5 Best Anti Static Spray for Carpet – Relief From Static Clings

During winter, you must get a zapped feeling from your carpet. The main reason is the static buildup on the carpet. Static clings can be found on some materials that can shock you unexpectedly. In the dry season, the static build-up gets more pronounced. 

If you have synthetic carpet fibers, then you have experienced the issue. Not only you, but the static clings can also be irritating to your loving pets and kids. There are a few ways to resist the static from the carpet. But the most effective way to remove static is to use the best anti-static spray.

The anti-static spray is an easy and simple method to prevent static shocks from the carpet. They are convenient and easy to apply. Here you can break down the 5 best anti-static sprays and their performance so that you can easily pick the best. 

Why do you get the static shocks?

Static electricity is the type of firm charge that is found on several materials that you use every day. The common experience will be your clothes, carpet, hair, car, metal knob holder, curtains, etc. But why is this happening? To know the facts, you need to understand simple science. 

Static electricity is produced by friction. If you rub two things together, they will create static electricity. Both objects will give electrons, but one will get positively charged and the other will get negatively charged. Static charge transfer is when the electrons change between positive and negative charges. 

For example, if you have a synthetic carpet, then you are generating a static charge every time while walking on the surface. After you touch a metal knob or anything, the electrons transfer, and you feel zapped. So this is the theory why you should remove static electrons from the carpet fiber. 

Our Top Picks 5 Best Anti Static Spray for Carpet

Getting shocks due to static electricity is very painful and irritating. It becomes a problematic situation. Considering your feeling, we have picked the popular and best anti-static spray for your carpet. Moreover, you can use these sprays on multiple surfaces. We consider the versatility of the product so that you can eliminate static clings problems from your life. 

All the products are compatible with clothes, upholstery, curtains, cushion, and other fabric, so your body doesn’t face awkward moments ever. So scroll down to read all the reviews.

1. Best Overall: Sprayway Residue-Free Anti-Static Spray

Sprayway Residue-Free Anti-Static Spray

Sprayway is one of the oldest brands that has produced industrial cleaning stuff. Their cleaning products are popular among professionals and industrialists. The Glass cleaner is known as the world’s best cleaning product. Like this glass cleaner, Sprayway anti-static spray is the best product for your carpet.  

Sprayway anti-static spray helps to eliminate static shock from the carpet. A good environment is required for every business, industry, and even in your home. You can make a safe place for everyone using high-quality aerosol formulations. 

Improved formula

Sprayway has developed its internal formulation and brought about a high-quality anti-static spray in the market. It features professional strength to make it more effective every time. Static electricity on the carpet is a common issue mostly in winter. If you get this spray, then you can stop these annoying static shocks from the carpet.

Static electricity attracts dust, hair, and lint. You may observe that the carpet quickly gets dirty in the dry season. Though you vacuum or operate the carpet cleaning machine to clean the dirt, the number of often cleaning is increased. So if you want to prevent soiling too often, Sprayway anti-static spray will help you out.  

Versatile product

This spray has versatile usage that enhances the product value. Along with the carpet, you can apply the spray to clothes, furniture, curtains, and electronic appliances like computers and other hard surfaces. It can be utilized on nylon, wool, and other synthetic fabric. That means you can apply the spray on all types of natural and synthetic carpeting. It doesn’t leave residue after application. 

Static electricity can damage delicate electronic devices like computers, scanners, hard drives, etc. with one spray, you can entirely make your home safe, leaving shocking irritation.  


The anti-static spray effectively protects you from static shock. Before applying the spray, make a hidden spot test on your delicate or light carpet. When you are applying the spray-on clothing and carpet, you need to remove the cap and hold the cab 18 to 24-inch above the carpet surface. Spray lightly on the surfaces as it is powerful enough to prevent anti-static in just a few sprays. Avoid overspray or wet the carpet. While spraying follows the sweeping motion to drizzle every corner of the carpet. 

If you spray the anti-static spray on the wood, metal, or any hard surfaces, then hold the can 6 to 10- inch above the surface. Here you can wipe the excess liquid from the surface with a rag. 

While applying, you need to be very careful. Don’t spray near heat, flame, and sparks. It can be hazardous for you. Also, save your eyes, skin, and inhalation to contact with the spray. 


  • Effectively removes anti-static shock from the carpet. 
  • Protects computers, electronics, and other fabrics  
  • It doesn’t leave any residue. 
  • Works great on any type of natural and synthetic fabrics. 
  • With a little spray, it works like magic. 


  • Pricey for this small can. 

2. Best For Instant Action: Static Guard Spray

Static Guard Spray

Static Guard was established in 1978 and has been producing the anti-static spray category since then. It is the best anti-static spray that offers you instant action. Not only eliminates but also prevents further static build-up in the carpet. So the spray ensures long-lasting usage of a single purchase. 

While entering the hallway or bedroom, you may get hard static socks from the carpet. It is very annoying and painful too. If you don’t use the anti-static spray on the carpet, you will get shocks frequently. So if you want to overcome this irritation then the Static Guard will help you out. It assists you to have a fresh and static-free carpet. 

Long-term Usage

In the box, there are 3 packs of Static Guard containing 5.5 oz each. The bottle has a lightweight and slim structure so that you can carry it everywhere. Whether you go to the office, car, or home you can keep a bag and spray when you need it. The anti-static formula is safe for all kinds of fabric. 

Static Guard is the best anti-static spray for garment care. Whenever you think you will get clings, you can spray on the fabric and get rid of this problem. On the label, it recommends using only on the fabric, don’t assure about the metal surface or other hard surfaces. However, it is a great investment to keep the carpet static-free. 


Pet owners have a concern all the time about removing their pet hair from the carpet. In the dry season, when the carpet creates more static electricity, the carpet fibers attract hair and dirt. For sure, it is not easy to remove. If you spray the anti-static solution then you can prevent electricity and the attraction of hair and dirt. Investing in this formula has benefited in many ways. 

You can quickly eliminate the static in fabrics. The spray comes in an aerosol can that is very effective to cover a wide area. In jušt a spray, your can quickly eliminate knock off the static. It leaves no residue. But it has a fragrance for a fresh feel. It is not too strong and fades after some time. 

How to use it? 

Since Static Guard comes in 3 cans, you can use the cleaner for a long time. Moreover, after staying in the formula, it lasts for the whole day for even more days. So within no time, you will get rid of the problem. You can easily apply the spray to the carpet. Remove the can, and therefore press the nozzle to drizzle the carpet. 

On the top, the versatility of the spray will make you impressed. As it works on any type of fabric, you can spray it on clothes, carpet, upholstery, auto interior, and more. It is also mild on hair. Whom hair stands up for static action can apply to spray-on hair and this won’t disappoint you. 


  • Quickly eliminates static shocks from the carpet. 
  • Prevent further static built-in
  • Lasts longer with one spray. 
  • Residue-free solution
  • Stop pet hair clinging to the carpet. 


  • Some user m
  • Chemical odor in the cam

3. Best Odor Eliminator: Downry Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Downry Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Downry is an all-rounder static shock remover. This popular spray serves you 3-in-1 action. It can remove odor, wrinkles, and at the same time, static electricity. The product is designed focusing on the clothes. People widely use the product to remove odor and wrinkles from their clothes. 

Downry has produced several products for carpet cleaning and this Wrinkle Releaser is also compatible with almost all types of carpet. It has a powerful formula that completely eliminates static shocks on the carpet. So we picked this spray as the best anti-static carpet. 

Odor Elimination

Downry always wins people’s hearts by creating high-quality clothing products. Wrinkle releaser is a versatile product and you will be benefited in many ways. It removes the wrinkle smoothly and a fresh scent gives a nice airy feeling. The clothes feel lightweight, neat, and clean. Its static resisting feature is also impressive, so you can surely apply it on the carpet. 

The carpet becomes smelly due to dirt, pets, and kids’ messes. You can not overlook it. Of course, carpet cleaning eliminates the odor but for instant odor elimination and static resistance, this spray gives you the best result.  

Convenient Packaging 

You will get 2 bottles of Downry Wrinkle releaser in one package. Each bottle has 33.8 fl oz of solvent. The cleaner has a thickened long nozzle that allows it to cover a larger area in one spritz. The spray nozzle is convenient to apply to the carpet. If you only use the product for carpet then one bottle will go an extended time. Further, you can use it for dry cleaning your clothes. 

You can buy the travel-size package with a weight of 3 fl oz. so wherever you feel static clings, spray it and relive from the shocks. Also, when you are traveling, it helps to remove wrinkles and refresh your clothes. So it is great to invest. 

Applying Process

There is a bit of difference in the applying process between carpet and clothing. Since there is no need to worry about wrinkles on the carpet, it is much easier to apply. Just spray all over the carpet and it will be static-free and resist further shocks. If you have high piles of carpet then you can apply a trick to make it Fluffy and beautiful. After spraying on the carpet, sweep your fingers through the fibers. When the liquid dries, it will look fluffy and elegant. 

If you are using it on the clothes then spray Downry over the clothes, tug, and hang the clothes. At some moment, it will be ready to go. You will get wrinkle-free clothes in no time. The product offers you refreshing clothes and gives a feel of dry cleanness. Without any hassle, you can get neat clothes.


  • Remove odor from carpet
  • Refreshes your clothes. 
  • Eliminate wrinkles, odor, and static shocks. 
  • Impressive light and gentle scent
  • Available in a travel-friendly size. 


  • Some users don’t like the scent.

4. Best Green Product: Biokleen Bac-out Stain Remover

Biokleen Bac-out Stain Remover

If you are very fond of natural innovations, then we have the best solution for you. Try the Biokleen Bac-out stain remover for enjoying versatile usage. Basically, it is a stain and odor-eliminating cleaner but it also works great for removing the static electricity from the carpet. Biokleen Bac-out is popular for its green products and it would be best if you choose this product as an anti-static spray. 

This cleaner is highly recommended for use for pet stains and odor. It is the best natural way to remove them. It is safe for both pets and the environment. Most of the time, synthetic products can harm your beloved pets and cause several diseases. So this will absolutely be safe for you and your pets. When pets get static shocks they can assume it and this is very painful. You should take care of it so that everything is safe for your friends. 

Nature’s Miracle

Biokleen Bac-out stain remover contains a unique blend of plant-powered solvent included with live enzymes. The special formula can remove the toughest stains and odors from the carpet. Enzyme cleaner is ideal for organic stains and discards pet odors from its source. 

The live enzymes shatter the organic compounds and they turn into tiny particles and break down odors into carbon dioxide. The good bacteria of the cleaner digest the stain and odor. The enzyme continues to work until there is any stains present. This provides longer cleaning. 

The enzyme cleaner discards the static electricity from the carpet. In turn, you won’t get shocks after cleaning with the solution. The enzymes stay active longer on the carpet fibers and that’s why the static resistance will be longer after one usage. 


Biokleen Bac-out stain remover comes in 32 fl oz bottles with spray nozzle. For the spot stain, spray the cleaner and saturate the stain. Wait for 10-20 minutes to work on the stains. You may need to wait longer for the toughest stains. Then blot with a towel. You will see the stains will be eliminated without leaving any residue. 

You can also use the cleaner with a carpet cleaning machine and effortlessly clean the whole carpet and make it static-free. It has a nice citrus extract that gives a fresh feel but the scent fades in some time. 

The stain cleaner works on multiple clothes, curtains, and upholstery. You can not use it on hard surfaces to remove the static shocks. Though it is compatible with hard floors to remove stains and messes. Overall, this stain remover is an all-in-one cleaner. 


  • Contains plant-powered enzyme 
  • Removes tough stains and odor.
  • Resist static for a longer time
  • Has a fresher citrus scent
  • Easy to use 


  • Packaging issues. 

5. Best For Multiple Usage: Magic Static Remover

Magic Static Remover

Magic Static remover really works like magic. Static clings on the carpet are an unexpected incident. These clings can hurt anyone; it might be you or your family members or your pets. Whether it is an office or your home, static shock on the carpet feels very annoying. Or if your pet walks through the carpet and gets the shock, imagine, it is unbearable. So don’t be late and try the Magic static remover for the carpet. 

Versatile Spray

This static remover works on all fabrics. You keep static-free your clothes, blankets, curtains, upholstery, and hair with this Magic. Many carpet owners have odor problems and the spray can rescue them from this problem. It features a refreshing scent in its formula and it can eliminate the odor on the carpet. But many users said the smell is strong and unbearable in many cases. 

You can spray the anti-static on any color of the fabric. It doesn’t leave residue and stains on the light color fabric. The plus point is the solution dries quickly and gives you an instant result. So if you are ready to go outside, spray on your clothes and you will be ready in minutes. 

Removing pet hair from the carpet is a challenging issue and the static clings attract the pet hair. If you spray the Magic on the carpet it will save you from pestering pet hair on the carpet. Though it is impossible to resist the pet hair on the carpet, you can end up with the attractions of hair due to static clings.

How to use it? 

Magic Static Remover comes in a 6 oz bottle that is a very compact design. It is a set of two packs. The bottle is convenient to carry while traveling. However, you need to only spray on the carpet, sofa, clothes, and other places where you are supposed to. While spraying on the clothes, hold the can 6 to 10 inches above the surface and then spray. 

Before vacuuming the carpet, spray Magic on the carpet and wait a few minutes to dry. Then vacuum the carpet. In this way, you effectively remove the pet hair from the carpet. While styling your hair, it may stand up. So spray Magic anti-static on the brush then comb your hair and enjoy your styling. 

The impact of this spray lasts all day long and you will be safe from the pain and irritation. This product also works on furniture and cars. To make them static-free, spray on the furniture or car and wait for a minute. 

If you want fresh-smelling clothes, then spray the remover after bringing the clothes from the dryer. You will be ready every time without clings, shocks, and hassle. 


  • Removes static clings from versatile stuff
  • The impact stays all the day
  • Eliminates odor from clothes and carpet
  • Pestering pet hair
  • Dries quickly without residue


  • The refreshing scent is strong. 

Buying Guide For The Best Anti Static Sprays

You will find a lot of anti-static sprays on the market. But there are many categories and features among the anti-static sprays. Some sprays are specifically for clothes, some for carpet, some for hair, and some are all-in-one. It is confusing for you to get the right product so read our tips below:

Know the category

There are many categories of anti-static spray. If you need the spray for clothing, then you will get some special features too. So it is significant to discover the perfect type. As static electricity can get from many things, you have to decide what type of spray you need. Here we have told the best anti-static spray that is an all-in-one product. You can use them in clothes, carpets, and other fabrics and remove static.


You have to read out the label and find out the ingredients of the products. Harmful chemicals can cause many diseases so you should choose the product wisely. If you choose natural ingredients, then it will be the best because natural ingredients are safe for both children and pets. 


Effectiveness is the main feature of the product. If the purchased spray doesn’t give the expected result, your cost will be in vain. Make sure the product will remove the static electricity from the carpet. Moreover, you should consider a residue-free spray that doesn’t stain the carpet and clothes. Choose the best spray that gives you a long-lasting action. 


Many overlook this feature of a product. But you should find out the smell and how gentle it is. If the spray has a strong scent, then it will be a cause of irritation. Many pets don’t bear strong fragrances, so you should think about it.  Some fragrances can be allergic, so you should be aware of this feature before purchasing.

Additional features

Additional features are ease of usage, bottle design, and capacity. If you like to travel then you should go for a compact product that you can carry easily and store in your handbag. For home or office usage, you can buy larger bottles. Also, the thicken nozzle is preferable as it can cover a large area with one spitz. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How do I get rid of static in my carpet?

By applying the anti-static spray to the carpet, you can get rid of the static of the carpet. It is a liquid solvent that can apply to the carpet by spraying. The spray stops current accumulating on the carpet. Using the anti-static spray for carpets is the easiest way to get rid of static.

2. How often do you need to spray the anti-static spray?

The application depends on the product’s quality. If you use the high-quality spray, then it will last for one day or more with one usage. For the cheap products, you may need to spray frequently on the carpet. 

3. How does anti-static spray work?

The anti-static spray is a solvent of a plastic polymer combined with water and alcohol. After spraying the solvent on the carpet, the liquid evaporates and creates a thin conducting layer. This invisible layer prevents static build-up.

4. What is the best anti-static spray?

From the several products, it is tough to find the best anti-static spray. After reading the review, you have an idea about the best anti-static spray. If you still can not make a decision, then pick the Sprayway anti-static remover which is the best by all means. 

Final words

In our top 5 best anti-static spray reviews, you have explored the features of these products. We have chosen all-in-one products to increase their value so that whenever you have this static shocks problem, you can immediately overcome the problem.

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