Carpet Rake for Pet Hair – Get Tiny Hair Out of Your Carpet

Hair shedding of your dog or cat is natural, but the problem begins when the stubborn tiny hairs stay stuck in your carpet. Getting rid of short hair is one of the hardest tasks that you will ever face. You can spend hours after hours cleaning and scrubbing the carpet, but some of the hairs will always stick there.

So as a fortunate magic wand, we found some Carpet Rake for pet hair to be the ultimate reliable solution for you. From personal to professional usage, you can make every effort count once you start using a carpet rake to get rid of all the obstinate pet hair.

Without any further ado, let’s hop right into what we got for you today. With our well-analyzed viewpoint, we are excited to share some of the best rakes that you will love to stick around. Let’s enter!

Carpet Rake For Pet Hair – Quick Overview

Product NameMaterial     Headcover WidthLength
Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake5 % Plastic, 5 % Wood  18 Inches60 Inches
Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake & GroomerNothing Mentioned12 Inches18.25 Inches
Quality Line Universal Carpet RakeMicrofiber Mop Pad, Plastic Body12 Inches29.20 Inches
Carpet RAKE by JUMBLFlexible Plastic Material5.512 Inches12 Inches
63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf RakeExpanding Metal Rake7 Inches to 22 Inches63 Inches

1. Grandi Groom Carpet Rake – Best Rake Overall For Better Cleaning

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

Key Features

  • Ideal for using professionally and personally.
  • You can do both agitations of soiled traffic lanes and loosening embedded dirt with this tool.
  • It helps you bring ground in dirt, mud, hair, and pet fur to the surface so that you can clean it easily.
  • It works great with artificial turf since it has got longer nylon tines
  • By using short strokes over the area, this tool works on every type of infill material.

Efficient Cleaner

Do you ever feel that getting rid of pet hair on a carpet is almost next to impossible? Well, we know how tough that job is. That’s why we want you to meet the most efficient carpet rake, Grandi Groom. It effectively loosens and lifts soil particles and pet hair which were deeply embedded into your carpet for deeper cleaning.

While using the rake, we saw it extracts every tiny pet hair from the carpet. While we used to spend hours over a single spot to get entirely free from every sort of hair, this rake made the task easier and shortened the cleaning time. Therefore we had plenty of time to focus on other aspects.

Smartly Designed

This carpet rake is unlike any other carpet rake. It has got an 18-inch large head which can cover large areas in less time so that you can quickly finish cleaning a room. Moreover, it has got those longer nylon tines that can go deep into any kind of artificial grass and clean all the dirt.

While you use a rake, you obviously want the work to be done faster than usual brushes. The smart design of this rake lets you have that comfort. With a wide head, it becomes easier to cover a big area at a time. It includes long nylon tines to reach deeper into the carpet fibers and clean the deep parts effectively.


The versatility of this tool will make you amazed. It not only does agitation of soiled traffic lanes but also loosens the embedded dirt. Can you imagine how wholesome that combo is?  You can easily do the cleaning with it since it brings dirt, mud, hair, and pet fur to the surface. And all of those help you to do a quicker yet deeper cleaning of your carpet.

Ease Of Usage

You might think that you can’t expect ease of usage from a carpet rake which offers you lots of great features but this tool is so great yet easy to assemble and super easy to use. Moreover, the weight of this tool is light, so you can use this for longer without causing aches in your hand.

Often people complain about the rake’s weight because it becomes too hard to carry it around for a longer time if the weight is heavy. You won’t face anything like body fatigue or arm pain because it has a balanced weight.

We think you should purchase this tool without any further delay to make your carpet look like a new one!


  • Versatile
  • Efficient
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a lightweight


  • Might not be durable enough after frequent rough usage

The speculations behind this product

We want you to feel refreshed whenever you put your feet on your carpet. No other tool will be as great as this tool to give a deep cleaning to your carpet and remove all the dirt, pet fur, or dust.

It is multifunctional, versatile, easy to work with, and helps you to make your carpet look like a new one. You will receive everything in one place if you get this, and of course, it’s worth sticking to. We think purchasing this will be the wiser decision ever.

2. Robert Carpet Rake & Groomer – Best For Deep Cleaning

Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake

Key Features

  • Comes with an extra-long 51-inch handle for your carrying comfort.
  • Includes a 12-inch wide head that covers the larger areas easily reducing your allocated cleaning time.
  • Specially designed for reaching deep into your carpet for better cleaning.
  • Comes in a lightweight to protect you from body ache and arm pain.
  • Made with high-quality materials to offer you durability and heavy-duty performance.

Precise Size

Size matters a lot when you want to use the rake without any mismatch. If the size is not handy, you will face a lot of irritations while working. Therefore this tool is made in a perfect size to make your carpet cleaning easier and deeper.

Cleaning large areas is the easiest task with this groomer since it comes with a larger head of 12 inches. Do you want to hear about another remarkable feature of this groomer? It comes with a larger handle, 51 inches, which goes to every corner of your house. So cleaning every corner and going deeper into the carpet is not a problem anymore.

Smartly Designed

The groomer has got specially designed bristles that are capable of reaching deep inside the base of your carpet. If you are disappointed because your regular designed rake is not capable of going deep inside the carpet’s fabric, you should rely on this one. 

As pet hair gets stuck inside deep areas in your carpet, you need to deeply clean those areas. Without the specially designed bristles that this groomer has, it is almost impossible to get those pet hair out of your carpet. Accordingly, the bristles work magically to save your day.

Handy To Use

Often we feel aches in our hands and wrists due to working with rakes for a long period. To save you there we would like to suggest you this groomer which is easy to use and comes with a lightweight. Moreover, the longer length of the handle allows you to clean the corners under sofas or tables easily.


The features this groomer offers are pretty great to do cleaning easily. The sheerness of this groomer is quite amazing as well. It is made with high-quality materials which makes it capable of providing us with heavy-duty yet durable performance.

The durability it provides is something that you will be happy with. You won’t have to buy the rake over and over again because it offers good construction and incredible longevity.


  • Handy
  • Smart design
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • The bristles might damage your carpet if you use the rake roughly

The speculations behind this product

We know how absurd it is when we can’t find a way to clean our carpet properly. That’s why we are bringing this rake to your sight which is great for carpet care and maintenance, makes your carpet look like a new one, is made for covering large areas reaching hard corners for long-lasting use, and much more.

Also, it offers the flexibility to reach deep into the carpet fibers so that you get the ease of cleaning within the shortest period. Even after offering so many features, this groomer comes at a reasonable price.

3. Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake – Best Multifunctional Carpet Rake

Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

Key Features

  • Super versatile, it sweeps carpets as well as cleans floors with the microfiber pad.
  • You can do quick and multipurpose cleaning with this lightweight tool.
  • Especially designed to serve pet owners greatly.
  • The fitting of the microfiber pad is customizable.
  • Removes pet hair and odor magically from your carpet.

A Classic Pick For Pet Owners

No more struggling with cleaning carpeted floors, stairs, or any other area where your pets frequently go and all, you can rely on this stunning, multifunctional groomer which cleans your carpet efficiently. You can remove every single pet hair from your carpet and other areas effectively.

As you cannot just control the movement of your pet because those can roam around the carpet, stairs, and anywhere. So the hair shed can not be present in only carpets. That’s why this rake is used for cleaning the stairs, floors, and everything inside the home. It offers multi-purpose usage which saves your money.

Remarkably Versatile

This carpet rake is not only great at cleaning carpets but also cleans every kind of flooring and surface. It can sweep carpets and clean flooring with the microfiber pad it includes. Isn’t that great?

We already are in love with this extraordinary rake because it provided us with a clean and fresh carpet and house even after owning a cat or dog. Previously, we struggled a lot with our pet hair shedding, but after buying this one, we didn’t have to consider using any other cleaning method.

Stunning Design & Features

This wholesome tool includes an adjustable pole which ensures that you will be able to do easy multipurpose cleaning with this amazing groomer. It can reach hard areas and clean all the dirt and grime. Additionally, it won’t damage your carpet at all and will make it look like a new one. It is super safe for daily use.

User-friendly & Pet-friendly

We consider this one to be a great companion of ours. It comes with lightweight, incredible features, multipurpose usability, saves a lot of your time with easier cleaning and money since it is pocket friendly. On the other hand, it is suitable for pets as well because while using this you won’t have to use any chemical or toxic cleaners which can harm your pets.


  • Wonderfully Pet-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional


  • Not specified

The speculations behind this product

Finding a good rake that can provide you with a clean and safe carpet and home isn’t that easy. But as long as you have the Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake, it will clean your carpet and house like no other useless rakes. We have some valid reasons behind saying this. When we used this one, we just loved how it effectively cleaned everything from not only the carpet but also the stairs and the floors.

The broom is easy to use and super versatile. As a result, the multifunctional usage helped us in a multidirectional way. We are pretty sure that you can’t complain about a single thing while using this one.

4. Carpet RAKE by JUMBL – Best Carpet Rake For Meeting Safety Standards

Carpet RAKE by JUMBL

Key Features

  • Keeps your carpet and rug looking like a new one after every usage.
  • The carpet rake can be attached with any of the standard 7/8″ wood handles.
  • Designed to remove all the dirt and grime which has been deeply seated.
  • Helps to make the vacuum cleaning process easier.
  • Comes with a plastic head with rounded flexible bristles.

Great Compatibility

If you want to decorate your ready-made broom as you like to, here you get the chance. This groomer doesn’t come with a handle, you get to choose a handle from the nearest hardwood store. The great part about this is it goes with almost every kind of handle. But if you get a wood handle, that will work incredibly with better longevity.

You can get a longer handle according to your preference and make the rake go inside every hard corner of your room to clean your carpet properly. Besides, it can clean all kinds of carpets and rugs as well. As a result, there will be no area untouched from cleaning.

Meets Safety Standards

Don’t you feel disgusted when a cheap, useless rake ruins your expensive, favorite carpet? Getting rid of that feeling is now possible with this Carpet rake by JUMBL. This one comes with a not too harsh plastic head with rounded flexible bristles which efficiently clean our favorite carpets without damaging them. That’s what we all wanted for years, didn’t we?

Provides Deeper Cleaning

The rake is capable of getting every bit of dirt and grime out of those hard corners of your carpet. Even pet hair or human hair can not escape from this one. If you own an artificial turf, you don’t have to face any problems as long as you have this. It can clean those deeply as well.

Capable By All Means

Say goodbye to dirty, unhealthy carpets and rugs since you can purchase this wonderful carpet cleaning rake and feel refreshed every time you put your feet on your super clean carpet. This groomer comes in a lightweight which makes this easy to work with. The sturdiness of this will impress you for sure.

We have a tip for you. The way we used this one is we raked first and then vacuumed the carpet. Afterward, we used the rake again. Therefore we got rid of every single hair and got a beautifully clean surface.


  • Lightweight
  • Great at cleaning hair
  • Sturdy enough
  • Affordable


  • You need to buy the handle separately

The speculations behind this product

Pet hair, human hair, or any kind of dirt and grime stuck on the carpet can cause serious damage to ourselves, our kids, and pets. Especially if someone at your home deals with asthma. That’s why, while we used this rake, we clearly noticed it cleaning every bit of hair on the carpet, it made us very delighted.

That’s why we can’t help relying on this rake that offers heavy-duty performance. Also, we found out that it does not only offer great features but also provides ease of usage. Overall, we became a fan of our purchase within the shortest time.

5. 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake – Best For Ease Of Usage

63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Key Features

  • While regular rakes are only 48 inches long, this carpet rake is 63 inches long.
  • It is super easy and handy to use because of its lightweight.
  • The rake is user-friendly and pet-friendly.
  • The ergonomic design of this groomer will impress you.
  • Giving deeper cleaning to your carpet is made super easy.

Longer & Larger

Did you know that this wonderful rake is 63 inches long? You must know that most of the rakes do not come with a height more than 48 inches long. But if you have a good height, the usual rakes will annoy you because of the short handle and length. As a result, you won’t have to bend and wipe if you get this. No more suffering from back pain!

The greatest thing about this groomer is its adjustable head can expand from 7 inches to 22 inches which are also larger than the regular ones and help to clean efficiently. So the versatility is offered here as well!

Offers Unique Features

You can’t even imagine how incredibly all the features of this rake will help you. Especially cleaning hard corners becomes so much easier with the longer handle and 7 inches adjustable small head. Dirt, grime, pet hair, every little dust will vanish with this one.

If you are worried about its longevity, then worry no more! The Zinc Plated Steel handle is zinc coated to prevent rust. You can use water and a cleaner if you want to.

Ease Of Usage

It needs no further explanation that the longer handle and larger yet adjustable head are wholesome. After offering all of the features, this carpet rake is user-friendly as it is easy to use, easy to store, and comes lightweight. Additionally, it is easy to clean as well. You will find no extra hassle to piss you off.

Generous To Carpet

Our favorite carpets can remain safe when you clean them with such an efficient rake like this one. The bristles are specially designed to be harsh to dirt and be generous to your carpet. We can’t help praising this wonderful rake, again and again. The features it offers really are priceless.


  • Ergonomic
  • Comes with lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • Average pricing

The speculations behind this product

The wonderful features and the style of this rake have impressed us at the very first glimpse. It is undoubtedly the best Carpet Rake ever. Using chemicals, useless brooms or complicated cleaning methods is nothing but stupidity while we can purchase this stunning multifunctional, ergonomic rake to make our life easier.

The main reason behind picking this rake is the functionality. Alongside, it comes in great quality which adds to its longevity. The affordability in comparison to the features that it offers is something to be satisfied with.

Aspects to Look For While Choosing The Best Carpet Rake For Pet Hair

Cleaning around the house is a tough chore for anyone. Cleaning carpets brings a different level of difficulty if you own a pet, especially as pet hair merges with carpets and becomes very hard to tell apart. So getting a carpet rake for pet hair will make the job a whole lot easier. Here’s what you should look for while getting a carpet rake-

  • Versatility- Since you’re getting this to make your cleaning tasks easier and faster, a rake that is not versatile will make your job harder so there is no point. Make sure the broomstick is tall enough to reach corners. Some sticks can even be extended which is more preferred.
  • Thin and durable bristles- For something you’d clean your carpet with, you wouldn’t want the bristles to be thick as you can clean fur stuck deep in the carpet with them. It is also essential since pet fur is so thin. The durability also comes into play, try to make sure the bristles are tightly glued and stiff.
  • Handles- While choosing, try to pick a broom that is easy to grip. Some carpet rakes have rather thick handles which are hard to grip. Examine the joints to make sure they won’t come off easily.
  • Material quality- It is fairly easy to determine which product is more high quality than the other. For starters, the handle should be made out of strong plastic or any other strong material. The bristles at the end of the stick should be stiff and made out of hard plastic or hard nylon. Some carpet rakes feature rubber construction which is undoubtedly better but they might also cost more.
  • Multi-purpose feature- Of course, if you’re buying a carpet rake for pet hairs and decide to spend a decent amount of money on it, you would like it to work in more places than just carpets. Try looking for rakes that work on floors, windows, and outdoor household items.
  • Ease of cleaning- Like any other cleaning utility, a carpet rake needs to be cleaned. So it is important to get one that can easily be cleaned to lessen your hassle. Don’t forget to consider checking the manual from manufacturers for selecting the cleaning method for keeping the rake neat and clean. Prefer soap usage.
  • Extra unique features- Some carpet rakes include bristles that can be squeezed and used as a sponge. Some include waterproofing and some have adjustable handles. Try to get something that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do carpet rakes really work?

Yes, some of those work magically. The specialized bristles made for carpets work differently and more efficiently than normal broomsticks. These also specialize in removing pet hair from carpets due to their thin and dense bristles. Aside from pet hair, they pick up unnecessary dirt, dust particles, and even dried-up stains from the carpet.

2. How do you get stubborn pet hair out of the carpet?

Using a carpet rake for pet hairs is the easiest method. Well of course there are variations to how you clean your carpet, you certainly wouldn’t want your carpet to get damaged. So the best way is to brush slowly and if you spot stubborn pet hairs, don’t be rough. Just gently brush the same spot repeatedly until it brushes away or gets loose.

3. Do carpet rakes work better than vacuum cleaners for pet hairs?

In some and most cases yes, carpet rakes are better and more effective at removing pet hair than vacuum cleaners. The reasoning is quite simple, although vacuum cleaners are much easier to use and require less effort, they also cannot remove hard stuck, and stubborn pet hairs. While carpet rakes require more force but they get your carpet as clean as it can possibly get, removing any stubborn hairs or dirt.

4. Can carpet rakes damaged carpets?

Yes, they certainly can. Some carpet rakes feature very hard and stiff bristles made out of hard materials. If you use those and clean your carpet with more force than necessary, you may end up scratching and damaging the carpet. Although some carpets are resistant to such hard bristle brushes, it is better to avoid those completely.

5. Do carpet rakes made for pet hair only work on pet hair?

That’s certainly not the case, a carpet rake made for pet hair is unconditionally just a normal carpet broom that has special properties for pet hairs, such as thinner bristles. By all means, you can clean any kind of dust and dirt with a carpet rake made for pet hair. Some rakes are multifunctional and you can do tons of different things with just one of those.

Final Words

Finding the best carpet rake for pet hair has been a lot easier now, we assume. As we shared our top 5 picks, you should be able to pick one by now. You can compare your requirements with the features and therefore you can make the best purchase. Carpet rakes make carpet cleaning a lot easier than following usual methods. So, if you haven’t used one yet, we highly suggest you use it and share your feedback. Especially the ones that we have shared are known to be the best rakes in the market. Good luck with getting rid of every little pet hair off of your carpet!

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