Best Vacuum for Ultra Plush Carpet – Finest Cleaning Ensured

You need a strong vacuum cleaner for your ultra-plush carpet as these are very thick and air cannot circulate inside easily. As a result, these carpets are very hard to clean once dust gets accumulated inside. However, nothing is impossible when you have the best vacuum for ultra plush carpet in your hands.

So we have got the top choices of vacuum cleaners for your ultra-plush carpet that will save both your time and energy while cleaning these dense carpets. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at our today’s collection for you!

Best Vacuum For Ultra Plush Carpet – Detailed Review

1. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Key features

  • Works on cleaning the air of the room along with cleaning your carpet
  • Get 99.9 percent filtration of dust and dirt with the HEPA air clean filter
  • Features five-level height adjustment for easier gliding over the surface
  • Includes parquet twister with soft bristles for gentle cleaning

Good housekeeping system

Miele gets you the best way of cleaning your plush carpet. It’s pretty obvious that cleaning plush carpets isn’t as easy as cleaning regular ones. That’s why you should look forward to getting this carpet cleaner which is specially designed for cleaning soft carpets efficiently.

Experts recommend this cleaner to be absolutely perfect for plush carpets. The five-level height adjustment on the electro brush lets you glide over different heights of carpet surfaces while providing deep cleaning every single time.

Smartly designed bristles

We’re pretty obsessed with the fact that the carpet cleaner includes a parquet twister along with the softest bristles that are gentle to your carpet yet harsh on dirt and grime depending on the innovative design they have been constructed with.  If we put bristles at the side for a moment then your mind would stick to the unique air clean sealed system of this incredibly versatile carpet cleaner.

With its HEPA air clean filter, you can eliminate 99.9 Percent of germs from the air in your rooms. Hence we call this cleaner the perfect companion for allergy sufferers who can’t tolerate dust in the air.

Heavy-duty suction power

This cleaner has a quality that might blow your mind for a moment. It features 6 different suction power settings. You can change the power modes by going to an additional setting. The variety of suction power leads you to versatility. You can literally clean all kinds of carpet or rug material with this ultra-knowing carpet cleaner.

Well, let’s not stop by saying that it cleans carpets only when the cleaner is capable of cleaning hard floors as well. So the bottom line is the carpet cleaner actually cleans carpets, rugs, the air of the room, hard floors, etc.

Standard accessories included

It can be a handful to maintain plush carpets. So it’s totally inappropriate to expect all the good features just from the carpet cleaner. You will definitely need some extra tools which are included with this carpet cleaner. They make your journey easier by all means.

You get versatile tools such as SEB 228 electro plus floorhead for soft carpet, SBB 300-3 parquet twister floorhead, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, HEPA air clean filter, and more. We assume these are everything you need to enjoy satisfying cleaning sessions for your plush carpet.


  • Versatile
  • 6 various suction power
  • Gentle to soft carpets
  • Air cleaning power


  • Not budget-friendly


The moment you think you need to clean your plush carpet, the thought of those hassles that can tag along would keep bothering you. Relying on this carpet cleaner would bring you nothing but good hours of cleaning. With its ultra-knowing technological support, it brings you so many good features that can always clean plush carpets in a better way. It’s easy to use and easy to carry with its lightweight.

2. Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner

Key features

  • Effective on all kinds of floorings with commercial-grade cleaning results
  • To glide over the floor, its brush head rotates in random orbital
  • Dry cleaning tags along is that your carpet doesn’t end up with soapy or sticky residue
  • Comes with an extra 50 ft. Cord for frequent easier movement

Get your carpet efficient cleaning

A carpet cleaner that has brushes that would go inside the carpet fibers of your carpet really is a blessing. In addition, the brush head of this carpet cleaner rotates in a random orbital to clean off every bit of dirt, dust, grime, and grease from your carpet.

The rotatable brush head does another job, it glides over the floor and prevents the floor from brush marks, swirls, sanding marks, and any other kind of misfortunate condition your carpet might go through. So basically it’s super easy to maneuver carpet cleaner.

Multi-purpose cleaning

It would be really wrong if you get a carpet cleaner that can’t be used on anything but carpets when there are plenty of carpet cleaners available at stores that offer to go with any kind of flooring such as tile, vinyl, hardwood floors, and more. Moreover, it deep cleans your carpet in perfect ways while using sand, strips, scrubs, wax, polish, and other cleaning methods to deep clean your carpet.

However there are some deals that this carpet cleaner comes with that are really wonderful, they make cleaning plush carpets so easier. You can rely on this carpet cleaner for cleaning pet messes as well.

Convenient cleaning

You shouldn’t ignore the fact that this carpet cleaner not only wants to offer you efficient cleaning but also makes your job easier in many ways. For starters, it comes with an extra-long cord that makes moving it easier. You can reach hard-to-reach places and of course, you will be able to clean larger areas due to the extra-long cord.

The materials of this carpet cleaner make the cleaner heavy-duty, strong and reliable. And it requires no further examination that the cleaner is actually super durable. It’s a long-lasting carpet cleaner that can tolerate rough usage.

Say bye-bye to hassle

Carpet cleaner always brings a lot of issues along. But the fact that this carpet cleaner doesn’t tag any issues along should be appreciated more. Purchasing it would make you clean with a cleaner that’s easy to use, easy to carry due to its lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

It requires no explanation that the cleaner undoubtedly cleans deeply, taking all of the dirt, dust, and grime out of your carpet. The extra-long cord, easy functions, good extra tools all work for making the cleaning job easier.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • For deep cleaning


  • Not specified


Finding a good carpet cleaner is always something that requires time, energy, and good knowledge. But we’ve done the work on your behalf. Here’s a carpet cleaner for you that won’t let you down when it comes to cleaning plush carpet. It would take good care of your carpet yet be strong enough to kick dust, dirt, grime, grease out of your carpet.

3. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush

Key features

  • Designed in a way that makes it capable of cleaning all areas and surfaces of your entire home
  • Comes with unique features to eliminate dirt, dust as well as hair from tangling around the brush
  • Offers powerful airflow with ultra-plush nozzle for deeper cleaning
  • 99.7% dirt and dust can be trapped with its Hepa filter

Deep clean your entire house

Offering you a carpet cleaner that would not clean your carpets but also will clean your entire house makes us so happy. This cleaner is designed to be that versatile. It can clean the flooring, walls, den, kitchen, walls, cars, garage, and more. The cleaner does so with multiple attachment versatile tools and a swivel head.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the suction power of this cleaner. By featuring different suction power it ensures to clean up any kind of dirt from any kind of surface of your house.

Powerful construction

A motorized attachment is attached with this cleaner that can lift up stubborn pet hair, dander, and dirt quickly. Even it features such qualities that don’t let the hair stick around the brush. That’s not it, it comes with an ultra-plush nozzle that leads you to powerful airflow for deeper and deeper cleaning.

The height adjustment always turns out to be a great issue but not anymore since this carpet cleaner is here to totally blow your mind, the height of this cleaner can be adjusted manually. So you can work with different heights while vacuuming with this.

Heavy-duty HEPA filter technology

Unlike any other carpet cleaner, this carpet cleaner brings you all possible facilities. One of those great features is Hepa filter technology which we all know is the best filtration technology till now. The filter catches up to 99.7% of dirt, dust, and debris. Traps dander efficiently from the deeper of your carpet’s fibers.

The HEPA filter system puts a great impact on eliminating allergy-causing germs and dust from the air of your house which is a great plus point for allergy sufferers.

Enhanced features

You get 2 motor systems with this carpet cleaner which is really powerful and eventually leads you to greater suction strength. By including a telescoping aluminum wand the cleaner legitimately beats against all of the leading brands. The adjustable wand of this cleaner is easy to grip and can be extended for superior reach.

Another great feature of this cleaner you should know is the exclusive stair grip that lets you rest on the staircase. It doesn’t take a lot of space to be stored as well, the detachable handle is perfect for cleaning furniture, car interior, and more.


  • 2 motor system
  • Handful handle
  • Lightweight
  • Pet friendly


  • Attaching the accessories might seem a little bit difficult


We want you to own a carpet cleaner that can efficiently clean your plush carpet but won’t cause you any trouble. We find no other cleaner as suitable as this cleaner since it is everything you are gonna ever need to own a fresh clean carpet. It features Pet PowerMate, an aluminum telescoping wand, a detachable handle, a HEPA filter system, functional attachment, and every convenient option that would make your job easier.

4. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight

Key features

  • Smart design makes it eligible for use on den, kitchen, and wide sweeper path along with carpets
  • Reach hard to reach areas with flexible hose and lightweight aluminum wand
  • Heavy-duty suction power for lifting up all the dirt, dust, grime, and grease
  • Combines the power of 3 motors to offer you more air power

Enjoy great vacuuming

It’s time to say goodbye to those vacuum cleaners which do nothing but make us go through the disappointing conditions of our favorite plush carpets. Although it’s a little difficult to clean plush carpet, that doesn’t justify not finding a reliable carpet cleaner. Our carpet cleaner comes with such vacuuming features that are capable of blowing your mind.

Removing dust, dirt, grease, grime, and stubborn stains becomes way easier when you start relying on this wonderful carpet cleaner. You can even vacuum your entire home including the den, kitchen walls, car interior, and more with this cleaner.

Enhanced Hepa filter system

Unless you wanna suffer from pollutants, we find no reason of getting a carpet cleaner with no HEPA filter system. By trapping 99.7 percent of dirt, dust, harmful germs the cleaner continuously eliminates pollutants from the air of your room.

Cleaning becomes even more efficient when this cleaner combines the power of 3 different motors to effectively clean your plush carpet. You get 20 % more air power than a traditional vacuum cleaner. And all of that happens without losing a little bit of suction power.

Get superior reach

Cleaning around the furniture, under the furniture, upstairs, and any other hard-to-reach places are now possible when you turn to this cleaner which features 3 attachments for extended reach, a flexible hose, lightweight aluminum wand, brush, and crevice tool.

You also get to enjoy height adjustments, cord storage, and easy maneuverability. The lightweight of this cleaner makes it portable on the other hand. The size of this cleaner is perfect, that’s why it fits at any corner of your house.

Ultra-smart LED dirt sensor + Headlight

Can you imagine the led dirt sensor of this cleaner would help you find hidden debris? You will get an alert whenever the sensor detects any hidden debris. The LED and Headlight show you an oath to the debris so that you can get that out of the corners of your house.

Moreover, you can enjoy power flow technology and double-wall design that keeps airflow continuing to maintain suction power. As a result, you never have to compromise on getting the best performance from this cleaner.


  • LED sensor
  • 20% more airflow
  • 4 versatile tools
  • Flawless floor transitions


  • Low-key overpriced


We’ve been craving for a reliable carpet cleaner for our plush carpet forever, haven’t we? But the wait is over, purchase this cleaner and enjoy all the smart technological features you’ve wanted to enjoy. Let yourself go through Amazon cleaning sessions with this cleaner’s LED sensors, powerful suction, 3 motor technology, versatility, and much more.

5. Shark Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Key features

  • Comes with a self-cleaning brush roll
  • Features dual brush roll system for deeper cleaning
  • Offers detachable pod for cleaning under furniture
  • Includes an anti-allergen complete seal that works with HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens

Smartly designed accessories

Wouldn’t you love the vacuum that deep cleans itself? Well, that’s what this cleaner does. It comes with self-cleaning brush rolls. So there’s no requirement of cleaning the cleaner. However, the cleaner is designed to pick more and more debris than any other carpet cleaner.

Even it picks up hair from the deeper of your favorite carpet fibers. Dirt, dust, debris, and even stains disappear when you turn to this carpet cleaner.

Advanced technology

The cleaner comes while featuring different greater qualities that can blow your mind. The dual brush roll system from this cleaner deep cleans your carpet. Leaves you with professional-grade results and a polished floor. So you can clean other surfaces along with carpets and rugs with this carpet cleaner.

It also features noise reduction technology that reduces noise and softens pitch. Generally, plush carpet cleaners produce a lot of noise. So noise cancellation is really important.

Innovative tools for a better experience

Most of the carpet cleaners disappoint us when we ask them to clean under furniture, around the furniture, or hard-to-reach areas, But this cleaner comes with an extra-long cord, an advanced swivel steering that goes under furniture to bring out every little amount of dirt and debris.

It’s 100% safe to carry upstairs because it comes with a reliable stair grip at the staircase. The tools this cleaner includes are highly capable of providing you with deeper cleanings every time you want.

Wiser option for pet owners

We know it’s so difficult to clean off the pet hair that sticks to our plush carpet. You need to rely on heavy-duty suction power while cleaning your carpet to get rid of the pet messes. Thus we recommend this cleaner that’s capable of cleaning off pet hair, pet odor, pet urine from your plush carpet.

Since it includes mo harmful chemicals it is safe to use around kids and pets. The bristles are gentle to your carpet fibers and harsh on germs and dirt.


  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Enhanced technology
  • Great suction power


  • Average durability


If you wanna embrace your carpet with natural cleaning without any chemicals then you should switch to this carpet cleaner for your plush carpet. The cleaner lets you clean your carpet easily but effectively. You can enjoy advanced technological support with smart features while cleaning with this carpet cleaner.

What To Look For In The Best Vacuum For Ultra Plush Carpet?

Cleaning plush carpets have always been a handful. So you can’t help finding a great and reliable carpet cleaner that would support you by all means during your busy day. We can’t stand the fact that you will waste your time with traditional carpet cleaners while there are better options available. Follow the guide mentioned below to get yourself the most convenient carpet cleaner ever.

  • Light-weighted: it’s really important that you get a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you will find yourself suffering from back, wrist, and hand pain all day long. Lightweight will make it easy to carry as well.
  • Dryer: find yourself a carpet cleaner that includes drying technology. Fast-drying won’t let you be bothered by stinky carpet issues. Settling for less wouldn’t be right since there are a lot of great carpet cleaners which offer this feature.
  • Standard accessories: nowadays carpet cleaners tend to offer such accessories that reduce our efforts. However, very first, look for LED sensors and headlights that can help you find hidden debris. The next thing you need to be looking for is a good stair grip so that you can rest while leaving the carpet cleaner at the staircase. Search online and get yourself the cleaner that offers the most standard accessories.
  • Heavy-duty suction: cleaning plush carpet without heavy-duty suction power is next to impossible. You can never ever succeed in that case. So look for heavy-duty different level suction powers from one carpet cleaner. There are carpet cleaners that combine the power of 2-3 motors. Consider getting one of them.
  • Non-noisy: even regular carpet cleaners make so much noise that we’re pretty sure that carpet cleaners for plush carpets will keep giving us headaches. So try your best to find a carpet cleaner that features a noise reduction system.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is plush carpet hard to vacuum?

A little bit. The reason why plush carpets are a little hard to deal with is they are so dense that air can’t circulate back into the cleaner’s intake because of the dense. As a result, it makes you go through difficulties while cleaning the carpet.

2. What kind of cleaner is good for cleaning plush carpets?

Cleaners with great suction power will be good enough for cleaning plush carpets. Consider getting carpet cleaners with multiple motor systems. They tend to work greatly on plush carpets. But don’t forget to get one that would be gentle to your carpet.

3. How do I clean plush carpets naturally?

Relying on salt and baking soda will be the best decision for cleaning plush carpets naturally. They work as dehydrates on the carpet. Simply sprinkle some baking soda or salt on the carpet, leave it for a little while so that it can sit, and then clean the carpet’s surface by using a vacuum cleaner.

4. Do Shark vacuums work on plush carpets?

Shark vacuums tend not to work well on thick carpets. So it’s obvious that using that for plush carpet won’t be a wiser idea. It would be wrong if we say they totally don’t work on the plush carpet. They do but the results are not that satisfying.

5. Can you vacuum plush rugs?

You can but there are some initials you would need to be taking. You have to adjust the vacuum’s height setting to high so that the bristles can go deeper into the fibers in an efficient way. Moreover, you need to give the whole thing a decent amount of time to be cleaned properly.

Drawing To Closure

Hopefully, you already found the best vacuum for ultra-plush carpets. We have given you multiple choices so you can get whichever you like. Each of the vacuum cleaners that we have picked today is meant for deep cleaning the carpet. So you will get a satisfactory result, no matter which one you choose.

However, make sure to re-match your considerations from the vacuum before buying. Thus you will be entirely satisfied with the purchase. Also, if you get something that offers all the modern technologies, that will ensure you the optimum cleaning.

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