Can You Use Pine Sol On Carpet? Know Before You Try

If you are familiar with household cleaning products, you have probably heard of pine sol. This is an amazing cleaner for your household stuff. You can easily disappear all the grease and heavy soil stains using it.

But a common question that we often get is can you use pine sol on carpet? Well, you can. But you cannot use pine-sol on aluminum, marble,  waxed, or oiled wood.

We will share how you can use pine sol on the carpet to get rid of the nasty mess and how to keep your carpet safe after using it. Let’s begin right now!

Can You Use Pine Sol On Carpet?

The straight answer is yes, you can. The cleaner can effectively treat all the grease and mess out of your carpet. Also, the stain-removing property is awesome. You will be utterly satisfied once you try it.

Even though it is claimed to be safe to use and we have tried it, our suggestion will be to use it in a small area of your carpet to see how it works. As all the carpet fabrics are not the same, some may show incompatibility with the solution.

use pine sol on carpet

How to Use Pine-Sol In Your Carpet?

As we already said, if the spot test goes correctly, you have found an amazing cleaner to treat all the stains and grease on your carpet. If you don’t know how to use it, now we will share a step-by-step process on how you can get the best out of it:

Step-1: Put the pine sol on the area that requires cleaning. Do not oversaturate the area, only dabbing a small amount in the affected area will be enough.

Step-2: Now take a cloth and keep wiping the area until the stains come out. It may take a while, but do not be harsh with it; it may lead to carpet discoloration.

Step-3: Take another wet cloth and rinse the carpet using the cloth. Clean out all the pine sol residue from the carpet.

Step-4: Leave your carpet in the area but make sure that nobody walks over it. After it gets dried off, you will see the difference.

How to Remove Odor From Your Carpet With Pine Sol?

Not only stains and grease, but pine-sol also works great as an odor-removing property. So, now we will show you how you can remove the awful smell of your carpet using pine-sol.

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with half water.
  • Now take the pine-sol and fill the rest of the bottle with it.
  • Shake the bottle well to mix the water and the cleaner.
  • At this phase, spray the mixture on your carpet and let it rest for a while.

If you feel like removing the solution, you can use a wet towel or cloth. Otherwise leaving it like that won’t do any harm. All the bad odor will disappear magically.

When Can You Use Pine-Sol?

Pine-sol is both effective for cleaning and sanitizing. But you can also use it to remove awful odor from your carpet. It comes with a lot of available options of fragrances that you will just love. Using it on your carpet can give the carpet a new look with a fresh smell.

If you have a pet in the house, it is totally safe to use in that case as well. Pet owners often struggle with the pet urine smell from carpets. The smell is stubborn to go away, but pile-sol can be an effective solution to that as well.

Simply use scented pine-sol to get rid of the pet urine or poop smells that make you go crazy. As the solution doesn’t contain any ammonia-based components, it won’t cause any discoloration on your carpet. Also, it won’t cause any health issues to you or your kids, or pets.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pine-Sol


1. The cleaner is entirely safe to use

As the solution does not octane any harmful substance and is not ammonia-based, it is safe to use. If you have pets or kids at home, it will be the perfect choice for you to rely on. Besides, it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes or gasses, which is another relief. The cleaner is entirely eco-friendly, you can use it without any second thoughts.

2. It cleans out everything perfectly

The cleaner is made out with the approval of the EPA and made with approved cleaning agents that are safe for the environment. But the elements used in it are very effective to lift up your carpet’s stubborn dirt and stains as well as odors.

3. Keeps your carpet odor-free

The smell coming out of the carpet is an awful nightmare that we all go through at least once. When you have pets and they pee on the carpet, the smell is not easy to deal with. But the pine-sol can remove all the odor from your carpet and let you have the perfect carpet again.


1. Not suitable to use with other cleaners

You might think of mixing the pine-sol with other cleaning solutions like Bissel, but it won’t be a wise decision. The chemicals might react and create toxicity which will be harmful to you and create health hazards.

2. It may cause irritation to some people

If you are allergic to the ingredients, it may cause your skin or eye irritation. That’s why you need to wear eyeglasses and gloves while using them. Though it might not be the case for all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you use Pine-Sol to clean toilets?

Yes, the multi-purpose cleaner can also clean your toilet. You can use it just like other toilet cleaners. Just pour the solution into the toilet and let it sit for a while. Later on, use a brush to clean the toilet and flash it.

2. Can you use Pine-Sol in a Carpet Cleaner Machine?

No, this is only meant to be used directly on the carpet. You cannot use the cleaner in your carpet cleaning machine. If you want to use any solution in your carpet cleaner, you can go for other commercial solutions that are meant for cleaners.

Last Words

We have tried to explain everything as your requirement to know: can you use pine sol on the carpet. Pine-sol is undoubtedly a great choice to use when it comes to carpet cleaning. The only downside is that you cannot mix it with other cleaning solutions or use it in your carpet cleaner.

However, that should not be an issue as it does the cleaning perfectly on its own. So you can just pour it directly on the surface to clean the area that you need to clean. The multi-purpose cleaner will surely blow your mind with its effective cleaning method, at least we are blown!

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