Best Vacuum Cleaner for Nylon Carpet for Effortless Cleaning

Cleaning carpets, especially nylon carpets, truly require a vacuum. But the vacuum should have better suction power and have more helpful features than standard vacuums. Carpet fibers can attract more dust, dirt, and hair, so the vacuum you will use must include a brush bar since it can agitate fibers.

Also, think about your operational style and pick a vacuum depending on the cleaning solution. You can either use a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum; both have to offer advantages.

After analyzing various factors, we have made a list of the 5 best vacuum cleaners for nylon carpets. Let’s study their features, working capacity, and advantages and disadvantages. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Nylon Carpet With Powerful Motor

Our expert team members took time researching a variety of products and found these vacuums below work best for cleaning nylon carpets.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Performing: BISSEL Zing Canister Vacuum
  2. Best for Design: Shark Apex Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum
  3. Best Overall: Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Best for Cleaning Pet Mess: Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged Vacuum
  5. Best for Easy Operation: Shark Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

1. Best Performing: BISSEL Zing 2156A Canister Vacuum

BISSEL Zing Canister Vacuum

The BISSELL Zing 2156A Canister Vacuum is for those who don’t like using cordless vacuums and want a cleaning device that offers additional suction power.

It will not ask for charging after every 20 minutes. BISSELL has always been supplying its customers with the best quality products. This vacuum proves it. It comes with all essential tools but doesn’t require effort to assemble them.

It can cover a big home like a two-story home of 2,500 square feet. BISSELL will be the right pick for its lightweight to clean such a large place.

Excellent Performance

The most important thing we should consider when buying a canister vacuum is its performance. There is no use in spending money on a durable canister vac if it performs poorly. Thankfully, BISSELL Zing is not only durable but also a well-performing cleaning device.

It offers power worth 9 amps. It has a regulator built-in through which airflows. The auctions are different for carpets and hardwood floors. However, the system of creating suction is the same.

Spinning the air super quick makes a minor tornado that can collect pollen, dust, hair, dirt, and other small debris from the air. This way, it purifies the air around your habitant. While being so powerful at cleaning, it’s surprising that it’s not that loud.

Helpful Cleaning Modes

The best part of this vac is it takes a flip switch to swap the two modes, one is for carpet, and another one is for hard floors. You need to attach the two extension wands that will come with the package, add the multi-surface head, and plug it in.

You will see it’s sucking up all kinds of visible debris with its strong and fast suction power. However, the canister vacuum head doesn’t swivel as expected, but it can still make way for it under furniture and around corners well enough for its compact design.

When you flip to its carpet mode and start cleaning, you will see it’s thoroughly removing the dirt and dust. It will leave fresh vacuum stirpes. The only issue found was that while moving the machine on the carpet, it was hard to move it around.


Surprisingly, it feels light even with big wheels and the carrying handle that weighs around 10 pounds together (approximately). Except on the carpet, it moves smoothly over the hard floors. You may need to push a little harder on the nylon carpet, but it amazingly does the cleaning job.


  • Bagless comfortable design
  • The suction power is impress
  • Works great over upholstered furniture
  • Two useful for cleaning hard floors and carpets
  • Ideal to use in cleaning different flooring materials


  • Slightly hard to move around on the nylon carpet

Why Should you buy it?

The BISSELL Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum is an incredible cleaning tool that provides powerful suction and is lightweight. It’s designed to be used for multiple purposes, like picking up debris, dirt, and dust from the entire indoor surface.

2. Best for Design: Shark Apex Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum

Shark Apex Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum

The Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum is a modified vacuum of the brand. They used a new technology called Zero-M Anti Hair Wrap to make it more advanced. The task of this technology is to prevent the vacuum from getting hair wrapped around its brush bar.

Another significant feature of this vac is DuoClean Cleaner Head, which makes the vacuum collect small and large particles at a time. This special feature alone makes the vacuum an ideal cleaning device for removing dust and filth from hard floors and carpets. There are more specialties of this Shark vacuum which we have explained further.

Perfect Design

The design of this device is so perfect; we can say it’s the best design vacuum for cleaning a carpet. It has a dual brush roll that gives better performance, and with the suction power, it becomes a beast.

While many vacuums fail to reach small areas, the Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum can also go to those places. Thanks to the detachable canister that can be lifted away. This eases cleaning stairs a lot.

What we liked about it was its continuous suction power. It’s also designed in a way that it can prevent the dust from entering your body when you are vacuuming and 

Breathing. It’s possible for a special technology named Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. It helps trap dust of 99.99% inside the vac. It’s one of the HEPA filters.

The handle feels amazing to hold onto. It never feels hard, so you will not have hand fatigue no matter how long you want to vacuum. The height is perfect for an average height lady. The handle fits durably with the device, which is much helpful for controlling its movements.

Effortless Maneuvering

The combination of smooth-gliding wheels and pivot steering makes maneuvering easy. Generally, it feels hard enough to move your vacuum on carpets. But with this particular vacuum, you will not have to push your vacuum harder. While moving accurately, it maintains the suction power.

Noise Reduction

It’s annoying enough to hear the loud noises of vacuums. You can’t skip this issue unless you buy a premium vacuum like this one because it has the ability to reduce noise when cleaning. The pitch has been softened to offer you no issues with sounds.

It may not stay completely quiet, but the sound will make it bearable for our ears. If you are looking for a powerful enough vacuum, long-lasting, and doesn’t make annoying noises, this is what you need.


  • The upright features allow you to use it for cleaning upholstery, ceiling fans, stairs, drapes, and other hard-to-reach locations
  • Feels light
  • Bagless system
  • 30-foot lengthy cord
  • It has built-in headlights to help you clean the dark areas


  • The dust collector is not big enough

Why Should You Buy It?

The only issue we think is its dust collector is a bit smaller, but overall it’s a worthy product. The main reason to pick this vacuum is its DuoClean technology.

Also, the brush roll can clean itself, so you will save the time that you would have to spend cleaning them. The upgraded wheels and sealed filters make it a perfect choice for cleaning your nylon carpet with the super easement.

3. Best Overall: Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient cleaning tool that can make the cleaning job a tolerable task. Eureka has provided several useful products every year for the past 100 years. Eureka Blaze Stick vac is one of their trustworthy items.

If you don’t prefer lugging an upright vacuum that feels heavy, this specific vacuum can be a good pick for you. After using this vac, you will be surprised at its maneuverability and versatility. It looks like a stick and also weighs like it. It has amazing features. The best feature of this vacuum is its outline which will be discussed in-depth.

Wonderful Design

Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house with stairs, you must always look for lightweight vacuums because a lightweight vac is super effortless to carry and move with. This vacuum is more user-friendly and welcoming than the standard vac you have.

The outline is narrow and smaller, but to the surprise, its dust cup can hold a great amount of debris. You will not need to empty it after one or two rounds only. The dust cup is only 0.55 liter which is pretty enough to collect dust from a couple of your rooms. Moreover, you are allowed to clean the cup after using it two or three times.

Three-in-one Solution

This part is something you will love; it offers three various cleaning modes, allowing you to remove dirt from multiple surfaces. If you want to get the best performing vacuum for cleaning hard floors, it will save you with its upright stick functions. The handle is tall enough, that you can attach or detach it any time you like by pressing a button.

It’s ideal for letting you clean the upholstered furniture and stairs effortlessly. Fortunately, it has a nig mouth through which even big particles get vacuumed. The third and final function is for cleaning up small regions. But you must swap the narrow crevice tool with the swivel head.

High-quality Performance

It reduces the cleaning time since it can pick up debris faster. It can clear up all the dust and filth quicker and better than brooms and sweepers. If you are a pet owner, you will benefit from using it because it will not let a single fur stay on your carpet and floors.


  • An effortless way of attaching and detaching cleaning tools
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Outstanding design with three cleaning modes
  • Moves swiftly over hard floors
  • Easy to operate


  • The cord length is a little short

Why Should You Buy It?

An advanced vacuum can not only provide you with excellent service in cleaning but also can serve you longer. Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum is such an incredible cleaning device. It’s superpowers, feels lighter, is operated with ease, and finally cleans carpets, and floors like you never had dirt in your house.

4. Best for Cleaning Pet Mess: Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged Vacuum

Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged Vacuum

The Kenmore Floor Care Elite Upright Bagged vacuum is amazing at cleaning carpets. It looks like a traditional vacuum, but it works like the modern ones.

It doesn’t have a dust collecting bin but a bag. It’s not too light, a bit chunky, and a little tough to maneuver. However, if your focus is to get a vac that will provide notable performance, you will like it.

Pet Friendly

This vacuum was tested by collecting various particles like cheerios, rice, oatmeal, and flour. These elements were put on fluffy and shallow carpets. It gave an astonishing performance. It did the best job of collecting rice.

When we tried to collect flour, it dropped its cleaning quality. It did a nice job sucking up the flour from shallow carpets, but when it came to the fluffier ones, it took a little while to collect the whole flour from the medium pile of fluffy carpets.

Thirdly, it was tested to collect cereal and found to be stellar. It took only two passes to collect all the cereal from the carpet.

Finally, some oatmeal was scattered on the carpet, and was started vacuuming with it to see how well it could take in all the oatmeals. It gave an excellent performance. It took two passes in total to collect every piece of oatmeal from the low-pile carpet and took around 6 passes to collect all the oatmeals from a fluffier one.

Easy Using

It ensures you don’t get tired while cleaning. It gives every cleaning facility you usually demand. For example, its maximum reach, noise level, and transitions on different floors were amusing. Thanks to its flat head design, it even managed to go under places that a regular vacuum finds difficult to reach.

The handle seemed good when holding, not too hard, not too soft. It can go under 7 inches, allowing you to get the dirt out of every corner. However, that was the shortest distance it could reach, the longest one being 37 inches.

Powerful Cleaning

As said, it was tested in cleaning both hard floors and carpets. Fortunately, it successfully passed the cleaning test of all the different ones. With a few passes, it can suck up small to medium debris, meaning a pet owner will have no issues with the mess again if they have this.


  • Classic appearance
  • Powerful suction
  • Can remove little and medium filth
  • Cleans carpet perfectly
  • Good for removing pet furs from hard and soft floors


  • It’s quite heavy

Why Should You Buy It?

This vac is pretty heavy, yet it’s worth the investment for providing what it promised. It does outstanding in removing messes you and your pets make. Plus, you can operate it simply.

5. Best for Easy Operation: Shark Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Usually, people are scared to jump on a cordless vacuum from a corded one. But once they switch, they can’t ever return to use the standard vac. You will feel the same way if you buy the deluxe cordless Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick vac.

It has advanced technology like DouClean PowerFins, 60 minutes backup after one charge, and anti-hair wrap technology. After putting this vac to the test, it was found to help make cleaning tasks simpler and make schedules for cleaning.

It eases the user’s movements by hopping him around from dusty to dirty areas. It even managed to go and clean some spaces that are so narrow.

DuoClean PowerFins

The Vertex model’s key component is Duoclean PowerFins. It’s the newest technology Shark introduced. It’s basically two rollers with the power of sucking up dirt when making contact with the floors.

It helps continue cleaning these rollers and encourages the power of this vacuum to the extent that it feels like a two-in-one vacuum. It means you can remove dirt two times better than a regular vacuum. It’s a great choice to clean your carpet because it can uncover debris from it with the help of a soft roller and a PowerFins roller.

Multi-Flex Technology

We commonly face the issue of not having proper control over the vacuum. For this reason, cleaning tasks become much harder. So, the shark has come up with a solution. It features multi-flex technology that allows you to control the movement and direction of your vacuum.

It also lets you have control over it while removing dirt in various positions. Thus it helps you reach the areas in your home that have little space, for example, the corners of your furniture and beneath them. You can instantly swivel it to 90 degrees so that you can get access to narrower regions without requiring you to bend.

Various Attachments

It’s useful because it provides you with different attachments like a crevice tool, multi-angle dust brush, and pet multi-tool. The pet multi-tool is the most effective since it can take out the stubborn mess from the carpet like pet fur.

The multiple-angle brush will ensure you face no issues with cleaning every corner. However, it does not come with accessory storage, but you can easily store the vacuum and its tools in the storeroom.


  • Quick set-up
  • Folds down easily to let you store it anywhere
  • The removable dust cup is straightforward to attach and detach
  • It’s cordless
  • The battery is removable


  • The top portion is heavy

Why Should You Buy It?

Since the primary focus of a vacuum cleaner is cleaning with perfection, which the Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick vac does well, it’s a valuable pick indeed. It’s powerful, durable, and most importantly, effortlessly operable.

Vacuuming Your Nylon Carpet

The essential part of nylon carpet maintenance is vacuuming it properly. You must vacuum the carpet at least once a week, and if it gets messed up often, it’s better to vacuum twice or thrice. It will help your carpet stay fresh and will stop the particles get deeper into the carpet before the dirt and soil are embedded.

Vacuums are the kind of canister with a powerful head and vacs with brushwork as the most efficient carpet cleaners. The vacuum must not touch the carpet surface deep under, so it’s a must to clean them with vacuums that have heads adjusted when needed.

Adjusting the head of a vacuum is super easy; you have first to put a paper sheet under the vac. Keep adjusting the vacuum head until you hear the noise of paper being hit by the beater bar. When choosing a vacuum for your nylon carpet, you need to be careful and never pick one of the following vacs.

Avoid vacuums that can self-adjust; such vacs adjust themselves more than enough deep into the pile resulting in excessive fuzzing.

Again, ignore using an overly stiff brush over the beater bar because it will also cause unwanted fuzzing. Don’t go using vacuums created using Shark, Dyson, Oreck, Miele, and Robotic since these vacs can make the carpet fuzz a lot.

Lastly, avoid using the Whole House Central System or Robotic vacs. When vacuuming your carpet, try moving slowly so that the machine can take out dirt, dust, and soil properly. Make sure to keep your dust bag half full only and not exceed that point.

It’s a bag idea to fill the bag with a vacuum because it will stop collecting dust correctly. Remember, vacuum your carpet if it’s a brand new item or old one to maintain it for an extended period.

The Importance of Vacuuming A Nylon Carpet 

Many don’t know how important it is to vacuum their carpet frequently. Vacuuming the carpet on a daily basis keeps our house environment clean and keeps the carpet looking fresh. It will ensure you are getting the most out of it. You will see professional carpet cleaners suggesting cleaning our carpets by vacuuming.

The importance of vacuuming your Nylon carpet is vast. It’s like changing car oil, an integral portion of daily maintenance to keep the car in the right shape. It means when you vacuum a carpet, you remove the soil and filth that could harm its fiber and thus harm its appearance.

This way, you can maximize the carpet’s sustainability. There is no better way of keeping your carpet looking “green” all the time except vacuuming it on a regular schedule. Another essential aspect to keep in mind is vacuuming frequency. Because on every carpet, some areas require more frequent vacuuming than other portions.

CRI recommends vacuuming a carpet every day if traffic is heavy (pet areas), with medium traffic two times a week and just once in the week if the traffic is light.

How to Vacuum a Nylon Carpet?

Every cleaning method has some proper ways that many people are unaware of. The same way several carpet owners don’t know how to vacuum their nylon carpets? Since nylon carpets are more dense and soft, you should clean them differently to ensure they are safe. Follow these steps below and vacuum your nylon carpet right.

Step 1. Removing Large Particles

Remember to use a home vac and not a shop vac. While shop vacuums are too powerful even to suck up big particles, home vacuums can’t do the same by being less powerful. For this reason, to avoid any issues later, remove any objects or big particles by finding them walking thoroughly over the carpet.

Step 2. Don’t Rush

After removing the unwanted objects and particles, start vacuuming your carpet. While cleaning, try not to rush rather than move forth and back steadily. Also, do the cleaning in the same direction.

Step 3. Reverse

Following the same way, finish cleaning the whole carpet from one direction. Now, vacuum the carpet again from the opposite direction to clean the carpet. For example, if you start cleaning in a north to south motion after finishing, turn the vac and clean again from east to west.

Buying Guide for Best Vacuum Cleaner for Nylon Carpet

A vacuum cleaner is a machine. Hence it’s critical to understand which available vacuums are best for nylon carpets. There are a few factors you must look at in order to understand well and find the worth one. You should consider those factors when buying the best vacuum for your nylon carpet.

Easy to Use

The vacuum cleaner you want to buy for cleaning nylon carpets should be intuitive and effortless to use. The handle should feel convenient to hold onto. It should move smoothly on hard floors and carpets.

The dirt cup’s design should be designed so that you can empty it so easily and directly inside the trashcan. It should keep your hands clean. If you are about to purchase a vacuum with a brush roll, make sure it is self-cleaning.

Suction Power

Depending on the suction power, a vacuum gives the best to worst performance. The source of this power is its motor. However, a high-power motor can’t alone make the cleaning effective.

Your vacuum needs a brush roll that is a good motorized one and has the self-cleaning ability. So l, be careful when selecting a vacuum; it should promise to provide a significant amount of suction power.

Dirt Bag Capacity

The vacuum you wish to buy can either be bagless or bagged. You need to check if the dirtbag is big or small.

Make sure it’s neither tiny nor big because the small one will require you to empty it often, thus slowing down the overall cleaning.

On the contrary, a large dirtbag can cause spreading smells around your house while cleaning since it will collect a large amount of debris.

Air Filtration

The number of high-efficiency particulate air filter categories is huge. But the usual HEPA filter can remove not less than 99.97% of particles, and the size is 0.3 micrometers.

This is the standard air filtration capacity, and it’s good for people who have allergies and asthma. But if you don’t have any severe health issues, you can go for less air filtration capacity vacuums.

Material Quality

Some vacuums are cheaper than the reasonable price range, and they are made in a way that you will not understand what material they are made of. It will seem like they are high-end vacuums, but actually, they are not.

Please don’t fall for cheaper vacuums because they are never built well or are created using great quality materials. If you are purchasing the vacuum from a physical store, make sure to check it right away and ask the shop owners about its material quality.

If you are buying online, check the reviews and comments of users. You will find the buyers talking about which materials are used to make the vacuum you want to buy.


Know how well the vac performs before making a purchase. It should have a powerful enough motor, and the cleaning attachments should be durable. Don’t go for vacs that offer less suction power because they will rather make you work harder in cleaning.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do Vacuum cleaners work on carpets?

No other cleaner can work as well as a vacuum in picking up debris from the deep of a carpet. Yes, it’s important to wash your carpet once a month, but if you vacuum regularly, it will keep your carpet looking neat and clean the whole month. The vacuum works like magic on carpets.

Can vacuum damage carpet?

Vacuuming your carpet doesn’t damage it; rather removes the dirt that could harm its fibers. This tool is effective and safe to use over the carpet to clean grime. It’s even considered the best cleaning device for carpets to some people since it can go deeper into the carpet fiber and suck up any dust or filth there.

What is the difference between a vacuum and a carpet cleaner?

The biggest difference between a vacuum and a carpet cleaner is the vac is designed to clean dry debris while the carpet cleaner is made especially to remove stains from carpets.

Closing Remarks

Nylon carpets are different; they are generally thicker and feel premium. Hence, they require extra care. You will not get the best cleaning results if you use a regular, less suction power vacuum on such a carpet.

Some unique vacuums suit well for cleaning a soft, thick nylon carpet. Our chosen items 5 best vacuum cleaners for nylon carpets are the vacs you will love using for removing filth and dust regularly.

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