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At every home, carpets are heavily trafficked and stained by family members, pets, etc. So, they get dirty quite often than other home items. In this case, investing in a dual vacuum and carpet cleaner would be a wise decision for sure.

More specifically, a regular vacuum cleaner can’t clean the carpet fruitfully, which a particular dual carpet cleaner can do. A carpet cleaner goes deep inside the carpet, and wet cleans or washes it using water. Some machines also inherited cleaning solutions and suction to dissolve the stubborn dirt.

It might give you a panic attack, or you might have already started scrolling for it. Anyway, from our in-depth research, we attached the 5 best options for a dual vacuum and carpet cleaner combo. Continue reading this guide to learn more.

5 Dual Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2022

Every electronic cleaning machine will be tested on how well they remove stains, pet messes, etc. So our research team selected the below vacuum and carpet cleaner combos as per their size, targeted spray nozzles, complete compact 2-in-1 design, and easy-to-use traits.

1. Best Overall: Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Messes Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Messes Carpet Cleaner 2252

Our first pick is the Bissell clean view swivel pet carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaner is easy to wash except for the motor. The key feature of this cleaning washer is to remove pet mosses. Again, we found five important reasons that decide that you must buy this. As though,

Ultimate Pet Cleaner & Re-attachable Parts

Regardless of how clean anyone is, vacuuming after a while spreads foul smells in an unpleasant way. This is a fact that we have noticed about Bissell carpet cleaners. The swivel nozzles, powerful brush roller, and scatter-free technology aim to squeeze the pet’s messes.

Your previous vacuums may not be washable like this, even after frequently changing the filters and bags. And you remember thinking, what if I could wash some parts of it? But neither did most of the electronic components.

Although with this BISSELL CleanView vacuum, every part, except the motor area, can easily be washed away with any cleaning products. Luckily, the accessories can easily be removed and washed from the reusable filter to the dust bin. Of course, you must wait until all the parts are dry before using them again.

Lightweight, Handful Design

The carpet cleaner is said to be lightweight and very handy to drive. This is the best thing about the cleaner, which helps to earn the reliability of its users. Most of the housekeepers trust this stuff for those swivel steering. It will be easy to maneuver around corners, furniture, sofas, and other challenging obstacles. The 6ft hose makes the cleaning job more convenient for one who gets anxious about excessive dirt.

Triple Action Brush Roll

The mob cleaner comes with a triple action brush roller. Unlike a roller, you can roll it down from anywhere that needs to be cleaned and tidy. The roller finds not only pet hair but also very tiny dirt. Furthermore, the whole machine can loosen, lift, and remove the embedded dirt and fifths without damaging the carpet. Again, this pet upholstery is suitable for every floor type and every furniture fabric, as well as the mattress.

Great suction systems

When buying any cleaning machine, we might look for how brightly it suctions. This upholstery machine follows the multi-cyclonic suction systems. It extends the performance of your, with no loss of suction. The ability of this machine is proven by IEC 60312-1, which ensures the results. And it can reduce the stains more efficiently along with multiple dust loaders.


Dirt Cup Capacity  0.26 gal
Power rating  8 amps
Cord length  25ft
Automatic cord rewind  No
Pet friendly  Yes
Detachable canister  No
Tools storage  Onboard
Weight  14.5 lbs
Special feature  Bagless


  • Pet friendly
  • The effective dust cleaning pad
  • Perfect for edge to edge dirt mobbing
  • The wide, spacious dirt bin makes it easy to empty quick & junk-free
  • It comes with a 6-foot-long power cord


  • Some users complain that it is hard to move and push over the carpet
  • It was pretty loud, and few users even felt bothered by this upholstery

2. Best Budget-friendly: Eureka Power Speed Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEU182A Power Speed Vacuum Cleaner

This Eureka power speed also comes with some unique features. The name indicates that this power tool is fast and manufactured with a dynamic motor. Let us overview some other fascinating features of this cleaner.

On Budget Upholstery

Eureka vacuum cleaner is an excellent deal for those suffering from indecision. Also, if you’re on a very tight budget, then this must be the one to meet your needs.

Under $70-80, this cleaning machine will provide all that anyone expects. This is a very good, compact vacuum cleaner for the price. Although it is light, it handles very well. The machine cleans the carpet satisfactorily. We also like the compact washable filter and the quicker dust canister, which is easy to fill in and out.

4.1 Extra Large Capacity

We didn’t like to sweep the floor frequently. That’s why eureka carpet cleaner comes with a 4.1 extra-large capacity. Besides, the larger tin box will fill with enough dirt at once so that you can finish the task within a second. We were amused about its high capacity, which is rare for an average carpet cleaner.

8-Amp Cleaning power

This vacuum is indulging in 8-amp engines’ power. That means this tool is already designed to create and handle strong suction. Apart from this, the motor inside the vacuum runs through cyclonic technology. The cyclonic systems create a turbulent airflow, enough to bring out the stubbornness of dirt.

Moreover, its work to prevent vacuum dirt during cleaning also helps maintain suction optimum. Again, the larger dirt bin that comes with the machine is worth keeping the suction constant. A user can relax for a quick refill and clean the machine constantly.

This mob cleaning efficiency is further taken us to talk about the powered brush roll. The roller works to agitate the dirt, letting the cleaning nozzle swallow it easily. So with the combination of those three, you can expect to bet on the cleaning ability of the vacuums. The collection of those brands is awe-inspiring.

2-Stage Filtration System Ability

Another unique feature we find about this cleaner is the 2-stage filtration system. It ensures allergens for trapping, again creating a way to fight against re-entering them to destroy the atmosphere at home. Moreover, the pre-motor filter is made with soft foam, easy to wash.

By cleaning the filter regularly, one can manipulate power speed performance optimally to dust filtration. The suction power is reusable, saving the costs of replacing filters or bags. With proper care, the vacuum longevity can extend longer, which lasts almost all year. Although the filter is not HEPA, it may not be suitable for the smallest particles to avoid allergen-induced complications.

Extended Weight & Dimensions

Eureka vacuums are well-known for being lightweight, like other cleaning products. Again, it will justify the whole cleaning procedure by going through the critical areas. We think it is the best part of this product because it is pretty usable and portable. Having a light vacuum cleaner like this gives, and even delegates chores to your children.

With a weight of 10.1 pounds, this Eureka power speed is worth storing anywhere in your home. Again, 9.65 pounds is not much weight, but slightly lighter. All in all, you will get the standard machine with 44.49″ × 13.78″ × 13.39″ inches in dimensions.


Dirt Cup capacity1.1 gallons  
Power rating8 amps  
Cord length25 feet  
Automatic cord rewindNo  
Pet friendlyNo  
Detachable canisterNo  
Tools storageNo  
Weight10 lbs  


  • User-friendly dust bin
  • Easy to handle
  • It offers a wider capacity
  • Affordable
  • Despite being a cheap cleaner, the powerful suction is impressive


  • Intolerable high pitch sound
  • The built quality is a little fragile

3. Best for Professionals: Bissell Little Green Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Little Green Vacuum Cleaner

If you already gushed about the small vac, switch to this one. We think this little green vac might be the best fit for a mid-size apartment in the USA. It’s not precisely a vacuum, but it does many things at a time. Hence, it’s time to remove any pesky stains through suction.

So, let’s see what advantages we will get from this machine besides cleaning the carpet stains.

3 Self Scrubbing & Cleaning Tool

This carpet cleaner has self-supported cleaning stuff. That means, unlike other carpet cleaners, you don’t need to command it. The machine itself can clean and understand the density of the stains. Again, the vac allows you to rinse the hose after every use. Bissell is a portable and easy-to-use upholstery cleaner for its deep suction power to its user. And it comes with a self-cleaning solution to remove set-in stains adequately.

Again, the machine is the best friend of dog sitters. It had surfactant cleaning agents and an attached, which is used to scrub and clean the stains. There, you get 3-types of accessories, including a 3” formidable stain Tool and hydro rinse self-cleaning hose Tool. And the last one is very effective, it comes with 8 oz. Trial-size spot & stain removing capabilities. Again, they had strong compatibility to fight against the grease for engaging with the febrile freshness formula.

Easy To Use

We can admit that this little vac is worth helping a person clean the household. It is grateful that most of the users admired that the Little Green presented no problems. The machine is also quite simple to unbox and set up, even if you don’t know how to do so. 

Moreover, this cleaner was also easy to use for cleaning. Turn on the switch, fill up the tank with water, add some accompanied solution, and spray. The brush, attached with the hose on it, will help suction and scrub at the same time.

Fitted to Forgo Everywhere

If we consider its tiny size, the vacuum cleaner is excellent to go everywhere that one needs. Many of the owners of this machine love it for its compactness and standard. Again, there are no hard and fast rules to cleaning pet messes through the gigantic carpet washer. You can use it on the sofa, solid rags, bathroom surfaces, and even in the closet. The car seats are the usual place which needs to be cleaned regularly.

By weighing 9.65 pounds, the Bissell cleaning upholstery machine removes stains from almost any carpet, car interior, and more. Furthermore, this vac has an extra-large tank capacity. The 48 oz tank will be able to clean more between refills.


Dirt Cup capacity48 oz  
Power rating3amp  
Cord length15-inches  
Automatic cord rewindNo  
Pet friendlyYes  
Detachable canisterNo  
Tools storageNo  
Weight9.65 pounds  


  • Pet friendly
  • On budget vacuum cleaners
  • Suitable to remove hard stains
  • Flexible to store everywhere
  • It comes with 3-strong cleaning tools


  • The pet hair often gets stuck in the sucker

4. Best Value-adding: Eureka Powerspeed Turbo Spotlight Vacuum

Eureka Powerspeed Turbo Spotlight Vacuum

Turbo spotlight is another version of Eureka’s power speed. The vacuum may look similar to its carbon copy but doesn’t have the same features. To reveal the significance of this component, let us introduce one of its grateful comments from a handful of users on Amazon. The man said, “The amount of dirt and fifths this equipment picked up is so appealing, and it only costs 91 cents.

It’s just a slight hint to convince you how the machine might work at rest. Anyway, this carpet cleaner is associated with,

Manifested with LED Lights

One of the most addictive parts about this is its LED lighting features. This most remarkable feature helps to position upfront that exposes the hidden pet hair, dust, and debris once. As the machine is too lightweight, only 10-pounds, it will be breezed to lift and downstairs. Again, one can maneuver the vac throughout every corner of your home—especially the sofa corners and center labels, even if the pillow becomes dusty from pet hair.

On the other hand, LED lights are helpful to get a better view of cleaning beneath the furniture. Besides, it lets you clean properly where it is difficult to reach and hard-to-see spots in your house.

All Floors & All Types of Vacuuming

Unlike other carpet cleaners, it is also available in a wide, spacious dust cup capacitor. With the 4.1-liter cup filters, the vac can hatch numerous filthy elements. The type of surface for this tool is irrelevant. This Eureka power speed vac is well-engineered to suit almost all types of floor and junky objects.

This cleaner beast can tackle floors like tiles, porcelain, and intricate rugs. Again, the animalistic fowl filches like cobwebs; cats’ vomit, and dust on fans can be grabbed and reduced by it fruitfully.

Plus, take it anywhere with its blissful 8-ft stretch hose from ceiling corners to air vents. It also minimizes pet owners’ trouble through the magic brush tool. This tool sucks up your furry friend’s shredded hair. Besides, there you find an upholstery attachment for couches. And also a crevice tool that contributes to getting into tight spots. The commodities also amused you with its shortcut way of quick washable filters, which saves money in the long run.

Powerful suction compatibility

The best compliment about this vacuum is its powerful suction ability. Of course, this is the center point of every machine we focus on. The more power the machine grabs, the more productively it will work. It’s a great vacuum that is enriched with an XL-size dust cup. So that it can work faster and lessen the hassle of changing or refilling the tool between the work, with 960 wattage power voltage, the vac can suck up and feed all the carpet demons within a second.


Dirt Cup capacity1.06 gallon  
Power rating5-amps  
Cord length18-feet  
Automatic cord rewindNo  
Pet friendlyNo  
Detachable canisterNo  
Tools storageOnboard  


  • Powerful suctions
  • Transparent brush roll
  • 5-height adjustment
  • Easy to empty the dust cup
  • Well-adjusted pet turbo brush


  • Lack of height adjustment
  • The power cord is too short

5. Best for the Functionality: Green note Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Green note Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Green Note cordless vacuum is our last choice for users like the aged. The people who didn’t bow down swept away the area by holding the vac for longer. We think this sticky vacuum cleaner is a holy grail for them. This skinny vacuum cleaner has a long handle that is awesome to look at and easier to wash away.

The cleaner is charming because it considers mobbing the floor itself. As though the machine also comes with some intuitive features including,

Adjustable Dual Suction Vacuum

The vacuum is an excellent affiliate to adjust the dual sectional tools. By doing this, anyone can reliably clean hard surfaces. This is not worth adding that the machine is equipped with 200W high power. It can deliver about 23-24KPA maximum suction power. And with the GSC50, vacuum-cleaning abstinence makes a way to trace more strength to absorb dust, debris, hair, etc.

Besides, it indulges in double cleaning power modes, including 23 KPA and 12 KPA. Both of these functions are incredibly appropriate to run the suction power autonomously. So we must say this tool works more aggressively than other carpet cleaners.

Premium Quality Base Dual Digital Motor 

This small swivel-type cordless vacuum is well-constructed by the DC digital motor. In this case, the user can roll the floor brush as the motor drives it independently. It also withheld a suitable atmosphere for in-depth blanket cleaning. With the continued rotation of the handle motor, the secondary motor is driven simultaneously. So that here you get the more strengthened and strongest cleaning effect. Moreover, the mob makes it easy to clean the tighter and higher areas more evenly. As the machine depends on the supply of a powerful motor, it is more facile to get a professional cleaning.

Other Advantageous Features

This green note cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a pack of five unique traits. It is malfunctioning because of the high-performance lithium battery. One of the excellent parts about this vac has 6 built-in 2200 mAh lithium batteries. By this, the machine can provide long-lasting and pronounced power. Besides this, when the machine is in low mode, the battery exists for about 30-35 minutes.

Wait, the machine is a solicitor of a GSC50 power processor. For this, it will be able to bleak about 18 minutes of battery life during the high-end model. After four hours of complete charging, the machine can clean any large auditorium room or hall.

In a word, green note cordless is the best for the bearer of flexible electric brushes, along with many essential accessories. The vacuum can cover any broad and burdensome area for ergonomic design.


Dirt Cup capacity1.2L  
Power rating600W  
Cord length(cordless) Battery based  
Automatic cord rewindNo  
Pet friendlyNo  
Detachable canisterYes  
Tools storageOnboard  
Weight2.64 pounds  


  • 5-stage filter system
  • Attached with a 2-washable HEPA filter
  • 200W based power motor
  • Self-standing with telescopic hose
  • 3 LED lighting compatibility


  • Its battery got damaged earlier
  • The weight is too heavy to balance the handle

What to Consider When Choosing a Dual Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner?

Although carpet cleaners are almost similar to any upright vacuum cleaner, those are nothing but standard upright versions. Those cleaners tell you and provide adequate guidance about using any conventional cleaner. Finding or choosing the best dual vacuum carpet cleaner is not an easy-going process. But some particular criteria ensure as well as help through to finalize the products to be purchased. Below are the eight things to keep in mind before you shop.


The overseer of consumers reports carpet cleaner, Larry Ciufo, is nothing like any good or trendy vac washer. But they’re different types and categories. Of course, those cleaners are also available in different sizes. Although there, you’ll get seven distinct types of carpet cleaner.

  • Upright vacuum
  • Canister vacuum
  • Cordless vacuum
  • Corded stick vacuum
  • Robotic vacuum
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Central vacuum

You’ll find most of the types a bigger stand; some may design through a full-sized upright. Cordless vacuums are available with dual-action batteries or more giant tanks. But you must take the electric-powered vacuum if you want to avoid the hassle of changing batteries frequently. First, decide for what purpose you’ll need them, then plan by studying their types. Do check their dimensions and weight also.

Supported Surface

Some manufacturers include that their machine can manipulate or be suitable for almost every surface. Our suggestion is not to go with what the authority claimed. The cleaner you purchase only for carpet may sometimes not be used for cleaning hard and rough floors. Whereas in most cases there seems to be different and many of those cleaner uses for mob the tiles, wooden floor.

There are also some extensive carpet cleaning tools for only dry-cleaned settings. For this, the cleaner can suck up more water after the initial cleaning. So you must look up the surface supporter before buying any upholstery.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded vs. cordless is also a vital feature you need to focus more on. The corded upholstery should have an extra or extended hose to maneuver everywhere without any hassle. In simpler words, a longer cord and hose are helpful for you to cope with the repositioning issues. If your pet cat pees over the furniture corner, a longer hose can easily be plugged into that place. Thankfully, the models currently in our review have cords that are 20-22 feet.

Hence, few are available in 10-25 lengths on average. But if you have carpet over the stairs, you must buy an extra-long corded vac. Comparatively, 8-10 feet of corded upholstery is enough who want the cleaner for pet fifths, deep cleansing.

Again, the cordless carpenter is suitable for using and tugging everywhere. It’s because they are free from all types of hoses. Most of them run on battery power.

Suction and Cleaning Modes

The power suction is the sole of every cleaning material, especially for the vac. The power section of the vac will rotate with the transmission supply through electricity. It will help create an internal airflow that spreads all over the machines and squeezes the filthy junks. So a powerful suction tool is worthy of finishing the task swiftly. Do check the cleaning mode to fix the flow according to your needs.


It is an important thing we often skip before going to buy. Filtration of the carpet cleaner works as an indicator of how nicely the machine can retain the soil. It’s often crucial for the pet’s thin hair particles. The high-end filtration ensured that those junks didn’t come back into the room air after settling down as dust.

To ensure allergic safety at your home premises, look for an authentic HEPA-certified cleaner. High-efficiency particulate air stands into the cleaner to demolish 99.97% of fine particles from the home. Again, those cleaners can track particles that are 0.3 microns in size. But HEPA is only applicable to the products of the United States. In Europe, most carpet cleaner manufacturers use S-class filter or SEBO terminology instead of this.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of a vacuum cleaner relates to the size of the filthy container or cups. The bigger the cup is, the less trouble anyone has to bear. If you have a bigger apartment / or have to handle lots of traffic, this means you should grab a full-sized vacuum cleaner. It won’t inconvenience frequently changing the bag or depleting the cup.

Weight and maneuverability

It may seem troublesome to hold the cleaner for much of the time. A lightweight machine is worth maneuvering and withstanding during work. You can take an idea from our recommendation that starts from 16.65lbs to 2.0 pounds. So choose the most flexible and handy carpet cleaner dependent on your capabilities to lift easily.

Additional Features

Additionally, most carpet cleaners can clean ceiling fans and stubborn rags. Some come to clean the light fixture, car closet, and high ceilings as a unique feature. For this, you must be aware of those features to enjoy them as a bonus. Along with these, notify the amount of traffic and type of soil of your choice.

It helps to reduce the tendency of your carpet from shabby or poor. Keep an eye on the noise level of the cleaners. Make sure the machine has an average tolerant sound for allowing you to hear the phone ringtone or doorbells during cleaning. The considerable sound frequency is around 70-77dB, okay for a suit at home. Do check the attachments and extra-wide capacitors that come with the machine.

What are the Benefits of Dual Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner?

The advantages of using a dual vacuum cleaner are many. Below, we attached only four beneficial facts that the carpet cleaner did for you.

Helps to reduce health risks

Yes, dual carpet upholstery can reduce the help risk of your family member. We already mentioned that we should consider buying HEPA-based cleaning tools. Those cleaning stuff not only mob the fur of your pet but also reduce the risk of allergies/asthma. The pet hair is often harmful to the victim, who has already had asthma.

Again, it might be harmful to kids around 3-5 years if they swallow or inhale them unconsciously. The particular vac didn’t have any capabilities to omit those inconveniences fruitfully. It also helps to contribute to other respiratory problems for you. More specifically, the cleaner maintains a healthier living atmosphere inside the home.

Removes The Stubborn Stains, Lotion, or Pet Messes

It is tough to remove stubborn stains from the carpet. Again, cleaning the carpet from its core typically seems cumbersome with the help of homemade accessories. Some carpets get discolored, and the woolen fabrics may come off for using any cleaning materials ignorantly. Plus, if you fail to catch the mashup straightforwardly, those elements may absorb into the underlay. For this reason, the carpet may get recurring stains.

A good carpet cleaner will carefully remove the stains from it without paying any harm to its fabrics. Another benefit is they were manufactured by the trainee technologist who had experience in this matter. However, those machines had been architected in the pre-treatment model based on the stains.

Minimizes soils from high traffic residence

The carpet vacuum cleaner can minimize the darker spots from the high volume of foot traffic. The darker shaded lanes over the carpet may feel you embracing the guest. In that case, a high-end and good suction cleaner can help to restore those located areas to their original color. But those requirements only bestowed on soiled carpets, not for the threadbare, which have been getting thin for ages.

It Extends Carpet’s Life

The fourth advantage of using any carpet washer is

prolonging the longevity of your carpet. Cleaning the carpet regularly will enhance the possibility of looking new for the rest of your life. Again, it will go in-depth underneath the carpet to extract the dirt and debris. In addition, some vac induced with personal sanitizer or cleaning surfactants that gradually freshen up the fibers. For this, the carpet becomes emancipated from being dull and lifeless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do vacuum mops work?

Of course, a vacuum mop can effectively clean the carpet areas. The vac mop combs usually opt out great to clean the floor faster than any traditional cleaners. They typically go in-depth inside the carpet or the hard floor basement to wash it properly. Besides, you won’t get annoyed with sudden accidents made by humans or beasts. They effectively cleaned them and kept those areas 100% germ and bacteria-free.

2. How do you vacuum and mop at the same time?

It’s tough to multitask or vacuum and mop the floor simultaneously. To minimize the panic, switching on the combo vacuum and mop cleaner is better. These machines help to reduce dark patches, nasty spills, and coffee stains from the floor and the carpet. Again, it minimizes the pain of sweeping or using your hands to rub the stains one by one.

Again, the vacuum and mop cleaner comes with additional features to keep the home environment hygienic. They reduce the health risk of breathing problems that arise from pet hair.

3. How do I maintain my vacuum mop combo?

It is crucial to clean or maintain the vacuum mop combo to use it for a long time. To clean it regularly, just simply press and hold the auto cleaning mode. Make sure the machine you own also has indulged with such features. After pressing the button, the dirt and debris inside the tank start to rotate. They are separately cleaned and filtered to isolate tanks.

4. How long will my vacuum mop combo last?

According to some consumer reports, the vacuum mop combo can last 7-8 years. Some may last more than this. It relies on your regular maintenance and care guidelines. As a result, the lifespan of any vacuum mop combo depends not only on the brand but also on how well you maintain it.

Final Words

Lastly, we want to finish our writing by adding our personal choice from these five. These dual vacuum and carpet cleaners are high-end and come with extraordinary features. The most useful of them is the Bissell Cleanview carpet cleaner. The mob cleaner had owned 55803 ratings from various users on Amazon.

Their compatible outlooks and swivel nozzles are flexible to go further to each corner. Besides, it can also be used to gently clean area rugs. Bissell had a soft microfiber and nylon brush to suck up dirt from bare floors. Do research more and hire one for you.

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