Best Carpet Dryer: Squeeze Excess Water from Root

A person gets annoyed by waiting a more extended period to dry a carpet most of the time. Floor carpets are usually made with nylon and wool fabrics. Yet, if you’re washing, consider washing them for a month or a week; you will need to dry them out. Meanwhile, waiting for a longer time to dry out the carpet may not be expected, especially, if you have a kid who used to crawl over the floor.

In that case, you need to dry them out rapidly. Carpet dryer, often safe to use as well as suitable for reducing foul odors. We know you may now think about buying one of them but are in a dilemma about the suitable products.

If you belong to one of them, this article will help you further. Because we revealed here the best carpet dryer you can buy blindly, so let’s get started.

Are Carpet Dryers Good?

Carpet dryers are often good to dry out the wet carpet within a short period. Besides, it is good to invest in these tiny tools to lessen the trouble of your stinky floor mat. Whatever you call it, a carpet blower or carpet dryer is often wonderful to reduce spills.

Again, you can use them anywhere and anytime. No matter what’s the reason behind the scene of your damp carpet. The carpet dryer can remove smoothie stains, which is one of the most significant benefits. It’s because carpet blowers produce a lot of airflows that help eradicate the stains within a second.

Besides this, below are some additional benefits of adding carpet blowers to your regular life.

Provide Safety

Carpet dryers provide you with the best safety. Suppose you’re walking onto the wet carpet floor; there is a high chance of falling or slipping. In that case, the carpet must have dried properly like dry leaves. Using any carpet dryer will get the igneous floor within a second.

Kill The Growth Of Mold

Another advantage of a carpet dryer is that it effectively eradicates mold growth. Mold growing over flooring often increases the risk of allergies and fungal infections on the feet. To reduce those cases, a carpet blower works like a magic wand. The continuous suction power of a blower ruins the propagation of the mold.

Prevent The Bad Odors

A long fungous carpet sometimes spreads foul smells. If this continues, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants will attack your floor carpet. Those microorganisms harbor unpleasant smells and increase the possibility of health risks.

Detained Re-soiling

It is not uncommon that the members of your home will obey the rules strictly that you abolished. Especially the kid, find pleasure to walk over the wet and clean carpet. No matter where they came from. Most of the kids take this as fun. As a result, your carpet becomes dusty and dirty again.

5 Best Carpet Dryer Reviews

Below we discuss some best carpet dryers or blowers as they ranked top among the customer choices. Don’t forget that the more high-powered air circulating fans are ideal for drying out flooded surfaces, dumpy carpet, and cooling air circulation into confined spaces.

Those dryers are easy to use, portable, compact, and durable. Let us jump through the central reviews.

1. Best For Lightweight-Soleaire Max Storm Air Blower

Soleaire Max Storm Air Blower

Solaire max storm extra functioned air blower is one of our favorites. Again, its users say that this extreme air blower is good enough to dry out the bigger flooded basements. This fan is also an excellent tool for the people who have to handle a big restaurant. The high-volume restaurant usually got dirty within a second. In that case, you may need to clean the carpet every day.

We are a high-volume restaurant. From this point of view, we think it’s a well-matched fan that drying up spills through circulating air. Some people love to use this as their kitchen exhaust fan. Besides this, you will also get some extra advantages. For instance,

3-Operating Angles

One of the most remarkable things about this fan is its 3-operating angles. Those angles will allow you to blow air across the ground at 0⁰-90⁰. So that you could drive them according to your will. Again, these fans are available in three colors: blue, oranges, and purple. It will ensure people proceed with caution. These fans are also perfect for home, garage, or shops.

Solaire fans have an excellent pivoting head with 3-sets of equipment. It is easy to complete any drying task, especially if you need to manage a janitorial business. Because there you have to tackle more drying tasks including upward and downward flooring types etc.

25 Feet Power Cord

Although there are huge options available in the market that provide you with a long power cord, this 25 feet power cord is excellent to give you much comfort for finishing the drying task.

So this is a valuable feature that most experts liked. Apart from this, a 25 “long power cord is suitable to dry out the carpet, around 30-45″ long. You can monitor the parts rapidly and position the blower anywhere that you think it’s necessary.

Satisfactory Performance

We came to know from many customers who use it for a long decade that it’s just wonderful. One common thing they admired about this carpet blower is that they want to rebuy them. That means this blower provides sufficient airflow and dries the floor faster.

Enduring Noise

The sound of this 25 lbs blower makes it tolerable. Most users claimed that the noise is quite endurable and that they aren’t deafening. Besides, you can load it to the high settings for these features.


  • Weight – 25 lbs
  • Power Voltage 0.5 HP
  • Power Cord Length – 25 feet
  • Air Volume – 2550 CFM


  • 5-year housing warranty
  • Suitable for professional janitorial cleaning
  • Constructed with 2-speed settings
  • Efficient for fast drying
  • Easy to maneuver


  • It doesn’t blow cold or hot water manually. Instead, it uses room air to circulate inside the machine.

2. Best for Pet & Dog Cage Dryers-B-Air Grizzly Carpet Dryer

B-Air Grizzly Carpet Dryer

B-air grizzly Gp-1 power is quite a famous brand of carpet blowing. And it is a related product for 2-decades as it has been offered well-developed and reliable features. Again, B-air GP-1 is also a well-known brand in the commercial field for producing many leading accessories. Here you got C-ELT-US certification, 1-HP speed motor, 115V voltage. Along with this, below are some other sorts of good sites of this model.


Some people are searching for a well-versatile that can tackle any situation. If you’re the one, then this B-air grizzly GP-1 is only made for you. This product has great compatibility to run in a rapid way.

Four Different Angels

This is a professional-grade carpet dryer. In case you need to change the machine’s movements, these things are found to be built-in in this machine. B-air grizzly allows you to angle the head of the machine on horizontal, vertical, and 45⁰. Again, there you also get optional features to use in an emergency. The optional functions will allow you to position the machine under a swing-out kickstand.

3 Speeds & ELT Certified

As a professional air blower, the manufacturer kept its promises here to provide you with the best quality. There you get a 3-speed option which can conduct according to the user’s wish. You can speed up the machine while you need to dry out any large carpets. Furthermore, they can be shortened or managed while it is necessary to control the power voltages. In short, the B-air grizzly is a perfect air mover for any sized water embezzlement restoration job.

The bonus part of this machine is government ELT certified. As we already know, ELT trademark is confessed by the government only for the 25% electrical fittings in the market.


B-air is a durable machine that provides you hundreds of percent security. This blower has a special casing that is made with roto-molded polyethylene. And you know how strong the polyethylene base is when it is shaded over any equipment.

Provide 9.8 Amp Power Voltage

As the third feature of this model, we find that it has excellent energy efficiency and can draw 9.8 amp power voltage. We think this is the most useful trait for the folk who wanted something upgraded. You also get the safety locks to make it facile to use with a ducting kit. 

Anti Skid Rubber

This black exhaust blower comes with anti-skid rubber to store or use safely. You can also use this stuff for replacement and finish other complicated jobs.


  • Weight – 31.5 pounds
  • Power Voltage -115V
  • Power Cord Length – 25 feet
  • Air Volume – 3550 CFM


  • Worthy of use as a pet cage dryer
  • Safe to use
  • 3.1″-inches maximum static pressure
  • Versatile
  • Works faster than other


  • It is deafening, even in the lowest settings.

3. Best for Industrial Purposes-STANLEY Industrial High-Velocity Blower Fan

STANLEY Industrial High-Velocity Blower Fan

The Stanley industrial high-velocity carpet dryer is powerful, efficient, and convenient for drying any particular piece. We love the compact, portable and handy designs. But do note that rigid consumer-level plastics manufacture this piece.

The users often fall into trouble tapping over the plastic switch that doesn’t feel particularly locked in place. Anyway, this modern carpet blower moves air and doesn’t weigh much. Along with this, you will also get here some bonus points, including

Straightforward Command

Commanding this sort of multinational blower is pretty straightforward. It worked fine, especially when it is a matter beyond Stanley industrial, just right out of the box. Many customers reviewed that they bought this blower for use for around 6-years. And still, this works outstanding and steadily. Although the Stanley blower has cheap plastic switches, you can drive this one by pressing 4-position options. Those options include off, high, medium, and low-speed selections. You also find 2-unswitched 120VAC outlet sockets that provide connectivity for other power tools.

Easy To Drive

With a size of 12.5×10×12 inches, this air blower has 3-speed settings. As the advertisements mentioned that it could provide 1350 CFM, which is almost an overstatement. The reason probably lies behind the factor of four. Despite having poor air volume, it does move a lot of air. This carpet blower does an incredible job of drying an area underneath the washer, bathroom, basements, etc.

On the other hand, this tool is far more practical for everyday residential-level air movers. Stanley blower is light, relatively power-efficient, and comes with an adjustable exhaust that is easier to work with.

Suitable To Reach Tough Areas

Stanley carpet dryers can be counted on to reach the areas that aren’t easily accessible. For example, floor molding, corners of the sofas, underneath the washing machine, beds, etc. Hence, this plastic blower had done those most challenging areas to clean confidentiality. The constant stormy air flowing will reflect off walls to fully saturated small to medium-sized rooms or apartments.

Many use this and recommend others for its high capacity for air-circulation, floor dying after mopping, paint dying, etc. You can use this blower for automotive interiors, high-speed dissipation, boot dryer, etc.

Provide High Protection

The built-in 10 amp circuit breakers inside this let you enjoy the task decidedly. It’s because they provide the benefits of resetting all equipment. Again, the air blower has convenient onboard accessories that help you run other stuff simultaneously.


  • Weight – 9.3 pounds
  • Power Voltage – 120V
  • Power Cord Length – 15 feet
  • Air Volume – 1350 CFM


  • Convenient portability
  • Pivoting style easy to manage head
  • Excellent for indoor cycling
  • Provide a lot of air to dry out faster
  • Available at the cheap price rate


  • It provides a barely audible high-frequency whine at all three speeds.

4. Best for Indoor Workouts-Lasko High-Velocity X-Air Blower

Lasko High-Velocity X-Air Blower

The standard states that Lasko’s high velocity is the holy champ for size. Lasko’s type is way better because it’s adjustable to any type of carpet. Again, the wind beam of those things is focused enough that one wants to be able to adjust the aim easily.

If you want to get any non-bike use out of the plenty of options, the Lasko blower is more flexible. Besides, once you get this one, you never look back. It is well-balanced and works smoothly. Other settings you will get this one is,

20-Inch Blades With Powerful Motor

“Although it comes with 3-speeds just like the other air blower. Lasko 4930 has the most powerful motor and a 20-inch blade. With this, it can produce stronger airflow,” reviewed by Best Tower Fan. With the swivel timer, Lasko 4930 can be left unattended and accessed via the remote control. Besides this, you need to clean the fan blades or other areas. It is crucial to help get the same output as you get from the first day.

Hence, there are some demerits of the product. It takes two of these at max speed to equal one 20-inch fan. Again, you don’t find any fins that adjust the airflow direction. All you get here is just a straightforward fan, not as great as a sole air blower.

Produce a Wide amount of airflow

As you’re expecting from any carpet blower, it will give you lots of air to dry rapidly. Thanks to Lasko, because this product is fantastic to hit the back of. The amount of wind produced by the blower is sufficient to blow a stack of paper/mail from 5-feet away. Another surprising matter about this air blower is that it can move air from one section of the room to another.

Noiseless Motor

You may have already replaced the noisiest motor air blower. But this vast 24″ inches noisy floor shaker or window rattler is surprisingly quiet and less sounding. So if you attach this blower to cool the sailboat’s cabin while sleeping, it won’t disturb you.

Multiple Uses

There is no doubt that Lasko’s high velocity will be your best companion as an air cooler for the office, bedroom, and school. Furthermore, it has spread a lot of options for the user. Lasko is perfect for use inside the car, as it doesn’t provide an aggressive range of airflows.


  • Weight – 7.22 pounds
  • Power Voltage – 120V
  • Power Cord Length – 6″ inches
  • Air Volume – 370-300 CFM


  • It is a powerful, great working air blower
  • The designation is perfect for using the professional individuals
  • Compact craftsmanship
  • High velocity
  • Great to use for built-in USB plugs


  • It has produced horrendous clicking noise. No matter what the settings, the clicking noise persisted.

5. Xpower Green Utility Mini Air Blower – Best for First Drying

Xpower Green Utility Mini Air Blower

Our last choice is an X power green utility mini air blower. At first appearance, you will notice that the model is pretty small. But it can produce ample airflow to complete any challenging task. Another good thing about this air dryer is that it does not weigh too much. It’s just under 10 lbs, making it easy to carry, store, and replace anywhere. However, below we also discussed some special features behind its back.

On-board Power Outlet Capacity

Its unique feature is its onboard power outlet. It is capable of connecting several units at the same time. Air blowers with a 3-hour timer can dry large areas in a short amount of time. It works great as a professional for carpet drying, water-damaged restoration jobs, or any household purposes.

4-Angle Drying Position

The X power mini air blower will kick out any heavy profile tasks. A 4-angle dying position allows you to move the head, especially in the areas you want to dry. This air blower allows you to pivot or mount the head onto a 90, 45, 0-20⁰ angle kickstand. Again, the 3-speed settings also contribute to warming up the rug as early as possible.

You can position the blower horizontally, with or without the little leg to raise it by 1-inch. Yet, it is more effective for use on an A.C. pan.

Lofty Airflow

The amount of airflow produced by this is quite enough to meet anybody’s expectations. As one handful, a customer stated that he didn’t expect to have ample airflow from this tiny blower. Another user asserted that it produces fantastic air volume, and the timer is an excellent addition.

High durability

This Xpower carpet dryer is lightweight and manufactured with durable polypropylene plastic housing design. For this, we must say you can use this blower dauntlessly for many years. Most importantly, the survey of the reviews shows that people love this blower for its carriageable weight. They found it more valuable and durable than the Lasko and the more oversized Gray. They could consider choosing it for an affordable price tag and decent blowing forces.

Grab N Go Carrying Handle

You might not like carrying any air blower or tools with no carrying handle. It’s pretty embarrassing for those who usually buy the blower to use as their closet association. This is why this mini carpet blower comes with a carrying handle so that you can bring them anywhere during hiking, kayaking, or longer trips.


  • Weight – 9.9 pounds
  • Power Voltage – ⅕ HP
  • Power cord length – 10 feet
  • Air Volume – 925 CFM


  • Powerful & energy-efficient motor
  • Dual thermal protection
  • Extended airflow
  • Effective humidity reducer
  • 3-speeds with 4-angle dying position


  • It couldn’t work great in cold climates for dry-up slush & snow.

What to Know Before You Buy A Carpet Dryer – Buying Guide

They have a similar profile to any exhaust fans that we usually use in our kitchen or bedroom. They must have good airflow. Similarly, you need to cover many things and criteria before buying any blower. Below we try to discuss them as a general individual should look forward to before giving the final wrap.


Carpet dryers are often made with fans. That means the more speed it will have, the more air flows and blows it will produce. So you must look and be concerned about how quickly it can dry your rugs. The speed of the blower is generally measured by the number of cubic feet of air in the unit. It can increase or move per minute, so check the product manufacturer to know about the drying time.

It’s worth including that a higher CFM will give you faster output than others. And the amount of CFM starts from 2500-380, depending on the per square feet of wet carpeting.

Horse Power (H.P.)

Another compulsory fact about the dryer is its horsepower, including the power voltage. Commercial dryers typically come with 1-HP motors, so you must grab a ¼-⅓ HP dryer for home use. Again, it won’t produce a loud noise either. Don’t mess up the HP with the CFM ratings. HP lets you know how powerful the dryer is, and the CFM will confirm the drying certainty of the carpet.


Some carpet blowers come with additional features that save you from unpredictable inconvenience. They would like to provide you with the advantages of turning it off while you may forget to do so unconsciously. This sort of incident is also responsible for energy losses. So it is safe to purchase any blower with a timer to relieve you from the expenditure of wasting energy.


Most home residences have a leak or flood that covers an extensive range of areas of carpeting. You may need to require more than one carpet dryer in this issue. Again, some dryers feature a built-in outlet so that you can connect a series of dryers with them. You can quickly get the advantages of drying the entire carpet within an hour.


Try to purchase a compact, small, and very lightweight dryer. Yet, a dryer size usually doesn’t matter if you place it into a smaller space. But lightweight size is considered to carry it comfortably and cozily.

Power Cord Length

Some carpet dryers are very friendly for you that can move anywhere for long cord lengths. It is the biggest issue that you must consider. Because long power cords allow you to move the blower from one room to another. Likewise, you lean it from your bedroom to the garage. Most of the handful of users love the blower to dry out their DIY furniture varnishing. So keep an eye out that your blower has an average power cord if you want to use them for multiple purposes.

Noise Level

Less noisy equipment is the one major factor in buying something like these sorts of home accessories. Because you might have a kid who is extremely sensitive to high-frequency sounds. Again, you might have grown up with people who are sick or sensitive heart patients. It is expected to be less noisy than using a carpet dryer.

Partially, you can easily find a 25-10 feet power cord carpet blower. So make a distinct opinion about purchasing any carpet blower about this fact.


A carpet dryer, usually being too heavy to carry a larger motor inside it. So it is clear that you can’t expect any lightweight commodities that make you feel comfortable while working. To make it facile and handy for you, choose a model with a lightweight handle that ensures you provide a comfortable grip.

How Do Carpet Dryers work?

As it’s crucial to walk on wet carpet, as this can cause further damage and make it difficult for you to dry properly. Despite using a portable fan or room heater, many of us require using carpet dryers. Of course, they work more efficiently than a fan or room heater can’t. Carpet dryers often work as a dehumidifier.

Furthermore, a carpet dryer works and enters into the root to suction inside the moisture of the carpet. To drive it over the wet carpet, follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1- Things You’ll Need

To dry out the wet carpet, you need to collect the things as far as you can. You might need some preparation before starting the task.

  • Dry towels or cloth
  • Carpet dryer or blower
  • Vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner

Step 2- Use A Clean Rug to Eradicate The Excess

After cleaning the carpet, use a clean rug or cloth to eradicate the excess because you won’t get the expected result if you don’t squeeze the excess water from it. You can also wet-dry vacuum the areas twice to remove more moisture from the rug. You can easily notice that the carpet is already getting dry by using this. But if you still notice the water bubbles up from the carpet, then there is still water. In this issue, you must seek help from a carpet dryer.

Step 3- Drive The Blower over The Carpet

Now, plug the power cord inside the primary electronic sources. Then turn on the switches and move it around every once in a while to ensure proper airflow distribution.

One of the things you must be aware of is positioning the carpet dryer fan in a place to flow easily. Thus, you can dry out the wet carpet by using the blower.

10 Rules You Can’t Break When Using A Carpet Dryer

Driving any electronic commodities might bring unfold for anyone. The matter is also actual when it comes to a carpet dryer. Don’t forget that the carpet dryer is also electronic stuff.

So it might burst out or cause any unwanted accidents if misused. In order to prevent such instances, it is a good idea to follow these rules. Keep in mind that you must follow them strictly whenever using a dryer.

Rule 1-Never Leave The Carpet Bower Unattended

Suppose you forget to unplug the blower and leave it like this overnight. And the following day, you may not predict what terrible incidents happened to you. So be aware of this fact.

Rule 2- Position The Air Mover According to Maximum Drying Setting

Always be concerned that you position the blower fan across the floor, except into the air. This will increase the speed of the dryer.

Rule 3- Do A Current Test

It’s necessary to do a current test and tag the blower through any qualified person. And this is mandatory for avoiding blower damage.

Rule 4- Use Any Dehumidifier for Improved Drying Experience

Most house owners prefer to use dehumidifiers to improve the drying experience. You can use this too if necessary. On the other hand, turn on your air conditioner as an alternative to this. Hence, it will work as the proxy of dehumidifiers.

Rule 5- Servicing Your Dryer Regularly

Try to take your carpet blower to any service center every 6-7 months. It will broaden the lifespan and working capacity of your dryer.

Rule 6- Avoid to Add Any Extension Lead with Carpet

Do not add any lead extension with your carpet blower. It may damage or ruin the working capabilities of your running dryer. Check out the condition of the lead to avoid any further damage.

Rule 7- Let Your Air Mover Take Breath

Make sure that your air mover is free to move to and fro. Let the air mover take a breath. Position it nicely so that the dryer can easily flow into the machine without obstructions.

Rule 8- Clean The Intake Area Regularly

Try to clean out the intake area regularly. Cleaning the intake area plays a vital role as it gets sucked into the machine.

Rule 9- Avoid to Buy Any Second-hand Parts Or Blower

Try to avoid buying any second-hand parts or blowers. But if you have no choice except this. Ensure those are durable and good to use; they also belong to Australian standards.

Rule 10- Avoid Clean Blower with Harsh Chemicals

As fans drive most carpet dryers, it’s necessary to clean them a month or a week later. Try to use any soft dryer fins’ cleanser, except harsh chemicals or alcohols.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can You Leave The Carpet Dryer Overnight?

Leaving the carpet dryer overnight may bring any sort of disaster for you. It’s unpredictable when the dryer gets overheated due to the short circuit. Sometimes, the electrical voltage may flow highly, and the dryer may get destroyed. So you should not leave it overnight.

On the other hand, these mistakes may cause harmful accidents to your family members. Try to move the dryer fan every two hours to get even outputs.

2. Why Is The Speed of Dryers Critical?

The air dryer speed is crucial for every aspect as they finish the job quickly. Don’t forget to quit that the more energy you have, the more handwork you can do. Unlike this, the more speed the dryer has, the more steadily it works to dry the wet carpet.

Nowadays, the extra 3-setting speeds will be attached to every carpet dryer. So you should check them before buying. Don’t forget to check the power voltage too.

3. How Long Can I Run A Carpet Dryer?

It depends on the condition and the depth of the water damage. If the water damage is too severe, you might need an hour to dry them. A carpet dryer took 2-6 days to tackle any distinct areas.

Large areas, however, may take quite a while to cover. Sometimes you may need to wait until night to dry it out properly.


A carpet dryer is an essential tool that works a bit like “wet and dry” for vacuuming most of the water. You might be aware of the below things while buying any carpet dryer. Those are excellent in some cases. Hence, you don’t need to wait for long. So take an overall idea from our best carpet dryer reviews and jump through the task to buy the adequate one.

Furthermore, if you don’t have time to read the entire article, you can grab the Soleaire Max storm air blower. They had good air compatibility, a long power cord, and adequate power and speed. Lastly, don’t forget to inform me about your opinion on this phenomenon.

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