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Robot vacuums are becoming an everyday part of our housekeeping tasks. These intelligent vacuums have unique features like voice commands, preset cleaning areas, etc. You will find a massive variety of robot vacuum brands in the market according to your floor type, and the iRobot Roomba series is one of those.

But if your house is mainly carpeted with thick carpet, you need to think and choose wisely before purchasing the Roomba. In this case, the detailed information and suggestion from the experts about the five best Roomba for thick carpet will play a crucial role. If you buy the perfect robot vacuum, cleaning floors will be a lot easier.

What is Roomba?

Robotic vacuums are completing the responsibility of cleaning the floors of our houses nowadays pretty well. Roomba is a robot vacuum series with various models produced and sold by the brand named iRobot. In the early 2000s, iRobot introduced this intelligent floor cleaning vacuum series in the market.

The vacuums from this Roomba series come with different sensors to navigate the floor area. In addition, you can command the Roomba with your voice or preset the cleaning area if you are not supposed to be at home. There is also an option for customizability and reprogramming in the vacuums of this Roomba series.

Are Robot Vacuums Good on Thick Carpet?

The robot vacuums can make your household task easier by cleaning your floors whenever required. These intelligent floor cleaners can be operated both manually, and with voice commands. But all the robot vacuums won’t be able to operate properly on the floors that are covered with carpet.

So, when it comes to the thickly carpeted floors, you will have to go for the robot vacuums that are capable of the job. Most of the Roomba series from the iRobot brand is built to clean dust and dirt from the thick carpets. These robot vacuum cleaners are built to clean around your busy schedule and lessen the hassle.

Compared to a typical floor, the thickly carpeted floors are hard to clean for the regular robot vacuums. In this case, a vacuum with high-pressure taking capability is a must. Vacuuming a carpet takes longer than hardwood floors, so you need to go for the vacuums with long battery life.

The vacuums with at least 100 minutes of battery life are necessary for the carpet cleaning task. The robot vacuums also need to be rated for the plushest and high-pile carpets for carpet cleaning. At the same time, you must seek the vacuums that are rated well for pet hair and other hairy dust.

Durability is also an essential factor for the robot vacuums for cleaning more challenging surfaces like thick carpets. Unfortunately, not all robot vacuum cleaners have all these capabilities. Though you can clean the carpet with any random robot vacuum cleaner, the result will not be even closer to what you have expected.

But, most Roomba vacuums come with all these crucial features required to clean the thick carpet floors. These vacuums will clean the dirty carpet of your house according to your command, no matter how thick the carpet is. 

The Five Best Roomba for Thick Carpet – In-Depth Discussion  

None of the companies produce the same product in a series in the same budget range. However, the Roomba series from the iRobot brand is not different as well. Here we have gathered the best five Roombas that you can choose.

Hopefully, the full review of these robot vacuums from iRobot will assist you in deciding while purchasing a Roomba:

1. Best for Battery Backup: ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Roomba vacuum is a tangle-free Suction and automatic self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner. The reasons why it deserves to be your household cleaning partner are

Easy to Use and Through Cleaning

This Roomba vacuum is way easy to use because of the auto-cleaning system present in it. To start the cleaning process, you need to press the mechanical button on the robot vacuum cleaner. Three different cleaning modes are available if you control this cleaning robot with the remote.

Those modes are auto mode, edge mode & space mode, which you can use based on your necessity. It is a low-profile floor cleaning machine with a maximum height of only 2.98 inches. As a result, it becomes easier for the robot to reach under the sofa or bed where dirt hides and clean that place.

Safe and Smart Cleaning with Smart Protection

In safety matters, there is hardly any robot vacuum cleaner that matches it. You will find three built-in underneath infrared sensors in this advanced floor cleaning machine. Because of those sensors, this machine is capable of detecting stairs to avoid falling off.

In addition, it ensures safe cleaning of the V3s Pro all along the way of its carpet cleaning journey. If there are ups and downs on the thick carpet, the V3s Pro can glide through for a smooth ride. It became possible because of the extra-large Road Rover wheels present in this Roomba vacuum cleaner from ILIFE.

As a result, low-pile carpet or ride-over door trim will never be the reason for your tension while cleaning your floor carpet. The smart protection system of this robot vacuum consists of ten sets of front infrared sensors. 

Those sensors help the machine detect whether there is an obstacle in front. If there is any, the Roomba just changes the cleaning path and takes a new route without any obstacles.

Tangle-Free and Schedule Cleaning

There is no roller-brush present in it, and as a result, no tangling issues are caused. In the typical vacuum cleaners, dirt, fur, and hair block the roller and cause tangling. But instead of the roller brush, the V3s Pro uses powerful 1000Pa suction technology to suck the dirt, fur, and hair into it.

You can clean the thick carpet of your floor even if you are not at home. That is possible because of the preset schedule cleaning technology. All you need to do is set the time and desired area of your floor, and the intelligent vacuum will do the rest.

Battery and Charging

The battery of this robot vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to deal with your thick floor carpet. With a single charge, the battery will last at least 90-100 minutes of continuous cleaning on any surface. Whenever the battery is about to run out, the machine will automatically search for the charging dock and return home for charging.


  • Three different cleaning modes
  • The extra-large Road Rover wheels for a smooth ride
  • Smart protection and safe cleaning with thirteen different sensors
  • Easy and tangle-free cleaning
  • Automatic charging technology


  • Max suction power is comparatively low

Why Should You Buy It?

It is filled with intelligent features to make your carpeted floor cleaning entirely effortless. From performance to battery life, it is a perfect option to purchase. If it is within your budget range, you definitely should go for this high-performance robot vacuum.

2. Best for Compatibility: iRobot Roomba i7+ with Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot Roomba i7+

It has an overall dimension of 13.34 x 13.34 x 3.63 inches with 7.44 pounds of weight and is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Let’s know more about it.

Powerful Performance with Automatic Dirt Disposal

This Roomba i7+ comes with an amazing suction capability which is 10x stronger than typical vacuum cleaners. It also has the addition of Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes to make things easier for you. With the help of these brushes, the cleaning machine pulls in the dirt, debris, & pet hair from the thick carpet.

In the other robot vacuum cleaners, after collecting the dirt through the suction process, you need to dispose of the dirt by yourself. But you won’t have to do this while using the Roomba i7+ as the machine automatically dispose the dirt into the dirtbag. So, you won’t have to make your hands dirty again while cleaning the carpeted floor.

Intelligent Navigation with Complete App Control

The navigation system in this cleaning machine works by gathering over 230, 400 data points every second. It helps the robot vacuum detect different places along with the thick carpet and clean the mess. You can control all these cleanings with just one tap of your finger through the smartphone app.

It is also possible to personalize and customize the cleaning routine and places. As a result, your thick carpeted floor and other areas will remain free from being messy. In addition, this machine is compatible with Vera, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa for voice commanding.

Suitable for Thick Carpets and Perfect Pattern Cleaning

Thick or thin, carpets are no match for the vacuum cleaning system of the Roomba i7+. This floor cleaning robot comes with an automatically adjustable cleaning head. As the carpet is a bit higher than the usual floor surface, it helps the brushes to adjust within no time.

By keeping in close contact, the multi-Surface brushes make sure that the carpets are effectively cleaned. As it runs in a “U-shaped” pattern with tangle-resistant rubber brushes, no place in your preset area ever remains dirty. 

Automatic Dirt Detection

The automatic dirt detection technology is present in this floor cleaner for enhanced cleaning. Whenever the dirt is in front of the cleaner, it detects the density of the dirt present there. It also recognizes the concentrated and high-traffic areas of the dirt.

After doing so, this robot vacuum cleaning machine provides additional cleaning to those spots.

Battery and Charging

The entire machine gets power from a single lithium-ion battery, lasting for at least 80 minutes. But the smart charging technology is present to make up for this bit shortage of battery lifespan. If the battery gets low, the robot vacuum will automatically search the charging dock and start charging.


  • Automatic dirt detection technology
  • Smart and automated charging system
  • Tangle-resistant rubber brushes
  • Auto-adjustable cleaning head and automatic dirt disposal
  • Intelligent navigation and complete app control


  • Absence of specialized corner cleaning

Why Should You Buy It?

The Roomba i7+ from iRobot is a robot vacuum full of advanced features. You can simply clean all the mess on your thick carpeted floor with just a finger tap. Because of the automatic features in almost every section, cleaning floors will seem easier than ever before.

3. Best for Cleaning Pet Mess: iRobot Roomba j7

iRobot Roomba j7+

The iRobot Roomba j7 has 13.34 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches of dimension and 7.48 pounds of weight, it is easily accessible. So, let’s see why it is one of the toughest contenders to be in your house

Obstacle Identification with Dirt Detection

You will find the Precision Vision Navigation technology in this Roomba j7. With its help, the machine identifies and avoids obstacles that can be anything. Even it changes the direction of the cleaner if the stairs are in front of the device. Therefore, this machine can clean pet messes pretty easily compared to the others.

Because of this feature, the machine can detect where to go and where not to go. It ensures the percentage of the machine getting stuck somewhere is close to zero. This intelligent floor cleaning device can also detect dirty spots while cleaning. 

As a result, it provides extra effort by measuring the density of the dirt, dust, or other messes.

Preset Cleaning  

You can also clean the mess of your thick carpeted floors whenever you want. All you need to do is set a cleaning schedule and area of the floor. Then the machine will automatically start cleaning the floor on time according to your schedule, even if you are not at home.

Powerful Suction and Brushes for Efficient Cleaning

Compared to the regular robot vacuum cleaners, this Roomba j7 can generate 10x more power during the suction process. Even if the floor is covered with thick carpet, the suction power is capable enough to pull out all the dirt and dust from there.

The presence of the Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes makes the cleaning process much more precise. Because of the combination of these two cleaning methods, dirt, debris, & pet hair will be pulled off from wherever it hides.

Controlling, Personalization and Mopping

You can control this robotic cleaning machine with your voice commands. It is also controllable with the app that you need to install on your phone. With the app’s help, there is a vast room open for the personalization of the cleaning procedure with this Roomba j7 from iRobot.

It is perfect for both the hard floors and the thickly carpeted floors. You can also mop the hard floors with this intelligent cleaning device.

Battery Life and Charging

There is no fixed battery life of this Roomba j7 as it comes with smart recharge and resumes technology. The cleaning device automatically recharges itself according to your preset cleaning place and time. If the battery gets low, it automatically reaches the charging port and gets recharged as per the needed time to get the job done.


  • Automatic obstacle identification and dirt detection
  • Precision vision navigation technology
  • Combination of powerful section multi-surface rubber brushes
  • Smart recharge and resume
  • Scheduled cleaning feature


  • Specialized corner cleaning is unavailable

Why Should You Buy It?

This cleaning machine is filled with advanced technological features. Despite the unavailability of specialized corner cleaning technology, you can use it effortlessly. It is easy to command and control and even possible to use for cleaning purposes when you are not at home.

Because of this intelligent vacuum cleaner, you will be able to keep your house clean, and that’s the major reason why you should purchase this device.

4. Best for Easy Access and Operation: iRobot Roomba i3+ with Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot Roomba i3+

From the name of the vacuum, we can say it is from the Roomba series of the iRobot brand. 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches of dimension and 14.96 pounds of weight make it a bit heavier than the other robot vacuum cleaners. Knowing in detail about it will be beneficial if you are dealing with thickly carpeted floor cleaning

Command and Controlling

The controlling system of this robotic floor cleaning device is top-notch. You can control this device through a mobile app and start cleaning one room after another or all rooms at a time. There is also an option for a voice command system with this highly efficient cleaning machine from iRobot.

You can connect it with Google Assistant and Alexa, whichever you prefer, and start commanding the device through it. 

Dirt and Cliff Detection

After your command, the machine will start cleaning your floor, whether hard or covered with thick carpet. But if you doubt whether the machine will fall off or hit something, there is no reason to worry. In the upper part of this device, there are cliff detecting sensors.

Whenever a cliff arrives in the path of this vacuum, it just turns its way around. Likewise, there are dirt detection sensors in the bottom-right section of this device. With the help of these sensors, it can measure the density of dust and dirt and take action according to that.

Powerful Cleaning with Edge Sweeping Brush

The 10x powerful suction capability of this Roomba i3+ makes sure there is no dirt and dust left on the floor. So no matter whether it is a wooden floor covered with thick or high-pile carpet, dust will be pulled off. A sweeping edge brush is also present in the bottom-right section under the dirt detection sensor.

It is specially angled and designed to reach into the corners and edges of your room to pull out dirt from there.

Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brush and Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

Unlike the robotic vacuums from other brands, the Roomba i3+ comes with a dual multi-surface rubber brush. These flexible brushes are designed to adjust to different floors like a thick carpet. Therefore, it is easier to pull out dust and debris from the thick carpet floors with this dual multi-surface rubber brush.

At the same time, the auto adjustable cleaning head is crucial to reaching tricky corners of the rooms. This cleaning head adapts the head height as it moves through the thick carpets or wooden floors.

Dirt Disposal System

When the cleaning task is done, the Roomba automatically goes to the disposal base. Then the device dumps all the collected dirt and dust in the dirt disposal bag. So, you can complete cleaning your floor without getting your hands dirty.


  • Easy voice command and controlling
  • Adjustable cleaning head height to deal with uneven surfaces like a thick carpet
  • Automatic dirt disposal
  • Dirt and cliff detection
  • Edge sweeping brush


  • Navigation in neat rows is unavailable

Why Should You Buy It?

The availability of the automatic dirt disposal system makes it a worthy competitor to be your household cleaning companion. It comes with many automatic features to lessen your hassled during thick carpet floor cleaning. 

The vast room available for personalization and customization is another reason why you should buy the Roomba i3+.

5. Best for Overall Performance: iRobot Roomba j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum   

iRobot Roomba j7+

The iRobot Roomba j7+ comes with 13.34 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches of dimension and 7.48 pounds of weight. Let’s know more about this amazing robotic vacuum cleaner

Controlling and Obstacle Identification

The controlling system of this intelligent floor cleaning device is much easier. You can control it through a voice commanding system or the mobile app by connecting it with your mobile. By commanding through either of these systems, you can preset a cleaning schedule or clean a specific room area.

While cleaning the house, this device can detect objects like pet waste in its path. This feature is accessible because of the presence of the Precision Vision Navigation system. After detecting the object with this technology, the device can change the course a bit to avoid colliding with that obstacle. 

Powerful Suction with Automatic Dirt Disposal

The Roomba j7+ comes with 10x more suction capability if you compare it to robotic vacuums from other brands. Because of this powerful suction system, it can pull out dirt from the depth of the thick carpet. There are also Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, making the cleaning work even more precise.

When cleaning is done, you won’t have to worry about dirt disposal like other vacuums. With this cleaning machine, you will get a dirt disposal base with bags. So, after cleaning the carpeted floor, the machine will automatically dispose of the dirt into the disposal base. 

Scheduled Cleaning While Not at Home

You can take a nap or do other necessary tasks after commanding the cleaning vacuum to clean your house. This smart device can clean your floor and then dump the dirt and dust. It is also possible to preset your house’s cleaning period and cleaning area with an accurate navigation system.

Even if you are not at home during the scheduled cleaning period, the Roomba j7+ will perform the carpet and floor cleaning task accurately.

Battery and Charging

The battery lifespan in a single charge is capable of completing your thick carpeted floor cleaning task. But if the battery gets low during cleaning, it automatically tracks back to the charging port and starts charging. When the charging is done, it gets back to the unfinished cleaning task by itself.


  • Scheduled cleaning with a preset floor area
  • Reactive sensor technology for easy and accurate navigation
  • Automatic charging and dirt disposal
  • Powerful suction and dual multi-surface rubber brushes
  • Easy access and control


  • The specialized corner cleaning feature is not available

Why Should You Buy It?

The unique and advanced features available in this smart cleaning machine are the main reason you should purchase it. Scheduled cleaning, various automatic features, and powerful suction make this device impeccable. Therefore, you should consider buying it as you can easily access and control this Roomba j7+.

Buying Guide – Things You Must Remember

Purchasing the best robot vacuums for the first time is way confusing. Even the experts sometimes get puzzled about which one to consider. But if you focus on some basic and crucial facts, you can easily choose the right robot vacuum, and the facts are:

Easy Access and Control System

Accessing the robotic vacuums is much easier compared to the typical vacuum cleaners. These intelligent cleaners are lightweight and compact as well. The operational process of these innovative cleaning machines is also straightforward. First, you need to check whether the controlling system is a voice command or through a mobile app.

It is a must-have feature for robotic vacuum cleaners, making floor cleaning possible with a single tap. In addition, all the robot vacuums, including the Roombas, come with a voice commanding system and app control.

Suction Power and Cleaning Brush

As you will use the vacuum to clean dirt and dust from thick carpets, robot vacuum suction must be powerful. A powerful suctioning system will be able to draw dirt, dust, and pet hair out from the depth of the thick carpet. You should also look for whether the Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes are added or not.

The addition of these efficient brushes will provide the final touch after suction. If there is any dirt left after suctioning, those brushes will pull out the remaining dust. The combination of these two cleaning systems makes the vacuum even more powerful and efficient. You must purchase a robotic vacuum that consists of both these cleaning systems. 

Luckily, all the five robotic vacuum cleaners from the list above come with 10x powerful suction with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes.

Automatic Sensors and Navigation

The presence of various automatic sensors is another must-have factor for intelligent vacuums. All the sensors for cliff detection, dirt detection, and obstacle detection must be present in a smart vacuum cleaner. It should also feature the automatic charging system through the trackback feature when low battery.

A precise navigation system will make the cleaning pattern accurate by reading the floor and room first. It is crucial for the device to perform a cleaning session accurately without hitting any unwanted obstacles.

These must-have features are present in the five best robot vacuums or Roombas. So, you should consider purchasing any of those intelligent vacuums if you are having trouble cleaning floors with thick carpets.

Benefits of Roomba Robot Vacuums

In the robot vacuum section, Roombas are one of the best in the business. These robot vacuums will make your life easier by eliminating the hassle of floor cleaning. Along with that, the Roomba vacuums can eliminate dirt and debris from the most challenging surfaces like a thick carpet.

Now, there are numerous benefits of Roomba Robot Vacuums, and those are:

1. Easy to Use

The Roomba robot vacuums are easy to access and operate for anyone in your family, from kids to elders. You need to preset a specific space and set the schedule, and the machine will do the rest by itself. In addition, you can easily control these Roombas through voice commands or mobile apps.

2. Hands-Free Operation

With the manual vacuum cleaners, you would have to use your hands and roam around the room for cleaning. But with these Roomba robot vacuums; the manual operating days are over. Instead, turn the Roombas on, command it to clean the desired place of your room, and set a time. 

Then the machine will do the rest and even dispose of the dust into the disposal base by itself. 

3. Low Maintenance

It may sound unreal, but the maintenance cost is indeed low in the Roomba robot vacuums compared to manual ones. These intelligent cleaning devices from iRobot are built with high-quality materials. As a result, higher durability is assured, and less maintenance is required for these devices.

4. Compatibility  

These Roomba robotic vacuums are compatible with the devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. After connecting the cleaning devices with those devices, you can control the Roombas by your voice commands.

Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Quality Performance on Thick Carpeting

No matter which device you use, there are always some tips and tricks to get the best result out of it. The Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are no different as well. By following those tips and tricks, you can ensure the best possible cleaning performance along with higher durability.

Now the tips and tricks that you should use for ensuring the quality performance of the Roombas on thick carpeting are:

  • Before you start using the device, you should give it a test run to check whether it is working correctly or not
  • You need to clean cords and curtains regularly to avoid the robot vacuum getting stuck or taking the cords and curtains along with it
  • You must tuck in the tassels and stow away the shag
  • Based on the navigation system of your Roomba vacuum cleaner, you can build virtual walls to prevent the device from going there
  • You can flip the chairs upside down on the table to let the Roombas collect dirt easily, as it will provide much space for the device to operate
  • Set a schedule for the smart cleaning vacuum for a disturbance-free cleaning period on the weekend mornings
  • Put the charging doc in open so that the Roomba robot vacuum easily finds its way back to the charging port when the charge finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does a Roomba work on a thick carpet?

A Roomba works perfectly well on the thick carpets along with other challenging surfaces. Most of the Roombas come with powerful suction capability and dual multi-surface rubber brushes. The combination of these two cleaning systems pulls out dirt from the depth of the thick carpet to clean it properly.

2. Will a Roomba ruin your carpet?

Roombas are known for proper cleaning of the carpets, whether thick or thin. But there is a risk if the carpet or rug is too old, and a Roomba can rip out the loose fibers and cause spotty patches. If you are unlucky, the Roomba can even completely destroy your carpet if it is too old.

3. How do you maintain a Roomba for thick carpet?

The best way to maintain a Roomba for thick carpet is to watch it running the first few times. By doing so, you will be able to know whether everything is operating correctly between the machine and the carpet or not. If not so, then you make the necessary corrections in the required places. 

Closing Remarks

The robot vacuums have made the floor cleaning task a lot easier. But all the robot vacuums won’t perform well on the carpets, let alone the thick carpets. So to clean dust, dirt, and pet hair from the thick carpet, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are perfect. As there are varieties in Roombas, suggestions on the five best Roomba for thick carpets will make your choosing task easy. Then you can go for the one that provides the best value for money service and comes within your budget range.

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