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Do you fade up to call the professional cleaner every few months? If yes, then a carpet cleaning machine can eliminate this irritation. Carpet flooring needs regular maintenance and it gets tough when pets or kids make stains on the carpet. Sometimes it becomes impossible to remove tough stains without a powerful cleaning machine. So it is a wise decision to purchase a carpet cleaner machine for regular maintenance.

There are plenty of carpet cleaners in the market. Choosing one of these numerous options is a true dilemma. So here we compile a list of the 7 best carpet cleaner machines for pet urine that makes your cleaning process easier and effortless. 

How will I get Professional-grade cleaning?

Professional grade cleaning means your carpet will become spotless and give you a brand-new feel. There are many carpet cleaners that deliver very powerful suction that removes all sorts of dirt, stains, and pet mess. You can check our carpet cleaner machine review to get the favorable professional-grade carpet cleaner which is also the best for pet urine. 

Our Top Pick 7 Best Carpet Cleaner Machine for Pet Urine

best carpet cleaner machine for pet urine

After researching hundreds of brands, we have reviewed the 7 best carpet cleaners that are eligible to give you a perfect cleaning experience. These cleaners are the most trending machine at present. So check out the full review:

1. Best Overall: Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Machine

Hoover SmartWash Automatic carpet cleaner is a top-ranked device in the market that can easily tackle regular carpet maintenance. It is a perfect solution to deal with the everyday hassle. This carpet cleaner is the ultimate choice if you want durable construction, handy features, and longevity altogether. 

How does it work?

Hoover SmartWash is truly a smart device that allows you to clean the carpet with less effort. From top to bottom, the features will impress you. When you maneuver the cleaner by holding the handle, it will automatically trigger eliminating the use of a press button. But you need to press the on/off button in the padel.

In the cleaner, there is a separate tank for dirty water, clean water, and shampoo. You need to fill two tanks with water and shampoo. It mixes the solution and cleans the stains. You will have a trial size spot chaser pretreat stain solution and Paws & Claws carpet cleaner shampoo in the package.

Hoover SmartWash eliminates all hassling steps to clean the carpet. When you push forward, it cleans the carpet and when you pull it back, it switches the drying mode and dries the carpet. So it is so easy to get a spotless and fresh carpet. 

Cleaning performance

You can only expect a higher cleaning experience with the cleaner. The machine has a FlexForce cleaning tool with a dual brush. The long bristles of the brushes agitate dirt and debris from the long pile as well as the low pile carpet. It cleans the pet messes, mud, and other stains too. 

There is a Dry-Only function that you can use if your carpet is moist with liquid or pet urine. When you activate the button, the water washing will stop when you push the vacuum forward. Overall, the cleaning process is very fast and you can do it in just 15 minutes. So this will be the best cleaner machine for pet urine. But use an ample amount of water and shampoo on the tanks, otherwise, it can slow the cleaning process 

You will get two accessory tools which are a hose and a stair tool. The hose works exceptionally to clean the tough stains and pet mess. It is an 8 feet long hose that makes it handy to work around the room. The hose also precisely cleans the upholstery, stairs, furniture, and rug. The stair tool is great for spot cleaning. It has a trigger button to pre-spray stains. This tool allows cleaning the stairs easily without moving with the machine. 

Cleaning process

To get started cleaning with the machine, you need to fill the tank with water and shampoo. The water tank is pretty large to clean large or multiple rooms. Then plug the power in and start moving forward and backward to clean the carpet. If you need the dry mode then switch on it that cleans the carpet like a vacuum but more effectively. 

For tough stains, you can use the pet hose cleaner and spot cleaning tool to get desired cleaning performance. You can also suck up the pet urine with this hose. The machine is relatively heavy as it has a 10 amp motor for powerful suction. It also needs a larger space to store than a normal cleaner.  


  • Powerful suction gives precise cleaning. 
  • Automatic functions are truly impressive. 
  • Easy maneuvering process. 
  • Two tools are added for tough stains. 
  • Dry-only mode is available. 


  • Heavyweight.
  • Expensive.

2. Best for an affordable price: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine

Deluxe power scrub cleaner is an affordable addition from Hoover. But the accurate cleaning performance is the main reason for picking it as the best carpet cleaner in 2021. This cleaner eliminates your daily carpet mess and saves the huge money that you early spend on professional cleaners.   

The cleaner comes in a convenient design with a lightweight body with 19 pounds of weight. You can move it anywhere easily and clean the mess. This carpet cleaner has only two separate tanks for clean and dirty water. There is also a separation for shampoo and it mixes the shampoo with the water automatically. 

Perfect for regular messes 

Power Scrub Deluxe features a 360 degrees brush that has large bristles and scrubs the carpet from every angle. This cleaner sprays the water solution in the deep of the stain source, then it gently scrubs the fiber to lift dirt, the powerful suction absorbs all the moisture from the carpet and hot air dries the carpet at the same time. 

The water tanks are about 1 gallon which is perfect for a medium-size carpet. When you clean the large space, you may need to fill the tanks twice. During cleaning, if the dirty water tank gets full, the water spray automatically stops which is a great feature. 


This carpet cleaner machine has three attachments, including a stair tool, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. There is also an 8-inch hose to clean the hard-to-reach areas. The stair tool and upholstery tool look similar despite the size. But they are useful in occasional cleaning. The crevice tool helps to clean the edges and corners of the carpet and walls. 

Using the upholstery tool and stair tool, you can lift up tough stains caused by pets or food spills. Moreover, the scrubbing brush also does the task. There is a wash/rinse mode that controls the rinsing effect. You can switch to dry cleaning by turning off the mode. 

Value for money

This carpet cleaner comes at an inexpensive price tag. But the performance is satisfying. Pet mess, food, and drink spill on the carpet are regular accidents. So it is a worthy investment to get this affordable carpet cleaner. This cleaner is lightweight and comes in a compact design. It allows convenient storage of the machine in a narrow space.

The powerful scrubbing tool quickly lifts up all the dirt. The bright point is it cleans and dries the carpet at the same time. But many users say that it does not work great in tough stains and older stains. So you may work more on the tough stains. Moreover, there is less maintenance needed to run the machine. You can easily access the water tanks to fill and empty them. But attach them perfectly to avoid water leakage during the cleaning sessions. Though the machine is not professional-grade, it is suitable for daily caring of your carpet. 


  • Affordable price range.
  • Includes three cleaning tools. 
  • The 360-degree scrubbing brush cleans the stains and dirt.
  • Lightweight for easy carrying. 
  • Versatile usage. 


  • Not eligible for tough stains. 
  • The attached hose is small. 

3. Best for lightweight: BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush is one of the cheapest carpet cleaners that you can try. This cleaner is designed for pet stains on the carpet. This is also the best cleaner machine. When you have a pet in the house, you can easily get rid of the pet stains and odor from the carpet. Considering the price, it gives you the best value for the money. 

Lightweight Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell TurboClean power brush weighs only 12 pounds which may be the lightest carpet cleaner machine on the market. You can operate the cleaner anywhere in the room and carry it conveniently. 

The cleaner is also compact in size. The great thing is that the handle is collapsible that making it easy to store in a cabinet. There are two water tanks included in the machine: one is for clean water and another one for dirty water. Both have half gallon water capacity which is not too great for cleaning a large area. But after filling water, the weight does not get too high. 

You need to fill and empty the water tanks frequently to clean the whole room but it can not be the downside while comparing the price and features. The carpet cleaner has a durable build that ensures longevity. It is made of durable plastic and hopefully, it will survive a daily rash. 


Bissell Turboclean power brush gives you a clean and fresh carpet every time after navigating it. The carpet cleaner includes a DirtLifter PowerBrush where bristles are mounted in four rows. The bristles are large enough to go deep in the large and low piles of the carpet. This cleaner provides the most effective cleaning action for those stains which have been there for years. Moreover, the side bristles are helpful to clean the edges of furniture and walls. 

This cleaner is also effective in pet stains. In the package, you will get a trial pack of Bissell Oxy formula which improves the cleaning action. It lifts up bacteria and stains caused by pet accidents, feces, blood, or other organic elements. Besides, it eliminates the odor from the carpet that discourages re-soiling. Using the cleaner, you can remove tough stains like coffee, wine, chocolate, etc. 

Though the included oxy formula is relatively small, you need to buy them separately for a better result. It would be best if you use the same cleaning shampoo because using different shampoo can damage the cleaner. 


The carpet cleaner is straightforward to operate and clean up. You can easily detach the nozzle from the cleaner and wash it in the sink. You must clean the dirty water tank and the brush every time after using it. Otherwise, the nozzle can be clogged up. 

Overall, the carpet cleaner amazingly cleans the carpet. The dirt lifts smoothly while moving through it. Bissell gives one year of warranty with the purchase, so it won’t be that risky to invest in it. Actually, the brand ensures the quality of the cleaner which assures you a satisfactory cleaning performance. 


  • The most lightweight carpet cleaner. 
  • Perfectly clean the pet stains and food spills,
  • Helps to remove bad odor. 
  • Easy to clean up the DirtLifter brush.
  • Convenient to store. 


  • Small water tanks. 
  • Don’t mix the water and shampoo automatically. 

4. Best for professional-grade results: BISSELL Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell is a trusted name in the floor care category. The brand introduces its most powerful and high-quality big green professional-grade carpet cleaner which gives you next-level cleaning. If you don’t prefer to call the professional every month, then you might consider the Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner.

This carpet cleaner is extremely handy to give you the best results. In fact, you can get a brand new-like carpet feel after cleaning with the cleaner. This is a high-end model from Bissell, so the price seems higher but the cleaning performance is worth every penny. Even the dirtiest carpet can be new-like with this cleaner. 


When you get the package, there is nothing to assemble. Just unpack it and it is ready to use. But the machine is very heavy, weighing 41 pounds. So maneuvering the cleaner will be similar to a workout. There are rollers that make it easy to move around the room. It has a 25” power cord that allows operating in a big room. 

Big Green cleaner is straightforward to use. The handle is adjustable so adjust it according to your height. There is an on/off switch behind the handle and a trigger on the grip to dispense shampoo solution. 

The cleaner has two water tanks as usual: clean water and dirty water. To release the water tanks, you need to swing the handle. Bissell adds three bottles of BISSELL 2X Professional Pro max Deep Cleaning Formula. This formula and the strong suction remove any types of dirt, debris, and stains. 

Unbeatable Performance 

Big Green carpet cleaner will give you the most satisfying cleaning performance. It equips an 8 rows XL PowerBrush that gets deep into the fiber and sucks up all the dirt and debris in just a swipe. The long bristles also catch up with pet hair and other particles. The water tank is about 1.75 gallons, which means you can clean a medium size carpet without refilling the tank. 

The cleaner has a 10.5 inches wide cleaner path that sucks up the majority of dirt and water out of the carpet. So you don’t need to wait overnight to dry, it only takes a couple of hours to fluff the fibers and give you a better appearance. Moreover, it eliminates the odor of the carpet.

Stain removal tool

The carpet cleaner includes a 6-inch big tough stain tool. It has nozzles on the head that scrub and sucks the stains from the carpet. There is a 9 feet long hose that permits scrubbing hard-to-reach areas. For spot cleaning, you can use the hose. 

The cleaner can remove all sorts of stains and odors, including pet messes, mud, coffee, chocolate, wine, greasy stains, and any tough stains. It is also effective in older stains. However, you need to properly clean the brush and store it in a safe place. You need a pretty big space to store the Big Green carpet cleaner.


  • The most strong professional-grade carpet cleaner. 
  • Impressive cleaning performance. 
  • 6” stain removal tool for tough stains. 
  • Big dual water tanks. 
  • 3 bottles of cleaning formula are added. 
  • Eliminates odor. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Bulky design. 

5. Best pet messes: BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet carpet cleaner

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 2X revolution pet carpet cleaner is the best choice for pet owners. This cleaner gives a premium cleaning performance in half the weight. The cleaning machine is lightweight that is quite easy to maneuver around the room. It is only 18 pounds of weight. 

It is a great way to upgrade your cleaning routine. The machine is super useful to remove stains and odors. Most cleaners can not handle pet hair and leave them in the carpet fiber. But it deeply goes into the pile and lifts them. This is an appealing concept for pet owners. 

DirtLifter Brush

The ProHeat 2X pet carpet cleaner features a new max cleaning mode. It has dual DirtLifter power brushes with 12 rows of rotating bristles. These brushes are helpful to deep down embedded stains and odor. It catches pet hair and debris from the carpet. 

The two separate water tanks are handy to fill and empty. The water tank has 1 gallon of capacity which is enough to operate on a small rug. The machine has heatwave technology that maintains the water temperature during the cleaning session. So you don’t require to restore the tank with hot water. The cleaner’s low profile foot allows removing dirt under the furniture. 

There are two different cleaning formulas that are added to the package. They are trial sizes one is BISSELL PRO MAX Clean and another is Protect & Deep Clean Antibacterial Formula. BISSELL PRO MAX Clean is great to remove stains from the carpet. It removes stains from the pet mess or tough stains. The deep clean antibacterial formula removes odor from its source and disinfects the spot.

Easy to use

The cleaner is super easy to use. There is no additional button to switch on and off. Fill the water tank, plug the cord and it is ready to clean your carpet. There are two modes in the cleaner machine: deep clean and express clean. 

Deep clean is suitable for extremely dirty carpets and the express clean is for regular cleaning. However, it removes most of the debris and dirt in one pass and for better cleaning make two or three passes. 

Bissell offers the fastest drying time ever. Its improved express cleaning mode dries the carpet in about 30 minutes. Here you don’t have to wait all day long to dry the ground. The cleaning process is so quick that the sprayer and nozzle lift up the debris by soaking the fiber. Thanks to its cleaning formula that takes quick action on the stains. After cleaning, there is no residue left on the surface. 

Stain removal tool 

You will get a 3” stain removing tool to tackle the tough stains. There is a scrubber on the head to lift the stains by scrubbing. Using the 7 feet hose, you can attach the tool to the machine. You can also utilize it on the sofa, pet bed, or auto interior. Being a lightweight and compact cleaner, it needs small space to store. 


  • Convenient to maneuver the machine.
  • Best for pet stains and odor. 
  • Removed all the dirt and pet hair from the surfaces. 
  • 3” stain removal tool is helpful to clean hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Outstanding DirtLifter power brush. 


  • Need to assemble.
  • Noisy as a vacuum. 

6. Best for multi-purpose: Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright vacuum

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush and Crevice Tool

Shark S2 Navigator is a 2-in1 vacuum with a detachable pod that can lift upright to clean versatile surfaces. It comes with plenty of vacuuming power to break down dust and allergens. For people who have allergies to dust and debris, this vacuum is the best appliance to make your home disinfect. 

The vacuum is just 13.7 lb which is very lightweight as well as portable. You can travel the entire room with it without any hassle and the 25 feet long cord makes it easier. The Advanced Swivel Steering allows excellent control over the machine. 


The vacuum has powerful suction that easily cleans the hardwood floors and carpets. There is a brush roll on the head of the vacuum that cleans the carpet pile. It is also great to remove pet hair and other debris. You can easily remove dirt from the thick carpet. The machine has a brush roll-on/off switch so that you can turn off it while cleaning the hard floor. So you can easily tackle embedded dirt and debris on multi-surfaces.

As we mentioned earlier, you can detach the portable canister that connects with a narrow suction tube. This tool impressively cleans the tight corner and hard-to-reach areas. You can clean the stairs conveniently with the tool. Moreover, the powerful suction cleans gently the lampshades, window blinds, and other delicate areas. 

Cleaning Modes

The vacuum has three cleaning modes to clean different surfaces. Moreover, two separate settings for carpet and bare floor. When you turn on the brush mode, there is a green light indicator. It cleans the carpet and sucks debris deep into the carpet pile. Pet hair also catches with this cleaner. If the rotating motorized brush is clogged, the light will turn red that indicating there is a blockage in the brush.

The vacuum features a lift-away technology that allows to easily detach the pod. There is suction control on the handle. So it is easy to maneuver the vacuum. 

The vacuum has 2.2 quarts dust cap capacity so it is relatively big to clean the whole house. The bright side of the vacuum is the dust cap has Anti-allergen complete seal technology with a HEPA filter. These combined technologies trap 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. 

Price range 

The Shark Navigator Lift-away gives you a professional cleaning experience. It is a truly impressive piece of home appliance to get spotless cleaning. The carpet attracts dirt, and debris and traps hair which is difficult to get out with normal cleaning. This vacuum cleans all the dirt and allergens that can irritate your breath, so this is a great investment to buy a vacuum. 

The machine is available in a mid-price range. But the performance is great according to the price. It has the ability to clean varied areas including carpet, hard floors, and other furniture.  


  • Easy to operate. 
  • Powerful suction to clean multiple surfaces. 
  • High-capacity dust cap.
  • HEPA filter to trap dust and bacteria.
  • Detachable pod. 


  • Do not clean stains. 
  • Do not eliminate odor. 
  • The price is somewhat high.

7. Best quiet vacuum: Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet

Shark Rotator professional upright is another best carpet cleaning machine. This is an ultra-quiet vacuum that silently cleans different surfaces. It is one of the best models of Shark Rotator. Its lift-away upright vacuum is suitable to carry anywhere as it is lightweight enough. There are two LED lights which are very exciting features and they help to see the hidden debris. 

Powerful suction

Shark Rotator professional vacuum delivers extreme suction power that cleans all the dirt and debris from the carpet and floor. The rotating bristles are helpful to clean thick carpets. When your pets or kids run with boots and cover the carpet with dirt and mud, this cleaner can suck up all of them and give you a healthy and clean carpet. It also removes pet hair from the carpet fiber. 

The detachable pod is suitable to clean under the furniture and upright areas. This is also handy to clean stair carpets. It includes an 8.4” length hose to clean a wider area without moving the main machine. 

Anti-allergen technology

This vacuum traps all the allergen substances from the carpet. It has a 1.3 quarts dust cap capacity with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology that perfectly traps the dust until you dispose of it. It is the most unique feature of the vacuum to make the home environment healthy for kids and pets. The HEPA filter also traps 99.9 percent of bacteria and allergens.

This is a great device to make the carpet a healthy surface for the kids. The allergens and bacteria can cause skin irritation, and sometimes breathing problems. Using the cleaner, you can achieve the desired cleaning in less time. 

Cleaning Experience

The vacuum includes a pet tool and ergo cleaning tool for superior performance while cleaning the pet mess from the carpet. If you retain pets in the home, then you can easily clean the mess from the carpet. 

Moreover, the vacuum has a wider floorhead that gives a wider cleaning path so that you can easily and quickly cover a wide area. With less effort, you can clean all the floors. Plus it is only 15.5 pounds so it won’t be so hard to move around. The detached pod is the key to cleaning hard-to-reach places. The included rotating bristles are eligible to clean hidden dirt.


  • Very strong suction to clean the carpet.
  • Very lightweight weighing 15.5 pounds.
  • Ultra-silent cleaning operation. 
  • Trap allergens with anti-allergen seal technology. 
  • Additional a pet tool and an ergo cleaning tool are included.


  • Costly price. 

Buying Guide For The Best Carpet Cleaner Machine

If you are purchasing a carpet cleaner machine, which features should you look at? Which will make your carpet cleaning successful? There are many questions about when you get the best machine. So we have pointed out those factors which you should find in your desired carpet cleaner. 

  • Design: Look for a simple design in a cleaner. The simple design allows you to set the machine easily and you can operate it easily. The automatic version is the most convenient to work with. 
  • Weight: You need to move the cleaner around the room to room. If the carpet cleaner is heavy, it takes a lot of effort to move. So choose a lightweight carpet cleaner that allows you to maneuver with less effort. 
  • Suction Power: Suction power is a significant part of the carpet cleaner. If the cleaner has powerful suction power, you can easily lift up all the debris from the carpet. Moreover, it also helps to dry the carpet quickly. 
  • Stain removal: Carpet cleaner is mainly purchased to deal with stains. So lookout for the features and find out which machine has the powerful stain removal tool and the performance. 
  • Easy to use: If the operating process is complicated, it becomes irritating to clean with the machine. Check for a convenient cleaning process that fastens your cleaning session.  
  • Maintenance: After cleaning the carpet, you need to take care of the machine. Otherwise, dirt clogs the nozzle and lessens the effectiveness of the machine. So choose the machine that has easy access to the water tank, brush, and other nozzles. 
  • Price: Last but not the least, analyze the price range according to the performance of the carpet cleaner machine. There are expensive and affordable options available. Though the high-end machine gives you superior performance, the affordable one delivers decent action for regular cleaning. 

Final Words

When it is tough to make a worthy purchase, these 7 best carpet cleaner machines for pet urine reviews give a straightforward opinion. After reading the article, you must have unlocked the exciting feature and are also aware of the price, now you can easily decide which machine will be a worthy pick. So HAPPY CLEANING.

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