Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

There are a bunch of cleaners that insist on cleaning fresh stains and odors, but what about the old stains? That’s why we pick the Sunny and Honey pet stain and odor miracle. Moreover, many odor removers on the market feature overwhelming fragrances that mask the odor but can not discard it from the root, and pets are encouraged to remark in the same spot. This cleaner won’t disappoint you as it offers incredible cleaning performance.  

Natural Cleaning Power

The cleaner features natural enzyme bacteria that provide triple action. It neutralizes odor, and stains and discourages pets from returning to the same spot for a pee. Plus, all the ingredients that are used in manufacturing are safe for pets and kids. It hasn’t any certification for carpet, though. 

You can smell a strong spring mint fragrance while spraying on the spot. The scent is pretty strong, but it fades away after some time. However, you should cover your nose if you have allergies. The odor is also eliminated after using the cleaner. 

Incredible value

With one product, you can clean several places. This cleaner will be a great solution whenever you have stains on the carpet, rug, hardwood, laminate floors, leather, mattress, couch, pet beds, car seats, or anywhere in the home; this cleaner will be a great solution. You can also utilize Eat on outside like Patio furniture, deck, artificial grass, and so on. The versatility of the cleaner increases the value, and the highest quality ensures superior performance. 

Cleaning process

As we reviewed the other cleaners, the Sunny and Honey cleaner has the same application process. The 32 oz container has a spray nozzle to easily spray on the carpet. Soak the urine with an absorbent towel, pour an ample amount of cleaner, wait for 10 minutes, and absorb the residue with a towel again. The cleaner’s enzyme bacteria quickly activate when you spray on the stains or dog urine. 

You will be satisfied to see that the cleaner works on both old and new stains. For the older stains, you should allow the cleaner to sit for 1 hour or more. Don’t worry about the carpet fibers. If you maintain the proper instruction, then there will be no color damage on the carpet. 

You will also get a full satisfaction money-back guarantee with the product. So trying this product for the first time won’t be too risky for you. 


  • Eliminates both new and old stains. 
  • Suitable with various types of surfaces. 
  • Made of natural ingredients. 
  • Powerful enzyme cleaning performance. 
  • Get rid of stains in just 10 minutes. 


  • Many users don’t like the strong fragrance. 

4. Best for Cheap Price: Amazon Commercial Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

AmazonCommercial Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner

If you prefer the most effective enzyme cleaner at a cheap price then you can try out Amazon commercial enzyme cleaner. It is an inexpensive cleaning product that offers great value. If your carpet is affected by dog urine and its smell, this cleaner is the best at this price range. This multi-purpose stain cleaner helps to bring back the brightness and freshness of your carpet. 

Multi-purpose cleaner 

Amazon enzyme cleaner can be consumed on multiple surfaces. The enzyme and bacteria break the organic material on the treated area. It is a very powerful cleaning solution. For this reason, many consumers use the product for cleaning septic tanks, grease traps, drain blockage, and more. 

This cleaner is so potent that it can disintegrate complex organic proteins that are present in dog urine. So you can get a fresh carpet by applying it to the pet stains. Moreover, it can also remove grease, oil, and more organic spills from the carpet. It works very quickly, even in seconds. But be sure the cleaner is safe for the carpet fibers. Test the cleaner in a small spot to observe the reaction. 

Nice Fragrance 

If the carpet cleaner doesn’t give a fresh feel, there is no means to buy it. However, you will feel a cozy and cool feel after using the Amazon enzyme cleaner. It has a mint fragrance that offers a pleasant appearance. The aroma is not overwhelming at all, just the right as you want. It fades after some time, but the outcome is excellent. 

The cleaner features non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-acidic formulas. It only ensures a higher performance without harming pets, kids, and the floor. 

No-rinsing formula

The enzyme cleaner is straightforward to apply. It is a no rinsing formula. You need to remove as much waste from the carpet, then saturate the carpet with the cleaner. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to react, and then boom, the stains are gone forever. The cleaner is eligible to work with a carpet cleaner machine. Just pour a scoop of cleaner into the water resolving tank and manipulate the tank. So your cleaning process will be easier with the product. 

Amazon enzyme cleaner is available in many weight ranges. You can pick what you need. This is also suitable for commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, retail properties, and other areas. Overall, this cleaner helps to get rid of awful dog urine odor and stains from the carpet. 


  • Inexpensive price
  • Breaks down complex organic protein
  • Ideal for daily cleaning or spot cleaning 
  • Suitable for commercial use. 
  • Can be used with a carpet cleaner machine. 
  • Nice fresh mint scent. 


  • Not ideal for older pet stains.

5. Best for Easy Application: Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Simple Solution is providing reliable products to pet parents for over 30 years. People trust the brand as it supports them to solve pet house training problems. Simple Solution really helps to live a simple and safe life. This cleaner is a specialist to remove dog urine stains and odor. Whether it is aged or fresh, there will be no debris of dog urine. 

Professional strength formula

A simple solution is designed to kick off the toughest stain and odor. The brand claims this cleaning solution is three times faster than the regular formula so that you can tackle heavy stains. It is suitable to lift up any kind of organic accident. 

If your carpet has strong dog urine stains, you don’t need to call professionals. You can remove it and get a professional type of cleaning performance using the Simple Solution. The pro-bacteria and enzyme formula breaks down the organic substances from the depth of the carpet where the normal cleaner can not reach. 

The ultimate solution for pets

The simple solution is the right choice for busy pet parents. Since this cleaner helps to maintain a healthy and clean home environment in less time, the pet owners will have a significant advantage. It is a convenient and shortcut way to clean a pet’s mess up that helps it to be ready for any occasion. 

Simple Solution enzyme cleaner is such a product that is specially formulated for the pet’s odor and organic spills. It quickly attacks the dog’s urine, feces, vomit, and blood and provides a spotless cleaned surface. Along with carpet, it is suitable to use on upholstery, bedding, clothing, pet house, and other water-safe surfaces at home. 

The solution doesn’t mask the odor; it eradicates odor from the depth. So this discourages pets from repeating markings. This solution is remarkable for those pet owners who have failed to give house training. 

Multifunctional sprayer

The cleaner is popular for its innovative 3 in 1 spraying nozzle. The sprayer has three spraying settings: foam, stream, and mist. A foam sprayer is to break down hard stains and the best way to attack the pet messes with the powerful enzyme bacteria. Stream helps to get into the crevices of floor surfaces and provides an accurate cleaning performance. Last, the mist sprayer helps to cover a large area and clean the carpet effectively. This cleaner will satisfy you in every way and understand your needs. 


  • Useful 3 in 1 spray nozzle
  • Formulated with powerful enzymes
  • Cleans the toughest stain three times faster
  • Resist pets from remaking
  • No fragrance formula


  • Sometimes failed to remove deep cat urine odor. 

Buying Guide For The Best Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner

If you are new to purchasing enzymatic carpet cleaners then you may be unaware of what features you should look for in the best cleaners. To assist you we have given you some tips for the best buying.

  • Ingredients: Most enzymatic cleaners contain an advanced innovative formula that cleans the stains effectively. There are also many products that contain harmful chemicals that badly affect both pets and carpets. So you should look for the product label and inspect the ingredients of the cleaner. It would be best if you choose the natural carpet cleaner. To avoid the risk of damage to the carpet fiber and color, choose a gently cleaning substance. 
  • Versatility: Versatility is a plus point in an enzyme cleaner. If the cleaner focuses mainly on pet urine and the carpet, it will be best for only pet messes. However, there are some products that allow cleaning multiple surfaces and various types of stains. Consider your need then buy the cleaner. 
  • Easy to use: Pick a convenient using process for a cleaner. For busy pet parents always look for the usage method. You should pick a cleaner that sweeps the surface at minimum time and provides effective cleaning. The spray bottle is great to use the cleanser. 
  • Drying time: It is important to choose a fast-drying carpet cleaner. Many cleaners need overnight or a day to dry completely. That is very irritating as you can’t connect during drying time. So pick a faster drying cleaner. We have added those picks that are dried in a few hours. 
  • Fragrance: Cleaner fragrance is a serious issue to consider as it affects dogs. You also may have problems if you have a weak respiratory. So, avoid the strong scent. The scent-free options are great for carpet cleaning. 

How to Clean Dog Urine and Stains With an Enzymatic Cleaner?

Pets frequently release themselves on the carpet. Here is the process of how you clean the mess.

Wet mess: Blot dog urine or vomit with towels and soak as much as you can. Paper towels can make the stains worse, so use white towels. Then apply the enzyme cleaner and saturate the stains. Let it sit for some time. Then cover the stains using a towel with a heavy object to observe the residue. After drying, vacuum the area. 

Older stains: If the need is dried on the carpet, then scrape the excess stain with a putty knife. Then pour a generous amount of cleaner on the stains and set for hours for the best outcome. Then absorb the cleaner with a towel and vacuum the area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use enzyme cleaner in the washing machine?

Some enzyme cleaners allow to use with washing machines, and some are not. So read the label of the product and find out whether your cleaner is eligible or not. 

2. Is Vinegar an enzymatic cleaner?

The enzyme is a kind of bacteria that activates when connected with stains. On the other hand, vinegar is an acidic substance, but it is great for cleaning. So we can say that vinegar is not an enzyme cleaner. 

3. What is the best dog urine odor eliminator?

Enzyme cleaner is the best dog urine odor eliminator. This cleaner does not mask the odor, it removes the cleaner from the depth. So it is the best odor eliminator.

Wrapping Up

In our review of the 5 best enzyme carpet cleaners for dog urine, you have a clear view of these products. Each product has a specific specialty but all of them are best to give you a superior cleaning performance. Whether you choose, you can successfully remove the dog’s urine and stains.

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