Best Heated Carpet Cleaner – Get Outlandish Prompt Cleaning

We have all been through the situation when nothing works to clean the deadly stains out of the carpet. There are a lot of cleaners that claim to do the work but rarely do it. But does that mean to leave your carpet looking like that? No way!

We have found the best heated carpet cleaner for you that works incredibly well in any situation. Regardless of what you think or how stubborn the stain is, we have got 5 magical cleaners that will just blow your mind.

So, why are you hovering around? Let’s get right into it to see what we have in the bucket today!

Best Heated Carpet Cleaner – Highlights Of Best Features

Best Heated Carpet Cleaner – Overview Of Our Experience

1. Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Key features

  • Includes special tool for cleaning stairs
  • Features heatwave technology which works like a charm while cleaning
  • Comes with the super helpful self-cleaning method
  • Removable tanks for easier activities

Heatwave technology

Haven’t we been craving an efficient way of cleaning our carpets forever? Yes, we all have been there. That’s why it’s time to bring Bissell SpotClean heated carpet cleaner home so that you can enjoy the heatwave technology of this wonderful carpet cleaner which can be used constantly even while cleaning.

This technology can help you get rid of the embedded dirt and stains within the least possible time. With the technology, the cleaner keeps water temperature consistent constantly to offer you a better cleaning session.

Innovative tools

Tools that make a machine versatile are the ideal tools, aren’t they? Such tools are included with our new ultra-knowing carpet cleaner which makes it super versatile.

Yes, the cleaner doesn’t rest only with cleaning carpets. Any kind of flooring can be cleaned in a few seconds with this cleaner. A special tool from this cleaner helps you clean stairs easily yet effectively.

No more dealing with intolerable dirt issues since the game-changer carpet cleaner includes a 3-inch tough stain tool to provide you with stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach places. The days of struggling are long gone!

Easier activities

You’ll be surprised to know that this incredible carpet cleaner comes with a self-cleaning tool that makes cleaning the tool convenient. Moreover, the water tank from this cleaner is removable for your pleasure, making filling and emptying easier.

The lightweight of this carpet cleaner makes carrying it room to room, even upstairs easier. So you can intend to clean the whole thing at once now, that’s a cup of tea now! People who struggle with body pain due to the weight of a cleaner can leave a sigh of relief having this one in their hands.

Reliable deep cleaner

We believe you need something on which you can depend on the dirty days. This cleaner’s solution is super conducive and goes deep into fibers with a mesmerizing scent. The heat from the cleaner makes the scent long-lasting. So it’s clear that this carpet cleaner works for your good experience by all means. Despite its advanced technology, it’s still super easy to use.


  • Deep cleaning method
  • Scented solution
  • Easy to use
  • Great performance


  • Could’ve been better for cleaning stains


A full-size carpet cleaner that reaches all the hard-to-get places is absolute bliss. That’s why we are so in love with this carpet cleaner. It combines warm water, powerful solution, advanced cleaning technology, great tools, and all of them work together to make your cleaning experience better. The cleaner cleans your carpet without damaging it with great constant heating technology.

Why should you get this one?

When you are troubled with all the fake promises that usual cleaners offer but never fulfill, put your frustration aside and try this one. This cleaner is very easy to use, so even beginners can have an easy time working with this one.

Another point to mention here is the dirty water holding capacity. It has separate tanks for clean and dirty water which makes everything easier. Moreover, the suction power can get you rid of all the embedded dirt hiding inside the carpet.

2. Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Key features

  • Forms automatic cleaning features
  • Designed with auto cleaning motion sensing
  • Powerful heat force technology offers powerful extraction power
  • Gently remove all the dirt and debris from damaging your carpet

Advanced technology

Heated carpet cleaners that include some advanced technology are definitely a wise choice. In these modern times, if you don’t try new things, you will lag behind. Therefore, the heated cleaning technology offers the perfect cleaning for you that never goes unnoticed.

The advanced technology that this cleaner has, offers us efficient yet easier cleaning. Such as automatic cleaning technology. Because of that feature, you just have to pull the cleaner back and forward and all the cleaning will be done.

The Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner also features a special gesture called auto-clean motion sensing design which helps you estimate the guesswork while leaving your floors refreshed, isn’t that amazing?

Designed precisely

The auto mix feature in carpet cleaners blends every problem easily now. This heated carpet cleaner includes that super helpful feature as well. You get optimal cleaning with its on-point mixing and dispensing capability.

It is meant to offer you deeper cleaning sessions with all of its features. You can remove all the dirt, debris, grime, and even pet hair from your carpets efficiently with its flex force power brushes. Although it goes deep into the fibers, the carpet cleaner is gentle to your carpet. It can never ruin or damage your favorite carpet.

Therefore, once you use it, you will get gentleness and cleanliness at the same time. On top of that, as you can easily push it forward to sweep and pull back to dry the carpet, it saves your valuable time.

Faster drying solution

We know how awful carpets smell when we fail to arrange a way of making them dry faster after cleaning sessions. If you can’t dry off the carpet in time, more dirt can accumulate in the wet areas making it look worse than before. 

Hoover carpet cleaner saves you in there too since it comes with an auto dry feature which leaves you with powerful extraction with HeatForce technology for faster drying. Basically, your days of struggling for drying carpets sooner are over. No more wet stinky days as well.

Reliable tools

You not only get basic tools with this cleaner but also you get some super helpful extra tools that make your cleaning experience way easier than ever. You will get 2 in 1 pet tool, stair tool, cleaning solution, 12 ft hose, accessory storage bag, and a lot of other handy tools alongside the machine. On the other hand, the suction power of this carpet cleaner is something you will always find reliable.


  • Great suction power
  • Perfect for stairs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Auto mixing capability


  • Average durability


A cleaner designed with all the advanced technologies such as automatic cleaning technology, auto-clean motion sensing design, auto-mix, auto-dry, flex force power brushes and much more would definitely be a great choice, wouldn’t it? That’s what this carpet cleaner is! It includes all of those great features to make your carpet cleaning professional type in easier way. It’s super easy to use, assemble and clean hence.

Why should you get this one?

The automatic cleaning technique of this machine is something that everyone wants. You can make the work easy by simply pushing it forward and pulling it back. People who have less time to spend on cleaning can be benefited greatly from this cleaner.

Another plus point of this cleaner is you won’t have to manually mix the solution and water, it has auto-mix technology to perform that. This is an ideal smart cleaner that will help you to get the best cleaning ever. For beginners, this is an amazing cleaner to start with. You can easily assemble everything without much trouble. And you can easily remove every part of it and clean the cleaner thoroughly.

3. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Key features

  • Features handheld dual-action pet tool
  • Offers you quick and easy cleanup every time
  • Lightweight & portable with a compact design
  • Heavy-duty 2x suction power than other cleaners

Pet friendly

If you’re a pet owner then of course you know how difficult it is to keep a carpet clean around a pet. That’s why our heated carpet cleaner offers you a handheld dual-action pet tool with rubber bristles that go deep into carpet fibers to get every single pet hair out of your favorite carpet.

Not only pet hair but also tough stains and odors, embedded dirt, stains, and everyday pet odor, urine or vomit all will vanish with a short cleaning session with this wonderful carpet cleaner. The rubberized bristles help with this deep cleaning greatly.

Innovative tools

For making you go through delightful, easier, and quicker cleaning sessions, the carpet cleaner comes with a retractable handle and wheels that are carpet friendly and won’t damage your carpets or rugs.

The cleaner with its tools remains ready to give you a hand in every extreme situation. It has heavy-duty, thinner bristles that are gentle on your carpet and tough on dirt, debris, and stain. Not only that, it contains a biobased formula that is influential with pro-enzymatic action that extracts pet stains and odors from the carpet in time.

Easy to handle

The cleaner is designed for your pleasure by all means. It’s a compact, lightweight cleaner, hence portable. Reaching all the hard-to-reach places, corners become easier with this cleaner and its reliable tools.

It’s quite impressive for cleaning stairs as well. You are left with professional-grade cleaning without any storing hassle or maintenance. Even if you are bad at cleaning the carpet, this cleaner won’t let you take any hassle. Instead, it will do everything on its own while you have to just move it in the right direction.

Specialized formulas

This heated cleaner brings a bunch of great cleaning formulas for you. They are totally safe to use around kids and pets. Those formulas leave a sweet and mesmerizing scent on your carpet. They are specially situated for deep cleaning. They can vanish any tough stain and all the dirt and debris.


  • Durable
  • Fast cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive suction power


  • Might show issues while doing the functions properly


Pets can always make messes on your favorite carpet. So you should bring this cleaner home to deal with those unwanted messes that pets create on your carpet, all the dirt, debris, pet hair, pet odor, urine smell, and so on. With the help of this cleaner, you can get professional end cleaning at home. The cleaner is super easy to use, store, carry and assemble as well. It’s a great quality cleaner with decent durability and it’s pocket friendly.

Why should you get this one?

You need this cleaner specifically when you have pets at home. Pets can make quite a mess on the carpet with hair, dirt, and odor. Besides, sometimes they can pee here and there which leaves a stain on the carpet. To deal with all these things, you just need a good heated cleaner that can cope with everything, and this is the one.

This one has a retractable handle and carpet-friendly wheels that reduce the risk of ruining the carpet and also causing sudden injuries to your pet. Another amazing addition is it keeps the clean and dirty water separate with a dual-tank, which helps in the cleaning a lot.

4. BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

Key features

  • Includes 4 dual-row rotating brushes to clean the carpet thoroughly with a width of 11 inches
  • Includes two separate tanks to keep the water separated
  • Uses a combination of hot water and carpet formula to deep clean the carpet properly
  • Comes with a set of multiple tools and functions to make the cleaning more advanced and easier

Strong and multiple brushes

Have you ever seen a carpet cleaning machine that comes with the goal of providing the boldest service to the owner? This machine not only contains the goal but also makes sure to have strong and four rowed brushes which also rotate automatically just to ensure the accomplishment of its goal.

These strong power brushes lift up the stain and soften or loosen the dirt stuck inside of the carpet fibers. Later, the other parts of the machine clean off the loose dirt from the surface. With the wide accessibility, it lets you access a big area in no time. As a result, you can save a lot of time doing other chores.

Two simple separated tanks

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal of having two different tanks? Well, it sure is a big deal as it shrugs off the pain of changing the dirty water again and again from your shoulders by providing two different tanks.

In detail, the two different tanks are for dirty and clean water. After using a tank of clean water, you don’t have to change it as you have another tank full of clean water kept separate from your dirty water. So, it is a big deal to avoid pain.

Unique tools and techniques

This machine stands out to be unique and more advanced with the help of its built-in multiple outstanding features. For example, the nozzle of this machine is removable as per your need. It also includes built-in measuring cups and a lint screen.

This machine uses a mixture of hot water and carpet cleaning to make sure that the deep cleaning technique is really effective for the carpet. Also, it is incredibly powerful with 6.25 amps power usage that boosts up its upside more.


As mentioned above, the four-rowed brush set rotates above the carpet surface and loosens the dirt at first, then the other parts clean it off with a mixture of water and carpet cleaning formula. Overall, the mixing technique and the after the result is too good to be true.

This works as the best plus point for pet owners as it cleans the pet fur and other pet dirt flawlessly. It also prevents the stinky smell of pet wastage and vomiting by making sure to get rid of it completely.


  • Removable nozzle
  • Dual tanks
  • Rotatable four-rowed brushes
  • Has built-in measure cups


  • Manufacturing problems

Verdict: if you intend on removing the embedded dirt from your favorite carpet then you would love this cleaner to be your companion we bet. The unique design of this cleaner is so impressive. Its suction power, 4-row dual rotating dirt lifter power brushes, rotating scrubber brushes, removable nozzle, lint screen, built-in measuring cup, and powerful yet safe formulas offer you clean, fresh, non stinky refreshing scented carpets. The cleaner is great for handling pet messes.

Why should you get this one?

The tools that this cleaner includes are very helpful to give you just the right cleaning outcome that you are looking for. It has a removable nozzle which you can replace anytime you want. The effective heated cleaning technology is obviously appreciable and works better than most of the other popular cleaners.

Sometimes, we just want to clean a specific spot instead of the whole carpet. In those cases, you can entirely rely on this cleaner because it offers the spot cleaning technique. When you long for deep cleaning, you can get that using this cleaner within the least possible time. 

5. BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer

BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer

Key features

  • Comes with ready to use hose and spraying tools
  • Features incredible heatwave technology
  • Reaches hard to reach places and gets debris out
  • The removable nozzle makes maintenance and cleans up easier

Handles pet messes

Our heated carpet cleaner brings every single pet hair out of your carpet. Its dirt lifter power brush and powerful suction power clean carpets, rugs, and stains proficiently. It would be wrong if we don’t mention that the cleaner simply leaves you with professional-grade cleaning. The edges, corners, and crevices are designed in a way that you don’t face any problems while cleaning with this cleaner.

Innovative technology finishing

It’s a cleaner that has got all the impressive technological features. Heatwave Technology construction of this cleaner helps maintain water temperature throughout the whole cleaning session. Besides, it comes with such features that are meant to offer you deep professional style cleaning with warm water.

Helpful special tools

The Ready-to-use Hose and spraying crevice tool from this cleaner lets you go all the way deep into your carpet to bring every little amount of dirt and debris out. However, the powerful formulas from this carpet cleaner are pretty amazing too. They can work on ground-in dirt and stains, vanish them and leave you with a refreshing scented, new-looking carpet. The cleaner includes a removable nozzle that helps you maintain and clean the cleaner easily.

Easy access

You might think that the carpet cleaner would be really complex to use by discovering all of its great features. But the truth is this carpet cleaner is super easy to use, clean with, and assemble even though it’s made with such high-end technological features. It’s easy to carry too because it’s lightweight. The durability of this cleaner is worth praising as well.


  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Portable
  • Deep cleaner


  • No fast-drying technology included


Say goodbye to those days in which all you could do is worry about cleaning your favorite carpet properly since the most incredible heated carpet cleaner has arrived. This carpet cleaner lets you enjoy the professional style of cleaning without costing any maintenance, extra storage, and so on. Moreover, it’s easy to use even though it includes great technological features such as a 6-row dirt lifter power brush, heatwave technology, better suction power, and whatnot!

Why should you get this one?

Who doesn’t like an addition to cleaning? Well, with this one, you will get a lot of additions, not only one. For your optimum cleaning, this cleaner has a 6-row dirt lifter power brush and powerful suction. You will get the best cleaning experience once you start using this cleaner.

The incredibly designed tools will help you to reach every corner and edge without any issue. Most of the time, moving the furniture to clean up the edges feels too much work. But if you get this one, reaching the hard-to-reach areas will never be an issue anymore!

What To Look For While Getting The Best Heated Carpet Cleaner?

Most carpet cleaner customers think that the bigger the cleaner is, the more effective the cleaning method would be. This is where they make the biggest mistake in choosing an effective heated cleaner.

But don’t you worry, right now in this article, you are going to know how to avoid these types of useless myths and get the perfect cleaner right away! The points that you should consider are:

  • Light-weighted model: Usually, no matter how advanced the model is, every single carpet cleaner is heavy and feels even heavier when you need to carry it around the house. The fun fact is, that many people think that the heavier the machine is, the bolder they serve.

What they don’t understand is that it only makes the cleaning harder. For a smart and smooth cleaning, look for the lightest machine with a lot of advanced tools, and an easily movable pair of wheels and handle.

  • Dryer: Look for a carpet cleaner that includes drying technology too. Fast-drying will make your stinky carpet issues go. Obviously don’t settle for less since there are a lot of great carpet cleaners which offer this feature.
  • Look for external tools: Here external tools mean extra advantages like two tanks, a water dispenser, etc. Many machines come with only one single tank with one room for a solution only, while many extraordinary ones provide two separate tanks for water and cleaning solution which automatically gets mixed up through the dispenser while cleaning.

These extraordinary machines are within your reach too! You just need to search a bit. Now coming to brick dust, this problem can be solved by cleaners that provide a dry cleaning system that ensures deep cleaning and fast drying.

Also for extra security, avoid auto bristles as they are more aggressive and less effective. A longer hose will also add a plus point to your cleaner.

  • Heavy-duty formulas: The solution that usually comes with the machine is often less effective and is more of a business improvement technique and less of an actual proper cleaning solution. You never know which one’s a trick and which one actually works out whilst the regular solutions basically work out for every machine and for every usage. Just make sure to look for a high-quality solution.
  • Non-noisy: When regular vacuum cleaners can make so much noise, then you should keep in mind that your carpet cleaner will make even more noise. So, try to search for something that would help you in preventing the noise.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is it worth getting a heated carpet cleaner?

Yes, it definitely is worth a shot to get a heated carpet cleaner. Heat always gives a major effect on cleaning. Sometimes you don’t even need soap as heat can remove grease flawlessly without soap. And when it comes to a heated carpet cleaner, you should know that heated water works the best for chemicals. This is why it’s worth giving it a shot.

2. Which technique is followed by the professional cleaners?

Professional carpet cleaners always prefer the steaming method for cleaning. This method requires hot water extraction which loosens the dirt from the carpet fibers and kills bacteria. However, using a heated carpet cleaner is also a great alternative to steam cleaning and it saves up time and energy too.

3. Is it alright if I use professional cleaning for my carpet?

Actually, it is best if you can use professional cleaning for your carpet. But the problem is that it costs a lot, and using it regularly might be good for your carpet but it won’t do any good to your savings. Though professional cleaning works great for the carpet and prevents carpet replacement frequently, you should do it on a regular basis only if you can afford it.

4. At least how many times should I use professional cleaning for my carpet?

You should do professional cleaning once a year minimally. Professional cleaning includes a deep cleaning formula which is really great for your carpet. It also boosts the carpet’s lifespan, making it last longer than regular carpets. But using this technique frequently would be very costly. O, you should do it at least once every year.

5. Is it true that carpets get dirty faster after cleaning?

Yes, it is true but only for some specific cases. In specific cases, it means those carpets which have been cleaned with a cleaner that uses detergent in the cleaning solution to save up some time.

This happens as the detergent that has been used in the formula leaves some particles in the carpet fibers after cleaning. These particles make the surface sticky and attract dirt easily. So, carpets get dirty faster after cleaning only in this type of case.

Final Words

When you are searching for the best heated carpet cleaner, it might feel overwhelming at times. But as we have given you the top 5 best choices, hopefully, you will no longer have the confused to choosing the best one for you.

Before you pick the one, make sure that the cleaner matches all your expectations and requirements. Besides, when you are going to use a cleaner, make sure that the cleaner is compatible with the carpet’s fabric. Otherwise, you may ruin it.

One additional thing, if you have a pet in your house, make sure that the cleaner is pet-friendly. Also, keep your pet and children safe from it.

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